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February 28, 2011

China Watch: Big on Mao Tai, Afraid of Milk

China's "national liquor" scores big at auction, a survey finds Chinese consumers avoid domestic milk products, foreign media photo editors called out and more.

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Economist: China No. 1 by 2027 Seems 'A Certainty'

When--if ever--will China take over the U.S. to become to world's biggest economy? And what role will the yuan play? A Japanese economist offers his views.

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Available: Chinese Tech for Putting Down Protests

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Deepening Shadows Over Chinese Law

While China's tightening control over social media and the Internet has attracted widespread attention lately, the government in also engaged in widespread, sometimes violent suppression of activist lawyers.

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Huawei's PR Strategy: Everything But the Boss

China's top telecom equipment maker has improved its public relations efforts in recent years, but there remains one gaping hole in its PR strategy.

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China Mobilizes Against Activists

China deployed a SWAT team, attack dogs and scores of plainclothes security agents in central Beijing after anonymous online activists called for people to start a "Jasmine Revolution" for the second Sunday in a row, this time by "strolling." - Video: China Cracks Down on Jasmine Rally - Photos: Security Raised Amid Protest Calls in China

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The View From Hong Kong
Time for Next Move on Yuan Liberalization

Last year, China made waves by letting foreign investors get their hands on more of its currency. This year, the big question for many is what China will let them do with those yuan.

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Groupon, Tencent to Launch Deals Site in China

U.S. deals website Groupon Inc. said Monday it is teaming up with Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. to launch a website in China.



'The King's Speech' takes four Oscars, including best picture and Colin Firth as best actor, and a teary Christian Bale snags best supporting actor. Video courtesy of Reuters.


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