MarketWatch: Weekly Roundup - The week's top 10 videos on MarketWatch.

Weekly Roundup
FEBRUARY 26, 2011

The week's top 10 videos on MarketWatch

By MarketWatch

In case you mised them, here are the 10 most popular videos that appeared on MarketWatch for the week of Feb. 21-25:

Deaths confirmed as earthquake strikes New Zealand

Multiple deaths were confirmed Tuesday after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch in New Zealand's south, leaving scenes of destruction across the city that had barely recovered from a massive quake last September.
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Oil won't derail stocks

Companies have gotten more accustomed to oil volatility, according to David Ranson at Wainwright Economics. But stock investors have other worries, such as what the multidecade run in gold prices says about the dollar's stability. Laura Mandaro reports.
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How cell phones affect your brains

Shirley Wang has details of a just-released study indicating that cell phone use does have a direct impact on brain activity.
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Best places to stash your cash now

With interest rates so low, where should you put your cash?'s Greg McBride offers some ideas and talks about why a long-term certificate of deposit might be a good strategy, even at these rates. Andrea Coombes reports.
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Four Medicare myths that could cost you

Misconceptions about Medicare, the popular health program for seniors and the disabled, are rampant. Kristen Gerencher breaks down four that could hurt your pocketbook.
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The unremarkably remarkable Volt

Richard Rescigno test drives Chevrolet hybrid Volt. He finds it hits the mark and shows General Motors can still build something innovative, clever and first-rate.
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Xoom takes on iPad in tablet wars

Is the Motorola Xoom tablet the first formidable competitor to the iPad? Its high price is its Achilles heel, says Walt Mossberg, but the Google Android Honeycomb operating system delivers. Plus: a market for cell phone re-sales emerges.
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Homes that help you take aging in stride

More homes are being built with "universal design" features that will help boomers stay in their homes as they age. But these features no longer evoke a hospital room — and they're appealing to a younger demographic, too. Amy Hoak reports.
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Eyeing inflation with Liz Ann Sonders

Liz Ann Sonders, chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab & Co., gives her view on inflation in the U.S. now and inflationary signs to look for in the year ahead. Veronica Dagher has the interview.
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Filing taxes online? Is it safe

Many of us are getting ready to click "send" to electronically file our tax return, but are we putting our private data at risk? The experts say online filing may be safer than mailing it in — if we take some precautions. Andrea Coombes reports.
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