The Washington Post Afternoon Edition: Today's Most Read Opinion Columns: Jay Carney: Mouthpiece for an inscrutable White House

Washington Post

1) Jay Carney: Mouthpiece for an inscrutable White House

Obama's new press secretary can't say much.

2) Rush Limbaugh binges on anti-Michelle Obama vitriol

Rush Limbaugh has no right to chew away at Michelle Obama on nutrition.

3) In the Middle East protests, a seismic shift

Ultimately, Obama needs a new strategy to respond to Arab unrest.

4) Can Chris Christie handle the truth?

The N.J. governor could learn a thing about fiscal truth-telling from Mitch Daniels.

5) Why was President Obama last to speak up on Libya?

ONCE AGAIN, an Arab dictator is employing criminal violence in a desperate effort to remain in power - and once again, the Obama administration has been slow to find its voice. This time, the tyrant is one of the Middle East's most evil men - Moammar Gaddafi, whose regime has staged spectacular...

6) The big reveal: Who Rahm Emanuel really is

As Chicago mayor, he'll have to show his true politics.

7) For the Mideast, a code for rising democracies

The Mideast needs a standard to separate democracy devotees from abusers.

8) Are the Mideast revolutions bad for women's rights?

On Friday, Egyptians again gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square, this time in a victory celebration, one week after their revolution unseated President Hosni Mubarak. Tunisians have also been sampling new freedoms of speech and press along a boulevard that is no longer a war zone. But even as the ex...

9) President Obama's risky rejection of the Defense of Marriage Act

PRESIDENT OBAMA and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. declared on Wednesday that the Justice Department would no longer be an advocate for the indefensible - a law that relegates the nation's gay and lesbian citizens to second-class status.

10) Out of Wisconsin, a lesson in leadership for Obama

The Wisconsin governor's comportment in the budget crisis makes three things clear.


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