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TOP STORIES | Monday , 28 Feb 2011                                                     

Equinox plays spoiler in $9m Lundin-Inmet friendly merger

The friendly Inmet-Lundin merger scheduled to be voted on next month now becomes 3-way race as Equinox makes hostile bid for Lundin.    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

Glencore: why is it considering a listing now?

After thriving outside of the limelight for four decades, the omnipresent commodities trading house is considering a listing; given it impeccable timing, does it mean the top of the commodities cycle?    Friday , 25 Feb 2011

The lightness of Vale's USD 20bn cash flow in 2010

Continued, massive demand from China for the steel making ingredient and prices set at around the marginal cost of the highest-cost producer, has meant a purple patch for low-cost operations like Vale's.    Friday , 25 Feb 2011

Filmmaker Moore joins Thompson's fight to save Vale jobs

Will controversial Academy Award winning filmmaker Michael Moore help save Vale Thompson's smelter from closure? Manitoba officials hope so.    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

WGC initiative could see Indian gold sales soar on strong farm incomes

De-seasonalised demand for gold is likely to shoot up in India as agriculture income in the country soars. Farmers primed to invest in gold through systematic investment scheme backed by World Gold Council.    Sunday , 27 Feb 2011

Gold to take an ever increasing role in global monetary system

Gold is increasingly fulfilling a stability role in global monetary transactions as major currencies fall in unison.    Saturday , 26 Feb 2011

Difficult for China to invest in commodities - FX chief

According to the head of China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange, investing much of its FX in global commodities markets would push up the prices of those raw materials on which the Chinese economy depends    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

Northam Platinum reports drop in H1 profit

The platinum miner which was hit by a strike and safety-related stoppages said that the outlook for the rest of the year remains challenging    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

ARM announces tripling in H1 profit

The South African diversified miner said the numbers had been boosted by a rise in commodity prices and higher output from its projects    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

Centamin says still shipping gold despite 4-month export ban by Egypt

Gold production at Centamin's flagship Sukari gold project have continued and company says no restrictions imposed although Egypt on Sunday banned gold exports for next 4 months    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

Australia still world's no. 2 gold producer

Australia produced 266 tonnes of gold in 2010, up 17% on 2009. But that was not enough to secure it first place as China's output grew to 341 tonnes in the same period.    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

NALCO Chairman arrested in bribery case

Federal police in India have arrested the chairman of the country's National Aluminium Company for accepting a bribe of 3kgs of gold through his wife, who was also arrested.    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

SA's state-owned mining company launched

South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma, on Saturday officially launched a state-owned mining company under which he said all state interests in mining would be consolidated    Monday , 28 Feb 2011

Hochschild announces major jump Immaculada gold and silver resource

The Latin American precious metals group said there was a major increase in resources and grades at its Immaculada gold-silver project in Peru    Friday , 25 Feb 2011

Weekend Top Story: Newmont reports highest net income in 90-year history

Newmont‘s 2011 attributable gold production is expected to range from 5.1 million to 5.3 million ounces with attributable copper production of 190 million to 220 million pounds.    Friday , 25 Feb 2011


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