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Oct 26, 2010

MarketWatch: Personal Fibnance Daily.- Higher mortgage rates in 2011? Not all that high

Personal Finance Daily
OCTOBER 26, 2010

Tuesday's Personal Finance stories

By MarketWatch

Don't miss these top stories:
If you're a prospective home buyer who's been waiting on the sidelines of the housing market, your time to lock in record-low mortgage rates may be running short — at least, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. Experts there said today that mortgage rates will rise next year.

Still, no need to jump too fast. MBA predicts rates on the 30-year fixed-rate loan will rise to just 5.1% by the end of 2011. That's still very low. Read Amy Hoak's coverage of the MBA's annual conference, including what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives had to say about the "robo-signer" controversy — even as conference attendees wonder what's next for Fannie and Freddie. Also, read about the drop in home prices in August.

Meanwhile, don't miss our story looking at what a negative yield on TIPS means, and if you're planning to go away for the holidays and those plans include air travel, you might want to get ready to book, Jennifer Waters writes in her Consumer Confidential column today.

Andrea Coombes , Personal Finance editor


Record-low mortgage rates will be gone in 2011: MBA

Mortgage rates may be as low as they'll get — rates are on course to rise, slowly moving toward 5% by the end of next year, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's economic forecast, released Tuesday at the group's annual convention here.
Read more on record-low mortgage rates will be gone in 2011: MBA.

Freddie, Fannie urge lenders to resolve ‘robo-signers' quickly

Top executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-seized mortgage-buying giants, urged lenders to revisit their foreclosure practices as they refrained from endorsing a nationwide ban, at a panel discussion at the Mortgage Bankers Association's annual convention on Monday.
Read more on Freddie, Fannie urge lenders to resolve ‘robo-signers' quickly.

Mortgage bankers must regain public's trust: FHA's Stevens

Mortgage bankers should shine a light on bad participants in the industry and regain the public's trust as a generation of Americans are questioning whether to pursue homeownership, the commissioner of the Federal Housing Administration said Tuesday at the Mortgage Bankers Association's annual convention.
Read more on mortgage bankers must regain public's trust: FHA's Stevens

U.S. home prices drop 0.2% in August

Home prices fell 0.2% in August, according to the Case-Shiller home price index released Tuesday by Standard & Poor's, in a report labelled "disappointing" by its compilers.
Read more on U.S. home prices drop 0.2% in August.

Commentary: When Detroit is the hot housing market...

For the optimists among you, there's some good news in the S&P/Case-Shiller home price index: Detroit prices climbed 0.5% in August.
Read more on when Detroit is the hot housing market...


Consumers plan to spend more on travel — that's a good thing

Travel costs are on the upswing and that seems to be OK with almost a third of the people planning a trip during the holidays, according to recent survey results. Read more on consumers plan to spend on travel.


TIPS auction reflects profound uncertainty

How much should you have to pay for an insurance policy that protects you against both severe deflation and hyperinflation?
Read more on TIPS auction reflects profound uncertainty.

Berkshire's new man: Combs uncovered

Todd Combs, set to take over some of Berkshire Hathaway's investment portfolio from Chairman Warren Buffett, generated big returns in 2007 and 2008 by shorting financial stocks during the credit crisis.
Read more on Berkshire's new man: Combs uncovered.

SEC defends tighter rules for some hedge funds

A top government official on Tuesday defended the new Financial Stability Oversight Council's authority to impose stricter leverage and capital limits on some hedge funds and private equity funds.
Read more on SEC defends tighter rules for some hedge funds.


U.S. consumers' confidence rises in October

Consumer confidence rose in October, though it remains near historically low levels, with a monthly gauge compiled by the Conference Board increasing to 50.2.
Read more on U.S. consumers' confidence rises in October.

Stiglitz wants more fiscal spending, not ‘QE'

The U.S. economy needs to be revived with more fiscal spending and not with quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said on Tuesday.
Read more on Stiglitz wants more fiscal spending, not ‘QE'.

Commentary: The Fed's secret $4 trillion experiment

The Federal Reserve plan to gin up the printing press in an effort to knock down long-term interest rates is one of the most well-signaled roundhouse punches in the history of finance.
Read more on the Fed's secret $4 trillion experiment,

Pot, pollution, portioning on California ballot

California seems to have little trouble capturing the attention of the nation in a number of ways, but politicos around the U.S. always seem to sit up at election time and take notice of what voter initiatives the state will try to push through.
Read more on pot, pollution, portioning on California ballot.

Can the tech execs reprogram California?

California is one of the bluest states in the country, so it stands to reason that a Republican who gravitates toward the middle stands a better chance of winning high office there, right?
Read more on can the tech execs reprogram California?

Commentary: Obama as Hoover: Economy, not GOP, may defeat him

As this venomous campaign cycle comes crashing to a welcome close, it seems certain that the Republicans will gain control of the House, narrowly hit or miss on the Senate, and will be well-positioned in any case to further stymie President Barack Obama and regain the White House in 2012.
Read more on Obama as Hoover: Economy, not GOP, may defeat him.

U.S. Senate candidate Fiorina hospitalized

Carly Fiorina, the Republican candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in California, was hospitalized Tuesday with an infection resulting from a previous surgery, her campaign said.
Read more on U.S. Senate candidate Fiorina hospitalized.

Commentary: Tracking America's economic decline

During the past 10 dismal years of American decline, few sights have been more pathetic than that of a succession of U.S. Treasury secretaries traveling to foreign cities, cap in hand, to beg the Chinese to stop being so mean to our economy.
Read more on tracking America's economic decline.

Commentary: The new Wall Street: No bubble, no profits

For many reasons, Wall Street should be thriving. The bailouts have come and gone, leaving a vastly consolidated, less-competitive marketplace. Washington's swipe at the industry, the Dodd-Frank Act, largely avoided remaking the industry or ending "too big to fail." The economy isn't exactly humming, but the market is up, interest rates are low and deals are getting done.
Read more on the new Wall Street: No bubble, no profits.

CNBC Evening Brief: Federal Reserve 'Terrified' of Deflation: Pimco's El-Erian.


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NYT Afternoon Business News Update.- Ford Posts Another Profitable Quarter




Ford Posts Another Profitable Quarter

The automaker earned $1.7 billion and said it expected to have zero net debt by the end of December.
Square Feet

Here and There, Retail Is Making a Comeback

In neighborhoods like Times Square and SoHo, the presence of tourists is making space desirable.

U.S.-Europe Cooperation Urged to Avoid Shortages of Rare Earth Minerals

Officials meeting in Berlin said global trade bodies were ill-equipped to solve the problem if China, which dominates production, withholds supplies.

Rating Agency Raises Outlook for Britain After Cuts

The move came shortly after the government said the British economy grew more rapidly in the third quarter than many economists had expected.

UBS Slides on Earnings Report

The loss in the Swiss bank's investment banking division overshadowed an overall profit of $1.7 billion.

F & F I N : Reuters - Daily Investor Update.- Wall St. ends about flat, election in focus .


Wall St ends about flat, election in focus
Consumer confidence, home prices remain weak
Ford posts quarterly profit, pays down debt
Microsoft profit seen higher, iPad looms
Chrysler poised to receive U.S. technology loans
New Wall St hot topic: Fed's interest on reserves
Boeing stops shipments of 787 pieces for two weeks
U.S. banks to resist loan mods in mortgage probe
Tighter derivatives rules gain headway in U.S., EU
Northern Trust shares pop as takeover rumors swirl

F & F I N : U.S. Markets At Close Snapshot

U.S. Markets At Close Snapshot:

 Major Indexes
LastChange% Chg
DJIA*11169.46 5.41 0.05
Nasdaq*2497.29 6.44 0.26
S&P 500*1185.64 0.02 0.00
DJ Total Stock Market*12431.25 2.95 0.02
Russell 2000706.93-0.96-0.14

NFA Notification : The NFA proposes increase in assessment fees

MarketWatch Special Financial Services.: Hedge Funds , After Hours


Hedge Funds: Berkshire’s new man: Combs uncovered

By Alistair Barr MarketWatch

New Berkshire Hathaway investment manager generated big gains in 2007 and 2008 by shorting financial stocks during the credit crisis. His latest favorite stock: Western Union.  

By Carla Mozee MarketWatch

Novellus, DreamWorks and Aflac, among other companies, are expected to release quarterly results during Tuesday’s late-trading session. 

The Washington Post Afternoon Edition.Today's Most Read Articles

Most Viewed Articles on

1) Activist is stomped outside Rand Paul-Jack Conway debate

This post was last updated at 11:09 a.m. The Louisville Courier-Journal reports that a female supporter named Lauren Valle was attacked by backers of Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul on Monday when she attempted to approach Paul outside his final debate with Democrat Jack Conway...

2) Slain AU professor's Jeep found driver arrested

D.C. police have charged a 18-year-old man with driving a Jeep Cherokee that belonged to the American University professor found slain inside her Montgomery County home Monday morning.

3) Holding out hope for moderates

If embracing a Jon Stewart rally is the best moderates can do, we're in trouble.

4) A wave that's already crested

Obama still faces a big wave on Nov. 2, but the Tea Party tsunami that's helped candidates like Christine O'Donnell has crested.

5) 'Daily Show' kicks off visit to D.C.

In its first taping of the week in Washington, "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" went straight for the capital's funny bone -- by making a slew of jokes at the expense of NPR, which created controversy last week by firing news analyst Juan Williams.

6) NBA Preview: Six story lines to watch this season

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh flexed their power last summer by bypassing the traditional team-building methods and using free agency to establish a ready-made NBA power. The SuperFriends' decisions -- and especially James's ego-fest, "The Decision" -- angered NBA legends and some fans...

7) Lillian McEwen breaks her 19-year silence about Justice Clarence Thomas

Nineteen years after his turbulent confirmation, Lillian McEwen opens up with telling details about her intimate relationship the Supreme Court justice.

8) Students ordered held in case of suspected drug lab at Georgetown

Charles Smith and John Perrone sat quietly together in U.S. District Court on Monday, each 18, pale and slender in powder-blue pants and smocks that looked like hospital scrubs. Authorities, worried about chemical contamination, had confiscated their clothing after arresting them Saturday on susp...

9) In Nevada, it's can't live with Harry Reid and can't live without him

IN SEARCHLIGHT, NEV. The empty field on the edge of town tells the story of Harry Reid's life and the political troubles that could spell the end of his career.

10) If Alaska's Senate seat doesn't work out for Joe Miller, there's always East Berlin

The Tea Party's slogans of freedom are colliding with its support for Alaska's Republican nominee for Senate.

Minewe Top Stories : J.P. Morgan to launch Physical Copper ETF

Mineweb logo

FEATURED PODCAST                                                     

The changing face of iron ore - Credit Suisse's Ric Deverell and Kamal Naqvi

A look at the continually expanding role of China and India in the iron ore markets and the longer term impacts of the move away from benchmark pricing

TOP STORIES | Tuesday , 26 Oct 2010                                                     

J.P. Morgan to launch Physical Copper ETF

J.P. Morgan has filed documents with the SEC to launch an exchange traded fund backed by physical copper. No start date or ticker name is mentioned in the filing.    Tuesday , 26 Oct 2010

Hunting value in gold stocks

While some money in gold is getting nervous investors seem quite happy to buy into those gold stocks with diversification (especially copper), those active in African development, and those listed in China    Monday , 25 Oct 2010

Patagonian gold and silver rush under way and growing

Argentina's Patagonian region looks like becoming a major gold and silver mining province with existing miners and explorers turning up some impressive resources and prospects.    Tuesday , 26 Oct 2010

$3,000 gold and $70 silver could come in 5 years - Michael Berry

Investor, mathematician and former fund manager Michael Berry, PhD, is bullish on gold, which he expects will double or more in price in the not-too-distant future. Gold Report interview.    Tuesday , 26 Oct 2010

Fed-up Newfoundland-Labrador launches official inquiry into Voisey's Bay strike

The impasse at the Voisey's Bay nickel mine between Vale and the USW has prompted an official government inquiry to be launched into why the strike seems unresolvable after 15 long months.    Tuesday , 26 Oct 2010

Saskatchewan stands firm on Potash Corp bid opposition

The province reiterated its opposition to BHP Billiton's $39bn saying, it is based on the conviction that a takeover would hurt the Canadian province, rather than on the hope of squeezing concessions out of BHP.    Tuesday , 26 Oct 2010

ArcelorMittal reports weak Q3, expects weaker Q4

The steelmaker forecast a much weaker-than expected fourth quarter as a result of muted demand, lower prices and higher costs; analysts had been expecting a marginal improvement    Tuesday , 26 Oct 2010

Orissa Minerals, Rio Tinto in final stage JV talks

Orissa Minerals and Rio Tinto first signed a multi-billion dollar iron ore joint venture agreement in 1995 which never amounted to anything, now 15 years later they are trying again    Monday , 25 Oct 2010

Arafura Resources looking to markets to raise money

The rare earth miner is hoping to seize on heightened investor interest in the sector by raising an, as yet, unspecified amount of money    Tuesday , 26 Oct 2010

Gold still an integral part of the current monetary system

While the financial world still struggles, gold prices are taking a breather but, good support is expected around the $1300 level    Monday , 25 Oct 2010

Collahuasi copper union calls on workers to strike

The workers union at the giant Chilean mine on Monday called on miners to strike this week after the latest wage offer failed to meet expectation    Tuesday , 26 Oct 2010

Yesterday's Top Story: Gold and the G20 - what next?

A warning that if long term broad capital controls are taken up by G20 members this could be disastrous for the global economy but positive for gold and other precious metals.    Monday , 25 Oct 2010

PODCASTS / RADIO                                                     

Wafi-Golpu, Freeport and nickel

A look at the importance of the expansion in the ounces at Wafi-Golpu, Freeport's strong numbers and why nickel prices are doing so well

Gold, China and QE: Brian Hicks, US Global Investors

US Global Investors' Brian Hicks explains the impact of China's interest rate rise, QE and why they are still positive on gold over the next 18 months

Molybdenum's strong outlook - Catherine Virga, Director of Research, CPM Group

Tightening supplies of the metal and continuing demand from China are just some of the reasons behind the strong outlook for the metal

RTTNews: Morning Business News: Stocks May Give Back Ground In Early Trading - U.S. Commentary

Morning Market Briefing Tue Oct 26 09:01 2010


Oct 26, 2010 Stocks May Give Back Ground In Early Trading - U.S. Commentary Stock futures are pointing to modest declines in morning trading on Tuesday as the markets await data on home prices and consumer confidence. The major index futures are all in negative territory, with the Dow futures down by 32 points. Full Article

Economic News

Oct 26, 2010 S&P Raises U.K. Rating Outlook To Stable Standard & Poor's on Tuesday raised its outlook on the United Kingdom's credit rating to stable from negative and affirmed the country's 'AAA/A-1+' sovereign credit ratings. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 Mervyn King Says Bank Reforms Must Go Further Than Basel III The Basel III framework of financial reform, which raises the capital requirement of banks, is not enough on its own to prevent another financial crisis, and more needs to be done to improve the resilience of the banking sector, Bank of England Governor Mervyn King said on Monday. In a speech at the Buttonwood Gathering in New York, King called for more "radical" measures alongside Basel III to curb excessive risk taking by banks. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 German Shoppers Turn More Upbeat On Economy German consumers are becoming more optimistic about the outlook for the economy, a survey suggested on Tuesday. However, consumers are less positive over their personal income expectations, while the survey also pointed towards lesser inclination to spend on major items. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 French Consumer Sentiment Improves Unexpectedly French consumer confidence improved unexpectedly in October to reach the highest level since March, as households assessment of future general economic situation as well as financial conditions outlook increased despite the harsh political environment. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 UK Q3 Growth Better Than Expected Britain's growth slowed in the third quarter, but far less than expected from the previous quarter as robust construction output and services underpinned recovery. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 Sweden Raises Key Interest Rate To 1% The Swedish central bank on Tuesday decided to raise its key interest rate by a quarter percentage point to 1% at the end of its two-day monetary policy meeting. Full Article

Earnings News

Oct 26, 2010 Johsnon Controls Q4 profit up 50%, adj. EPS beats StreetTuesday, Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) reported a 49.7% rise in profit for the fourth quarter, as sales grew 15% from last year. Both adjusted earnings and revenue came in above the Street view. Looking ahead, Johnson Controls reiterated its earnings outlook for fiscal year 2011. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 Ford Q3 profit up 71%, beats Street; pays off $2 bln debtTuesday, Ford Motor Co. (F) posted over a 71% rise in profit for the third quarter, despite a 3% decline in revenue. Adjusted earnings came in above the Street view, as did revenue. Ford also said it paid off $2 billion in debt in September and that it intends to pay its remaining obligation of $3.6 billion to the United Automobile Workers union’s retiree health care trust on Friday. In a separate release, Ford Motor Credit Co. reported a 16% rise in profit for the third quarter. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 Kimberly-Clark Q3 profit slides 19%, misses StreetTuesday, Kimberly-Clark Corp. (KMB) reported a 19.4% decline in profit for the third quarter, despite a 1.3% rise in sales, hurt by cost inflation. Earnings came in below the Street view, while revenue came in line with the consensus estimate. Looking ahead, the firm guided adjusted earnings for the full year to fall short of the current estimate of analysts. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 Bristol-Myers Squibb Q3 profit dips 2%, adj. EPS beats StreetTuesday, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (BMY) reported a 1.7% dip in profit for the third quarter, though sales edged up from last year. Earnings per share increased year-over-year on lower share count. Adjusted earnings came in above the Street view. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 U.S Steel posts loss in Q3Tuesday, United States Steel Corp. (X) reported a smaller loss in the third quarter, as sales grew 60% from last year. The results were hurt by repair costs. Analysts were expecting the company to report a profit for the quarter. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 UBS returns to profit in Q3Tuesday, UBS AG (UBS) reported a profit for the third quarter, compared to loss last year, despite a 3% dip in net interest income. However, the firm noted that its wealth management unit and Swiss Bank recorded net new money inflows for the first time since 2008. The results of the latest quarter benefited from net tax credit, and a decline in operating expenses. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 Arcelor Mittal Q3 profit rises 48% on higher shipmentsTuesday, ArcelorMittal (MT) reported more than a 48% rise in profit for the third quarter, as sales grew 30% from last year. The results benefited from a 15.4% climb in shipments. Looking ahead, the firm said it is cautious for the fourth quarter. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 Amgen Q3 profit slides 11%, yet beats Street; backs FY10 viewMonday, Amgen Inc. (AMGN) reported a 11% decline in profit for the third quarter, hurt mainly by higher research and development costs and as sales barely increased from last year. However, both adjusted earnings and revenues came in above the Street view. Looking ahead, the firm reiterated its financial guidance for fiscal year 2010. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 Texas Instruments Q3 profit up 60%, tops estimateMonday, Texas Instruments Inc. (TXN) reported a 60% jump in profit for the third quarter, as revenue grew 30% on strong performance across all segments, and as margins improved year-over-year. Both quarterly earnings and revenue came in well above the Street view. The company also noted that orders climbed 10% from the past year. Looking ahead, Texas Instruments provided outlook for the fourth quarter. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 Staples provides EPS outlook for Q3, FY10, FY11Monday, Staples, Inc. (SPLS) said it now expects its third quarter earnings to fall near the top end of its earnings outlook, meeting analysts' estimates. The current quarterly and full-year estimates of analysts lie at the top ends of the firm's guidance ranges. Further, Staples also provided its outlook for 2011. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 Paccar Q3 profit soars, beats Street by a penny; boosts dividendTuesday, PACCAR Inc. (PCAR) reported a sharp rise in profit for the third quarter, as sales grew 26% from last year on stronger demand for its trucks and parts. Earnings came a penny above the Street view, while revenue well cleared estimates. Upbeat on the results, the company also raised dividend by 33%. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 Coach Q1 profit rises 34%, beats StreetTuesday, Coach Inc. (COH) reported a 34% climb in profit for the first quarter, reflecting a 20% growth in revenue. Both earnings and revenue came in above the Street view. The firm noted that demand picked up both in the U.S and in foreign markets like China. Gross margin also expanded to 74.2% from 72.3% last year. Full Article
Oct 26, 2010 DuPont Q3 profit declines 10%, yet beats Street; lifts FY10 earnings viewTuesday, EI DuPont de Nemours & Co. (DD) reported a 10.3% decline in its third-quarter profit that came in below the Street view, although sales grew across all business segments and also worldwide. Sales grew 17.4% on higher volumes. However, both earnings and revenue came in above the Street view. Looking ahead the company lifted its 2010 adjusted earnings outlook. Full Article

Corporate News

Oct 26, 2010 Berkshire Hathaway appoints Todd Combs as Investment headMonday, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (BRK-A, BRK-B) said it is appointing 39-year old Fund Manager Todd Combs as the firm's chief investment officer. Todd Combs has been heading Castle Point Capital Management for the past five years after founding the firm in 2005. Full Article

Todays WS Events

Oct 26, 2010 McGraw-Hill Q3 10 Earnings Conference Call At 8:30 AM ET The McGraw-Hill Companies (MHP) CEO, Harold McGraw will host a conference call at 8:30 AM ET, October 26, 2010, to discuss its Q3 10 earnings results. To access the live webcast, log on at To hear the live call, dial (888) 323-5423 (US) or +1 (415) 228-5016 (International) with passcode McGraw-Hill A replay of the call can be heard by dialing (800) 348-3536 (US) or +1 (203) 369-3257 (International).
Oct 26, 2010 Ford Motor Q3 10 Earnings Conference Call At 9:00 AM ET Ford Motor Company (F) will host a conference call at 9:00 AM ET, October 26, 2010, to discuss its Q3 10 earnings results. To access the live webcast, log on at To participate in the call, dial 866-515-2909 (US) or +1 617-399-5123 (International); Passcode: "Ford Earnings". For replay, dial 888-286-8010 (US) or +1 617-801-6888 (International); Passcode: 69678747.
Oct 26, 2010 Staples 2010 Analyst And Investor Conference At 9:00 AM ET Staples Inc. (SPLS) will host its 2010 Analyst and Investor Conference. The event is scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM ET October 26, 2010. To access the webcast, log on at
Oct 26, 2010 EI DuPont Q3 10 Earnings Conference Call AT 9:00 AM ET EI DuPont De Nemours & Co. (DD) will host a conference call at 9:00 AM ET, October 26, 2010, to discuss its Q3 10 earnings result. To access the live webcast, log on to
Oct 26, 2010 Bristol-Myers Squibb Q3 10 Earnings Conference Call At 10:00 AM ET Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMY) will host a conference call at 10:00 AM ET, October 26, 2010, to discuss its Q3 10 earnings results. To access the live webcast, log on at To participate in the call by dialing 913-312-1235, confirmation code: 3914988. A replay of the call by dialing 402-280-9013, confirmation code: 3914988.

FINANCIAL AND FOREX INFO NEWS.- REUTERS BEFORE THE BELL.- Stock futures dip; home price, confidence data eyed


Stock futures dip; home price, confidence data eyed.
Ford posts quarterly profit, pays down debt
AIG CEO Benmosche has cancer
Berkshire moves step closer to Buffett succession
Dudley: Fed no magician, but can support economy
Sony shares rise on speculation of Apple interest
DuPont profit beats; 2010 forecast increased
AIG bailout loss was concealed due to valuation: report
TI sees PC and TV weakness for few quarters
UBS investment bank loss sours client money turnaround

F & F I N : Reuters Morning Digest.- Obama touts job creation as midterm elections near


Obama touts job creation as midterm elections near
Iraq's Tareq Aziz sentenced to death
Stock futures dip; Texas Instruments eyed
Online travel companies oppose Google, ITA deal: report
Space station to shift orbit to dodge space junk
Favre has two ankle fractures, ironman streak in jeopardy
Michael Jackson top-earning dead celebrity: report
Students win Ugly Dance World Cup