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Oct 13, 2010

MarketWatch : Special Financial Services:: Bid for Yahoo / Stocks in focus for Thursday. Oct. 13th., 2010

By John Letzing MarketWatch

AOL and a handful of private equity firms are discussing a possible buyout offer for Yahoo, The Wall Street Journal reports, sending Yahoo shares climbing sharply in after-hours trade.  

Among the companies whose shares are expected to see active trade in Thursday’s session are Google, Advanced Micro Devices and Safeway. 

 F & F I N: Share with us a video from Money show where Jim Jubac touches with reality what is going on in the markets, that lately has turned single investors- not those who move the markets - upside down in this uncertainty global economy.

Fernando Guzmán Cavero

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NYT: Breaking News Alert:Rescuers Pull All 33 Miners to Safety in Chile

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Wed, October 13, 2010

Rescuers Pull All 33 Miners to Safety in Chile

Two months, nine days and eight hours after their
excruciating ordeal began, the last of the 33 miners trapped
in an apartment-sized hole a half mile under Chile was
delivered safely to the earth's surface, capping one of the
most dramatic survival stories in mining history.

With the entire nation rapt and much of the world riveted,
the last miner, Luis Urzua, rose smoothly out of the small
hole in the ground, prompting an eruption of applause and
cheers that seemed just as heartfelt as the outpouring that
followed the emergence of the first miner nearly a day

Read More:

NYT: Breaking News Alert. Steven Rattner, N.Y. Financier, Settles With S.E.C. in Pension Case. Oct. 13th., 2010

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Wed, October 13, 2010 -- 5:35 PM ET

Steven Rattner, N.Y. Financier, Settles With S.E.C. in Pension Case

Steven Rattner, the former car czar, has agreed to settle a
kickback case with the Securities and Exchange Commission, a
person with knowledge of the negotiation said Wednesday.

Mr. Rattner will accept a multiyear ban from the securities
industry and pay a fine of more than $5 million, the person
said. He is still in negotiations over a similar settlement
with the office of the New York attorney general, Andrew M.

The settlement, which is expected to be announced on
Thursday, caps off a multiyear investigation by the
government into kickbacks paid to officials with New York's
pension fund. Earlier this month, Alan Hevesi, the state's
former comptroller, pleaded guilty to a corruption charge
involving the state fund.

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CNBC : Evening Brief: What's the Hottest Commodity Now? Try the Entire Sector. Oct. 13th., 2010


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MarketWatch: Personal Finance Daily:-A tax break that takes a bite out of college costs. Oct. 13th., 2010

Personal Finance Daily
OCTOBER 13, 2010

Wednesday's Personal Finance stories

Don't miss these top stories:

By MarketWatch

The American Opportunity Tax Credit. Those euphemistic words could describe just about anything, but that's the name of a tax break to help families pay for college costs. It's a generous break: up to $2,500 per year of college, and if the value of the credit is higher than your actual tax bill, the credit is refundable so you get money back.

This tax break has been available since 2009 — it was a temporary provision in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, otherwise known as the stimulus bill — but it's in the news today because President Obama said he wants to make it permanent. That would allow families to be able to claim up to $10,000 in tax breaks over a four-year college career. And not only is it more generous than some of the other college credits and deductions, but the income phaseout (above which taxpayers are ineligible) is higher than some other tax breaks.

Read Jennifer Waters's story today for more on what Obama is proposing, plus read about J.P. Morgan's plans to expand its scrutiny of foreclosure documents (and how state attorneys general in all 50 states announced a nationwide investigation into bank foreclosure practices), plus see what you'll likely be paying for heating this winter, all on today's Personal Finance pages.

Certainly, families aren't shy about embracing this college tax break. Some 12.5 million students and their families received a higher-education tax incentive in 2009, up from 400,000 in 2008, according to a Treasury Department report about the credit. And 4.5 million taxpayers got a tax refund averaging $800 thanks solely to the American Opportunity Tax Credit.

Over a four-year college career, those savings sure would add up. But if your student takes five years to finish up, don't expect to take advantage of this particular opportunity in that last year.

Andrea Coombes , Personal Finance editor

Obama wants tax credit for four years of college

President Obama is calling on Congress to make permanent tax credits to cover all four years of college expenses in a move that could save some families as much as $10,000 toward a degree.
Read more on Obama wants tax credit for four years of college.


J.P. Morgan to scrutinize foreclosures paperwork

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., noting that it had "identified issues" tied to mortgage foreclosure affidavits, is stepping up its review of home loans made in 41 states and 115,000 files.
Read more on J.P. Morgan to scrutinize foreclosures paperwork.


Consumers paying off debt? Not likely

If the media doesn't understand consumer delinquency numbers, there's no reason to believe consumers get it. But what became patently obvious last week when the American Bankers Association released second-quarter data on the nation's credit picture is that the "good credit behaviors" we keep hearing about of late are mostly hogwash.
Read more on consumers paying off debt? Not likely.

Winter heating bills to rise 2.5%, U.S. projects

U.S. households will spend 2.5% more on heating fuels this winter than last year, with fuel prices rising "moderately" even as slightly milder weather is expected, the Energy Information Administration said Wednesday.
Read more on winter heating bills to rise 2.5%.

EPA approves higher ethanol blends for gas

The Obama administration on Wednesday approved a 50% increase in the amount of ethanol used in fuel blends, but only for newer vehicles, a decision critics say could confuse consumers.
Read more on EPA approves higher ethanol blends for gas.


Commentary: The market-timing myth

For years, the investment industry has tried to scare clients into staying fully invested in the stock market at all times, no matter how high stocks go or what's going on in the economy. "You can't time the market," they warn. "Studies show that market timing doesn't work."
Read more on the market-timing myth.

Can financial ETF clear hurdle and join rally?

A highly traded proxy for the financial sector is close to breaking its five-month trading range as technical analysts keep a close eye on lagging bank stocks to spot any telltale signs about the broader market's direction.
Read more on can financial ETF clear hurdle and join rally?


Five common 401(k) mistakes

The recent rally in stocks — last month was the best September since 1939 — has helped beleaguered 401(k) account holders.
Read more on five common 401(k) mistakes.


Health overhaul overlooks retirees

Glenn Franco was excited to hear that the new health-care law requires insurance plans to offer coverage for dependents up to age 26. But when he recently called his health-plan administrator to ask about enrolling his 24-year-old daughter, Michelle, he was told she wouldn't be eligible for the new law taking effect on Sept. 23.
Read more on health overhaul overlooks retirees.

What's happening to your health plan?

It's open-enrollment season, the annual rite of fall when health-care costs hit home for most people.
Read more on what's happening to your health plan


Investment taxes: Will they sting?

Much has been made of the possibility of higher taxes on the wealthiest among us next year. But what will be the tax rate on investment income — interest, dividends and capital gains — for taxpayers who aren't in the top brackets?
Read more on investment taxes: will they sting?


Commentary: Obama is no radical

People have been saying some nasty things about our president. Some say Barack Obama is a dangerous commie socialist fascist Muslim pinko radical bent on destroying America. Others say he's nothing more than a damned moderate.
Read more on Obama is no radical.

Commentary: Trillion-dollar deficits don't matter

The oracles at Goldman Sachs Group say that $750 billion of quantitative easing is priced in to the market, and possibly $1 trillion — a frightful prospect that was hardly diminished by last week's lost jobs report.
Read more on trillion-dollar deficits don't matter.

Chamber's political guru sees hard work paying off

Bill Miller can't remember when he took his last vacation, works 13 to 14 hours a day every day of the week and is on the road constantly. And he couldn't be happier.
Read more on Chamber's political guru sees hard work paying off.

Chamber suit may delay director election rule

A U.S. Chamber of Commerce lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission is likely to delay implementation of a rule giving investors more director-election power even if the challenge proves a flop in the courts.
Read more on Chamber suit may delay director election rule.

Whitman, Brown duel in last Calif. debate

Entangled in a tight contest for the California governorship, Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman duked it out Tuesday over how to cure the state's crippled economy in the campaign's final debate.
Read more on Whitman, Brown duel in last Calif. debate.

NYT: Afternoon Business News.E.P.A. Approves Higher Ethanol in Gas Oct 13th., 2010.

E.P.A. Approves Higher Ethanol in Gas

The new rules would allow a 15 percent ethanol blend for vehicles manufactured since 2007.

Earnings Help Give Wall Street a Push

With earnings releases picking up, traders turned their attention away from the Fed's expected move to stimulate the economy to whether companies can continue to grow.

JPMorgan Chase Profit Rises

JPMorgan Chase kicked off what is expected to be a mixed quarterly earnings season for big banks.
Media Decoder Blog

Fee Dispute Could Disrupt Fox Programming

Cablevision and News Corporation are locked in contentious negotiations over an agreement that gives Cablevision the right to carry local Fox stations like WNYW in New York City.

Chinese Exports Surged Again in September

Massive amounts of foreign capital continue to flow into the country, complicating Beijing's economic policies.

F & F I N: Reuters -Daily Investor Update.-Wall St rises on earnings, dollar weakness. Oct. 13th., 2010


Wall St rises on earnings, dollar weakness
States probe mortgage industry practices
JPMorgan beats profit forecast but revenue weak
GM's Whitacre sees IPO share price in $20-25 range
Wal-Mart to speed up U.S. store building
Currency tensions a side-show in Fed thinking
Apple stock breaks $300 for first time
Citigroup sued by 6 women alleging gender bias
Special report: What's it take to get a loan in this town?
Walgreen board approves $1 billion share buyback

MarketWatch Alert: Industry Internet . Miccrosoft and Facebook unveil search tie-up

Microsoft, Facebook unveil search tie-up
By John Letzing MarketWatch

The software giant’s Bing will start pulling information from Facebook users into its search results, in a bid to compete against market leader Google. 

The Washington Post Afternoon Edition: Today's Most Read Articles. Oct. 13th., 2010

Washington Post


Most Viewed Articles on

1) Michelle Rhee resigning as D.C. schools chancellor

D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee announced her departure at a news conference Wednesday with Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and presumptive Mayor-elect Vincent C. Gray. She will be replaced on an interim basis by Deputy Chancellor Kaya Henderson, a close associate of Rhee's from their days at the New

2) Chile mine rescue underway 14 hoisted safely to surface

SAN JOSE MINE, CHILE - One by one, the miners who have been trapped under 2,000 feet of rock in northern Chile for more than two months were being pulled to the surface Wednesday in a special capsule, then embraced by emotional family members as the end of their saga was beamed live around the ...

3) Accused Fort Hood gunman awaits ruling on whether military trial will proceed

FORT HOOD, TEX. - Nearly a year ago, Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan, where his mission was to help fellow soldiers cope with the traumas of battle.

4) Gilbert Arenas sits with phantom injury, John Wall has big game in Wizards' preseason win

Gilbert Arenas sits with a phantom injury he says was all a ruse, and rookie John Wall has a big game in his home preseason debut as the Washington Wizards defeat the Atlanta Hawks.

5) Wall St.'s 'Inside Job'

Anyone who sees this movie will be furious.

6) Much heat, little light in final debate between Whitman and Brown

SAN RAFAEL, CALIF. - Those who tuned in to Tuesday night's third and final debate in the hard-fought battle for California governor learned at least one thing about the candidates: These two people really don't like each other.

7) The high court gets a new gore case

A sort of 'CSI effect' gripped the justices, who seemed to amuse themselves with gore.

8) D.C. judge orders Rogue States burger joint to stop grilling

A D.C. Superior Court judge ruled the popular Dupont Circle eatery Rogue States a nuisance on Tuesday and ordered it to stop grilling hamburgers after an eight-month dispute with a neighboring law firm over its "intense and noxious odor."

9) Gray must prove that he can continue reforms

'Twere well it were done quickly," Macbeth said as he pondered assassinating the king.

10) 'Mad Men' -- sexy, stylish and staunchly feminist

Historians are notorious for savaging historical fiction. We're quick to complain that writers project modern values onto their characters, get the surroundings wrong, cover up the seamy side of an era or exaggerate its evils -- and usually, we're right. But AMC's hit show "Mad Men," which ends its...

F & F I N : U.S. Markets At Close Snapshot. Oct. 13th., 2010

U.S. Markets At Close Snapshot

 Major Stock Indexes
Last  Change   % Chg
DJIA*11096.08    75.68     0.69
Nasdaq*2441.23   23.31     0.96
S&P 500*1178.10     8.33     0.71
DJ Total Stock Market*12346.529   8.15     0.80
Russell 2000*706.47   10.43     1.50
Global Dow2022.94   26.71     1.34
Japan: Nikkei Average*9403.51   14.87     0.16
Stoxx Europe 600*266.25     3.77     1.44
UK: FTSE 100*5747.35   85.76     1.51

ices: Apple, IBMarketWatch : Special Financial ServM lead Tech. stocks boosted. Oct. 13th., 2010

Tech stocks boosted by Apple, IBM gains

By Rex Crum MarketWatch

Sector leaders Apple and IBM climb to new all-time highs in early activity, as the tech sector posts broad gains.
See full story

MarketWatch Special Financial Services Alert:: Energuy Stocks lead equities higher. Oct. 13th., 2010

By Steve Gelsi MarketWatch
10/13/2010 10:29:47 AM

Chevron sits out rally on mid-quarter update 

FINANCIAL & FOREX INFO NEWS: Reuters .- Live video: Chilean miner rescue under way. Oct 13th., 2010

Live video: Chilean miner rescue under way:

(Reuters) - Twelve of Chile's 33 trapped miners were hoisted to safety in a cramped rescue capsule on Wednesday, cheering and punching the air as they hugged their families after two months deep underground.

 Read &Watch  A Slide Here : 

RTTNews: Daily Market Analysis.- Positive Global Data Points, Earnings May Reinforce Optimism. Oct. 13th., 2010

Daily Market Analysis Wed Oct 13 09:31 2010

Oct 13, 2010 Positive Global Economic Data Points, Earnings May Reinforce Optimism The major U.S. index futures are pointing to a higher opening on Wednesday, with sentiment likely to remain upbeat as economic indicators from world over suggest that recovery's momentum is still intact. Japan reported today an unexpected increase in core machinery orders and a consumer confidence reading from Australia showed an improvement. Earlier today, the Eurostat reported a solid increase in industrial production in the euro zone region. Full Article

RTTNews: Daily Stocks To Watch.-PHAZAR posts best quarterly earnings in two-plus years. Oct. 13th., 2010

Daily Stocks to Watch Wed Oct 13 09:02 2010

Stocks To Watch

Oct 13, 2010 PHAZAR posts best quarterly earnings in two-plus years – Stocks To Watch Antenna maker PHAZAR CORP, (ANTP) said it posted the best quarterly earnings in more than two years, thanks to strong sales and gross margin expansion. Full Article
Oct 13, 2010 Introducing RTT Growth & Value StocksThe Growth & Value Stocks service is designed with a disciplined approach of extensive fundamental analysis to cater swing traders and investors. The service identifies growth stocks that are generally overlooked and value stocks that are usually undervalued by the market. The growth and value stocks we select have significantly outperformed the broader market indices. Full Article

RTTNews: MorningMorning Market Briefing.- Chinese Exports Growth Slows .Chinese Exports Growth Slows

Morning Market Briefing Wed Oct 13 09:01 2010

Economic News

Oct 13, 2010 Chinese Exports Growth Slows China's exports rose at a slower, although at a still marked pace in September, official figures showed on Wednesday. The slowdown in export growth dragged down the trade surplus to a five-month low. Full Article
Oct 13, 2010 UK Sept. Consumer Sentiment Deteriorates UK consumer sentiment weakened in September to the lowest level in more than a year as Britons are more concerned about the forthcoming spending cuts of the government. Full Article
Oct 13, 2010 Eurozone Industrial Production Rises 1% Eurozone industrial production rose more than expected in August, official figures showed on Wednesday. The increase was led by an industrial rebound in Germany. Full Article
Oct 13, 2010 U.K. Unemployment Drops, But Claimant Count RisesThe number of unemployed Britons fell in the three months to August, but claimant count rose for a second month in September, giving a mixed picture of the country's labor market. Full Article
Oct 13, 2010 Australian Consumer Sentiment Bounces BackConsumer confidence in Australia rebounded in October following the Reserve Bank of Australia's surprise decision to keep rates unchanged for a fifth straight month, a new survey revealed on Wednesday. Full Article
Oct 13, 2010 Japan Core Machinery Orders Surge 10.1% On MonthCore machinery orders in Japan jumped a seasonally adjusted 10.1 percent in August compared to the previous month, the Cabinet Office said on Wednesday. Full Article
Oct 13, 2010 Fuel Prices Weigh On U.S. Import Prices In SeptemberA report released by the Labor Department on Wednesday showed that import prices fell in September compared to the previous month, while export price growth slowed. Full Article

Earnings News

Oct 13, 2010 JPMorgan Chase Q3 profit up 23% on lower credit loss provisionWednesday, JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) reported a 23% rise in its third-quarter profit, helped by lower provision for loan losses. Earnings came in above the Street view, while revenue, which declined 15.4% from last year, missed estimates. Full Article
Oct 13, 2010 Host Hotels Q3 FFO rise 13.6%, FFO per share meets StreetWednesday, Host Hotels & Resorts Inc. (HST) reported a 13.6% rise in funds from operations for the the third quarter, as total revenue grew 11.4% from last year. Quarterly FFO per share were flat with last year and came in line with the Street view. The firm noted that comparable hotel RevPAR rose 8.8%, reflecting an increase in average daily rate of 4.5% and an occupancy increase of 2.9 percentage points. Looking ahead, the firm provided loss and FFO guidance for fiscal 2010. Full Article
Oct 13, 2010 ASML Holding Q3 profit soarsWednesday, ASML Holding NV (ASML, ASMLD) reported a sharp rise in its third-quarter profit, as net system sales more-than doubled from the past year. The company also noted that gross margin improved to 43.6% from 34.4% in the prior-year quarter. Looking ahead, ASML provided fourth-quarter sales outlook. Full Article
Oct 13, 2010 Intel Q3 profit surges 59%Tuesday, Intel Corp. (INTC) reported a 59% rise in third-quarter profit, reflecting an 18% growth in revenue as well as better margins on strong demand from corporate customers and sustained growth in emerging markets. Both earnings and revenue came in above the Street view. Gross margin for the period expanded to 65.9% from 57.5% a year ago. Looking ahead, the company provided revenue guidance for the fourth quarter. Full Article
Oct 13, 2010 CSX Q3 profit up 43%, beats StreetTuesday, CSX Corp. (CSX) reported a 43% rise in third-quarter profit, as revenue grew 16% and volume climbed 10% year-over-year. Both earnings and revenue came in well the Street view. Looking ahead, the company lifted its 2010 capital investment, and said it also plans to repurchase more of its common shares. Full Article
Oct 13, 2010 Linear Technology Q1 profit more than doubles, beats consensusTuesday, Linear Technology Corp. (LLTC) reported over a two fold jump in its first-quarter profit, reflecting mainly a 65% surge in revenues. Both earnings per share and revenues came in ahead of the consensus estimate. Looking ahead, the company provided revenue growth forecast for the second quarter. Full Article

Corporate News

Oct 13, 2010 Lockheed Martin to sell Enterprise Integration business to Veritas for $815 mlnWednesday, Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT) said it agreed to sell its Enterprise Integration Group business to Veritas Capital for $815 million in cash. The company expects the deal to close by the end of 2010. Full Article
Oct 13, 2010 Alkermes gets FDA approval to sell addiction drug to treat opioid abuseTuesday, Alkermes Inc. (ALKS) said the FDA showed the green signal for the firm to market its addiction drug Vivitrol as a once-monthly injection to treat people addicted to opioid drugs. The drug was approved in 2006 for the treatment of alcohol dependence. Full Article

Todays WS Events

Oct 13, 2010 Apollo Q4 10 Earnings Conference Call At 5:00 PM ET Apollo Group Inc. (APOL) will host a conference call at 5:00 PM ET, October 13, 2010, to discuss its Q4 10 earnings result. To access the live webcast, log on at To hear the call, dial 877-292-6888 (US) or 973-200-3381 (International) with conference ID: 10181004. A replay can be heard by dialing 800-642-1687 (US) or 706-645-9291 (International) with conference ID: 10181004.
Oct 13, 2010 CSX Q3 10 Earnings Conference Call At 8:30 AM ET CSX Corp. (CSX) will host a conference call at 8:30 AM ET, to discuss Q3 10 earnings results, on October 13, 2010. To access the live webcast, log on at To hear the live call, dial 1-888-327-6279 (1-888-EARN-CSX) or 1-773-756-0199 (International).
Oct 13, 2010 Paychex 2010 Annual Meeting At 10:00 AM ET Paychex, Inc. (PAYX) will host its 2010 Annual Meeting of Stockholders in the Dryden Theatre, at George Eastman House, 900 East Avenue, Rochester, New York. The event is scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM ET, October 13, 2010. To access the live webcast, log on to
Oct 13, 2010 Host Hotels Q3 10 Earnings Conference Call At 10:00 AM ET Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (HST) will host a conference call at 10:00 AM ET, October 13, 2010, to discuss its Q3 10 earnings result. To access the webcast, log on to To participate in the call, dial (719) 325-4919. For replay, dial (888) 203-1112 with reservation number 7174871.
Oct 13, 2010 JPMorgan Q3 10 Earnings Conference Call At 9:00 AM ET JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) will host a conference call at 9:00 AM ET October 13, 2010, to discuss its Q3 10 earnings performance. To participate in the live audio webcast, log on To listen to the call, dial (866) 541-2724 or (877) 368-8360 (US); (706) 634-7246 (International). The replay can be heard by dialing (800) 642-1687 (US) or (706) 645-9291 (International) with Conference ID 11701267.

FINANCIAL & FOREX INFO NEWS: Fox Business.- Import prices fall 3%- Export Pices Increase 0.6 % in September. Oct. 13th., 2010

economy 276
Import Prices Fall 0.3% A big drop in petroleum prices offset gains in food and other non-fuel goods in September as export prices rose 0.6%.


Spending: No End in Sight

They're Burning Your Money: Congress continues to throw money at problems, but it's not working.

Wall Street Points Green

Futures pointed to a positive opening after earnings from JPMorgan and Intel.

JPMorgan Profit Jumps 22%

The second largest U.S. bank by assets reported a net income rose to $4.4 billion. | WATCH

Geithner: No Currency War

The Treasury secretary said he wants to maximize incentives for China to allow its yuan to rise in value.

IEA Cuts 2011 Oil Demand Forecast

Oil demand growth is expected to accelerate for the rest of this year but is revised lower for 2011.

MarketWatch : Special Financial Services.- Asia Markets / J.P.Morgan Profits / Indications On U.S. Stock Futures After Intel. Oct. 13th., 2010

Asia Markets: Hong Kong, Shanghai shares upbeat
By Chris Oliver MarketWatch

Asian stock market indexes end higher on Wednesday, with Hong Kong’s market rising to a 28-month high while Japanese stocks rose for the first time in four sessions after upbeat machinery orders data. 
J.P. Morgan profit jumps 23%

By Greg Morcroft MarketWatch

Falling credit-card chargeoffs help to lift the banking giant’s results. 

By Barbara Kollmeyer MarketWatch

London stocks are trading higher on Wednesday, with miners driving the gains as the price of gold pushes higher, while Standard Chartered falls after a rights issue and Burberry falls after trading update.  

By Simon Kennedy MarketWatch

Wall Street signals gains on Wednesday, with sentiment boosted by strong results from chip maker Intel; J.P. Morgan results on deck. 

Minewb : Top Stories: Chilean miners rescue a global miracle for the ages. Oct. 13th.,2010

Mineweb logo

TOP STORIES | Wednesday , 13 Oct 2010                                                     

Chilean miners rescue a global miracle for the ages

The government of Chile brought history into the living rooms and onto the computers of the world Tuesday night as the world watched a live broadcast of the unprecedented rescue of 33 miners.    Wednesday , 13 Oct 2010

Copper stock prices tell an interesting story

Listed copper stocks are currently somewhat more keenly priced than gold counterparts, but what does it mean?    Tuesday , 12 Oct 2010

World's largest tin exporter, PT Timah, halts spot sales of tin

Tin exporter PT Timah has halted spot sales of tin and is now renegotiating its contractual obligations with its Asian customers.    Wednesday , 13 Oct 2010

Junior miners budding supernovas

The world is seeing strong commodity demand and junior resource companies offer the greatest leverage to increased demand and rising prices    Wednesday , 13 Oct 2010

China a threat to India's diamond ambitions

The country is hoping to become a centre for the global gem and jewellery trade but strong growth in trade between China and Africa makes things more difficult    Tuesday , 12 Oct 2010

Constructing a bear case for gold

As gold continues to hit higher highs, a search for bears becomes slightly easier but, most remain in hibernation - at least in the short term    Tuesday , 12 Oct 2010

Chile's senate approves revamped mining royalty bill

The bill, which still needs to pass in the lower house will see miners paying a royalty at 4 to 9% on mining sales on a sliding scale. It raises the royalty to 5 to 14% starting in 2018.    Wednesday , 13 Oct 2010

BHP, Rio to meet EU antitrust regulators about proposed JV - sources

Sources said Tuesday the two miners will meet with antitrust regulators by the end of October in an effort to decide whether or not to clear the proposed $116bn joint venture    Wednesday , 13 Oct 2010

Vietnam's first u/g nickel mine eyes first production late 2011

The Ban Phuc underground nickel mine in Vietnam is progressing well with first production planned for late 2011    Wednesday , 13 Oct 2010

Q3 silver, gold production rise to record - Fresnillo

Mexican miner, Fresnillo said Wednesday it produced record amounts of both gold and silver, beating expectations and confirming its full year targets    Wednesday , 13 Oct 2010

Atlantic Copper expects no change to tight copper concentrate markets

The copper smelter says that it does not expect any change in the tightness of the concentrates market and, as a result, expects smelting fees to remain low    Wednesday , 13 Oct 2010

Goldman Sachs raises 12 month gold forecast by 20%

The bank has raised its forecast to $1,650 after a slowing US recovery and falling interest rates drive further investment into the yellow metal    Wednesday , 13 Oct 2010

Gold Fields shuts No 3 shaft at Beatrix after fatality

The gold miner said production had been halted after a fall of ground and will remain closed until certain requirements set by the Inspector of mines have been met    Wednesday , 13 Oct 2010

Central Rand Gold - are the doomsayers wrong?

Back from a recent visit, John Chadwick was impressed with the progress Central Rand Gold is making in developing its big gold resource based around old mining operations.    Tuesday , 12 Oct 2010

Yesterday's Top Story: The long and short of what's happening with silver

Things appear to have changed in silver trading with the bullion banks nearing a position where they may have lost control of the markets.    Tuesday , 12 Oct 2010 

PODCASTS / RADIO                                                     

The platinum market - David Hargreaves: Mining Consultant with W.H. Ireland

A look at the supply and demand fundamentals currently affecting the price of platinum

AngloGold, Alcoa and emerging markets

A look at the implications of AngloGold cutting its hedge book, Alcoa's results and emerging market metals plays

The rare earths landscape - Gary Billingsley, Executive Chairman Great Western Minerals

A look at the facts behind the headlines at what's actually going on in the rare earths mining space