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Apr 2, 2011

MarketWatch | Weekly Roudup | The Week's | Top Ten 10 videos

Weekly Roundup
APRIL 02, 2011

The week's top 10 videos on MarketWatch

By MarketWatch

In case you missed them, here are the 10 most popular videos that appeared on MarketWatch for the week of March 28-April1:

Mozilla strikes back with Firefox 4

In the long browser wars, Mozilla's Firefox has lost its dominance in recent years to Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari. Walt Mossberg tests the newly released Firefox 4, and finds it is an improvement, but says many of its new features are catch-ups to the other browsers.
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Dow wraps up best Q1 since 1999

Laura Mandaro and Bob O'Brien discuss why the Dow managed to end the first quarter of 2011 with its biggest percentage gain for the period since 1999 despite the recent disaster in Japan as well unrest in the Middle East.
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Trading Strategies: Stock buyers beware

Middle East upheaval and questions about U.S. economic strength cloud the outlook for stocks, says Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist at The Economic Outlook Group. Investors should boost allocations to cash, gold, and consumer-staples stocks.
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Rex on Techs: Kodak's moment

Rex Crum says that a favorable trade commission ruling against Apple and RIM may just help Kodak from going the way of Kodachrome.
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Paul Allen slams Bill Gates in memoir

According to a new memoir by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Bill Gates schemed to take shares in Microsoft following his partner's treatment for cancer. Kevin Delaney and Julia Angwin discuss the roles the two men have played over the years and whether divergent paths at the top of the tech world are unavoidable.
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Violence as U.K. workers protest against cuts

A splinter group is blamed for smashing windows and attacking police vans as tens of thousands march against government cuts.
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Large-cap stocks may be in favor

U.S. stocks overcame rough spots to post solid gains in the first quarter. Max Bublitz, chief investment strategist at SCM Advisors, discusses which stock sectors will fare best in the second quarter and what to expect as policy-makers consider reining in liquidity. Interview by Laura Mandaro in San Francisco.
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That tax credit could cost you

Because of a snag in the Making Work Pay Credit, millions of taxpayers, especially seniors, could end up with an unexpected tax bill. Kelsey Hubbard talks with Rachel Ochman about how to know what you owe.
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Why more kids are learning to say ‘namaste'

Yoga for children is taking off in studios, hospitals and schools across the country, as parents look for new activities that can help motor skills development and even behavioral problems.
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Tsunami survivors return to ruined village

Residents return to tsunami-ravaged areas of Japan to salvage belongings as many fear their communities will become ghost towns.
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MarketWatch: | Personal Finance Daily The week's top Personal Finance Stories

Personal Finance Daily
APRIL 02, 2011

The week's top Personal Finance stories

By MarketWatch

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 Personal Finance stories from MarketWatch for the week of March 28 through April 1:

Higher tax rates loom for 401(k) savers

Delaying the tax hit on retirement-plan contributions, a much vaunted benefit of 401(k)s, isn't as valuable if you face higher income-tax rates when you retire. Yet higher tax rates are all too likely in the years ahead.
Read more: Higher tax rates loom for 401(k) investors.

Gold, Japan and tax questions crowd mailbag

Chuck Jaffe checks his mailbag and sees that the current economic situation, coupled with natural disasters and international politics, has readers asking about investing in gold, Japan's recovery and mutual-fund related tax issues.
Read more: Gold, Japan and tax questions crowd mailbag.

World events affect your mortgage rate

As world events dominated the news in recent weeks, mortgage rates enjoyed a reprieve from a climb that began late last year, keeping the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage down below 5% at the start of what is traditionally the home buying and selling season.
Read more: World events affect your mortgage rate.

Employees regain confidence to switch jobs

As the ranks of the unemployed slowly shrink, those with jobs are starting to feel wanderlust and, to some employers' dismay, are gearing up to change jobs, according to recent employment studies.
Read more: Employees gain confidence to switch jobs.

Just wait until your children grow up

A new study suggests that while young parents might be stressed and depressed compared to their peers without children, older parents are happier than their childless counterparts.
Read more: Just wait until your children grow up.

How to play the global commodities trends

For some investors, the best way to take advantage of current commodity trends is to buy single-commodity exchange-traded funds or exchange-traded notes, from which there are plenty to choose.
Read more: How to play the global commodities trends.

Five retirement-plan tax mistakes to avoid

As the calendar turns to April, a nation of procrastinators will start working on their taxes. And when that happens, they'll find more than a few retirement-plan mistakes that require correcting as well as some last-minute, retirement-plan tactics they can use to lower their tax bill.
Read more: Five retirement-plan tax mistakes to avoid

Don't neglect retirement for kids' college fund

In today's world — with retirement savers still attempting to recoup their losses, longer lifespans and fewer jobs in our older years — maybe the right thing is to put your retirement savings first.
Read more: Don't neglect retirement for kids' college fund.

Take that tax refund and spend it

Most personal-finance experts say taxpayers should save or invest their refunds, or pay down debt. But one lifestyle coach says go right ahead and spend your tax fund.
Read more: Take that tax refund and spend it.

How to avoid the IRS gift-tax trap

The laws regarding taxes on gifts are complex and the limits are changing. Consult the right professional and use trusts, charitable contributions and other gifting tactics to avoid a tax trap.
Read more: How to avoid the IRS gift-tax trap

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NYT: Today's Headlines: Job Growth Suggests Resilience of U.S. Recovery.


Job Growth Suggests Resilience of U.S. Recovery

The United States economy added 216,000 jobs in March, the Labor Department said, and the unemployment rate fell another jot, to 8.8 percent.

Afghans Avenge Florida Koran Burning, Killing 12

Thousands of protesters overran the United Nations compound in Mazar-i-Sharif, killing at least 12 people, Afghan and United Nations officials said.

Religious Radicals' Turn to Democracy Alarms Egypt

Islamic fundamentalists are embracing democracy, alarming those who believe that they are seeking to put in place strict Islamic law through ballots.
"My Medicaid card is useless for me right now. It's a useless piece of plastic. I can't find an orthopedic surgeon or a pain management doctor who will accept Medicaid."
NICOLE R. DARDEAU, a nurse in Opelousas, La., who needs surgery for herniated discs in her neck.


Video: A New Tune for Egypt's Radical Muslims

Egypt's fundamentalist Muslims are preaching at universities, advertising on streets, and politicizing in five-star hotels. Their goal: to influence the Muslim content in Egypt's new constitution.
Joe Nocera

From Buffett, Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

In his debut as an Op-Ed columnist, Mr. Nocera looks at Uncle Warren's attempts to gloss over his deputy's stock purchases.

Gbagbo Is Said to Be Close to Defeat in Ivory Coast

Laurent Gbagbo deployed a band of loyalists to defend his residence, the state television station and the presidential palace in an effort to stay in power.

Qaddafi Envoy Visits London as Tensions Mount in Libya

A senior aide to one of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi's sons has reportedly held talks with British officials in recent days.

Syrian Protesters Clash With Security Forces

Violent confrontations erupted in the city of Douma, near the capital, with security forces beating protesters before opening fire. News reports indicated there were victims.
Doctors Inc.

More Physicians Say No to Endless Workdays

Many physicians prefer predictable hours that allow for family time, a change that is transforming the way patients get care.

School Official Finds Retirement Is Just A Higher Pay Grade

The practice of retiring and then going right back to the same job is restricted under Arizona law, but commonplace because of loopholes.

Bringing Skateboarders Doing 60 to a Halt

With bans spreading across Southern California, downhill skateboarding's future is in jeopardy in the area where it was born.
News Analysis

Job Growth Alters Playbook for Obama and His Critics

As the unemployment rate ticked down, the hopes of Democrats ticked up: perhaps by the 2012 election they could claim vindication for their stimulus policies.

No Agreement on Plan to Avert Shutdown

Senate Democrats remained resistant to the deeper cuts demanded by Republican House members and scores of policy-changing amendments.

Cuts Leave Patients With Medicaid Cards, but No Specialist to See

Under last year's overhaul, Medicaid rolls are expected to grow drastically, but budget woes have states reducing payments to caregivers.

Mission Accomplished, Nonprofits Go Out of Business

Some nonprofits, like one fighting malaria or another serving victims of the Nazis, are happily closing their doors as they run out of work.

Air Traffic System Update Encountered Turbulence

The Federal Aviation Administration's proposal to modernize the nation's air traffic control system, long held up by airlines' cost concerns, got a boost on Friday from a House budget.

Calorie-Counting Rule to Leave Out Movie Theaters

After opposition from the movie industry, theaters were exempted from a proposed rule that would require restaurants to post calorie counts next to menu items.
Pogue's Posts Blog

The Best April Fool's Pranks

Spoiler alert! Some of this year's best Internet April Fool's pranks.

Paterson Teacher Suspended Over a Post on Facebook

The educator, who said she felt like a warden overseeing future criminals, was suspended with pay from her position in Paterson after parents complained.
Media Decoder

Time Warner Pulls Channels From iPad App

Time Warner Cable on Thursday abruptly removed several channels, including MTV and FX, from its iPad app after receiving complaints from three major media companies.

The Cold Feeling Is Mutual

When Connecticut and Kentucky meet in the Final Four on Saturday, the game will include a grudge between coaches with mutual dislike.

As UConn Plays On, Once-Prized Recruit Can Only Watch

A former Connecticut recruit, Nate Miles is a stark reminder of what many regard as the cynical and broken system of college recruiting.

For Butler's Stevens, a Career Change Paid Off

Butler Coach Brad Stevens walked away from a promising career to pursue a more uncertain future in basketball.

On Eve of Redefining Malcolm X, Biographer Dies

Manning Marable worked for two decades on a re-evaluation of Malcolm X's life that is said to contain many revelations.
Television Review | 'The Killing'

A Thinking Woman's Detective

In "The Killing," an American version of a Danish hit starting Sunday on AMC, an observant, thoughtful woman leads a murder investigation in Seattle.

Visions of Life, Built From Bits and Pieces

A small exhibition of collages, organized to celebrate the centennial of Romare Bearden's birth, feels unusually current.

Fix Xanadu? The Problem May Be Where to Begin

Architectural experts offer thoughts on rescuing a stalled New Jersey Meadowlands mall project that has already soaked up $2 billion.

Decades After Ban, Columbia Opens Door to R.O.T.C. Return

The University Senate voted overwhelmingly to "explore" relationships with the armed forces.

3 Months in Office, and Cuomo Stands Out Among Peers for Low Profile

Since taking office in January, the governor has not taken a single trip out of New York or appeared on any TV talk shows.

Why We Travel

As the traveler's map is redrawn, parts in unsettling and tragic ways, voices might whisper, "Stay home." Don't. There are opportunities to be had.
Practical Traveler

Summer Rental Deals

Vacation properties are being snatched up early this year, though there are still a few places where bargains can be found.
36 Hours

36 Hours in Louisville, Ky.

The last decade has seen a cultural and civic blooming in Louisville, with new galleries, restaurants and performance spaces taking their place alongside the city's stalwart attraction, the Kentucky Derby.

Gov. Cuomo's Budget

Albany's on-time budget helps the wealthy at the expense of the less fortunate.

The Truth About American Muslims

Senator Richard Durbin's barely noticed Senate hearing last week provided welcome contrast to xenophobic allegations of Representative Peter King.

What Happened to 'Zero Tolerance'?

The church boards that review abuse allegations against priests must be strengthened, and bishops who protect predator priests should be held accountable.
Editorial Observer

Feeling Betrayed, a Furious Tea Party Shakes Its Fist at Both Political Parties

Many of those present at a Tea Party rally on Thursday couldn't decide who they despised more, subversive Democrats more or spineless Republicans.
Op-Ed Contributor

It Only Looks Dangerous

Mixed martial arts is much safer than other, supposedly more civilized sports, and New York State should finally sanction it.
Op-Ed Columnist

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

In his debut as an Op-Ed columnist, Mr. Nocera looks at Uncle Warren's attempts to gloss over his deputy's stock purchases.
Op-Ed Columnist

Donald Trump Gets Weirder

Donald Trump has found a line of attack loopy enough to stand out from the pack of potential Republican candidates.
Op-Ed Contributor

In Egypt's Democracy, Room for Islam

Religious groups will not restrict Egypt's newfound freedoms, writes the country's grand mufti.
On April 2, 1917, President Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to declare war against Germany, saying, "The world must be made safe for democracy."

The Washington Post Today's Headlines: Today's Highlights | Politics | Style | Sports| | World | Live Discussions | Business

The Washington Post
Afghan protests turn deadly
A protest over a Koran burning in Florida swelled into an angry mob.
(By Joshua Partlow and Ernesto Londono)

Stalemate increasingly viewed as likely outcome in Libya
U.S. officials are becoming resigned to the possibility that Libyan rebels will retain control of the eastern half of the divided country while lacking the muscle to drive Moammar Gaddafi from power.
(By Joby Warrick and Liz Sly)

Chains may have to show calorie information
Chain restaurants, convenience stores, concession stands and vending machines would soon have to display calorie information under rules proposed Friday by the FDA.
(By Lyndsey Layton)

Japan faces hurdles in recovery
Economic shifts and an aging population may pose a dilemma as the country copes with a steep reconstruction bill.
(By Howard Schneider)

NCAA tournament has come a long way
The Final Four returns to Houston, site of the “Game of the Century” in 1968. But now the teams will be playing in Reliant Stadium, instead of the Astrodome as the event has grown dramatically.
(By Liz Clarke)

Republican National Committee suggests presidential debates could be way out of massive debt
LAS VEGAS — The Republican National Committee on Friday asked the likely presidential candidates if they would be willing to participate in debates where the central committee picked the format, content and even the moderators in exchange for the White House hopefuls’ help digging the party out of its $21 million debt.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Speaker keeps his cool
Why is John A. Boehner so calm? He faces momentous decisions on budget.
( by David A. Fahrenthold and Paul Kane , The Washington Post)

The Week in 2012
What happened this week in the 2012 presidential contest.
( by Nia-Malika Henderson , The Washington Post)

GOP presidential fundraising
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) raised more than $2 million in political contributions over the first 90 days of 2011, she reported Friday — a sum that serves as a reminder of her fundraising prowess as the 2012 Republican presidential campaign enters a crucial early stage.
( by Chris Cillizza and Rachel Weiner , The Washington Post)

D.C. budget plan
The spending cuts and higher fees proposed.
(, The Washington Post)

First Person Singular: Correctional officer Chastity Jones
A correctional officer talks about the ever-present dangers of working in a prison.
(, The Washington Post)

Home & Design: An urban roost in Kalorama
They were determined to be downtown but wanted enough room for their art collection and kids.
(, The Washington Post)

Best Bets: Where to eat before the show
The best pre-theater dining options for Studio Theatre
( , The Washington Post)

Home & Design: Rooftops with more than a view
Bocce, firepits and other rooftop amenities add to city living.
(, The Washington Post)

Date Lab: Everyone is interesting
On this blind date, she likes that he pays attention, and he’s sorry about all those health-care messages.
(, The Washington Post)

Singler scores with 2 seconds left to lift Oregon over Creighton 71-69 for CBI title
EUGENE, Ore. — When Joevan Catron saw teammate E.J. Singler put his shoulder down and drive toward the basket, he knew exactly what was coming next.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Jazz eliminated from playoffs for first time since 2006 with 96-85 loss to Lakers
SALT LAKE CITY — Even though he was sick to his stomach before the game, Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom needed just one glance around the locker room to get motivated to play anyway.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

NBA Capsules
PHILADELPHIA — Thaddeus Young scored 22 points, Elton Brand had 21 and the Philadelphia 76ers clinched a playoff spot with a 115-90 victory over the New Jersey Nets on Friday night.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Athletics commit 5 errors, fall to Mariners 6-2 in sloppy opening night
OAKLAND, Calif. — The Oakland Athletics threw away opening day for the second straight season.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

LaMarcus Aldridge scores 32 points as Blazers end Thunder's streak at 5 with 98-91 win
PORTLAND, Ore. — LaMarcus Aldridge insists he isn’t nervous about how all this playoff positioning will ultimately shake out.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Al-Qaida in Iraq claims responsibility for assault in northern Iraq
BAGHDAD — Al-Qaida in Iraq has claimed responsibility for an attack and hostage-taking that killed 57 people at a government building in northern Iraq.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Highly radioactive water leaks from crippled Japanese nuclear power plant into ocean
TOKYO — Japan’s tsunami-stricken nuclear power plant was leaking highly radioactive water into the sea Saturday, nuclear safety officials said.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Kazakh leadership looks beyond staid presidential elections to reform agenda
ASTANA, Kazakhstan — Top government officials in Kazakhstan say a strong victory for the incumbent in Sunday’s presidential elections will reinforce their ambitious reform agenda, despite international criticism of the vote.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Oman medical officials: protester dies after pro-democracy clashes
MUSCAT, Oman — Medical officials say a protester has died from injuries sustained in clashes between Omani security forces and pro-reform demonstrators.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Suspected crime gang in southern Philippines kidnaps 16 teachers and students, sets demands
MANILA, Philippines — Gunmen linked to a criminal gang have kidnapped 16 people, most of them teachers, at a graduation ceremony in a remote southern Philippine town, police said Saturday.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Election 2012 - The Fix Faceoff Video Q&A
Political blogger Chris Cillizza's fast-paced video Q&A about the 2012 presidential election
(, vForum)

Real Wheels Live
Live online discussion with Real Wheels columnist Warren Brown about car-buying and the auto industry.
(, vForum)

The TV Column Live with Lisa de Moraes
TV columnist Lisa de Moraes takes questions about drama, comedy, and heartbreak in the world of television.
(, vForum)

Carolyn Hax Live: Advice columnist tackles your problems (Friday, April 1)
Advice Columnist Carolyn Hax takes your questions and comments about the strange train we call life.
(, vForum)

Dana Milbank Live
Dana Milbank answers your questions about politics and his columns and judges your "Etch-a-Sketch" submissions.
(, vForum)

Goldman CEO Blankfein's 2010 pay package worth $14.1M; up from $1M in 2009
NEW YORK — Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., saw his 2010 compensation rise to $14.1 million from just over $1 million in 2009, according to an Associated Press analysis of data filed with regulators on Friday.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Transocean boasts of safety despite Gulf blowout
The company also awarded bonuses to its top executives, even though 25 percent of the bonus was based on “safety performance.”
( by Steven Mufson , The Washington Post)

American Airlines: Plane diverted to Ohio airport after attendants got dizzy, passengers faint
DAYTON, Ohio — Two flight attendants reported dizziness and four passengers fainted aboard an American Airlines flight Friday, forcing the pilot to drop the jet’s oxygen masks and land in Ohio, an airline spokesman said.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Administration pay czar approves 2011 pay packages for 4 big bailout firms
WASHINGTON — The four companies still receiving the largest amounts of government bailout aid won’t be able to raise the amount of cash they pay out to their top executives this year, the administration’s pay czar has ruled.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Henry Taub, founder of NJ-based Automatic Data Processing payroll firm, dies at 83
TENAFLY, N.J. — Henry Taub, who turned his small business into one of the world’s largest payroll processing firms, has died. He was 83.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)