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May 26, 2011

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES Saturn To Launch Political Campaign In June

The CBS News Political Hotsheet newsletter


Former sen. Rick Santorum expected to kick off his presidential campaign on June 6 near Pennsylvania coal mines
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Santorum to launch presidential campaign in June

Sarah Palin to launch bus tour In another sign she may enter the GOP presidential race, Palin is launching a nationwide bus tour

Vermont governor signs single-payer health law Vermont set to become first state to take step; governor calls fixing health care an "economic and fiscal imperative"

Poll: Herman Cain not far behind Romney, Palin A new Gallup poll shows Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin remain the presumed frontrunners in the GOP presidential race, but little-known Herman Cain ties for third

Why a Palin run would help other GOP 2012 nominees Conservative Sarah Palin's entrance into the GOP presidential contest would make the rest of the Republican field look more electable

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