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Dec 11, 2010

Madoff Son Found Dead of Apparent Suicide, New York Police Say. breaking News Alert , The NYT Breaking news Alert

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Sat, December 11, 2010 -----

Madoff Son Found Dead of Apparent Suicide, New York Police Say

According to the New York police, Mark Madoff, a son of
Bernard Madoff, has been found dead in New York City of an
apparent suicide. Mark Madoff and his brother, Andrew, were
under investigation but hadn't faced any criminal charges in
the massive Ponzi scheme that led to their father's jailing.

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MarketWatch: Weekly Roundup .- The Week's Top Videos

Weekly Roundup
DECEMBER 11, 2010

The week's top 10 videos on MarketWatch

By MarketWatch

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 videos that appeared on MarketWatch for the week of Dec. 6-10:

Worst retirement states

Illinois and California top the list of the worst states to retire to, according to Robert Powell explains the factors that landed these states and others on this dubious list.
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Google Android poised for growth

Stacey Delo discusses a new report predicting Google's takeover of the mobile advertising market in 2011. Plus, a look at Monday night's unveiling of the new Nexus S and Motorola tablet running Google's operating system at "D: Dive Into Mobile".
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Is the tax deal in danger?

Jerry Seib, Alan Murray and Dennis Berman discuss whether Democratic wrangling could derail President Obama's tax deal as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promises to vote on extending tax cuts by Friday.
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Payroll holiday may be key to tax deal

As the White House and Republican leaders try to reach a deal to extend cuts, one idea that could gain traction is a temporary payroll-tax holiday. Jerry Seib has details.
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How Apple's Jobs won CEO of the Decade honors

For leading a triumphant surge to the top of the tech world, developing game-changing computers and devices and unleashing a stellar return for investors, Steve Jobs was named MarketWatch's CEO of the Decade. Stacey Delo reports.
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Cummins' CEO's spectacular decade-long run

For his business acumen, persistence, adherence to community and environmental stewardship standards, and a strong return for shareholders, makes Tim Solso of Cummins Engine a finalist for MarketWatch's CEO of the Decade honors. Stacey Delo reports.
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Netflix: No longer just a little streaming service

After years as a bit player in entertainment, Netflix Inc. is no longer a little streaming video company. The Silicon Valley company has successfully expanded its mail-order DVD rental service to delivering video online, and now other companies like Amazon are looking to imitate it. Nick Wingfield reports.
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Gold prices continue to shine

Gold prices hit a new record as they push further above $1,400 an ounce. Greg Zuckerman talks with Simon Constable about why gold has become such a popular investment and why he thinks the gold rush could soon come to an end.
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Is 4G a cable substitute? Verizon says yes

Verizon Communications CEO Ivan Seidenberg says its next-generation wireless network could become a "modest substitute" for other home-entertainment services such as traditional cable or Internet access. Roger Cheng reports on Digits.
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Chicago's Cabrini-Green to be torn down

Residents of the last tower of Chicago's Cabrini Green housing project have been relocated and the building is being torn down. Until recently a few holdouts remained.
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The Washington Post Today's Highlights: Bill Clinton takes the White House stage, again


Bill Clinton takes the White House stage, again
If not a transfer of power, the whole show seemed at least a temporary handoff. An embattled president, fresh off an electoral shellacking and struggling to sell a controversial tax deal to members of his own party, turned to a former president who, exactly 16 years ago, was struggling to right h...
(By Dan Balz, The Washington Post)

Salmonella-tainted eggs linked to U.S. government's failure to act
(By Lyndsey Layton, The Washington Post)

Attorney General Eric Holder defends legality of FBI stings against Muslim groups
(By Jerry Markon, The Washington Post)

Legalizing Internet poker gets push from Harry Reid in lame-duck session
(By Dan Eggen, The Washington Post)

Blasphemy trials in Pakistan reveal a broken justice system
(By Karin Brulliard and Shaiq Hussain, The Washington Post)

More Today's Highlights

NYT: Morning Business News Ireland Strives to Rebuild Trust in Its Banks


Gift Cards With Bells and Whistles

Retailers are adding features like aromas, photos and recorded messages to make gift cards more attractive.

When Wrinkle-Free Clothing Also Means Formaldehyde Fumes

Critics say more studies are needed on the effects of formaldehyde in textiles, including a closer look at the effects of cumulative exposure.

Ireland Strives to Rebuild Trust in Its Banks

The head of Ireland's central bank says regulators must be more convincing that the worst will soon be over.

NYT: ALERT FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS.-Germany and France Reject Euro Zone Bonds

December 11, 2010 Compiled: 12:51 AM


President Nicolas Sarkozy of France said citizens of the two nations “would not be pleased if they had to share in paying for the debts of other countries.”