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Dec 5, 2010

Riversdale soars on $3.5bn Rio talks: Riversdale Soars on 3.5bn Rio Talks

Riversdale soars on $3.5bn Rio talks
coal UPDATED Matt Chambers RIVERSDALE Mining shares soared to a record high after the coalminer confirmed it was in talks with Rio Tinto for a $3.5 billion takeover.
ASX takeover will lower capital costs
ASX Michael Bennet ACCESS Economics says the Singapore stock exchange's $8.4 billion takeover of the ASX Ltd is not contrary to Australia's national interest.
Job ads rise for a seventh month
ANZ job ads James Glynn AUSTRALIAN job advertising posted its seventh consecutive monthly rise in November, the closely watched ANZ survey showed today.
Bulls versus bears: Buy, sell or hold
Aus Bus Pix Wall St 101206 ANALYSIS: Gregory Zuckerman THE Wall Street Journal examined key sectors and asked analysts whether investors should be bullish or bearish in the near and longer terms.
US inflation fears 'way overstated'
Ben Bernanke Sudeep Reddy FEDERAL Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke took his message into American homes today, defending the central bank's bond-buying program.
Sigma warns wholesale revenues to fall
Sigma Pharmaceuticals Lyndal McFarland SIGMA Pharmaceuticals warned today its annual wholesaling revenues were likely to fall by 10-15 per cent from February.
Look in the mirror, China told
Chinese yuan Ian King A FORMER Federal Reserve member has launched an attack on China for the way in which it has accused the US of manipulating its currency.
Beach Energy increases bid for Impress
oil Ross Kelly BEACH Energy said today it has sweetened its offer for Impress Energy by about 3 per cent and declared it unconditional.
Financial Markets
Shares mixed as weak financials weigh
Shares defy US lead to close lower THE Australian sharemarket retreated from its morning high to be broadly flat by early afternoon, with the financial sector weighing.
Inflation up for third straight month
Bulls versus bears: Buy, sell or hold
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Mining & Energy
Riversdale soars on $3.5bn Rio talks
coal UPDATED Matt Chambers RIVERSDALE Mining shares soared to a record high after the coalminer confirmed it was in talks with Rio Tinto for a $3.5 billion takeover.
Newcrest suspends Ivory Coast mine
Beach Energy increases bid for Impress
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Deploy Force as Necessary: Rudd: Financial & Forex InIo News | The Australian Capital Circle.

Capital Circle Newsletter

Deploy force as necessary: Rudd
Australia has been dragged into the Wikileaks cables release and first leaks are more than a little awkward for Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd.

First off: KEVIN Rudd warned the US the world must be prepared to "deploy force" if China could not be integrated into the international system. And he said his vision for an Asia Pacific Community was primarily an attempt to contain Chinese influence. In what amounts to the first substantive mentions of Australia in the WikiLeaks cache of leaked foreign cables, the then prime minister also said he argued in Beijing for a "small a" autonomy deal for Tibet and promised "special operations and counter-insurgency" support for the Pakistani government in its fight against extremists. (more from Paul Maley)
Support for Wikileaks and its boss, Julian Assange, comes from Independent MP and former whistlblower Andrew Wilkie on the ABC this morning: "I suspect their was some posturing in Kevin Rudd's comments. The prospect of using force against China is "inconceivable". And the website "has not broken any Australian laws, it hasn't broken any US law.
Rowan Callick's take: NO wonder Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd stressed in an interview with Dubai-based al-Arabiya TV station on Saturday that "diplomacy is done in secret".
John Garnaut's take: WHEN Kevin Rudd released the Defence white paper in May last year, a People's Liberation Army strategist told the Herald it was a ''crazy'' and ''dangerous'' document that might inspire a new regional arms race.
The source: IN May, a steady stream of electronic traffic was sent more than 10,000km from a US military base near Baghdad. It went to the home of a young computer hacker in Carmichael, northern California. The messages were sent by Bradley Manning, an army intelligence analyst, and seemed barely credible. Manning, 23, called it the "largest data spillage" in US history. He described systematically downloading detailed reports of alleged torture incide