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Dec 13, 2010

Russian Billionaire Bets on Automotive Technology : NYT: Afternoon Business News



Judge Voids Key Part of Health Care Law

Requiring most Americans to obtain health insurance starting in 2014, a major provision that survived two prior court challenges, is unconstitutional, a judge said.

One of the Sweden Bombs Exploded Prematurely

The attack could have been devastating, said Swedish police, who also confirmed the bomber's identity.
The Caucus

Senate Voting to End Debate on Tax Deal

The Senate is now voting to end to debate on the tax cut package negotiated by Republicans and the White House, and the roll call is expected to last a while.

Iran's Foreign Minister Is Abruptly Fired

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had previously been prevented by Iran's Supreme Leader from firing the minister.

U.S. Middle East Envoy Attempts to Restart Talks

The Obama administration sent George J. Mitchell to try an indirect approach after nearly two years of frustration.

Earnings pave way for Nine listing, | F & F I N | The Australian Business Briefing

Earnings pave way for Nine listing
Channel 9 EXCLUSIVE James Chessell NINE Entertainment Co executives are forecasting a 35 per cent-plus surge in underlying earnings for 2010-11.
US blue chips rise on steady China
Australian dollar UPDATED Steven Russolillo US stocks rose today after China held interest rates steady despite a pick-up in inflation, and the Australian dollar jumped to US99.52 cents.
Banking regulator backs covered bonds
John Laker Scott Murdoch THE chief banking regulator, John Laker, said today he will work with the government on its proposal to introduce covered bonds in Australia.
Clifford Chance after law firm takeover
lawyer EXCLUSIVE Tracy Lee and Chris Merritt BRITISH law firm Clifford Chance remains on the hunt for a platform to expand in Australia, fanning speculation of an acquisition.
WTO backs US in dispute with China
Tyre Tom Barkley IN a high-profile case, the World Trade Organisation has sided with the US over tariffs the Barack Obama imposed last year on Chinese tyres.
Float likely after power privatisation
Power station sale Matt Chambers and Brett Clegg THE conclusion to the protracted NSW power privatisation is set to trigger a major sharemarket float and a separate rights issue.
Clyne calls for finance inquiry
clyne calls Richard Gluyas NATIONAL Australia Bank chief executive Cameron Clyne has supported another inquiry into the financial system.
Big four on top in funding challenge
Banks Katherine Jimenez INVESTORS have determined the major banks have won more from the federal government's banking reforms than regional and smaller lenders.
Financial Markets
US blue chips rise on steady China
Australian dollar UPDATED Steven Russolillo US stocks rose today after China held interest rates steady despite a pick-up in inflation, and the Australian dollar jumped to US99.52 cents.
Gold price rises on inflation risks
Miners push European stocks higher
Financial Markets Coverage
Mining & Energy
Gold price rises on inflation risks
gold bullion Tatyana Shumsky HIGHER inflation in China and a weaker US dollar boosted gold futures 1 per cent today.
Blackthorn's drill result reversed
Woodside win on James Price
More Mining & Energy Coverage

Tumi Commences Drilling on Three (3) of its 100% Owned Projects in Sweden : Mining Ineractive

December 13, 2010

  • An drill-program has started at theTomtebo historic mine  This project is one three (3) of the Company’s wholly-owned properties in Sweden to be drilled;
  • The drilling is intended to verify the contents of historic data from the Tomtebo mine and to follow-up the geophysical anomalies found east of the Tomtebo mine and at the Vitturn and Jonsmossen properties.
Says David Henstridge, President & CEO: “We are very pleased to have commenced drilling at Tomtebo and to be able to investigate the sources of the geophysical anomalies at three of our properties. The size and location of the anomalies makes them prime targets and we eagerly await the results over the coming months.”
Dear Friends:

Let’s see what Tumi’s initial drill results will bring us in the New Year.  I have been adding to my Tumi share position over the past months and will continue doing so on any weakness during the quiet holiday trading season.

Enjoy the holidays and I wish all of you a very Healthy, Prosperous and Happy 2011

As always - - - Stay Tuned !!
Nick L. Nicolaas
Mining Interactive "Ahead of the Pack"
MiningInteractive Videos
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Stay tuned for the most recent updates on Tumi Resources and other leading junior exploration companies through the MiningInteractive Video Interviews.

MarketWatch : Personal Finance Daily.-Still nothing but gloom ahead for housing

Personal Finance Daily
DECEMBER 13, 2010

Monday's Personal Finance stories

Don't miss these top stories:

What a great holiday gift it would make for the housing market to turn around at the end of the year and give us a reason to hope we'll start even a modest recovery in 2011. Well, it's nice to want things.

Unfortunately, the stage is not set for anything like a recovery, modest or otherwise. Instead housing will continue to swim with its cement overshoes, cast from the twin molds of rising foreclosures and falling prices.

The predictions of more housing doom and gloom shouldn't really be a surprise: Without a big rebound in the job market the number of homeowners teetering on the brink will only grow and loan modifications and other efforts to help will be doomed to fall short.

Yes we all got giddy and overindulged on the housing elixir for too long. But we have paid, and paid dearly in the millions of cases of folks who lost their homes. As we head for yet another year mired on the bottom, it is starting to feel like the punishment has gone too far to fit the crime.

Steve Kerch, assistant managing editor


More foreclosures, home-price drops on tap in 2011

Next year could be a peak for foreclosures, following a record-breaking 2010. And more foreclosure properties on the market may push home prices down further in 2011.
Read more: More foreclosures, home-price drops on tap in 2011.

Battle forming over mortgage availability

A behind-the-scenes battle is forming over a provision to the sweeping bank reform law that will impact what types of mortgages borrowers have access.
Read more: Battle forming over mortgage availability.

Fewer homes have negative equity

There were 10.8 million U.S. homes with negative equity at the end of September, down from 11 million three months earlier, CoreLogic says. Price declines mean such improvement may not last, the real-estate data company warns.
Read more: Fewer homes have negative equity


Teenager's nonprofit raises thousands for research

Ever wonder how you can ramp up your charitable-giving efforts? Monica Oxenreiter might provide some inspiration. The 16-year-old has raised more than $57,000 for juvenile-diabetes research since launching her nonprofit organization, Zip the Cure, a year ago.
Read more: Teenager's nonprofit raises thousands for research.

Tax strategies for charitable giving

Charitable giving can be as simple as dropping some money into a Salvation Army bucket or as complex as setting up a private foundation. Here are five tax-advantaged strategies to consider to support your favorite causes.
Read more: Tax strategies for charitable giving.

More Americans are in a giving mood again

Charitable giving is on the rise, thanks to a slowly improving economy that's making people a little less fearful they'll get a pink slip instead of a holiday bonus. Still, many need to mind their budgets when opening their hearts. Heed these tips to stretch your donated dollars.
Read more: More Americans are in a giving mood again.

Why you need a ‘Do Not Donate' list

When you give money to a charity, you should expect some minimum standards of conduct — and that includes fundraisers who don't hang up on you in midsentence, says Chuck Jaffe. He offers tips for creating your own ‘Do Not Donate' list.
Read more: Why you need a ‘Do Not Donate' list.

Teach your children well

Rosie, a student at the independent Dragon School in Oxford, may be only 13 years old, but she already knows more about charitable giving than many adults in the U.K.
Read more: Teach your children well.


Obama-GOP tax deal faces Senate test vote

A deal on taxes between President Obama and congressional Republicans is expected to clear a Senate hurdle Monday, advancing even as some in the House fight to amend portions of it.
Read more: Obama-GOP tax deal faces Senate test vote.

Health-care law unconstitutional, judge says

A federal district judge in Virginia on Monday found part of the health-care law signed by President Obama unconstitutional, ruling that the mandate to buy insurance or pay a fine goes beyond federal authority.
Read more: Health-care law unconstitutional, judge says.


Three top 2010 sectors to own in 2011

‘Buy high, sell higher' seems an appropriate strategy only for the bravest investors, but buying what's hot and letting these winners ride isn't as risky as it sounds.
Read more: Three top 2010 sectors to own in 2011.

Fund industry grinches get lumps of coal

With virtually every category and asset class of mutual fund up year-to-date, you might think that there was hardly any misbehavior or overt stupidity in the fund world this year.You'd be wrong.
Read more: Fund industry grinches get lumps of coal.

Financial ETFs could extend rally

Financial-sector ETFs have lagged the broader market since August but have perked up recently, raising hopes bank stocks can take a leadership position and extend their rally into 2011.
Read more: Financial ETFs could extend rally.


2011 Hyundai Elantra

That upstart Hyundai has done it again. The South Korean automaker has completely redesigned its Elantra, adding a crisp, new modern look to a class of cars often overlooked by other makers.
Read more: 2011 Hyundai Elantra.

Pell grant program faces $5.7 billion gap

Add this to Congress's year-end to-do list: Dealing with a potential $5.7 billion gap in grants for low-income students.
Read more: Pell grant program faces $5.7 billion gap.

CNBC Evening Brief: Tax-Cut Plan Eases Pressure on Bernanke, Federal Reserve


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Behind the Counter: The Untold Story of Franchising
CNBC 360 The American Dream In A Box
It’s the American Dream…in a box. Wednesday night, go inside the franchise biz…where little guys can make it big! Darren Rovell takes you “Behind the Counter: The Untold Story of Franchising.
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Thermo Fisher To Buy Dionex In $2.1 Bln Cash Deal - Update | Market WrapEvening Mar

Evening Market Wrap Mon Dec 13  2010


Dec 13, 2010 Thermo Fisher To Buy Dionex In $2.1 Bln Cash Deal - Update Analytical instruments and services provider Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (TMO) said Monday it agreed to acquire chromatography systems maker Dionex Corp. (DNEX) for $118.50 per share in cash, totaling about $2.1 billion. The deal is expected to be accretive to adjusted earnings in the first 12 months on closing. Full Article

Top story

Dec 13, 2010 Dell Agrees To Acquire Compellent Technologies For About $960 Mln Cash Personal computer maker Dell, Inc. (DELL) agreed Monday to acquire all of the outstanding shares of data storage solutions provider Compellent Technologies, Inc. (CML) for a sweetened $27.75 per share in cash or about $960 million. The transaction has the approval of the boards of both the companies. The transaction, which is subject to approval by Compellent's shareholders, is expected to close in early 2011. Following the announcement, Compellent stock is trading down nearly 3%. Full Article

Nasdaq dips after long rally as Dow, S&P flat on China | f & f i n


Nasdaq dips after long rally as Dow, S&P flat on China
Sanofi extends $18.5 billion Genzyme offer to Jan 21
Executives see no need for more U.S. stimulus: survey
Moody's may shift U.S. rating outlook on tax package
GE to buy UK oil pipemaker Wellstream for $1.3 billion
Dell to buy Compellent for $960 million
A&P seen using bankruptcy to shut about 100 stores
ECB mulls capital increase for euro crisis-sources
Two U.S. banks reveal TARP repayment plans
BlackBerry Torch seen aiding RIM's results

Microsoft joins group targeting Google deal : MarketWatch Special Financial Services

Special Financial Services
Microsoft joins group targeting Google deal
By John Letzing MarketWatch

Microsoft joins industry group lobbying against Google’s proposed, $700 million acquisition of travel-information software firm ITA Software.