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Jul 23, 2011

From The Desk of Nick Nicolaas - Mining Interactive: Zeal Intelligence Weekly - "Bullish Oil Technicals" by Adam Hamilton

Dear Friends:
Adam Hamilton has posted his weekly Zeal Intelligence Newsletter on the Mining Interactive Website. Click here:
Zeal Intelligence Weekly


MarketWatch | The Week's top 10 videos | Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup
JULY 23, 2011

The week's top 10 videos on MarketWatch

By MarketWatch

In case you missed them, here are the 10 most popular videos that appeared on MarketWatch for the week of July 18-22:

Why Cisco is a better bet than Apple

A growth stock like Apple in the tech sector naturally is attractive to investors, as opposed to say, Cisco, but with so many betting on the former, contrarians look to the latter as the one to hold, according to Mark Hulbert. Laura Mandaro reports.
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IPhone sales key Apple profit surge

Behind Apple's blowout earnings report is a story of exceptionally strong sales of the iPhone. MarketWatch technology editor Dan Gallagher delves into what powered those sales, and he comments about Apple's CEO succession planning. Interview by Stacey Delo in San Francisco.
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News Corp. hearing chaos erupts in Parliament

The U.K. hacking hearing was disrupted as a man attempted to attack Rupert Murdoch and Mr. Murdoch's wife, Wendi Murdoch, jumped up to protect him.
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American Airlines shakes up boarding

Boarding an airplane can be a bit like the after-Christmas sale at Wal-Mart. Gate agents issue commands as passengers push and shove to get a better position. But as Scott McCartney explains, American Airlines is shaking up the process.
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Why gold could lose its grip on $1,600

An extended selloff in stocks and a drop in the Swiss franc against the dollar are two signs that the rally in gold is likely to fade, Richard Hastings, a macro strategist at Global Hunter Securities, tells MarketWatch's Laura Mandaro.
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WebMD catches flu from bears

In Rex On Techs, Rex Crum looks at the curious case of WebMD, and how those companies that live by online advertising may also die by online advertising -- or at least end up on life support.
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Worst states for long-term unemployment

More than one in three of the unemployed workers in several of the largest U.S. states have been out of work for more than a full year. Sara Murray explains.
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Growing mountain of Apple cash

With $76.2 billion in cash and securities, Apple leads the tech pack in how much money it's sitting on. Once again, the questions begin about what it will do with the cash. Yukari Kane talks with Stacey Delo.
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Time to buy: Housing recovery in underway

Housing affordability is at its best level in 30 years, according to Ken Rosen of U.C. Berkeley's Fisher Center for Real Estate, who says now is the time to buy and that mortgage rates will be much higher in five years. Stacey Delo reports.
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The final hatch closing for Atlantis

Following a poignant farewell ceremony by the crews of Atlantis and Expedition 28, the hatch between the International Space Station and the space shuttle Atlantis closes for the final time. Atlantis' crew will spend the remainder of today preparing for Tuesday's early morning undocking.
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NYT: ALERT FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS: Greek Bailout Plan Brings Optimism and Worries / G.E. Profit Exceeds Forecast.

July 23, 2011


European markets remained buoyant after leaders agreed on a new package for Greece that also eases the burden for Ireland and Portugal.


The second-quarter results from General Electric were seen as evidence of an improving outlook over all for major industrial companies.

The Washington PostToday's Headlines: Today's Highlights | Politics | Style | Sports | World| Live Discussions | Technology | Business

The Washington Post

Debt talks collapse between Obama, Boehner
House Speaker John A. Boehner abandoned talks with the White House about a debt-reduction deal, throwing into chaos efforts to raise the legal limit on government borrowing.
(By Lori Montgomery and Paul Kane)

Debt drama boils down to tale of two men
The showdown began as an effort to get the nation’s fiscal house in order but has also become a test of whether a government divided between hostile parties can function.
(By by David A. Fahrenthold and Lori Montgomery)

Norway hit by deadly blast, shootings
At least 80 were killed by shootings at a youth conference after a blast in Oslo killed seven.
(By Michael Birnbaum)

Harry Thomas Jr. to repay D.C. $300K
The council member allegedly diverted youth program funds for personal use, including to pay for an SUV and travel. He has admitted to no wrongdoing.
(By Tim Craig)

Punishing heat wave grips D.C.
Dulles International Airport sets an all-time high of 105; the heat index jumps to 121 degrees in Washington.
(By Ian Shapira and Jason Samenow)

Flexibility or flip-flop? Roller-coaster debt debate forces White House to shift stances
WASHINGTON — The roller-coaster debate over raising the nation’s debt limit has forced the White House to explain away, brush aside or even ignore declarations by President Barack Obama and his top aides that no longer served much purpose in the unpredictable negotiations.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Obama restarts debt talks with congressional leaders, uncertain path after Boehner walks
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama and congressional leaders are scrambling to find a way forward on a debt deal after House Speaker John Boehner threw negotiations into crisis by walking out on them with less than two weeks left to avert a potentially catastrophic default.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows
WASHINGTON — Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows:
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Obama restarts debt talks with congressional leaders, uncertain path after Boehner walks
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama and congressional leaders are scrambling for a way forward on the debt crisis after House Speaker John Boehner threw negotiations into disarray by walking out on them.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

FAA to partially shut down at midnight as lawmakers go home for weekend
WASHINGTON — Efforts to avert a shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration failed Friday amid a disagreement over a $16.5 million cut in subsidies to 13 rural communities, ensuring that nearly 4,000 people will be temporarily out of work and federal airline ticket taxes will be suspended.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Hints From Heloise: Emergency pet info
The owner of a service dog keeps a book of all kinds of emergency information on her car seat.
(, King)

Just about any dog can be dangerous
Are all pit bulls dangerous? Just about any dog can hurt a small child, badly.
(, The Washington Post)

Suiting up in the heat
When tempers and temperatures hit boiling points, this breed of Washington suit stays strong and steadfast.
( by Katherine Boyle , The Washington Post)

Cyrus Chestnut Trio reconfigures jazz and pop
The Cyrus Chestnut Trio’s set on Thursday included reconfigured Chopin and Bach; swing, bop and pop; and samba.
( by Mike Joyce , The Washington Post)

Blue and gray and red (hot) all over: re-enactors prepare to battle heat in Manassas
MANASSAS, Va. — For all the attention to authenticity, organizers for a major re-enactment marking the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Bull Run can’t replicate one important detail: the weather.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

A. Schleck takes yellow jersey from Voeckler
ALPE D’HUEZ, France — Frenchman Pierre Rolland won the 19th stage of the Tour de France, crossing the line at the top of the brutally steep Alpe d’Huez before thousands of wildly cheering fans.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Mongolian Harumafuji beats compatriot Hakuho to win Nagoya sumo tournament
NAGOYA, Japan — Mongolian Harumafuji forced out grand champion and compatriot Hakuho to win the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament on Saturday.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Phelps: 'I kind of feel like my own self' on eve of world swimming championships
SHANGHAI — Michael Phelps is anguished no more. After a frustrating year marked by losses, lack of motivation and fitness, and indecision about his future in the pool, the 14-time Olympic champion is happy to be working hard again.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

China's Qiu Bo leads men's 10-meter platform semifinals at world championships
SHANGHAI — Qiu Bo was the top qualifier in the semifinals of men’s 10-meter diving at the world championships, putting China in position to win another gold medal.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Tour de France finale: Schleck brothers face down Australia's Evans in Stage 20 time trial
GRENOBLE, France — The first rider has taken to the road in the time trial that will decide a dramatically close Tour de France.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

After 12-year Canadian court battle, China's top fugitive is back to face bribery charges
BEIJING — The fugitive at the center of a 12-year extradition court battle in Canada was returned Saturday to China, where he is accused of running a $10 billion smuggling ring that dealt in everything from cars to oil in a scandal touching the government’s highest levels.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Sri Lanka's war-hit ethnic Tamils trickle to elect local councils in former war zone
JAFFNA, Sri Lanka — Voters in Sri Lanka’s northern Tamil heartland trickled to polling stations Saturday to elect local councils following the country’s long civil war.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Turkish PM insists Israel must apologize if it wants to repair ties
ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey’s prime minister on Saturday ruled out a normalization of ties with Israel unless the Jewish state “officially apologizes” for its deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla last year.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Expectations high as famed Spanish matador returns year after life-threatening goring
VALENCIA, Spain — If Ernest Hemingway were alive, Spanish bullfighter Jose Tomas would likely be a hero of one of his novels.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Syria blames 'saboteurs' for train derailment
BEIRUT — A passenger train derailed and caught fire in central Syria Saturday, killing the driver and injuring several passengers, after “saboteurs” tore out part of the tracks, state TV said.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Heat Wave: 5 myths about extreme weather
Jennifer Morgan, director of the climate and energy program at the World Resources Institute, discusses the links between extreme weather and climate change.
(, vForum)

Debt talk negotiations and News of the World's demise: Brad Hirschfield's ethical take on the news (Video)
Join Brad Hirschfield as he talks about the ethical and moral issues raised by the week's biggest stories.
(, vForum)

Nickelodeon brings back the 90's: Doug, All That and more
Nickelodeon's Keith Dawkins discusses the decision to bring back classic Nick shows.
(, vForum)

Carolyn Hax Live: Advice columnist tackles your problems (Friday, July 29)
Advice Columnist Carolyn Hax takes your questions and comments about the strange train we call life.
(, vForum)

Carolyn Hax Live
Advice Columnist Carolyn Hax takes your questions and comments about the strange train we call life.
(, vForum)

Calif. man gets 4-year sentence for stalking women on Facebook, taking over email accounts
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A California man who trolled women’s Facebook pages searching for clues that allowed him to take over their email accounts was sentenced Friday to more than four years in state prison after a judge rejected a plea for a lighter sentence and likened the man to a peeping Tom.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

What profit crunch? So far corporate earnings are better than expected for 2Q
NEW YORK — So much for fears that U.S. companies might stall out in the economy’s soft patch.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Business Highlights
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

McDonald's, SanDisk, Advanced Micro Devices, Coinstar are among big market movers Friday
NEW YORK — Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily Friday on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market:
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

AP Source: Apple looking at possible bid for video-streaming service Hulu
SAN FRANCISCO — Apple Inc. is in talks to potentially bid for video-streaming service Hulu, a person close to the situation said Friday.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Clinton offers condolences to families of shooting, bombing in Norway, condemns terrorism
BALI, Indonesia — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the United States strongly condemns terrorism no matter who perpetuates it or where it comes from.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Calista Corp. will shutter, liquidate Alaska Newspapers Inc., including 6 weeklies
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Rising costs have prompted an Alaska company to close six weekly newspapers that serve rural and largely Alaska Native communities, putting nearly 40 people out of work.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Union supports motion for delay in merger between Boston, Conn. utilities
BRAINTREE, Mass. — A utility workers union has announced its support of a recent motion filed by Massachusetts officials seeking a delay in the proposed merger between Boston-based NStar and Connecticut-based Northeast Utilities.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Debt talks collapse between Obama, Boehner
House Speaker John A. Boehner abandoned talks with the White House about a debt-reduction deal, throwing into chaos efforts to raise the legal limit on government borrowing.
( by Lori Montgomery and Paul Kane , The Washington Post)

Euro zone: Greek contagion quarantined
New crisis measures may finally keep the economic problems in Greece from threatening the broader European economy.
( by Howard Schneider , The Washington Post)

NYT Today's Headlines: Top News / Quotation of the day / Education / Opinion / World / U.S. / Politics / Business / Technology / Sports / Arts /New York Region / Travel /Editorials / OP-ED / On This Day /


At Least 80 Dead in Norway Shooting

A gunman stalked youths at an island summer camp for young members of the governing party after explosions in Oslo hit government buildings. The police seized a man officials described as a right-wing extremist in connection with both attacks.

Debt Ceiling Talks Collapse as Boehner Walks Out

The epic clash between the White House and Congressional Republicans came just a week before the government hits its borrowing ceiling, and set off sharp accusations from both sides.

In Greek Pact, Compromises and Intrigues

The latest bailout in the Greek saga has the elements of familiar European intrigue: private meetings of the powerful, cries of protest and then a deal as markets veer toward panic.
"The beach has been contaminated for years. How much worse could it get?"
LOU-ANN CAPASSO of Staten Island, on New York's City's warning about sewage-tainted water.


Video: Every Day at the Museum

The American Museum of Natural History now offers its own biology degree. Gilder Graduate School PhD students analyze the millions of preserved animals in the museum's 150-year-old collection.
Op-Ed Contributors

From Budget Cuts to Dirty Bombs

Recent budget cuts make us more vulnerable to nuclear terrorism.

Suspicions About Former Editor in Battle Over Story Complicate Hacking Scandal

William Lewis, a former editor of The Daily Telegraph, has become a central figure in a battle over an exclusive story the newspaper says was stolen from it last year.

Pressure on Murdochs Mounts in Hacking Scandal

Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain said that James Murdoch still had "questions to answer" about the phone hacking scandal swirling around News International.

Protests' Size Shows Gain in Momentum Across Syria

Friday's demonstrations, under the slogan of unity, came a week after a wave of sectarian bloodshed in Homs, Syria's third-largest city, claimed the lives of at least two dozen people.

In 3 Countries, Challenging the Vatican on Female Priests

Incidents on three continents raise anew the issue of the ordination of women and married men.

New Path for Small-Town Doctors Starts in a Kansas Small Town

As Kansas struggles with a shortage of doctors in rural areas, a new medical school opened in Salina, with eight students who have promised to start their practices in small towns.

Legal Marijuana in Arizona? Yes for Buyers, No for Sellers

The state legalized marijuana for medical use, but delayed issuing licenses to dispensaries. That has led to unofficial cannabis clubs, a legal gray area.

Obama Ends 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy

The certification means that in 60 days, gays, lesbians and bisexuals will be able to openly serve in the military.

Romney Seeing Smaller Pool for Donations in Second Run

Though Mitt Romney has raised more money than the other Republican presidential hopefuls, he is still hampered in efforts to formally establish front-runner status.

Dodd-Frank Backers Clash With Regulator

Consumer advocates criticize John Walsh, acting comptroller of the currency, for trying to soften a wide range of provisions of the financial regulatory overhaul.

Players in a Greek Drama

The power of Fitch, Standard & Poor's or Moody's Investors Service to cut a government's debt rating has given the agencies a pivotal role in the worldwide financial drama.
News Analysis

Central Bank May Be Winner in Europe's Debt Talks

Jean-Claude Trichet, the central bank president, appeared to have won on getting governments to reclaim the task of preventing collapse of the Greek economy.

Revamped Humvee Draws Military's Eye

Tests show that Humvees with a new chimney could provide as much protection as some of the heavier, and more costly, mine-resistant vehicles.

Verizon's Bet on iPhones Brings a Slow Return

Net income and revenue surpassed analysts' expectations in the second quarter, helped by new iPhone 4 subscriptions.

Former China Mobile Official Sentenced in Bribery Case

Zhang Chunjiang, the former vice chairman of China Mobile, was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve, giving him the possibility of life in prison for good behavior.
Asked and Answered

Town Turns to iPads in Cost-Cutting Move

The town manager of Cornelius, N.C. - population 25,000 - explains how giving town officials tablet computers instead of printed meeting agendas will save money.
Mets 7, Marlins 6

Wright Returns and All Seems Well, for Now

The past few seasons have not been easy ones for David Wright, who was back with the Mets on Friday after a long stint on the disabled list.
Yankees 17, Athletics 7

Heat, Humidity and Concern for Hughes, but the Yankees' Offense Rolls

The Yankees' 17-7 victory over Oakland on Friday will probably be best remembered for the oven-like setting, and all that came with it.

After 19 Stages, Tour Comes Down to Dash in Individual Time Trial

On the brutal climb to Alpe d'Huez, Andy Schleck of Luxembourg battled his way into the Tour de France lead, despite Alberto Contador's desperate attempt to challenge him.
An Appraisal

Painter and Provocateur, Set in His Ways

Lucian Freud always understood the uses of mystery, for aiding his reputation and saving it.

Celebrating Forefather of Graffiti

An early graffiti artist, TAKI 183, came to prominence through an article in The New York Times in 1971. That artist is still around.
A Word With: Danny Aiello

Emotional Guy, Speaking for Others

Mr. Aiello sees his role in "The Shoemaker," Off Broadway, as a voice for those who are frightened and frustrated by terrorism.

Amid High Temperatures, Workers Stop Sewage Plant's Flow Into River

More than a hundred people worked nonstop to repair a problem that caused millions of gallons of sewage to flow into two rivers.

How Hot Is 104? New York Counts the Miseries

It felt like Death Valley as stifling heat reached down and took New York City in its clammy grip, creating instant dripping wretchedness.

Energy Use Soars in City Under Grip of Scorcher

Consolidated Edison and other utility companies saw power consumption exceed record levels as temperatures hit 104 degrees in New York.

A Bilbao on Siberia's Edge?

Once the last stop before the vast beyond, Perm is remaking itself as a cultural capital.

36 Hours in Aspen, Colo.

Summer in Aspen brings fields of wildflowers framed by snow-capped peaks, a festival-rich arts scene, and myriad opportunities to hike, bike and mingle with the glitterati.
Practical Traveler

Planning the Perfect Vacation

A scientific-as-possible guide to getting the most out of your vacation.

The Party That Can't Say Yes

Republicans claim that financial responsibility and debt reduction are priorities, but they have rejected yet another budget deal.

Some Sense in Europe

The European Union leaders have finally approved a bailout loan for Greece and others, but the economic crisis is far from over.

Fair Deals in New York and Connecticut

Union leaders in New York and Connecticut are encouraged to approve the new and fairly negotiated contracts.
Op-Ed Columnist

The Travails of Ms. Warren

She took all the flak from Congressional Republicans, but the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is now a reality.
Op-Ed Columnist

The Great Evil

The current political environment and the debt-crisis debate are stranger than science fiction. Remember the 1997 movie "The Fifth Element."

Thoughts of an American Warrior

When it comes to Afghanistan, General Petraeus updates the Powell rule: 'You own it, you stick with it.'
On July 23, 1914, Austria-Hungary issued an ultimatum to Serbia following the killing of Archduke Francis Ferdinand by a Serb assassin; the dispute led to World War I.