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February 24, 2011

China Watch: Dangers of Reposting, Another Apple Supplier Antes Up?

China charges at least three with subversion for passing along "Jasmine" messages, Apple supplier Wintek may boost money for poisoned workers, China's influence abroad in pictures and more.

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Survey: China's Consumers Losing Confidence

China's high inflation has shoppers furrowing their brows and gripping their wallets these days, a new consumer confidence survey from the Neilsen Company shows.

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Piper: Investors Underestimating China iPhone Sales

Apple's shares have retreated from a high of $363 on Feb. 16, but that isn't stopping the AppleBackers from coming up with reasons to back their darling.

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What's He Doing Here? Ambassador's Unusual Protest Cameo

U.S. China envoy Jon Huntsman appears to be in hot water over his surprising appearance at a "Jasmine Revolution" site in Beijing.

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China's Other Problem with Protests Abroad

Microblogs sit at the center of a debate about how China deals with problems at home, but one microblogger's recents posts highlight a problem China faces abroad: How to protect its citizens living in potential conflict zones.

Latest WSJ Stories from China
_________________________ Returns to Its Roots

Jonathan Lu's move into the top job at marks a sharp change. His predecessor was an experienced executive but a relative outsider at the Chinese company. Mr. Lu has never run a public company but is deeply rooted in Alibaba's devoted and tight-knit corporate culture created by founder Jack Ma.

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Toyota Quietly Tackles Quality

One year after a bruising series of recalls, Toyota has quietly implemented a number of new quality and safety-related reforms to its operations, even as it denies its vehicles are prone to defective parts or engineering flaws. - Timeline: Escalating Problem - Optimism Drives Auto Industry

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Japan Struggles With Inflation--and Deflation

Japanese companies aren't alone in facing rising input prices, but they face the unique task of having to deal with them amid a deflationary environment at home.

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Online Calls for Rallies in China Persist

An online statement claiming to be from the organizers of a failed weekend attempt to spark a Chinese "Jasmine Revolution" has urged people to gather at designated sites every Sunday. - CRT: China's Other Problem With Protests Abroad | Huntsman Makes Unusual Protest Cameo

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Mongolia Picks Four Banks for Coal IPO

The Mongolian government chose Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas and Macquarie to manage the initial public offering of state-owned coal company Erdenes-Tavan Tolgoi.

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China Study: EU Subsidized Telecoms

A study by China's Ministry of Commerce found the EU and member states offered subsidies to major telecommunications-infrastructure makers that Beijing views as a breach of WTO rules.


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