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Silver, platinum to outperform gold in 2011

While gold prices are still likely to rise, Tiberius Asset Management believes gold is likely to underperform the rest of the precious metals complex this year

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Stillwater plans future sans Ford contract, Norilsk investment

As Stillwater plans a 2011 without Ford or Norilsk, among its options are a precious metals refinery for recycling metals, and more investment in other mining or exploration companies.    Wednesday , 23 Feb 2011

Why gold and silver are breaking out

Truth and consequences. Rising oil prices due to the Middle Eastern and North African unrest raises the prospect of the double dip again, while Asian buying continues to underpin gold and silver.    Wednesday , 23 Feb 2011

Pretium reports substantial increase in Brucejack gold, silver ounces

This year's 60,000-meter drilling exploration program for Snowfield and Brucejack will focus on further delineating high-grade mineralization.    Wednesday , 23 Feb 2011

Independence Group set for growth beyond Kambalda nickel

The strong performing nickel producer and active polymetallic explorer, Independence, has a series of stepping stones for both growth and diversification    Tuesday , 22 Feb 2011

Friedland's Kazakh JV announces 50% gold resource increase

Robert Friedland's goal to transform the Kyzyl Project into a leading Central Asian gold producer is gaining in momentum, thanks to increased M&I resources.    Wednesday , 23 Feb 2011

Gold jewellery demand firing on all cylinders - Holmes

The love trade in gold, ignited in Asia by the festival of lights, is continuing apace and is likely to grow as incomes in Asia continue to rise; which will be good for gold    Wednesday , 23 Feb 2011

Gitzel to replace Grandey as Cameco CEO

Uranium producer, Cameco, said on Tuesday that CEO Jerry Grandey, who retires in June, will be replaced by company president Tim Gitzel    Tuesday , 22 Feb 2011

Fractal analysis suggests silver to reach $52 - $56 by May - June this year

A technical analysis view that shows gold could reach up to $1860, or perhaps higher, silver poised to top $50 and the HUI Index in the mid 900s all by the middle of the current year.    Tuesday , 22 Feb 2011

High copper prices make Canadian copper juniors attractive targets

Analysts say that a number of Canadian junior copper miners have the potential to become prime acquisition targets as record prices have major producers shopping for assets that will help boost production immediately    Wednesday , 23 Feb 2011

Shares rise in Canada's Frontline Gold after new deposits discovered in West Africa

Frontline Gold Corp's shares jump by 13% after four gold zones found at Niaouleni project, West Africa.    Wednesday , 23 Feb 2011

Corrected: Simandou iron ore mine to begin production at 2m tonnes in 2012 - Vale

The Brazilian mining giant said iron ore production from the Zogota mine will have a capacity of 15m tonnes in 2014 before reaching 50m tonnes during its second phase in 2020    Tuesday , 22 Feb 2011

Strong gold sales boost Richmont Mines Q4 profit

Richmont Mines said Tuesday Q4 profits were boosted by a 43% increase in gold ounces sold and added it expects to produce 80,000-85,000 ounces of gold in 2011.    Tuesday , 22 Feb 2011

SA plans ways to prevent toxic liquid build up in defunct gold mines

The South African government plans to set up a chain of pumping stations and treatment plants to prevent toxic liquids building up in old Johannesburg gold mines reaching dangerous levels    Tuesday , 22 Feb 2011

South Africa to officially launch state mining company

SA President, Jacob Zuma, and Mines Minister, Susan Shabangu, are expected to preside over the official launch of the African Exploration Mining and Finance Corporation    Tuesday , 22 Feb 2011

Positive half year for Pan African as gold price boosts profits

Gold miner - and platinum producer to be - Pan African Resources has had a positive half year and promises better things ahead - and perhaps a maiden dividend.    Tuesday , 22 Feb 2011

China seeks to reduce heavy metals pollution

Beijing is aiming to cut heavy metals pollution in key regions and industries    Tuesday , 22 Feb 2011

Yesterday's Top Story: At least 50 Mexican silver, gold, copper and zinc ops ripe for takeover - Chamber

Mexico's mining chamber said that high metals prices are expected to draw $4.4bn in mining investment into the country with at least 50 targets deemed particularly attractive    Tuesday , 22 Feb 2011


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