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Feb 28, 2011

Financial And Forex Info | Reuters Daily Investor Update: Wall St ends up, oil muddies bullish picture


Wall St ends up, oil muddies bullish picture
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bullish comments from Warren Buffett helped U.S. stocks end another good month on a high note on Monday, but uncertainty about oil prices could keep investors from pushing the market much higher. | Full Article

Consumer spending makes slow start, factories roar
February 28, 2011 04:14 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. consumer spending barely edged up in January as households took advantage of tax cuts to rebuild their savings, suggesting spending would offer only a modest lift to the recovery in the first quarter. | Full Article
Blackstone to buy Centro malls for $9.4 billion: sources
February 28, 2011 01:39 PM ET
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Private equity firm Blackstone Group LP has struck a deal to buy nearly 600 U.S. strip malls and other properties from Australia's Centro Property Group for about $9.4 billion, people with direct knowledge of the transaction said on Monday. | Full Article
Barclays raises S&P 500 index 2011 target
February 28, 2011 02:58 PM ET
(Reuters) - Barclays Capital said it is more constructive about U.S. corporate earnings for 2011, citing increased confidence in financial sector margins and lower economic uncertainty, and raised its full-year price target for the S&P 500 index to 1,450 from 1,420. | Full Article
Ford CFO wants fewer incentives in Europe
February 28, 2011 03:03 PM ET
GENEVA (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co's financial chief wants automakers in the European market to adopt "rational" behavior and put an end to incentive rates he sees as excessive. | Full Article

MarketWatch: Personal Finance Daily: Be ready: Home inspectors always find a problem

Personal Finance Daily
FEBRUARY 28, 2011

Monday's personal finance stories

By MarketWatch

Don't miss these top stories:

If you're planning to sell your house, brace yourself. A home inspector is always going to find something wrong, Amy Hoak reports in her Home Economics column. Some ways to prepare for a home inspection include doing your own inspection before you put the property on the market and asking an experienced real-estate agent to look it over. While agents might not have the expertise of a home inspector, often they've been through enough sale negotiations to spot common red flags.

Also in today's personal finance lineup, MarketWatch's John Spence writes about exchange-traded funds that invest in natural gas, noting that despite Friday's bounce, natural-gas prices have trended steadily lower since late January on expectations of milder weather as winter winds down.

Anne Stanley , managing editor, personal finance


Be ready: Home inspectors always find a problem

A visit from the home inspector can be nerve-wracking for a seller, especially in a market like this where the potential buyer isn't afraid to demand that a long list of problems be addressed before the sale is finalized.
Read more: Be ready: Home inspectors always find a problem.

Why 2011 may be the end of the housing crash

There might finally be some good news this year about the nation's dismal housing market. Or, at least, the bad news could stop.
Read more: Why 2011 may be the end of the housing crash.


Auto Review: 2011 Honda Odyssey Elite

With its Odyssey Elite redesigned for 2011, Honda has built one of the best minivans in the business, perfect for hauling seven adults — or lots of stuff.
Read more: Auto Review: 2011 Honda Odyssey Elite

Taking Social Security while working may cost you

Your Social Security benefits could get hit in several ways if you start collecting your benefits early and continue to work, reports MarketWatch's Andrea Coombes.
Watch video: Taking Social Security while working may cost you.

Get through to a human

Want to bypass the automated operator and speak with a real person when calling Chase Bank? Once the automated operator begins speaking, press *0. Repeat this until you're connected with a human.
Read more: Get through to a human.


Asking for ‘extras'

Bridget Bland thought using an iPhone, with its applications and WiFi access, would make it easier to work with clients on the go. The hard part, the 28-year-old realized, would be convincing her superiors to pay for one.
Read more: Asking for 'extras.'

Improve your chance for top college picks

This year, forgoing college aid applications may actually boost the chances of getting accepted. With college endowments not yet fully recovered from the recession and a greater number of needier students, many schools are starting to rein in their generosity.
Read more: Improve your chance for top college picks.


Dudley joins tough talk on inflation

William Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, joins the roster of officials at the central bank trumpeting the Fed's vigilance about inflation.
Read more: N.Y. Fed's Dudley joins tough talk on inflation.

Chicago manufacturing gauge at 22-year high

A gauge of Chicago manufacturing rose to a 22-year high in February, raising hopes for a national indicator due Tuesday.
Read more: Chicago manufacturing gauge at 22-year high.

Consumers ignore White House-GOP tax deal

The early indications are that consumers are going to sit on the 2 percentage-point reduction in Social Security tax, writes Steve Goldstein.
Read more: Consumers ignore White House-GOP tax deal.

Income of workers climbs 1.0% in January

In January, the income of American workers posted the biggest increase in a year and a half, owing largely to a temporary payroll-tax cut that took effect that month. Consumer spending and inflation rose slightly.
Read more: Income of workers climbs 1.0% in January.


A portfolio to keep income flowing

While pension funds are increasingly seen as relics from a bygone age, they can still teach investors a thing or two about managing money during retirement.
Read more: A portfolio to keep income flowing.

Natural-gas ETFs hit on weather, supply

Lost in the shuffle of surging oil prices and Middle East unrest is the pullback in exchange-traded funds that invest in a different energy source: natural gas.
Read more: Natural-gas ETFs hit on weather, supply.

Herd mentality steers investors to large-cap funds

Investors showed in January that they are coming back strong to the stock market, particularly in large-cap U.S. equity mutual funds. So, do you follow the herd or go against it?
Read more: Herd mentality steers investors to large-cap funds.

A prominent Dow Theorist is worried

Despite strength in today's session, the Dow transports in mid-February fell so much further than the Dow industrials that some followers of the Dow Theory are beginning to worry about the health of the bull market.
Read more: A prominent Dow Theorist is worried.

Buy the fund, or the fund company's stock?

Money is moving into stock mutual funds at the fastest pace in four years, brightening prospects for asset-management firms focused on equities and challenging those weighted toward bond and money-market funds.
Read more: Buy the fund, of the fund company's stock?

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The Washington Post Afternoon Edition: Most Read Opinion Columns: How teacher development could revolutionize our schools

Washington Post

1) How teacher development could revolutionize our schools

How we can spend less on education and still boost student achievement.

2) Is organized labor obsolete?

Public unions are on a path to mimic labor's decline in the private sector.

3) Why Wisconsin matters

This is not the first time that Wisconsin has been at the center of national agitation over the role of unions.

4) In Lebanon, Hezbollah is watching, and waiting out, the Arab uprisings

The militant group takes stock of how Arab uprisings could affect its goals.

5) Rubicon: A river in Wisconsin

Gov. Walker is about to show what fiscal seriousness really looks like.

6) The Gang of Six leads the way

Obama should look to the Senate for reducing the deficit.

7) A climate-change activist prepares for the worst

Ten years ago, I put solar panels on my roof and began eating locally grown food. I bought an energy-efficient refrigerator that uses the power equivalent of a single light bulb. I started heating my home with a stove that burns organically fertilized corn kernels. I even restored a gas-free lawn...

8) Teach for America: Letting the cream rise

How a Princeton grad persuades the best and the brightest to take up teaching.

9) Scott Walker's unprincipled rigidity

The Wisconsin governor shows he's not one of us.

10) What's lost in the House budget cuts

The potential effects of reducing funding for PBS, the U.S. Institute of Peace, census funding and more.

Financial And Forex Info | The Australian Business Briefing: Wall St has best February since 1998

Wall St has best February since 1998
oil traders UPDATED Donna Kardos Yesalavich US stocks rose, as oil prices paused from their recent rally while investors were encouraged by comments from a top Fed official.
Oil eases as Saudis soothe nerves
oil Jerry A. DiColo OIL settled lower today as oil producers moved to make up for lost Libyan crude supplies against spreading Middle East unrest.
JP Morgan in talks for Twitter stake
JP Morgan Anupreeta Das and Amir Efrati A FUND run by JP Morgan & Chase is in talks with Twitter to take a minority stake in the rapidly growing microblogging company.
BHP may close US shale gas deal in Q1
BHP Alex MacDonald BHP Billiton expects to close its purchase of Chesapeake Energy's Fayetteville shale gas holdings by the end of the first quarter.
Reinsurers may avoid Australia
Floods Richard Gluyas THE spate of disasters in Australia and New Zealand may see reinsurance industry bypass local insurers, says QBE CEO Frank O'Halloran.
Hi-tech glitch shuts down ASX
ASX Andrew Main TRADING on the ASX yesterday turned into a day trader's nightmare when an estimated $2 billion in share transactions were suspended.
Centro sells US malls for $9.2bn
Centro Properties Bridget Carter TROUBLED shopping centre owner Centro Properties Group has agreed to sell its 588 US shopping malls to Blackstone Group for $9.2 billion.
QR shakes off weather damage
QR National Tracy Lee QR National is expected to beat its 2012 forecasts after revealing saving and better margin contracts helped it limit earnings downgrades.
Financial Markets
Wall St has best February since 1998
oil traders UPDATED Donna Kardos Yesalavich US stocks rose, as oil prices paused from their recent rally while investors were encouraged by comments from a top Fed official.
Oil eases as Saudis soothe nerves
Gold edges up on Middle East tensions
Financial Markets Coverage
Mining & Energy
Oil eases as Saudis soothe nerves
oil Jerry A. DiColo OIL settled lower today as oil producers moved to make up for lost Libyan crude supplies against spreading Middle East unrest.
Gold edges up on Middle East tensions
BHP may close US shale gas deal in Q1
More Mining & Energy Coverage

Financial And Forex Info: The Australian Capital Circle: The battle over a carbon price has been joined

Capital Circle Newsletter 
The battle over a carbon price has been joined
Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have set out their stalls on a carbon price - a battle that could decide the fate of their leadership posts.

 The PM's day, per the press office: Julia Gillard will attend the ALP caucus meeting at 930am this morning. She will then attend Question Time at 2pm. On morning radio today, Ms Gillard accused Tony Abbott of damaging the Australian economy by promising to scrap a carbon tax if elected. "Mr Abbott has had every position on this (a carbon price) it is possible to have,'' she said.
Tony Abbott has appeared on Sunrise this morning and will appear on MTR radio later to continue his campaign against Ms Gillard's "great big new broken promise''. The Coalition joint party room meeting is scheduled for 930am. Mr Abbott declared this morning "I can guarantee that I will not break my word and I guarantee that I will have a clear mandate to scrap this tax if I get in and am elected''.
Missed it by that much: Communications minister Stephen Conroy is licking his wounds today (or at least, a wounded ego) after missing the winning goal in a charity soccer game on the Senate oval yesterday.
The match was played for Harmony Week and also featured Senators Kate Lundy and Steve Fielding, MPs Bert Van Manen and Graham Perrrett, as well as SBS' Craig Foster, Les Murray and former Socceroos Ned Zelic and Zeljko Kalac.
Liberal MP Dan Tehan takes up the story: "Stephen had a chance to win it and could have sealed it. I sent in a beautiful left foot cross, he timed his run beautifully, got the ball a yard out, we had gone to extra time golden goal and he missed it. And one wag immediately called out 'I hope you don't take your eye off the NBN like you did the ball'."
And Senator Conroy? "Guilty as charged'', he told Capital Circle, "But I scored two before that!''. The final score, according to Tehan, was "something like 9-10''.
Back in business: The owners of Kingston's The Kennedy Room will be breathing a sigh of relief as the PMO's Feb Fast team finally eye a return to usual service. The six person team, led by "Tinsel'' Tony Hodges, Andrew "Whatever it Takes" Porter and Sam "Sam" Casey have raised $5185 for the Ted Noffs foundation. And you can still donate to them here.
Moving on

NYT: Afternoon Business News: Small Airports Fear Being Left Behind as Costs Squeeze Carriers


Small Airports Fear Being Left Behind as Costs Squeeze Carriers

Small cities with airports are facing the prospect of fewer flights and more expensive tickets - or even closure of their airports - as airlines grapple with higher expenses.

Pension Funds Strapped, States Look at 401(k)s

The plans would let employees control their retirement portfolios, but they would come at a cost.

Obama Supports Easing Health Law Mandates for States

The president told governors on Monday that he supports letting states opt out of parts of the health plan earlier than is currently permitted.

Investors Are Drawn Anew to Digital Music

The explosion in smartphone apps has given investors and entrepreneurs optimism that the digital music business is poised to finally become profitable.
DealBook Sale Talks Collapse

The discussions with Michael Wolff's Newser were said to have faltered after the Huffinton Post-AOL deal raised questions about the acquisition price.

SEC Charges Military Body Armor Supplier and Former Outside Directors With Accounting Fraud

Mon, 28 Feb 2011 10:19:16 -0600
The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a major supplier of body armor to the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies for engaging in a massive accounting fraud. The agency separately charged three of the company’s former outside directors and audit committee members for their complicity in the scheme.
SEC Charges Military Body Armor Supplier and Former Outside Directors With Accounting Fraud

MarketWtach: GOLD: Gold edges higher to cap off big February rally


8 min ago - By Deborah Levine
Dollar index falls to four-month low. The U.S. dollar erases early gains against major rivals, as the euro moves higher ahead of this week’s meeting of European Central Bank policy makers.. The U.S. dollar erases early gains against major rivals, 
25 min ago - By Claudia Assis
After a slump in January, gold is on track to rise nearly 6% in February. Gold, considered the best means of preserving wealth in turbulent times, typically gain ground on inflationary worries.

Morning Market Briefing: Stocks May Extend Rebound From Last Week's Losses - U.S. Commentary

Morning Market Briefing
Monday, February 28, 2011, 09:02


Stocks are poised for a moderately higher open Monday morning amid news that oil has once again begun to flow in Libya. The major index futures are all in positive territory, with the Dow futures up by 47 points. (Feb 28, 2011) Full Article

Economic News

Industrial production in Japan jumped a seasonally adjusted 2.4 percent in January compared to the previous month, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said in a preliminary report on Monday, rising for the third straight month. (Feb 28, 2011) Full Article

Eurozone inflation rose further in January, albeit at a slower pace than initially thought, staying above the European Central Bank's target for the second straight month. (Feb 28, 2011) Full Article

The crisis in the Middle East and Africa has created a stir, with oil prices skyrocketing in reaction to supply concerns. (Feb 28, 2011) Full Article

Personal income in the U.S. increased by much more than anticipated in the month of January, according to a report released by the Commerce Department on Monday, although the report also showed that spending increased by less than expected. (Feb 28, 2011) Full Article

Earnings News

Utility company The AES Corp. (AES) Monday reported a fourth-quarter loss as a result of a large impairment charge. Revenues, however, increased thanks to higher generation volumes in its Latin America segment. The company also issued its 2011 earnings guidance. (Feb 28, 2011) Full Article

Real estate investment trust Public Storage (PSA) said Friday fourth-quarter funds from operations or FFO increased over the past year with revenues going up 2.4% thanks to higher average occupancy and realized rent. However, adjusted FFO per share fell short of analysts' estimates. (Feb 28, 2011) Full Article

German pharmaceutical firm Bayer AG (BAYZF.PK, BAYRY.PK, BYR.L, BAYN.DE) Monday reported a fourth-quarter loss on higher one-item charges. Core earnings however increased 5.6% on a per-share basis. Quarterly sales also rose 14.5% driven by the Material Science segment. The company expects sales to grow between 4% and 6% in fiscal 2011, with core earnings per share estimated to rise about 10%. (Feb 28, 2011) Full Article

Media company Pearson plc (PSO, PSON.L) announced Monday fiscal 2010 profit went up from the past year as double digit growth in all its business segments pushed sales up 10%. (Feb 28, 2011) Full Article

HSBC Holdings plc (HBC, HSBA.L) reported Monday a sharply higher profit for fiscal year 2010 primarily due to lower loan impairment charges and credit risk provisions. Net interest income, however, dipped 3.2% from 2009. (Feb 28, 2011) Full Article

Healthcare real estate investment trust Nationwide Health Properties Inc. (NHP) Monday reported a decline in fourth-quarter funds from operations and, separately, announced a deal by which larger peer Ventas Inc. (VTR) will acquire the company in a $7.4 billion all-stock transaction, expected to close in third-quarter 2011. (Feb 28, 2011) Full Article

Todays WS Events

The AES Q4 10 Earnings Conference Call At 10:00 AM ET
The AES Corporation (AES) will host a conference call at 10:00 AM ET on February 28, 2011, to discuss Q4 10 earnings results. To access the webcast, log on to To listen the call, dial 1-888-566-7708 (US) or +1-517-308-9025 (International); passcode is 22811. A replay of the call can be accessed by dialing 1-800-627-0490 (US) or +1-203-369-3300 (International); passcode is 22811. (Feb 28, 2011) 

Intel To Present At Morgan Stanley Conference; Webcast At 11:00 AM ET
Intel Corporation (INTC) will present at Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference. The event is schedule to begin at 11:00 AM ET, February 28, 2011. To access the webcast, log on to (Feb 28, 2011)

Ford Motor To Present At J.P. Morgan Conference; Webcast At 11:00 AM ET
Ford Motor Co. (F) will present at the J.P. Morgan Global High Yield & Leveraged Finance Conference in Miami Beach, Fla. The event is scheduled to begin at 11:00 AM ET, February 28, 2011. To access the audio webcast, log on to (Feb 28, 2011) To Present At Morgan Stanley Conference; Webcast At 3:00 PM ET Inc. (CRM) CEO, Marc Benioff, will keynote and participate in an "Internet Trends" panel discussion at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference on Monday, February 28, 2011, in San Francisco, CA. The keynote event is schedule to begin at 3:00 PM ET and Panel discussion is at 8:00 PM ET. To access the audio webcast, log on to (Feb 28, 2011) 

Financial And Forex Info | Reuters - Before The Bell: Futures gain after Bullard comments

Futures gain after Bullard comments
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Stock index futures were higher on Monday after bullish comments from a Federal Reserve official about the economy, easing concerns that high oil prices could hurt economic activity. | Full Article

HSBC cuts financial targets as capital rules bite
February 28, 2011 05:33 AM ET
LONDON (Reuters) - HSBC cut its profitability targets due to the cost of tougher banking regulations, joining rivals such as Barclays, and disappointed investors with below forecast 2010 earnings. | Full Article
Economists list U.S. budget deficit as No. 1 worry
February 28, 2011 12:21 AM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The massive U.S. budget deficit is the gravest threat facing the economy, topping high unemployment and the risk of inflation or deflation, according to a survey of forecasters released on Monday. | Full Article
Glencore primes analysts as IPO talk heats up
February 28, 2011 06:53 AM ET
LONDON (Reuters) - Glencore, the world's largest commodities trader, is briefing analysts ahead of a possible flotation that could be one of the biggest listings ever seen in London, sources familiar with the situation said. | Full Article
Euro zone inflation revised down in Jan, seen rising
February 28, 2011 06:19 AM ET
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Euro zone inflation was lower than initially estimated in January but still well above the European Central Bank's target and likely to rise further in February due mainly to more expensive oil. | Full Article

Personal Income Rose 1% while PCE decline 0 .1.... More

Economics and Statistics Administration Logo

Personal income in January 2011 rose 1.0 percent.  Nominal personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased 0.2 percent, while real PCE declined 0.1 percent.  Nominal disposable personal income (DPI) rose 0.7 percent while real DPI increased 0.4 percent.  The personal saving rate as a percentage of DPI was 5.8 percent in January.

Mineweb: Top Stories: Equinox plays spoiler in $9m Lundin-Inmet friendly merger

Mineweb logo

TOP STORIES | Monday , 28 Feb 2011                                                     

Equinox plays spoiler in $9m Lundin-Inmet friendly merger

The friendly Inmet-Lundin merger scheduled to be voted on next month now becomes 3-way race as Equinox makes hostile bid for Lundin.    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

Glencore: why is it considering a listing now?

After thriving outside of the limelight for four decades, the omnipresent commodities trading house is considering a listing; given it impeccable timing, does it mean the top of the commodities cycle?    Friday , 25 Feb 2011

The lightness of Vale's USD 20bn cash flow in 2010

Continued, massive demand from China for the steel making ingredient and prices set at around the marginal cost of the highest-cost producer, has meant a purple patch for low-cost operations like Vale's.    Friday , 25 Feb 2011

Filmmaker Moore joins Thompson's fight to save Vale jobs

Will controversial Academy Award winning filmmaker Michael Moore help save Vale Thompson's smelter from closure? Manitoba officials hope so.    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

WGC initiative could see Indian gold sales soar on strong farm incomes

De-seasonalised demand for gold is likely to shoot up in India as agriculture income in the country soars. Farmers primed to invest in gold through systematic investment scheme backed by World Gold Council.    Sunday , 27 Feb 2011

Gold to take an ever increasing role in global monetary system

Gold is increasingly fulfilling a stability role in global monetary transactions as major currencies fall in unison.    Saturday , 26 Feb 2011

Difficult for China to invest in commodities - FX chief

According to the head of China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange, investing much of its FX in global commodities markets would push up the prices of those raw materials on which the Chinese economy depends    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

Northam Platinum reports drop in H1 profit

The platinum miner which was hit by a strike and safety-related stoppages said that the outlook for the rest of the year remains challenging    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

ARM announces tripling in H1 profit

The South African diversified miner said the numbers had been boosted by a rise in commodity prices and higher output from its projects    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

Centamin says still shipping gold despite 4-month export ban by Egypt

Gold production at Centamin's flagship Sukari gold project have continued and company says no restrictions imposed although Egypt on Sunday banned gold exports for next 4 months    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

Australia still world's no. 2 gold producer

Australia produced 266 tonnes of gold in 2010, up 17% on 2009. But that was not enough to secure it first place as China's output grew to 341 tonnes in the same period.    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

NALCO Chairman arrested in bribery case

Federal police in India have arrested the chairman of the country's National Aluminium Company for accepting a bribe of 3kgs of gold through his wife, who was also arrested.    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

SA's state-owned mining company launched

South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma, on Saturday officially launched a state-owned mining company under which he said all state interests in mining would be consolidated    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

Hochschild announces major jump Immaculada gold and silver resource

The Latin American precious metals group said there was a major increase in resources and grades at its Immaculada gold-silver project in Peru    Friday , 25 Feb 2011

Weekend Top Story: Newmont reports highest net income in 90-year history

Newmont‘s 2011 attributable gold production is expected to range from 5.1 million to 5.3 million ounces with attributable copper production of 190 million to 220 million pounds.    Friday , 25 Feb 2011

Lomg Term Stocks: More than Being Feminr

Long Term Stocks
Monday, February 28, 2011, 08:11

( RTTNews): The HIV/AIDS epidemic is taking an increasing toll on women and girls. According to the UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, of the estimated 33.4 million people living with HIV, women account for 47 percent , and half of all new infections occur among women. (Feb 28, 2011) Full Article

Financial And Forex Info Kitco Market Hourly Report

 Bid 1410.8
 Ask 1411.8
 High 1417.6
 Low 1406.7
 Bid 33.45
 Ask 33.5
 High 33.77
 Low 33.27
 Bid 1806.0
 Ask 1814.0
 High 1831.0
 Low 1797.0
 Bid 787.0
 Ask 794.0
 High 808.0
 Low 785.0

London Fix

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