Mining Interactive: Tumi Options 100% of Exciting La Gloria Gold-Tungsten-Tin Project in Mexico.

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The ‘La Gloria’ is an Exciting New Project including channel samples assaying 32 m at 3.3 g/t gold, 958 ppm tungsten and 498 ppm
-see Nick Nicolaas italicized comments below
Says David Henstridge, President & CEO: “This acquisition is another significant step forward for Tumi’s activities in Mexico.  The project was initially reviewed as a tungsten prospect particularly in light of the fact that, recently, several reports have identified tungsten and tin suffering possible critical supply shortages in the near future.  The discovery of a significant amount of gold in the system is a big and very pleasant surprise. Our immediate work program will be detailed and regional mapping in the project area to define the limits of the skarn mineralization and continue sampling all prospective lithologies; this will advance La Gloria to the drill stage very quickly.” Dear Friends:

I was not able to get this out until now (after 1:00 Market close).  The News Release was disseminated pre-open to the market this morning (at 5:30 AM).  During today’s trading the stock went down 12% on probably Tumi’s best news for a year.  With this kind of news of course, this is a little disappointing.
  • To put this project and its prospectivity into perspective, let me be very clear:  The gold, tin and tungsten occur together within an open-pitable skarn-host.  Any recovery operation will separate all 3 metals.  The value of the tin and the tungsten is approximately half (½) the value of the gold.  Please reread David Henstridge’ comments above and then we suggest that you do your own calculations.  Yes, with the width of the mineralization discovered by the channel samples, this is an exciting discovery!!!
Tungsten now in Mexico as well as in Sweden with combined Gold, Tungsten, and Tin at the La Gloria project - - - all concessions and projects in Sweden and Mexico are owned 100% by Tumi.

Tumi keeps on adding exciting exploration projects that certainly have great potential to add to shareholder value.

As always - - - Stay Tuned, there are exciting days ahead!

As always - - - Stay Tuned

There is lots of excitement just over the horizon for Tumi!!

Nick L. Nicolaas
Mining Interactive "Ahead of the Pack"


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