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Jul 13, 2011

The Australian Business Briefing: Retailers slump on DJs profit warning.

Retailers slump on DJs profit warning
David Jones Blair Speedy SHARES in discretionary retailers have been hammered after David Jones issued a profit downgrade.
US bonds on downgrade alert
US dollar John Kell MOODY'S has put its Aaa rating on the US government's bond rating on watch for possible downgrade, citing the debt-limit impasse.
Fidelity sells Macarthur shares
Macarthur Coal David Fickling FIDELITY has sold $100 million of shares in Macarthur Coal, following a $4.7 billion takeover offer for the coal miner.
Iluka ups output guidance
Iluka Resources Robb M. Stewart ILUKA'S strong production in the first six months have led it to raise guidance for 2011 output, although costs will rise.
News shares stage rebound
BRITAIN-US-COMPETITION-SATELLITE-TELEVISION-BSKYB-NEWSCORP Peter Wilson NEWS Corporation shares rebounded at the ASX today after the media giant withdrew its bid for Britain's BSkyB overnight.
Amazon plans iPad rival
110714 Amazon Stu Woo AMAZON plans to introduce a tablet computer in a move that will sharpen the online retailer's rivalry with Apple.
Fed open to more support
Ben Bernanke Michael R. Crittenden THE Fed is prepared to provide "additional support" if US weakness persists, said Ben Bernanke in delivering its semi-annual report.
Sevior slams M&A deals
John Sevior Nabila Ahmed STAR stock picker John Sevior has criticised companies for pursuing strategic M&A deals that are bad for shareholders
Financial Markets
Stocks firmly in the red
stocks, shares, sharemarket, stock market, ASX THE Australian sharemarket held firmly to the red this afternoon as a significantly wounded retail sector weighed on the bourse.
News shares stage rebound
ASX falls, retailers targeted
Financial Markets Coverage
Mining & Energy
Fidelity sells Macarthur shares
Macarthur Coal David Fickling FIDELITY has sold $100 million of shares in Macarthur Coal, following a $4.7 billion takeover offer for the coal miner.
Iluka ups output guidance
Gold shines to fresh records
More Mining & Energy

Ping NewsLetter: Next Ninemsn chief on acquisition hunt

Ping Newsletter
Next Ninemsn chief on acquisition huntfulgos
INCOMING Ninemsn chief executive Mark Britt says he will continue to look for acquisition opportunities.

Sony deal a watershed for Quickflix
MOVIE rental business Quickflix has signed a movie subscription movie service deal using Sony internet-connected televisions.

Amazon plans iPad rival
AMAZON plans to introduce a tablet computer in a move that will sharpen the online retailer's rivalry with Apple.
RIM sees challenges in phone launch
BLACKBERRY maker Research In Motion's co-CEO told shareholders that it is facing challenges as it moves toward its biggest product launch yet.

Cisco Australia staff brace for job cuts
CISCO Australia staff face a nervous wait until August to find out their fate as the US parent company sharpens its cost cutting axe.
Google+ hits 10 million users
GOOGLE'S new social network has gained 10 million new users in only two weeks -- the first sign of a credible challenge to Facebook.

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KordaMentha finds missing Lync

Big polluters face $100m outlay

Data hosting in grey area

Red Hat sits easily in region

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Toshiba joins tablet market

Banks get smart on mobile apps

Fujitsu reignites local notebook division

Tweaking needed as MS gets on the cloud

The Economist | Selected New Articles: The Euro Crisis / Audio - Italy, the stealth debtor / Britain - Government goes for Murdoch... and more

The euro crisis: A substantial problem

Audio: Italy, the stealth debtor

Britain: The government goes for Murdoch

Travelling through Zimbabwe: The road to Bulawayo

A security breach at Booz Allen Hamilton: Hackers strike at a foe

Faith and freedom: Newt's theology of exceptionalism
Deutsche Bank: Boardroom battles

Daily chart: The 100 club

Online debate: Is the internet making journalism better, or worse?

Financial Times : China Economy & Trade


Economy and ; Trade

Pigs at front line in China inflation battle

Pork prices have risen 57 per cent. Economists say a fall in the cost of the meat could be the key to bringing inflation under control - Jul 13 2011

China’s economic growth eases to 9.5%

Chinese GDP annualised second quarter growth is 9.5 per cent – its slowest in nearly two years – as moves to cool growth took effect - Jul 13 2011

For more on China:

CBS NEWS | Political Hotsheet Top Stories: Boehner: consequences of default a "crapshoot"

The CBS News Political Hotsheet newsletter


"Nobody wants to go there, because nobody knows what's going to happen. It's a crapshoot," Boehner said.
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Boehner: consequences of default a

McConnell: expect zero GOP votes to raise debt limit Senate Republican leader says at the end of the day, raising the debt ceiling is too politically toxic to get any GOP votes

White House seeks to calm Social Security storm WH press secretary reiterates confidence in reaching debt ceiling compromise, says "bigger is better" of any deal

Bachmann called homosexuality enslavement in '04 GOP presidential candidate quiet on gay issues now, but in 2004 she called lives of gay people "sad," suggested nearly all had been abused

Obama's preferred strategy: Go Big Dan Farber: The debt talks are the latest in a string of instances the president has sought a big deal to solve a problem

THe Australian Capital Circle: Carbon task laid bare as emotions run high

Capital Circle Newsletter
Carbon task laid bare as emotions run high
Real-world feedback reflects the polls as Julia Gillard tries to sell her carbon tax to an angry public.

Julia Gillard is spending the morning preparing for her National Press Club speech today. She has no further events scheduled.
Tony Abbott is in and around Brisbane all day.
Relief: It seems like only a matter of time before shoes are actually thrown on the shoe leather tour. So as Julia Gillard suspends her carbon tax road show today to face journalists at the National Press Club, there might be a sense of relief. The difficulty of her political task was starkly illustrated by a smartly-dressed older woman yesterday, who repeatedly and calmly branded the PM a "liar". It was shocking look. Still, the PM managed to impress some with her resolve at last night's community forum in Brisbane.
Smoke and mirrors: The Gillard government is poised to start a new multi-million dollar advertising campaign, not on its carbon tax but tobacco plain packaging. At least that's what the bookings say. TV types say the government has reserved a lot of high-cost airtime next week. They've seen the "creative", as they like to say, and the ads are what they say they are. But that's not to say they can't be switched at the last minute. The government also has a lot of ad space booked from the week of July 24 through to the first week of August under the heading "TBA". Wonder what that could be?
Helpful: It was only a matter of time before Malcolm Turnbull popped up his head to pass judgement on Labor's climate plan. He said he'd never supported a carbon tax, but was less enthusiastic about Tony Abbott's direct action plan. "'The best thing that I can say is not to take a personal view and just simply say that the Coalition's policy is to be opposed to it." He didn't stop there, saying Mr Abbott had been disloyal to him when Mr Turnbull was leader.
The Australian
Peter Brent
Peter Brent
Time to puncture the Howard myth
John Howard was Australia’s second longest serving prime minister, serving from March 1996 to November 2007. Until that final year, most political observers…
More Peter Brent

Moody’s moves one step closer to downgrading U.S. debt: The Washington Post Breaking News

Moody's Investors Service said it has put the Aaa credit rating of the U.S. government on review for a possible downgrade given the possibility the debt limit will not be raised before an approaching August deadline. It comes two weeks after Standard & Poor's said that any failure to make debt payments would result in a dramatic downgrade of the United States's current top-notch credit rating.

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Kitco New York Market Close Report

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