The Washington Post Today's Highlights: Gaddafi vows to 'fight until the last drop of my blood'


Gaddafi vows to 'fight until the last drop of my blood'
SANAA, YEMEN - Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi defiantly vowed Tuesday to "fight until the last drop of my blood" to maintain his 41-year hold on power, and he called on supporters to reclaim control after a week of rebellion that has left his government's authority in tatters.
(By Sudarsan Raghavan, The Washington Post)

In Libya, increasingly divergent views of Gaddafi
(By Leila Fadel, The Washington Post)

State budget clashes spread to Indiana and Ohio
(By Michael A. Fletcher and Brady Dennis, The Washington Post)

As GOP slashes budget, lawmakers who built careers on earmarks must re-brand
(By David A. Fahrenthold and Philip Rucker, The Washington Post)

After braving memories, could rape victim face attacker at Md. parole hearing?
(By Dan Morse, The Washington Post)

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