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Nov 29, 2010

Caixin Online: China central banker calls for tighter policy. MarketWatch - Special Financial Services

Caixin Online: China central banker calls for tighter policy
By Ma Yuan

A member of the People’s Bank of China monetary policy committee says the very loose monetary policy adopted in the past two years must change. 

Deficit Panel Deeply Divided Over Taxes and Spending: CNBC Evening Brief:


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The New Chevy Volt: Special Coverage
CNBC 360 Squawk Box tomorrow 6:00-9:00AM E
CNBC special coverage as America's most hyped new car rolls off the assembly line. Is the new Chevy Volt a game changer for the auto industry? GM's top executives talk to CNBC first.


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MarketWatch Personal Finance Daily : Obama proposes federal civilian-pay freeze

Personal Finance Daily
NOVEMBER 29, 2010

Monday's Personal Finance stories

By MarketWatch

Don't miss these top stories:
Are you the type to not only hang garlands of bright blinking lights on your home, but also decorate your front lawn with an entire Nativity scene, maybe even an inflatable Santa and reindeer? If so, your holiday cheer is probably not costing you much — at least in terms of higher energy bills.

Read Amy Hoak's Home Economics column today for a rundown of what it costs to power up your home holiday decorations, plus don't miss Jennifer Waters's Consumer Confidential for a look at how credit-card issuers are ramping up rebates and cash-back rewards to entice you to charge those holiday purchases. And read how doctors won a one-month reprieve today on cuts to their Medicare payments.

Here in San Francisco, a general dearth of front lawns makes the holiday inflatables less likely, but some people do keep up their Christmas lights all year long.

Andrea Coombes , Personal Finance editor

What your home holiday lights will cost you

Whether you love it and want one of your own, or you can't wait for the holidays to be over so you don't have to look at it every day, that inflatable snow globe taking up real-estate on your neighbor's front lawn probably isn't costing him that much to operate.
Read more: What your home holiday lights will cost you.


Shop with credit cards, earn bonus points

Credit-credit companies and retailers are trying to entice consumers to break out the plastic this holiday shopping season by offering them "gifts" of their own.
Read more: Shop with credit cards, earn bonus points.

Free shipping for the holidays

Don't forget about shipping charges when hunting for holiday bargains online. You'll find the best shipping deals on two days in particular: tomorrow, Cyber Monday, the major online shopping day following Black Friday; and Free Shipping Day on Dec. 17, when more than 1,000 merchants will participate.
Read more: Free shipping for the holidays.

Black Friday results send positive signal

Preliminary results from the Black Friday weekend have pointed to a mostly positive start to the industry's biggest selling period.
Read more: Black Friday results send positive signal.

Cyber Monday kicks off online season

As retailers wrap up their biggest sales and traffic day of the season, they hope the momentum from Black Friday weekend will extend into Cyber Monday, which marks the official kickoff of the online holiday sales season.
Read more: Cyber Monday kicks off online season.


Obama proposes federal civilian-pay freeze

Calling on federal workers to "play their part" in reducing the gaping U.S. budget deficit, President Barack Obama on Monday proposed freezing pay for civilian employees in 2011 and 2012.
Read more: Obama proposes federal civilian-pay freeze.


Tablets may displace 10% of PCs in next four years

Tablet devices are expected to supplant 10% of personal-computer shipments by 2014, emerging as a leading disruptive factor for PC growth, an industry group said Monday.
Read more: Tablets may displace 10% of PCs in next four years.

Toshiba mulls launching Internet TV via Google TV

A senior Toshiba Corp. executive said Monday the Japanese electronics maker is considering launching a new Internet-enabled TV using Google Inc.'s platform, which would give access to Web content and other online services.
Read more: Toshiba mulls launching Internet TV via Google TV.


Cut to doctors' Medicare payments get one-month reprieve

Repeating what has become an ominous political ritual, U.S. lawmakers voted at the last minute Monday to delay a scheduled average 25% cut in physicians' Medicare reimbursements.
Read more: Cut to doctors' Medicare payments get one-month reprieve.


Leslie Nielsen: Life and movies in pictures

Actor Leslie Nielsen dies at age 84. With a movie and TV career that spanned seven decades, the Canadian-born Nielsen may be best remembered for his comedic turn in films such as "Airplane" and "The Naked Gun."
Read more: Leslie Nielsen: Life and movies in pictures.


Smart year-end tax moves for investors

There are plenty of reasons for taxpayers to scream. Here it is, year-end tax-planning time, when investors must decide whether to take gains or harvest losses and make important retirement-account choices. Yet crucial questions remain—not only about next year's tax law but also about this year's.
Read more: Smart year-end tax moves for investors.

Rep. Pence calls for a flat tax

Rep. Mike Pence, an Indiana Republican mulling a run for the White House in 2012, wants to toss out the U.S. tax code and replace it with a flat tax.
Read more: Rep. Pence calls for a flat tax.


Insider-trading ‘scandal' isn't so scandalous

With the names of three big mutual-fund companies mentioned prominently in the expanding federal probe of Wall Street insider trading, ordinary fund investors might be scared.
Read more: Insider-trading ‘scandal' isn't so scandalous.

How to give children the gift of investing

What present can you give a kid that will outlast the latest must-have toy or gadget? How about some stock in the company that makes it.
Read more: How to give children the gift of investing.

Commentary: Ruff Times is top performer

Howard Ruff's Ruff Times letter is our current top performer for 2010. But he's just announced he has Parkinson's disease.
Read more: Ruff Times is top performer.


Hot but not bothered at Cancun climate summit

Last year's climate summit in Copenhagen ended in failure, but as delegates this week meet in Cancun, Mexico, for the next round of U.N.-sponsored talks boredom is the more pressing issue.
Read more: Hot but not bothered at Cancun climate summit

At Cancun, a call for climate consensus

As this year's U.N. Climate Change Conference begins, delegates see the need for a legally binding climate treaty, but many remain skeptical that a deal will be reached this year and instead predict a focus on "building block" issues.
Read more: At Cancun, a call for climate consensus.

Commentary: The mood turns ugly in Europe

Private talks with German leaders show two contrasting faces on display: one generous, the other unforgiving.
Read more: The mood turns ugly in Europe.


The 2011 Subaru Legacy Limited

The temperature dropped to 31 degrees the other morning, and the talk at the corner store was about winter.
Read more: The 2011 Subaru Legacy Limited.

NYT: Afternoon Business News .- Splits in Euro Zone Emerge Amid Debt Crisis


Splits in Euro Zone Emerge Amid Debt Crisis

Announcing new growth figures, a senior European Union official acknowledged Monday that a two-speed euro zone might now be developing.

Retailers Say Online Sales Remain Strong

Long before the turkey was even in the oven, retailers began offering online holiday deals last week, and consumers jumped at the early opportunity.

Worries Over European Debt Weigh on Shares

The approval of an emergency rescue package to help Ireland weather its financial crisis failed to calm markets.

Obama Freezes Pay for Federal Workers for Two Years

President Obama announced the freeze as a way to address concerns over the deficit before a meeting on Tuesday with congressional leaders.

Analysts Expect 6-Month Delay in Dreamliner Delivery

The forecasts came in response to Boeing's announcement last week that it expected to come up with a new delivery schedule for the much-delayed plane.

Leaked Cables Depict a World Guessing About North Korea : NYT: Breaking Business News.-

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Mon, November 29, 2010
Leaked Cables Depict a World Guessing About North Korea

With North Korea reeling from economic and succession crises,
American and South Korean officials early this year secretly
began gaming out what would happen if the North, led by one
of the world's most brutal family dynasties, collapsed,
according to a cable from the American ambassador.

However, the cables on North Korea, part of a cache of secret
State Department cables obtained by Wikileaks and made
available to a number of news organizations, are long on
guesses and short on facts, even when containing the thoughts
of diplomats from China, the North's ally.


Other documents reveal painstaking efforts by the United
States to safely reduce the population of the Guantánamo Bay
prison in Cuba so it could eventually close. American
diplomats went looking for countries that were not only
willing to take in former prisoners but could be trusted to
keep them under close watch. In a global bazaar of sorts, the
officials sweet-talked and haggled with their foreign

Read More:

Employers warn of mine wage blowout | Financial And Forex Info News | The Australian Business Briefing

Employers warn of mine wage blowout
Mine wage blowout Sarah-Jane Tasker, Tracy Lee and Matt Chambers EMPLOYERS have urged policymakers to act quickly to help alleviate escalating labour cost pressures in the mining and energy sectors.
Wall St falls on European debt fears
Wall St UPDATED Donna Kardos Yesalavich US stocks fell today on worries that the $117 billion Irish bailout might not be enough to contain the euro-zone debt crisis.
Sweet deal of a lifetime sours
sweet deal INSIDE STORY Michael Sainsbury, China correspondent MATTHEW Ng must have thought all his Chinese New Years had come at once when he secured 20 per cent of Guangzhou travel group (GZL).
Swan's 'fifth pillar' bank plan criticised
Wayne Swan Scott Murdoch A FINANCE industry association has criticised attempts to increase competition by encouraging non-bank lenders to become a "fifth pillar".
Bank resources bonanza, says RBA chief
Glenn Stevens Sid Maher RBA governor Glenn Stevens has called for the proceeds of the mining boom to be saved over the next two years.
Call for iron ore contract option
Steel pipes Devon Maylie THE world's largest steelmaker ArcelorMittal says it wants steelmakers to have the option to buy some iron ore on an annual price basis.
Qantas A380 damage to cost $US70m: Aon
Qantas A380 Doug Cameron THE engine failure on the Qantas A380 is expected to generate an insurance claim of about $US70 million ($72.7m) for damage to the aircraft.
Penfolds tipple to topple Grange
Penfolds winemaker Peter Gago with a bottle of Grange Blair Speedy FOSTER'S wine major Penfolds is set to release an ultra-premium tipple with a price tag that could exceed even its flagship Grange.
Financial Markets
Wall St falls on European debt fears
Wall St UPDATED Donna Kardos Yesalavich US stocks fell today on worries that the $117 billion Irish bailout might not be enough to contain the euro-zone debt crisis.
Gold price rises on haven demand
Europe slides on contagion fears
Financial Markets Coverage
Mining & Energy
Gold price rises on haven demand
gold bars Matt Whittaker INVESTORS continued to take a shine to gold futures today, sending the metal higher on lingering jitters about European sovereign debt.
Call for iron ore contract option
No to coal-seam water plant
More Mining & Energy Coverage

Financial And Forex Info Newsc ( F & F I N ) | The Australian Capital Circle | WikiLeaks' Australian founder, Julian Assange, had broken any laws.''

Capital Circle Newsletter
Thrown in jail if he returns to Australia
Wikileaks leaking of diplomatic secrets has begun - and the response thus far from governments has been anything but diplomatic.

When the bough breaks: US officials have warned that about 1000 cables sent from its Canberra embassy were likely to be among those leaked to WikiLeaks. Attorney-General Robert McClelland said yesterday the Australian Federal Police would investigate whether WikiLeaks' Australian founder, Julian Assange, had broken any laws.'' (more here).
Prosecute him: Peter King, the ranking member of the US House of Representatives' homeland security committee, wants the Australian charged with espionage. (more here).
WIKILEAKS' mastermind Assange is being investigated for breaching national security and could be thrown in jail if he ever returns to Australia, Simon Benson reports.
Danger of the dump: This is the third such dump by the organisation. The first two - on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq - were relatively harmless. The files dumped so far this week are very dangerous Paul McGeough writes.
Simon Jenkins reflects on the Guardian's role in the affair: Should a newspaper disclose virtually all a nation's secret diplomatic communication, illegally downloaded by one of its citizens?
Carbon crunch: AUSTRALIA will have to pledge deeper cuts in greenhouse gas emissions - which could bump up the starting price of a domestic carbon tax - if an international agreement locks in only those climate change commitments already made by other countries, Lenore Taylor w

U.S. Markets At Close Snapshot |FINANCIAL & FOREX INFO NEWS| WSJ

U.S. Markets At Close Snapshot

 Major Indexes
    Last  Change  % Chg
DJIA* 11052.49  -39.51  -0.36
Nasdaq*   2525.22    -9.34  -0.37
S&P 500*   1187.77    -1.64  -0.14
DJ Total Stock Market* 12540.82  -19.58  -0.16

Source: The wall Street Journal


CFTC : Commitments of traders Report Update

 Commitments of Traders Reports for
The current reports for the week of November 23, 2010 are now available.

S & P 500 Reaches Positive Territory | MarketWatch - Markets Latest News

( MarketWatch): S&P 500 reaches positive territory as U.S. stock indexes battle back from Monday's depths

The Washington Post Afternoon Edition: Today's Most Read Articles

 Washington Post

1) The new front in the culture wars: food

Here's what needs to happen for the healthy-eating revolution to have a chance.

2) Iranian nuclear scientist killed, another injured in Tehran bombings

TEHRAN - A prominent Iranian nuclear scientist was killed Monday and a second was seriously wounded in nearly simultaneous car bomb attacks in the Iranian capital, the semiofficial Fars news agency reported.

3) American exceptionalism: an old idea and a new political battle

Is this a great country or what? "American exceptionalism" is a phrase that, until recently, was rarely heard outside the confines of think tanks, opinion journals and university history departments. But with Republicans and tea party activists accusing President Obama and the Democrats of turnin...

4) WikiLeaks's unveiling of secret State Department cables exposes U.S. diplomacy

A vast treasure trove of secret State Department cables obtained by the Web site WikiLeaks has exposed the inner workings of U.S. diplomacy, as well as bluntly candid assessments by American diplomats, according to news organizations granted advance access to the more than 250,000 confidential do...

5) Democrats push Obama on tax-cut compromise

A faction of congressional Democrats is making a last-minute push to persuade President Obama to consider a compromise on tax policy that would leave only the nation's 315,000 richest households facing higher taxes in January.

6) WikiLeaks release: With better sharing of data comes danger

The release of a huge tranche of U.S. diplomatic cables has laid bare the primary risk associated with the U.S. government's attempt to encourage better information-sharing: Someone is bound to leak.

7) Obama says federal jobs may stay vacant, doesn't rule out furloughs

Facing Republican complaints about big government and federal salaries, President Obama said Friday that agencies might leave some vacancies unfilled as his administration looks for ways to save money.

8) The Fix: Why McCain is right that Palin is like Reagan

1. Sen. John McCain was asked for the umpteenth time on Sunday about his former running mate, Sarah Palin. And while his previous responses elicited plenty of headlines, his latest might take the cake.

9) Like Monopoly in the Depression, Settlers of Catan is the board game of our time

In 1935, the board game Monopoly arrived on the mass market like the Xbox Kinect of its day. One can imagine the appeal, in the middle of the Great Depression, of a diversion that gave anyone the chance to become Uncle Pennybags for an afternoon. By the end of that year, Parker Brothers had sold ...

10) Officials: Afghan border police officer shoots and kills 6 U.S. soldiers

KABUL - An Afghan border police officer opened fire on American soldiers and killed six of them in eastern Afghanistan on Monday, in one of the deadliest incidents of its kind, according to Afghan and NATO officials.


November 29, 2010 


A growing awareness of how much water it takes to produce everyday consumer goods is inspiring a rising interest in “water footprinting” as a tool to cope with rising water demand.

Revamped bailout fund doesn’t cure jitters. MarketWatch Special Financial Services

Revamped bailout fund doesn’t cure jitters
By William L. Watts MarketWatch

Germany backs down somewhat from call to make private bondholders automatically take writedowns in future bailouts, but uncertainty continues to cast cloud over peripheral euro-zone debt markets. 

Stocks Headed For Dull Open Amid Lack Of Economic News - U.S. Commentary . RTTNews Morning Market Briefing

Morning Market Briefing Mon Nov 29  2010


Nov 29, 2010 Stocks Headed For Dull Open Amid Lack Of Economic News - U.S. Commentary Stock futures are pointing to a lackluster open on Monday, with no significant economic news on tap for today's session. Easing tensions about the European debt crisis as Ireland accepts a bailout package and geopolitical developments on the Korean peninsula might impact market sentiment. The major index futures are little changed, with the Dow futures down by 1 point. Full Article

Economic News

Nov 29, 2010 Japanese Retail Sales In Surprise Fall Japanese retail sales fell for the first time this year in October as government subsidies wound to a close and the tobacco tax was raised, official figures showed on Monday. Full Article
Nov 29, 2010 UK House Prices Fall Again: Hometrack UK house prices fell for the fifth consecutive month in November due to the ongoing decline in demand, property data provider Hometrack said Monday. Full Article
Nov 29, 2010 Hazarding A Guess As Economic Momentum WobblesWith the winding down of the third quarter reporting season, market focus now shifts to Main Street. Full Article
Nov 29, 2010 Eurozone Economic Sentiment At 3-Year High Eurozone economic sentiment rose to a three-year high in November despite concerns over the sovereign debt crisis in the region. Full Article
Nov 29, 2010 Irish Republic Gets EUR85 bln BailoutEuropean finance ministers and officials from the International Monetary Fund have reached agreement over an 85 billion-euro financial assistance package for the Republic of Ireland. Full Article
Nov 29, 2010 UK Mortgage Approvals Drop To Eight-Month Low The number of mortgages approved for house purchase in the U.K. declined for a sixth straight month in October to its lowest in eight months. The declining trend underlines the prevailing sluggishness in the country's mortgage market. Full Article
Nov 29, 2010 European Commission Sees Uneven Recovery Among Members Economic recovery is becoming increasingly self-sustaining at European Union level, but progress across member states remains uneven, the European Commission said Monday. Full Article

Corporate News

Nov 29, 2010 BP to sell 60% stake in Pan American Energy to Bridas for $7 blnSunday, BP Plc (BP) said it agreed to sell its majority stake in Argentina-based oil and gas company Pan American Energy to Bridas Corp. for $7.1 billion. The energy giant expects the deal to close in 2011. The firm also noted that the sale is part of its plan to divest up to $30 billion of assets by the end of 2011. Full Article

Broker Ratings Changes

Nov 29, 2010 Janney Montgomery Scott Lifts American Eagle Outfitters Inc. (AEO) To Buy From Neutral With $20 Up From $17 Price Target

Todays WS Events

Nov 29, 2010 Altera Q4 10 Earnings Conference Call At 4:45 PM ET Altera Corp. (ALTR) will host a conference call at 4:45 PM ET, November 29, 2010, to discuss the company's fourth quarter business update and 2011 guidance. To access the live webcast, log on at

Lingering Uncertainty May Lead To Choppy Trading : RTTNews - Daily market Analysis :

Daily Market Analysis Mon Nov 29  2010

Nov 29, 2010 Lingering Uncertainty May Lead To Choppy Trading The major U.S. index futures are pointing to a lackluster opening on Monday, as traders digest the details of the bailout of Ireland amid continued uncertainty about financial stability in Europe. A lack of significant economic news from the U.S. may also lead to choppy trading, as the markets look ahead to the release of key reports on employment and national manufacturing activity later in the week. Additionally, some traders may remain away from their desks following last week's holiday. Full Article

Futures dip on euro zone worries | Financial And Forex Info News | Reuters- Befote The Bell

Futures dip on euro zone worries
France, Germany say euro saved but investors skeptical
Online bargain-hunting spreads beyond Cyber Monday
Wal-Mart to pay $2.3 billion for control of Massmart
World Bank chief says double-dip recession unlikely: TV
BP rises after sells Argentine stake for $7 billion
First Republic Bank files for $280 million IPO
J&J must pay Basilea $130 million for drug license breach
Starbucks accuses Kraft of hurting grocer sales
E-commerce gets a boost as online deals spread

How to Stop North Korea: Forbes Latest Stories

Latest Stories

How to Stop North Korea

Gordon G. Chang
We can contain Kim Jong Il
More by Gordon G. Chang Read More

WikiLeaks Dump Reveals Qaddafi Gets Botox, Kim Jong-Il "Flabby"

Raquel Laneri
Diplomats' claws come out when it comes time to assess world leaders.
More by Raquel Laneri Read More

WikiLeaks Dump Reveals Qaddafi Gets Botox, Kim Jong-Il "Flabby"

Raquel Laneri
Diplomats show their claws in their assessments of world leaders.
More by Raquel Laneri Read More

With Unemployment Benefits, It's the Invisible That Truly Matters

John Tamny
We need to consider the positive behavioral changes that would result from a cessation of unemployment benefits.
More by John Tamny Read More

James Bond vs. Darth Vader: Style Edition

Raquel Laneri
The international man of mystery is commonly revered as a fashion icon, but don't discount the Dark Lord's sartorial sensibilities.
More by Raquel Laneri Read More

As Civil Liberties Are Eroded, The NYT Worries About Whether We're Being Fair To Politicians

Conor Friedersdorf
The backlash against TSA isn't about partisan politics.
More by Conor Friedersdorf Read More

Challenging Bullies In The Yellow Sea

Gordon G. Chang
The Pentagon is finally sending a carrier into ''Chinese waters.''
More by Gordon G. Chang Read More

Fiscal Follies: The PIGs Are At It Again

George A. Pieler and Jens F. Laurson
Let's cut the pay of politicians when the nations they serve go bust.
More by George A. Pieler and Jens F. Laurson Read More

The EPA's Electric Vehicle Mileage Fraud

Warren Meyer
In a parking lot near Detroit, General Motors is accumulating Chevy Volts.  They cannot yet be sold to the public because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not yet delivered the required mileage sticker for the window.  We can, though, get a preview of how the EPA may complete this admittedly tricky task from the ...
More by Warren Meyer Read More

Planet Earth Anxiously Awaits Saving In Cancun

Larry Bell
Judging by the accomplishments in Copenhagen last year, the Earth's adherents might curb their enthusiasm.
More by Larry Bell Read More

The Pilgrims Versus The TSA

Trevor Butterworth
A Woody Allen state of mind is one thing on screen; it's another when it's the state we're in, and it has us, literally, by the balls.
More by Trevor Butterworth Read More

American Dream Wounded, But Endures

John Zogby
You forget most things you learn in college, but some of it sticks for life and shapes how you think about it. So it is with something Father John Cantillon SJ at LeMoyne College said to me about Jesuit philosophy: “God writes straight with crooked lines. ” That thought struck me as I compared our Zogby ...
More by John Zogby Read More

Save The Dollar, Not The Fed

Lawrence A. Hunter
Remove all the Federal Reserve's discretion, not just half of it.
More by Lawrence A. Hunter Read More

Do You Think You're Sexy? Enough About the TSA

Abigail R. Esman
Get over yourselves, boys and girls. The TSA really isn't interested in your body.
More by Abigail R. Esman Read More

We Haven't Forgotten 9/11, We've Processed It

Conor Friedersdorf
Over at The Corner, Mark Thiessen defends the TSA practice of forcing airline passengers through scanners that are akin to strip searches, or the alternative, an “enhanced pat down” whereby government employees wearing rubber gloves run their hands along the genitals of passengers to ensure they aren’t hiding explosives in their underwear. Here is how ...
More by Conor Friedersdorf Read More

Quote Of The Day

Conor Friedersdorf
“One of the most frustrating aspects of this fight against terrorism is that it has created a whole security apparatus around us that causes huge inconvenience for all of us.” — President Barack Obama, whose use of the passive voice in that sentence amazes me.
More by Conor Friedersdorf Read More

The Toto Strategy: How Kansas Can Save Barack Obama's Presidency

Joel Kotkin
The president should ditch those troubling Chicago roots and head for the Great Plains.
More by Joel Kotkin Read More

NBC And Comcast: Bring On The Smart FCC

Bartlett Cleland
Delayed merger approval is unacceptable in this day and age.
More by Bartlett Cleland Read More

Body Scanners Provoke Irrational Fear Of Over-Radiation At The Airport

Marc Siegel
Let's separate radiation fears from the privacy debate.
More by Marc Siegel Read More

Government By Waiver: The Breakdown Of Public Administration

Richard Epstein
The sheer magnitude of ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank has thrown the U.S.' rulemaking model into disarray.
More by Richard Epstein Read More

Something To Be Thankful For

Brian S. Wesbury and Robert Stein
As long as Americans continue to innovate, we'll all be fine.
More by Brian S. Wesbury and Robert Stein Read More

Name You Need To Know in 2011: The S-100B Blood Test

Nicole Perlroth
It has been coined the signature wound of the Iraq war. Traumatic brain injury has been on the rise as improvised explosive devices in Iraq and Afghanistan expose troops to more blasts and resultant head wounds than ever before. While the military has long tracked and studied serious traumatic brain injuries (TMI), mild cases often go ...
More by Nicole Perlroth Read More

The Sheiks Of The FOMC

Charles Kadlec
Dollar debasement, not OPEC or the Chinese, is the driver of ''expensive oil.''
More by Charles Kadlec Read More

Rediscovering What Money Is: Part I

Reuven Brenner
Gold-defined money will reintroduce trust into economic activity.
More by Reuven Brenner Read More

How To Dress Like A Billion Bucks: Young Techie Edition

Raquel Laneri
Invest in a snug T-shirt--like the ones the Google guys wear.
More by Raquel Laneri Read More

Obama Should Cut The Corporate Tax Rate

Scott A. Hodge
Will that be the president's Clintonesque move to the center?
More by Scott A. Hodge Read More

Another "Stunner" from North Korea

Gordon G. Chang
Pyongyang's latest nuclear surprise highlights Washington's failure
More by Gordon G. Chang Read More

Modern Fed History Points to Ben Bernanke's Resignation

John Tamny
Rising discontent with quantitative easing inside the Fed points to Bernanke losing control of the central bank on the way to his resignation.
More by John Tamny Read More