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Mar 25, 2011

CBS Political Hotsheet Top Stories

The CBS News Political Hotsheet newsletter


After report that General Electric did not owe taxes in 2010, White House pressed on why company CEO is heading president's jobs council
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White House defends embrace of G.E. CEO

Could a mileage tax pay for road projects? Nonpartisan budget office tells Congress a tax on drivers for mileage could be a "practical option;" Administration opposes idea

The week in quotes: Did Obama get locked out of the White House? (VIDEO) Congress may have been out of town this week, but that didn't stop Washington Unplugged from finding the good, the bad and the ugly from the week in quotes and video

Prosecutor out for pushing fake attack on gov. Carlos Lam suggested in email that "false flag" attack on Governor Scott Walker could discredit union protesters

Napolitano: Border security better than ever Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano said perceptions along violence at the southern border are false, but some Republicans disagree

The Washington Post | Politics Afternoon Edition: Trump, Bachmann crowd Palin’s space


1) Trump, Bachmann crowd Palin’s space
As Sarah Palin contemplates a 2012 presidential run, she suddenly has competition from Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump.
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White House heads off ‘Obama’s War’
Administration officials have denied the military intervention in Libya, which has involved days of airstrikes, is a “war.”
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GOP uses crises to push conservative agenda
Just as the recession created an opening for President Obama to pass liberal priorities, many GOP governors are using state budget crises to pursue long-held policy ideas.
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THE FIX: The GOP’s Census problem
New census data show that the same demographic changes that are helping red states gain influence could hurt the GOP in upcoming elections.
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Claire McCaskill’s terrible week
Revelations of Sen. Claire McCaskill’s (D-Mo.) use of a private plane landed her in hot water.
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CBS | Evening News Top Stories

The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric newsletter


Hi everyone,

The nuclear crisis in Japan took another serious turn today, when government officials said there may be a breach at one of the reactors at the Fukushima plant. That could lead to more radiation being released. At the same time, authorities have widened the evacuation zone. Bill Whitaker reports from Tokyo. Allies continued to bombard military targets in Libya today. French and British jets struck outside Ajdabiya, a city that rebels are desperately trying to retake. Meanwhile, David Martin takes a close look at U.S. and NATO goals in Libya. And I'll speak with Richard Haas from the Council on Foreign Relations, about Libya's future. 100 years ago today, 146 people, mostly women, died in a fire at New York's Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. As Michelle Miller reports, they did not die in vain. Major improvements in fire safety and conditions for workers resulted from that terrible tragedy. Plus: a comeback story. One year ago, Seth Doane reported on the rapid decrease in monarch butterflies. Tonight, he'll report on their equally rapid resurgence. Check out the latest @katiecouric episode, Tim Pawlenty.

Katie Couric

NFL linebacker tackles breast cancer "The American Spirit:" Dallas Cowboy Bradie James' foundation gives free mammograms

Health care reform Q&A: One year later On the anniversary of Obama's signing of massive health care reform overhaul into law, a look at how the system has changed

What's driving the price of gas? About two-thirds of all the oil traded is bought and sold not by oil companies, but by investors

MarketWatch | Market Pulse & Latest news | Bulls sweep for third day

How can RIM win? BlackBerry maker issues a weak outlook for the current period and shares tumble. What can RIM do to win investor favor?

Brokers cut their ratings on Research In Motion, pushing stock into negative territory for the year.

The Japanese videogame maker has watched its handheld business come under withering attack from smartphones and tablet devices. Can a 3D game console change that momentum?
Stocks extend winning streak, score weekly gains.
Bulls have the bears' number (Minyanville)
How to build a perfect portfolio (Smart Money)
U.S. long bonds to outperform 10-year notes
Gold settles at lowest in a week

Canada's government falls
Conservative government suffers a no-confidence vote, setting up elections for early May.
Canadian markets rebound, but RIM slides

Power woes to hurt profits
Tokyo Electric Power says electricity supply capacity will fall short of demand at least through the summer, and analysts weigh the impact.
New video shows smoking reactors
Japan’s massive power struggle (First Take)
Fukushima No. 3 reactor core leaked: report
Overseas investors bought Japan shares
Hedge funds may salvage 'disaster' month

India’s elusive $150 billion nuclear-energy market
Contrary to official claims, the promise of a slice of the lucrative Indian market for nuclear energy has become much more elusive for major foreign contractors over the past month.

MarketWatch: Canadian government gets a no-confidence vote: reports

By Wallace Witkowski 
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Canada's Conservative government suffered a no-confidence vote at the hands of the House of Commons among accusations it has mismanaged the economy and lacks transparency, setting up an election in early May, according to media reports Friday. The House of Commons voted 156-145 on the no-confidence measure against the government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, according to reports.

MarketWatch: | Personal Finance Daily: Are you a clown? Get a job with the circus

Personal Finance Daily
MARCH 25, 2011

Friday's personal-finance stories

By MarketWatch

Don't miss these top stories:

Who knew that being the class clown might give you a good career opportunity? As Kim Hjelmgaard writes, it used to be that when all else failed, you could run away and join the circus. As it turns out, the circus is still one area where job opportunities still exist. The National Circus School in Montreal reports a very high success rate in finding work for its graduates.

If the circus isn't for you, then maybe you should do it the old-fashioned way and start early to save for your financial stability and retirement. In our special report, The Future of Retirement, Jonathan Burton writes about how you can start with $10,000 and retire a millionaire. It just takes time and discipline. See full special report on The Future of Retirement.

A special invitation: Investing Insights

MarketWatch will hold the next event in its new series of live panel discussions on Tuesday, April 5, in downtown San Francisco. The evening of cocktails and conversation, titled "Investing Insights: Global Investing in a Post-Crisis World," will be hosted by MarketWatch Editor-in-Chief David Callaway. Guest panelists are Marshall Berol, portfolio co-manager for the Encompass Fund; Michael Cuggino, president and portfolio manager of The Permanent Portfolio Funds; and Cody Willard, founder of, principal of CL Willard Capital and MarketWatch columnist and blogger. The event is free, but attendance is limited and by invitation only. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to attend or want more information, send me an email.

Anne Stanley , managing editor, personal finance


How to run away, join the circus and get a job

Today's job hunters need to think creatively when looking for employment. For example, consider the often-overlooked circus industry.
Read more: How to run away, join the circus and get a job.


How to find your cost basis for capital-gains taxes

Knowing your cost basis in an investment can get tricky, especially if you've held the asset for many years. Eva Rosenberg offers tips on how to determine your cost basis and figure your capital-gains tax hit.
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Nine reasons to be optimistic about retirement

Despite Americans' generally gloomy outlook on their ability to retire, there are many reasons to be more optimistic, including higher savings rates and 401(k) options, as well as a more realistic view of our retirement income needs.
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Start with $10,000 and retire a millionaire

It just takes money and time. But what this really means is that you have to save money over time — and that's where many of us struggle.
Read more: Start with $10,000 and retire a millionaire.

A Roth 401(k) may be in your future

When it comes to choosing the best place to stash your retirement savings, the answer, at least in part, depends on your likely tax situation once you stop working. That's where a Roth — whether a Roth 401(k) or Roth IRA — comes in. It can help you hedge against the tax hit you'll face when you start pulling money out of any tax-deferred plans, such as a traditional 401(k).
Read more: A Roth 401(k) may be in your future.


Get the builder to fix shoddy work before closing

Don't close on a new home until you're completely satisfied with the work, Lew Sichelman tells this frustrated reader.
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Housing is dead; it can't hurt the economy

Housing is just too small to do any real damage to the economy anymore, writes Rex Nutting.
Read more: Housing is dead; it can't hurt the economy.


Water needs to be taken seriously

All of us need water, so we need to start treating this scarce resource as a business that needs a plan.
Read more: Water needs to be taken seriously.


What hedge-fund managers know about making money

Knowing which stocks are held by top hedge-fund managers is a useful source of investment ideas and an important risk factor to consider, but the data are dated and limited and can be misleading.
Read more: What hedge-fund managers know about making money.

Market is suffering from hypochondria

If you blinked, you may have missed the latest correction, writes Howard Gold.
Read more: Market is suffering from hypochondria.


In charts: House-price slide and more

A weekly graphical summary of indicators shows the gap between new- and existing-home prices, one reason behind the weak demand for new builds. The architectural billings index and durable-goods-orders report, meanwhile, suggest that companies are taking a wait-and-see attitude.
See charts: House-price slide and more.

U.S. economic growth revised up for fourth quarter

Gross domestic product rose at a 3.1% annualized rate in the fourth quarter, up from the previous estimate of a 2.8% gain. Corporate profits had a banner year.
Read more: U.S. economic growth revised up for fourth quarter.

GDP: An even higher all-time high

With Friday's upward revision of U.S. GDP growth in the final quarter of last year, the total size of the U.S. economy is now even further into new all-time-high territory than we previously thought.
Read more: GDP: An even higher all-time high.

Inflation spike won't last, Lockhart says

Atlanta Federal Reserve President Dennis Lockhart remains sanguine on the outlook for both economic growth and contained inflation.
Read more: Inflation spike won't last, Lockhart says.

Consumer sentiment falls sharply in March

Higher gas and food prices send consumer sentiment to its lowest level in five months.
Read more: Consumer sentiment falls sharply in March.

Reuters UK | Evening News: West strikes Libya forces, NATO sees 90-day campaign


today's headlines

West strikes Libya forces, NATO sees 90-day campaign
NATO to take Libya mission command soon - Italy
Yemen's Saleh says willing to quit under conditions
Radiation fears mount again in Japan after plant workers hurt
Barclays is main focus of Libor probe - report
Russia's Rosneft to push ahead with BP Arctic pact
EU delays decision on anti-crisis package details
Special report - Can an Italian Elvis make Fiat-Chrysler dance?
Portuguese president meets parties on crisis
How Edward VIII wooed a mistress before Mrs Simpson

more details

West strikes Libya forces, NATO sees 90-day campaign
25 MAR 2011 14:52 GMT
TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Rebel gunners fought artillery duels with Muammar Gaddafi's forces in eastern Libya on Friday and Western warplanes struck at heavy armour used by the government to crush the revolt.

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NATO to take Libya mission command soon - Italy
25 MAR 2011 13:04 GMT
TUNIS (Reuters) - NATO will take command of Libyan operations on Sunday or Monday, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said on Friday.

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Yemen's Saleh says willing to quit under conditions

25 MAR 2011 14:15 GMT
SANAA (Reuters) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Friday he was ready to cede power to stop more bloodshed in Yemen but only to what he called "safe hands" as tens of thousands rallied against him in "Day of Departure" protests.

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Radiation fears mount again in Japan after plant workers hurt
25 MAR 2011 15:01 GMT

TOKYO (Reuters) - Radiation fears escalated in Japan on Friday after workers suffered burns as they tried to cool an earthquake-crippled nuclear power station, while the government sowed confusion over whether it was widening an evacuation zone around the plant.

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Barclays is main focus of Libor probe - report25 MAR 2011 05:24 GMT
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Barclays PLC appears to be the main focus of an international regulatory probe into alleged manipulation of LIBOR rates, the benchmark price for interbank borrowing costs, the Financial Times reported on Thursday, citing people familiar with the investigation.

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Russia's Rosneft to push ahead with BP Arctic pact25 MAR 2011 15:07 GMT
LONDON/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's Rosneft vowed to push ahead with a strategic alliance with BP, despite a block on the deal by the British oil company's partners in joint venture TNK-BP.

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EU delays decision on anti-crisis package details
25 MAR 2011 14:03 GMT
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European leaders gave themselves until June to finalise an increase in their temporary bailout facility at a summit, failing to deliver the broad package they had promised to resolve their debt crisis.

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Special report - Can an Italian Elvis make Fiat-Chrysler dance?
25 MAR 2011 13:48 GMT
GENEVA, Switzerland (Reuters) - The doors of the Geneva Motor Show have just slid open and immediately throngs of reporters and camera crews scramble to reach Fiat's stand.

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Portuguese president meets parties on crisis
25 MAR 2011 10:47 GMT
LISBON (Reuters) - Portugal's president started to consult leaders of political parties on Friday as he weighs whether to call a snap election after the Socialist prime minister resigned.

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How Edward VIII wooed a mistress before Mrs Simpson
25 MAR 2011 09:42 GMT
LONDON (Reuters) - A letter penned by the future King Edward VIII to his mistress depicts him as a starry-eyed, incurable romantic, years before his sensational decision to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson cost him the throne.

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