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Dec 1, 2010

European Gold Centre: Tasman Metals Confirmed Large Rare Eath Tonnage at Norra Karr Project in Sweden

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E U R O P E A N  G O L D  C E N T R E
Dear  reader,
Tasman Metals (TSXV-TSM) has just made a significant release about the first REE resource estimate at its Norra Karr project in Sweden. Please find attached my UPDATE REPORT in which I elaborate on the company's announcement.
I am very pleased to be able to report and comment on these developments which will further assure Tasman Metals of increasing interest from the international investment communities and rightfully so as Rare Earth Elements will continue to be in the news in the near and long-term future.

Best regards,
Henk J. Krasenberg.

Fifth pillar on the near horizon. | Financial & Forex Info News | The Australian Capital Circle:

Capital Circle Newsletter

Fifth pillar on the near horizon
Much-hyped banking reforms are around the corner, but will they work?

First off: TREASURER Wayne Swan is poised to unveil plans to create a so-called fifth pillar in the banking industry, with credit unions and building societies to be offered assistance to expand in a bid to put more competitive pressure on the big four banks. In controversial moves likely to be resisted by the big banks, the recently closed government guarantee scheme is expected to be reopened on a limited basis for credit unions, building societies and regional banks. (more from Adele Ferguson and Eric Johnston)
Investigation: BUILDERS awarded millions of dollars worth of contracts under Labor's schools stimulus program will be the target of a tax-avoidance crackdown. It will also investigate companies involved in the botched home insulation scheme. Thousands of businesses will be contacted with requests for names, addresses, bank account details and payments under the government's $42 billion stimulus program. (more from Samantha Maiden)
Tax breaks: THE Gillard government has offered lucrative tax incentives to promote Australia's domestic shipping industry. At the same time it is cracking down on foreign ships operating on Australia's coast.
But business groups immediately warned that the cost of shipping cargo could skyrocket, while others slammed the plan as protectionism. (more fromAnnabel Hepworth)
Dead, buried, cremated: rather than steering a safe course through the minefield, Julia Gillard's re-regulation of the Australian workplace and the rapacious demands of an emboldened union movement threaten to blow a hole in Australia's economic growth and threaten Australian jobs. There is no question that the removal of the no-disadvantage test by the Howard government in 2005 was a policy and political mistake. Tony Abbott is right to declare Work Choices dead, buried and cremated. There have been mistakes and they should not be

Strains From Financial Crisis Were Worse Than Understood.: CNBC Evening Brief


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Predictions 2011: The Big Picture
CNBC 360 A CNBC Special Report
CNBC stars weigh in on the big questions for global finance in the new year.
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Don't take away my Roth IRA tax break: MarketWatch - Personal Finance Daily

Personal Finance Daily
DECEMBER 01, 2010

Wednesday's Personal Finance stories

By MarketWatch

Don't miss these top stories:

Do you own a Roth IRA? I do, and one worry for many such investors, myself included, is that the federal government, ever on the hunt for revenue to fill its depleted coffers, might at some point decide to end the sweet tax benefits of these retirement-savings vehicles.

Under current Roth rules, you invest after-tax dollars, but your investments grow tax-free — eventually, all the money comes out of the account sans a hefty tax bill. If you own a traditional IRA or a 401(k) plus a Roth, you have taken a big step towards diversifying your accounts based on their tax ramifications in retirement.

That's a good thing, because as two top retirement experts note in our "Tax Strategies for Retirement" special report today, taxes are a major and relentless hit to retirees' income.

Read our full report, based on a recent roundtable discussion hosted by MarketWatch's own Robert Powell, to find out more about potential problems, tax and otherwise, with both traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs, plus other tax strategies for retirees and retirement savers to consider.

The experts queried at the roundtable, in response to a question from the audience, said it's possible Congress could kill the Roth tax break, but if lawmakers did that, it probably would not be retroactive, and thus would apply solely to contributions after that momentous decision.

But we're getting into crystal-ball territory here, and that tends to be a dangerous place to go.

Andrea Coombes , Personal Finance editor


The retirement tax hit, and ways to avoid it

Whether you're already living in retirement or still planning for it, it's impossible to ignore the effect your annual tax bill may have on retirement income. And given the current tax-rate uncertainty, the best year-end strategies for 2010 may surprise you.
Read more: The retirement tax hit, and ways to avoid it.

The ins-and-outs of Roth IRAs

Building a sound retirement-income plan means taking advantage of all types of accounts, including Roth IRAs. But some savers aren't allowed to contribute to such plans, and others worry that Congress may kill the Roth perk of tax-free earnings.
Read more: The ins-and-outs of Roth IRAs.

A mortgage on your IRA, and other tax problems

When it comes to creating a retirement-income plan, you want to allocate assets so they grow in the most tax-efficient manner possible — and the same is true when it's time to withdraw money from your retirement portfolio.
Read more: A mortgage on your IRA, and other tax problems.


Insider trading probe clouds fund research

A federal investigation into insider trading has cast a spotlight on two well-known mutual fund companies and the prevalent industry practice of using outside sources for investment research — a probe that recalls the market-timing scandals of several years ago.
Read more: Insider trading probe clouds fund research.

Three ways to add holiday cheer to your portfolio

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of listening to the pundits drone on about how much trouble we're in, how dire the political situation is and how likely the economy is to crumble. It's fear mongering and it's wrong.
Read more: Three ways to add holiday cheer to your portfolio.

Exploiting the tax loss selling effect

As the end of the year approaches, investors looking to avoid taxation on capital gains realized earlier in the year will sell their losing positions to realize an offsetting loss.
Read more: Exploiting the tax loss selling effect.

Trading strategies for December

As a wild 2010 comes to a close, it's time to spruce up your portfolio. Let our experts show you how to make the best of the year that was.
Read the full Trading Strategies report.

Market timers' reaction to the correction

As contrarians anticipated several weeks ago, when there was too much bullish optimism among advisers, the stock market has begun a correction. Have the bulls retreated fast enough and far enough to give contrarians hope that the decline is a mere correction within an ongoing bull market?
Read more: Market timers' reaction to the correction.


Private-sector employment up 93,000: ADP

Private-sector employment rose by 93,000 in November, the largest jump in three years, but the gain was too small to lower the unemployment rate, according to an Automatic Data Processing Inc. employment report released Wednesday.
Read more: Private-sector employment up 93,000, ADP says.


House Democrats plan vote on middle-class tax

House Democrats are planning a vote for Thursday about extending tax breaks for the middle class but are leaving aside an extension for upper-income taxpayers.
Read more: House Democrats plan vote on middle-class tax.


Fed's Tarullo urges changes in mortgage servicing

There needs to be structural change in how big bank loan service operations are organized, monitored and regulated, a top Federal Reserve official on Wednesday told a Senate banking committee investigating growing mortgage documentation and bank litigation problems.
Read more: Fed's Tarullo urges changes in mortgage servicing.


Panel members split over deficit plan

A revised deficit-cutting plan from a presidential commission gained some support from key panel members on Wednesday, but also came in for intense criticism two days ahead of a tough vote on the measure.
Read more: Panel members split over deficit plan.

U.S. economy improving, Beige Book says

The U.S. economy is starting to pick itself off the mat, according to the latest reading of the U.S. economy released on Wednesday.
Read more: U.S. economy improving, Beige Book says.

U.S. manufacturing growth cools slightly

U.S. manufacturers expanded their business in November for the 16th straight month, though at a slightly slower pace, according to closely watched industry survey.
Read more: U.S. manufacturing growth cools slightly.

U.S. third-quarter productivity revised higher

Productivity growth in the U.S. workplace accelerated during the third quarter to 2.3%, up from 1.9% estimated a month ago, as output powered ahead in line with the pickup in gross domestic product, the Labor Department said Wednesday.
Read more: U.S. third-quarter productivity revised higher.

FCC scales back plan to regulate Internet

The Federal Communications Commission said Wednesday that it will proceed with plans to protect the Internet from interference, but the agency scaled back its goals in the face of stiff political resistance.
Read more: FCC scales back plan to regulate Internet.

Fed reveals credit-crunch aid for banks, money funds

The U.S. Federal Reserve on Wednesday disclosed more than 21,000 transactions, mostly short-term loans, that it provided to banks and money-market funds during the credit crunch.
Read more: Fed reveals credit-crunch aid for banks, money funds.

U.S. limits offshore drilling, for now

The federal government on Wednesday said it would keep the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic off limits for oil and gas exploration for now, while planning fresh lease sales in areas already under development.
Read more: U.S. limits offshore drilling, for now.

Delegates say carbon credit program should stay

Jamaica's senior climate negotiator on Wednesday called for the continuation of one of the world's largest carbon credit programs, which is at risk of collapse when the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012.
Read more: Delegates say carbon credit program should stay.

How Palin dominates the political narrative

Sarah Palin continues to dominate the political agenda. The former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate is driving our national discourse in the "lamestream" media, the blogosphere, social networks and, above all, in the Republican Party.
Read more: How Palin dominates the political narrative.

Stocks Surge After Upbeat Batch Of Economic Data - U.S. Commentary . RTTNews Evening Market Wrap

Evening Market Wrap Wed Dec 1  2010


Dec 1, 2010 Stocks Surge After Upbeat Batch Of Economic Data - U.S. Commentary Stocks shot higher on Wednesday, as traders bought into risk-laden assets following an overwhelmingly positive series of economic reports. Among the day's influx of data, private sector employment growth showed marked improvement and the Federal Reserve released a report reaffirming signs of a recovery. Full Article

Economic News

Dec 1, 2010 U.S. Private Sector Employment Increases At Fastest Pace In 3 Years U.S. private sector employment increased by more than expected in the month of November, according to a report released by Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) on Wednesday, with the increase marking the strongest private sector job growth in three years. ADP said private sector employment increased by 93,000 jobs in November following an upwardly revised increase of 82,000 jobs in October. Economists had expected employment to increase by 58,000 jobs. Full Article
Dec 1, 2010 U.S. Construction Spending Unexpectedly Rises 0.7% In October Construction spending in the U.S. unexpectedly showed a moderate increase in the month of October, according to a report released by the Commerce Department on Wednesday, with the spending growth partly due to a jump in spending on residential construction. The report showed that construction spending increased by 0.7 percent in October following an upwardly revised 0.7 percent increase in September. The increase surprised economists, who had expected spending to fall by 0.5 percent. Full Article
Dec 1, 2010 U.S. Manufacturing Activity Sees Slower Growth In November While a report released by the Institute for Supply Management on Wednesday showed that activity in the U.S. manufacturing sector expanded for the sixteenth consecutive month in November, the pace of growth in the sector slowed compared to the previous month. The ISM said its manufacturing index edged down to 56.6 in November from 56.9 in October, although a reading above 50 indicates continued growth in the manufacturing sector. Full Article
Dec 1, 2010 Fed's Beige Book Says Economy Has Continued To Improve The economy continued to improve during the period from early/mid-October to mid-November, the Federal Reserve said Wednesday in its Beige Book report, a compilation of anecdotal evidence on economic conditions from each of the twelve Fed districts. Full Article

Corporate News

Dec 1, 2010 In The Spotlight: Hawaiian Holdings Inc.Emerging from bankruptcy in June 2005, Hawaiian Airlines Inc., a major subsidiary of Hawaiian Holdings Inc. (HA), has come a long way and is undertaking a more strategic development. The carrier transports passengers and cargo in inter-island routes (amongst the Hawaiian Islands), transpacific routes (between the Hawaiian Islands and certain cities in the Western United States) , and between the Hawaiian Islands and the South Pacific, Australia and Asia (the South Pacific/Australia/Asia routes), collectively referred to as Scheduled Operations. Full Article
Dec 1, 2010 Major Automakers Report Strong U.S. Sales For NovemberMajor automakers on Wednesday reported strong U.S. vehicle sales for the month of November amid growing consumer demand and improving economy, with General Motors Co. (GM, GMM.TO), Ford Motor Co. (F) and Chrysler Group LLC posting double digit growths. Toyota Motor Corp. (TM) was the only major automaker to report a decline. GM, the largest U.S. automaker, said that its November U.S. vehicle sales grew 11.4% to 168,739 units from 151,427 units in the same month last year. Full Article
Dec 1, 2010 Endo Pharma Closes Qualitest Acquisition; Boosts 2010 OutlookSpecialty pharmaceutical company Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc. (ENDP) announced Wednesday the completion of its $1.2 billion acquisition of privately-held generics company Qualitest Pharmaceuticals. The companies agreed on the deal on September 28. The company also raised its revenue and adjusted earnings forecast for the full-year 2010, citing the earlier than expected closure of the Qualitest transaction. Full Article

Political News

Dec 1, 2010 Poll Shows Americans Split On Extending All Bush Tax CutsWhile a vast majority of Americans want the Bush tax cuts to be extended in some shape or form, the results of a USA Today/Gallup poll released on Wednesday showed that Americans are more divided about whether the tax cuts should be extended for the wealthy. Full Article
Dec 1, 2010 Senate Republicans Pledge To Block All Bills Until Tax Cuts AddressedIn an effort to signal their focus on extending the Bush tax cuts, Senate Republicans sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., on Wednesday pledging to block any legislation until the Senate acts to fund the government and extend the tax cuts. "Our constituents have repeatedly asked us to focus on creating an environment for private-sector job growth; it is time that our constituents’ priorities become the Senate’s priorities," the Republican Senators wrote. Full Article

U.S. economy stays on sluggish growth path: Fed: | Financial & Forex Info News | Reuters Daily Investor Update


Stocks end up 2 percent on efforts to help EU
Deficit panel recalibrates, seeks more support
U.S. economy stays on sluggish growth path: Fed
Airbus to revamp aviation's A320 workhorse
House approves short-term spending bill
Consumer bankruptcies fall to 9-month low
Euro zone crisis concern for U.S.: White House
Starbucks ready for deals to boost grocery plan
Private employers add jobs, manufacturing grows
November auto sales rise, industry in gradual recovery

NYT: Afternoon Business News: Scrutiny Falls on 2 More Economies in the Euro Fold.

Scrutiny Falls on 2 More Economies in the Euro Fold

Investors have started asking whether Italy and Belgium may be the next weak links in Europe's monetary union.

Markets Rise After Success of Bond Sale in Portugal

Trying to inject calm, the European Central Bank hinted it could adopt more aggressive bond-buying measures.

Is It Research or Insider Trading?

Prosecutors may have a hard time proving that outside experts received any benefit or breached their fiduciary duty.

Ford and G.M. Sales Rose in November

Automakers expect the year to end much stronger than it began.
Media Decoder Blog

Google Set for E-Book Venture

Google says it will introduce Google Editions, its long-awaited foray into electronic books, by the end of the year.

Wall St soars on upbeat economic data.| Financial & Forex info news | The Australian Capital Briefing

Wall St soars on upbeat economic data
Wall St UPDATED Jonathan Cheng US stocks soared as investors welcomed good news from Europe, China and the US, helping the Australian dollar jump back towards US97 cents.
Taxman gets tough on privateers
ATO Susannah Moran and Andrew Main THE ATO has warned private equity it won't hesitate to take court action to uphold its interpretation of two controversial tax rulings.
Shapiro walks out on firm he started
shapiro walks James Chessell THE founder and major shareholder of Shaw Stockbroking, Harold Shapiro, has walked out on the brokerage he founded 18 years ago.
US economy improving: Fed survey
Bernanke Tom Barkley and Jeffrey Sparshott THE US economy showed some improvement in October and November, the Federal Reserve said in a report released today.
Rio sells control of Sulawesi project
Nickel Edward Welsch SHERRITT International says it will acquire a controlling stake in the Sulawesi nickel project in Indonesia from Rio Tinto.
Slow growth to keep rates steady
RBA Scott Murdoch THE economy's weakest growth in almost two years is expected to prompt the RBA to keep interest rates on hold well into next year.
RMBS buy-up to boost rivalry
Housing Scott Murdoch THE government is considering a funds injection into the residential mortgage-backed securities market to boost competition in banking.
Ex-chief takes on Metcash
Metcash Matt Stevens REVENGE is a dish best served very warm indeed, according to Lou Jardin.
Financial Markets
Wall St soars on upbeat economic data
Wall St UPDATED Jonathan Cheng US stocks soared as investors welcomed good news from Europe, China and the US, helping the Australian dollar jump back towards US97 cents.
Taxman gets tough on privateers
Shapiro walks out on firm he started
Financial Markets Coverage
Mining & Energy
Rio sells control of Sulawesi project
Nickel Edward Welsch SHERRITT International says it will acquire a controlling stake in the Sulawesi nickel project in Indonesia from Rio Tinto.
How Shell clammed up on Woodside sale
Gas giants warned on local content
More Mining & Energy Coverage

The Washington Post Afternoon Edition: Most Read Articles

Washington Post 

1) Senate passes sweeping food safety bill

The Senate on Tuesday approved the biggest overhaul to the nation's food safety laws since the 1930s. The 73-to-25 vote gives vast new authorities to the Food and Drug Administration, places new responsibilities on farmers and food companies to prevent contamination, and -- for the first time - s...

2) Report: A bit more vitamin D is good, not too much

WASHINGTON -- Got milk? You may need a couple cups more than today's food labels say to get enough vitamin D for strong bones. But don't go overboard: Long-awaited new dietary guidelines say there's no proof that megadoses prevent cancer or other ailments - sure to frustrate backers of the so-called...

3) Right hip fracture ends season for 49ers' Gore

Frank Gore's season is over - and what a hit for the San Francisco offense.

4) FCC chairman to propose plan for net neutrality

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission plans to announce Wednesday a controversial proposal that would prohibit Internet providers from favoring or discriminating against any traffic that goes over their networks.

5) Commission's final deficit report preserves controversial spending cuts

The leaders of President Obama's fiscal commission released a final report Wednesday that is full of political dynamite, recommending sharp cuts in military spending, a higher retirement age and reforms that could cost the average taxpayer an extra $1,700 a year.

6) Voices of the troops from the 'don't ask, don't tell' report

Some expressed fears about contracting AIDS or getting leered at in the showers. Others worried that it would get in the way of critical bonding at barbecues and bar outings. Still others said it would be an affront to their religious beliefs and harm the military's credibility.

7) Dodd decries hyper-partisanship in Senate farewell speech

Sen. Christpher J. Dodd decried an era of corrosive hyper-partisanship in his farewell address Tuesday, saying the political system is "completely dysfunctional" and telling his fellow senators that they could be effective only by working together.

8) Neighbors perplexed grandmother charged with tossing girl from walkway to her death

Carmela Dela Rosa often cared for her granddaughter during the day and would carry her carefully in her arms. The happy, 2 1/2-year-old Angelyn Ogdoc would blow kisses to neighbors, her face framed by her striking long, dark hair.

9) Ant-covered Jesus video removed from Smithsonian after Catholic League complains (video)

Officials at the National Portrait Gallery on Tuesday removed a work of video art depicting Christ with ants crawling over him after complaints from a Catholic organization and members of Congress.

10) SEC showed leniency to bailed-out Bank of America, watchdog report says

The Securities and Exchange Commission showed leniency toward Bank of America in penalizing the firm for securities law violations last year because the financially weakened bank was on taxpayer-backed life support, according to a new watchdog report.

Constructuction Spending in October Up From Sept., but down from a year earlier. | Financial & Forex info News | Economic & Statistics Administration

Economics and Statistics Administration Logo
Construction spending in October 2010 was $802.3 billion, up 0.7 percent from September but down 9.3 percent from one year earlier.

Revised deficit panel plan seeks deeper cuts | Financial & Forex Info News | Reuters - U.S. Top News

Revised deficit panel plan seeks deeper cuts
ECB talk lifts battered euro as crisis worries spread
UK agreed to shield U.S. interests in Iraq probe: WiKiLeaks
South Korea spy chief says more attacks likely
Iran talks must focus on nuclear issue: Clinton
Special report: How BP's oil spill costs could double
Obama and Republicans agree to negotiate on taxes
Output climbs led by Asia, despite euro crisis
Russia's Putin warns West over missile defense: report
BofA may be next WikiLeaks target