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Carbon rhetoric ramps up as parliament returns
The carbon tax debate will light up federal parliament this week - and for months to come.

The PM's day, per the press office: Julia Gillard will attend the launch of the Holden Cruze at the Holden factory in Elizabeth, South Australia today at around 830am. She will then fly back to Canberra for Question Time and a week of politics sure to be dominated by her proposed carbon tax.
Tony Abbott has blitzed morning radio today, appearing on Triple MMM in Melbourne and then on 2UE with Jason Morrison. He will then attend the parliamentary prayer breakfast and then continue his campaign against "Julia Gillard's monster new tax''.
On Q&A tonight: Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Samah Hadid, Piers Akerman and Gretel Killeen.
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Top of the parliamentary agenda today is Julia Gillard's plans for a carbon tax. As Siobhain Ryan reports, Julia Gillard faces months of opposition and lobby group attacks as her government works on details of its carbon strategy, with its effects on petrol prices yesterday sparking a public row over her closed-door negotiations with the Greens and independents.
Spanner in the works: the rural independent MP Tony Windsor has threatened to torpedo plans to put a price on carbon unless the Greens stop making ''unilateral'' statements about the details of the proposed scheme, including an insistence that petrol prices rise. (more from Phillip Coorey)
Environmentalists and economists are pushing the government to pass on to motorists the full cost of their greenhouse pollution and to compensate for cost-of-living increases through the tax and welfare system instead of at the bowser. (more from Siobhain Ryan and Andrew Trounson)
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