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Dec 18, 2010

Carpentry among industries that aren't rebounding after recession : The Washington Post Today's Business News


Carpentry among industries that aren't rebounding after recession
IN LAS VEGAS -- Every day in this desert city, the carpenters climb into their pickups and vans, resumes stacked on the passenger seats, driving first to the union hall, then in circles from one chain-linked construction site to another, asking for work.
(By Peter Whoriskey, The Washington Post)

TV's future: FCC decisions on Internet access, Comcast-NBC merger approaching
(By Cecilia Kang, The Washington Post)

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The week's 10 best Personal Finance stories. MKarketWatch - Personal Finance Daily


Personal Finance Daily
DECEMBER 18, 2010

The week's top Personal Finance stories

By MarketWatch

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 Personal Finance stories from MarketWatch for the week of Dec. 13-17:

What the new tax bill will mean for you

The new tax bill now on its way to President Obama for his signature will save every American from a number of tax hikes that would have begun Jan. 1 and will add more than a year of benefits for those who are long-term unemployed. But there are plenty of other tax perks in the bill, most of which extend breaks already in place. Here's a rundown:
See Tax Watch.

Top tricks to sell your home if all else fails

To sell a home in a weak market, people will try almost anything.
See Amy Hoak's Home Economics.

More foreclosures, home-price drops on tap in 2011

Next year could be a peak for foreclosures, following a record-breaking 2010. And more foreclosure properties on the market may push home prices down further in 2011.
See Real Estate.

Teenager's nonprofit raises thousands for research

Ever wonder how you can ramp up your charitable-giving efforts? Monica Oxenreiter might provide some inspiration. The 16-year-old has raised more than $57,000 for juvenile-diabetes research since launching her nonprofit organization, Zip the Cure, a year ago.
See Andrea Coombes's Ways & Means.

Tax strategies for charitable giving

Charitable giving can be as simple as dropping some money into a Salvation Army bucket or as complex as setting up a private foundation. Here are five tax-advantaged strategies to consider to support your favorite causes.
See Tax Watch.

Three ways to make a holiday party tax-deductible

If you want to spread some holiday cheer, but you're worried about the cost, consider these ways to make some or all of your party costs a tax write-off.
See Jennifer Openshaw.

Americans worry a lot, mostly justifiably

Americans worry about all sorts of major life issues and, as it turns out, there are a whole lot of folks on economic shaky ground, according to a new report.
See Diary of a Recession Baby.

Craving comfort food in uncomfortable times

As the Great Recession drags on for many — with unemployment stubbornly near 10%, home foreclosures continuing and food banks reporting more formerly middle-class families lining up for assistance — what we are putting on our tables this holiday season is taking on extra meaning.
See Holiday Food and Wine.

401(k) changes give savers a brighter future

If you're one of the 72 million workers with a 401(k), you should consider 2010 a very good year. And 2011 might even be better.
See Robert Powell.

How to foil electronic pickpockets

The Internet has been abuzz recently with tales of fraudsters who can now steal your credit card accounts just by walking past you with an electronic scanner.
See Jennifer Waters's Consumer Confidential.

NYT: morning Business News: Two States Sue Bank of America Over Mortgages.

Santa via Cellphone: Shopping Online Without a Computer

This holiday season, consumers are beginning to shop and make purchases on their mobile phones and tablet computers.
Best Buy Feels the Pressure of Rivals on the Web


Best Buy is emphasizing the personal touch and service to buyers of consumer products, but its earnings and sales are declining.
Two States Sue Bank of America Over Mortgages


The two states contend the bank misled customers about their eligibility for modifications on their home mortgages.
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NYT: Alert FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS.- Europe Praises Ireland but Moody’s Cuts Rating .

December 18, 2010 Compiled: 12:52 AM


European leaders said Ireland had done a good job cutting its deficit, but the country’s credit rating was cut five notches, with a negative outlook.