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TechcompanyTips and Advice For Business Owners: How business is really using the iPad, The smartest people in tech, Keeping safe in the cloud, Dave Stevens joins as a blogger.

Thursday, September 1st 2011 Who are the smartest people in technology? While most people would typically answer with names such as Eric Schmidt or Bill Gates, a Fortune article in our Best of the Web takes a different view with some people you’ve probably never heard of. Our bloggers have some great advice this week, especially our new writer Dave Stevens, chief executive of Brennan IT, who has some fascinating thoughts on Steve Jobs. And be sure to read David Markus' blog on whether businesses can actually keep their data safe in the cloud. Don’t forget to read our feature on businesses that are developing their own custom iPad apps to manage workflow. Even companies such as Jim’s Antennas are developing custom apps to help manage their administration and reduce paperwork, and more SMEs are getting on board. Patrick Stafford Editor, TechCompany BEST OF THE WEB: The smartest p

The Australian Business Briefing: Giants unite in LCD screen war

  Giants unite in LCD screen war Kenneth Maxwell JAPAN’S electronics giants have joined forces to grab a slice of the rapidly growing market for small LCD screens.   Allco's Coe, Fell face new questions Susannah Moran FORMER Allco directors David Coe and Gordon Fell will face more questions about the company's $1bn collapse.   Stokes plans to divide and conquer James Chessell KERRY Stokes is looking to simplify parts of his business empire by removing duplication of executive roles   US opposes $US39bn telecoms bid Thomas Catan THE US is attempting to block the world's biggest takeover this year, the $US39 billion move by AT&T to gobble up T-Mobile.   Investors slam Centro cop-out Richard Gluyas SHAREHOLDER groups are outraged by the Federal Court's failure to impose penalties on most of Centro's directors.   Earnings defy global jitters Tracy Lee MORE than

CFTC Enforcement Actions: CFTC Obtains Final Judgment against Italian National Carmine Garofalo Charged with Illegal Trading

  The CFTC announced that the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois entered a final default judgment against defendant Carmine Garofalo, an Italian national who purports to reside in Tunisia, requiring him pay $614,925 in restitution and a $1,844,775 civil monetary penalty. CFTC Obtains Final Judgment against Italian National Carmine Garofalo Charged with Illegal Trading

The Australian Capital Circle: Junked asylum deal leaves Labor reeling:

Junked asylum deal leaves Labor reeling   The verdict on the verdict is unanimous: the High Court has smashed Labor's asylum deal and created a nightmare for the government. Julia Gillard will hit visit a series of marginal electorates around Brisbane today. On the one year anniversary of her deal with the Greens, the PM will attend community cabinet tonight in the marginal Labor-held seat of Moreton. That meeting will be followed by a full cabinet meeting later in the evening to discuss the broken asylum deal. Tony Abbott is in Sydney. He'll visit a manufacturing business mid-morning to campaign against the carbon tax, and to talk about the failed Malaysian solution. In the afternoon he'll fly to Queensland for a few days of campaigning. Labor's failed asylum deal is a disaster for the Gillard government, already sinking in the polls and struggling to get its message out. Cabinet met last night and will meet a

MarketWatch | Personal Finance Daily: U.S. Rights as aTaxPäyer

Personal Finance Daily AUGUST 31, 2011 Your rights as a taxpayer By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: Do you know your taxpayer rights? The 10 best minor-league sports markets Why would anyone want to weaken the economy? What can Alan Krueger do for investors? Pay attention, please. There'll be a quiz at the end. Do you know your rights as a taxpayer? Do you know your obligations? Eva Rosenberg, also known as the "TaxMama," writes today in our TaxWatch column about IRS Publication 1, an essential document that comes with every notice from the IRS and details your rights. She notes that most of us throw it away, and that's a pity because it contains powerful information. But wait. You're thinking, "It's September. I don't want to think about taxes until December." Too late. Start now. Read about Publication 1 and other ways to help us all