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Oct 8, 2010

Nick Nicolaas | Mining interactive : Zeal Intelligence Weekly : "Gold stock Record Highs" ., By Adam Hamilton

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Weekly Roundup: MarketWatchs top ten stories Oct. 4 8

Weekly Roundup
OCTOBER 08, 2010

MarketWatch's top ten stories for the week

By MarketWatch

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — U.S. stocks had a busy week. There were some big gains and losses as investors were hit with a variety of data points that kept them on their toes.

By the end of the week, there was enough "good" news out there for buyers to outnumber sellers and drive the main U.S. indexes higher on a weekly basis. The housing market remains stalled, the economy is still losing jobs and manufacturing activity is bumpy to say the least. In short the economy isn't exactly taking off.

But a growing belief that the Federal Reserve will soon move to stimulate the economy and a surprisingly strong earnings report — complete with an upbeat outlook — from Alcoa helped push stocks into positive territory.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) rose 57.90 points or 0.53% on Friday to close at 11,006.48. For the week the blue chip index gained 1.63%. The broader Standard & Poor's 500 Index (SPX) rose 7.09 points or 0.61% to close at 1,165.15 on Friday and ended the week with a gain of 1.65%. The Nasdaq Composite Index (COMP) rose 18.24 points or 0.77% to end the day at 2,401.91 and finish the week with a gain of 1.31%.

Be sure to check in to MarketWatch over the weekend for all the news you need to organize your portfolio and your life. Our weekend investor piece will look at how a growing number of technology companies, who have growing piles of cash and stagnant stock prices, are coming under pressure to introduce or boost dividends.

 U.S. Week Ahead: Awaiting results from tech companies

 Europe's Week Ahead: Luxury goods, supermarkets

 Asia's Week Ahead: China trade in focus

Christopher Noble, assistant managing editor.

Currency "war" takes center stage at IMF

At meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, world leaders gathered to wrestle with the persistent problems afflicting the world's economy. A pressing issue that got a lot of attention was the increasing efforts of governments around the world to keep their currencies weak. Read a story about the currency war at the IMF meetings.

A race to the bottom

As countries struggle to get their economies out of recession, many are intervening to keep their currencies weak in the hopes that they can export their way to renewed prosperity. MarketWatch Editor In Chief David Callaway says this is a big mistake. Read David Callaway's column on the currency war.

Geithner vs China

As the currency dispute roiled financial markets this week. U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner laid the blame for the escalating currency related problems squarely at Beijing's doorstep. Not surprisingly, things look a little different from China. Read about Treasury Secretary Geithner putting pressure on China over its currency policy.

Surprise! It's a rate cut

The Bank of Japan surprised financial markets and investors this week by cutting interest rates and moving to stimulate its economy through quantitative easing steps. Read a story on the Bank of Japan's actions.

Dr. Copper

Copper has a well established and unusual ability to gauge global economic trends and the metal's recent climb to highs not seen in more than two years could be just the message investors are hoping for. Read a story about copper and the global economy.

Alcoa didn't wait

Alcoa (AA) , which reported solid earnings this week and predicted an uptick in global demand, was the first major U.S. company to report earnings for the third quarter. What does the positive outlook say for the rest of U.S. corporations, which will begin reporting financial results next week. Read a story about reaction to Alcoa's earnings.

Is that a Doctor in your pocket?

As smartphone software applications invade every aspect of our lives, no area has garnered more interest from app developers than the medical sector. Are these apps reliable? Read a story about medical smartphone apps.

Verizon at last

Millions of customers of Verizon Wireless (VZrejoiced when word leaked out that Apple (AAPL) would start selling its iPhone to Verizon customers next year ending years of exclusivity with AT&T (T). But will Verizon's network stand up to potentially millions of new customers? Read a story about reports that Verizon will soon sell the iPhone.

Still losing jobs

The U.S. economy is still losing jobs, according to government data released on Friday. While the rate of loss rose from the summer months, there is some evidence that the private sector is adding positions. Read a story about the U.S. economy losing jobs,

Seven steps

There are seven steps to many of the best things in life. Here are seven that will help you secure a sound and secure retirement. Read a column by Robert Powell on seven steps to a sound retirement.

CNBC Evening Brief : Stock Market Keeps On Rolling No Matter How Bad the News. Oct. 8th., 2010


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RTTNews : Evening Market Wrap.-Stocks Close Higher Amid Optimism About Quantitative Easing - U.S. Commentary . Oct. 8th., 2010

Evening Market Wrap Fri Oct 8 17:06 2010


Oct 8, 2010 Stocks Close Higher Amid Optimism About Quantitative Easing - U.S. Commentary Stocks showed a notable move to the upside over the course of the trading day on Friday, as a continued decrease in employment added to optimism about additional quantitative easing measures from the Federal Reserve. The strength in the markets lifted the Dow above 11,000 for the first time since May. Full Article

Economic News

Oct 8, 2010 Employment Shows Notable Decrease Amid Loss Of Government Jobs With another significant decrease in government employment offsetting continued job growth in the private sector, the Labor Department released a report on Friday showing that total employment saw a notable decrease in the month of September. The report showed that non-farm payroll employment fell by 95,000 jobs in September following a revised decrease of 57,000 jobs in August. Economists had expected employment to come in flat. Full Article

Political News

Oct 8, 2010 Poll Shows Dems Lead In All New York Races Despite Voter AngerWhile Republicans seem poised to capitalize on voter anger at the federal government in several states, the results of a Quinnipiac University poll released on Friday showed that Democrats are leading in all New York statewide races despite negative voter sentiment. Full Article
Oct 8, 2010 Obama Highlights Private Sector Job Growth, Calls For More State AidPresident Barack Obama Friday sought to emphasize the positive in the monthly job figures for the month of September, highlighting the job growth in the private sector. Obama, speaking at a concrete manufacturing company in Bladensburg, Maryland, repeated what has become a familiar refrain of pointing out job growth in the private sector even though for several months the overall jobs picture has shown losses. Full Article
Oct 8, 2010 Jones Resigns As National Security Advisor, Donilon Named As ReplacementContinuing a series of high-level departures from the White House, President Barack Obama Friday announced the resignation of his National Security Advisor, Gen. James Jones. Jones, a former Marine, joins departed White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Director of the National Economic Council Lawrence Summers and Christina Romer, chairwoman of the Council of Economic Advisers, as the latest top level official to step down roughly two years into Obama's administration. Full Article

Stocks To Watch

Oct 8, 2010 Shale and healthy…This rapidly growing independent oil and gas producer set a new company record for production in the recent second quarter. The exploration and production company continues to benefit from its head st Full Article

NYT: Afternoon Business News.-Flying Fewer Planes, Airlines Find Stability. Oct. 8th., 2010


Flying Fewer Planes, Airlines Find Stability

The scaling back in flights reflects a more timid - and perhaps chastened - industry than in previous decades.

Dow Looks to Settle Above 11,000 for First Time Since May

The move over the 11,000 level came after a disappointing jobs report which renewed expectations that the Fed could make a move at its meeting in early November.

Bank of America Halts Foreclosure Sales

The action by the bank is likely to increase pressure on other lenders to declare their own moratoriums.
Patient Money

Government Helps to Insure Children, Even Above the Poverty Line

Government health insurance for children is no longer available only for the poorest households. Now middle-class families can benefit as well.

You, Too, Can Have More Self-Control

As with all personality traits, some people are born with a greater ability to exert willpower. But that doesn't mean there aren't ways to increase it.

F & F I N : Reuters -Daily Investor Update.- Wall Street rises on Fed hopes, agriculture sector. Oct. 8th., 2010


Wall Street rises on Fed hopes, agriculture sector
Payrolls fall and investors bet on Fed move soon
BofA's U.S.-wide foreclosure halt draws call for more
FDIC to propose rules on financial firm breakups
Hulu prepares IPO amid battle with Netflix
Banks' credit improved in Q3, growth uncertain
Bullard says Fed decision on easing a "tough call"
World finance leaders seek to avoid currency clash
Pershing's Ackman goes shopping for booze and clothes
Ex-NY bank president pleads guilty in TARP fraud

F & F I N : U.S. Markets At Close. Snapshot. Oct. 8th., 2010.

Index Last Change %Change  
DJIA 11,006.48 +57.90 0.53% Hilighted
Nasdaq 2,401.91 +18.24 0.77%  
S&P 500 1,165.15 +7.09 0.61%  
FOX 50 837.00 +4.10 0.49%  
DIJA Chart

The Washington Post: Most Read Opinion Columns. Oct. 8th., 2010

Washington Post


Most Viewed Opinions Columns

1) Pr. George's man convicted in double-murder

A Prince George's County man was convicted Thursday of murdering his wife and then killing a family acquaintance he mistakenly thought was having an affair with her.

2) The Colbert Democrats

His comedy in Washington marked the end for the 111th Congress.

3) Howard allows overnight guests in upperclassman dorm

Howard University is experimenting this fall with something that many universities did at least a generation ago, allowing undergraduates to stay overnight in each other's dorm rooms.

4) Democrats assert tea party advantage

Republicans have said all year that the tea party movement was going to lead them to victory in November, but in the final weeks of the campaign it is suddenly the Democrats who are claiming a tea party advantage.

5) For Georgetown dean, Common Application is part of a larger admissions problem

Gone are the days when students aspiring to America's best colleges agonized over a stack of distinct but largely duplicative forms. This is the age of the Common App, an innovation that saves students time and has the happy side effect of swelling applicant pools, giving schools the illusion of...

6) Reston-based company MERS in the middle of foreclosure chaos

As courts across the country face a wave of foreclosures, a name little known to the public has cropped up on thousands of court filings as a stand-in for prominent banks, lenders and mortgage servicers.

7) China's Liu Xiaobo wins Nobel Peace Prize

Liu Xiaobo, an irrepressible, chain-smoking Chinese dissident imprisoned last year for subversion, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for helping to spearhead a campaign for more freedom in China. The Nobel Committee said Liu, 54, deserved the prize "for his long and non-violent struggle fo

8) An enduring estrangement

In many ways, it's a shame that African Americans will vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

9) Can Democrats spring an upset in Texas governor's race?

AUSTIN- Democrats have a dream this year and it goes like this: It is election night. As the cable news networks' electronic maps run red with Republican victories, three of the nation's most populous states - California, Florida and Texas - turn instead to blue.

10) Anna Chapman resurfaces. Blast off!

MOSCOW- Anna Chapman, the come-hither Russian spy, threw off her cloak, stowed the dagger and stepped out of the shadows Friday.

The Washington Post :Breaking News Alert: Obama calls on China to free Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo . Oct. 8th., 2010

Breaking News Alert: Obama calls on China to free Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo
October 8, 2010 11:35:29 AM

President Obama, who was awarded last year's Nobel Peace Prize, called on China to release this year's winner, Liu Xiaobo, who is serving an 11-year prison sentence.

"Last year, I noted that so many others who have received the award had sacrificed so much more than I. That list now includes Mr. Liu, who has sacrificed his freedom for his beliefs. By granting the prize to Mr. Liu, the Nobel Committee has chosen someone who has been an eloquent and courageous spokesman for the advance of universal values through peaceful and non-violent means, including his support for democracy, human rights, and the rule of law," Obama said.

"We call on the Chinese government to release Mr. Liu as soon as possible," he said.

For more information, visit

F & F I N : Forclosure Cris Continues. Oct 8th., 2010

Home Foreclosure
Foreclosure Crisis ContinuesChallenges to foreclosures will likely multiply exponentially in the coming months, but at the end of the day, taxpayers will end up paying for this mess.


Markets Mull Jobs Report's Implications

Stocks dipped in and out of negative territory as Wall Street had a muted response to the jobs report.

Economy Loses 95K Jobs

Non-farm payrolls dropped 95,000 in September as the jobless rate held steady at 9.6%.| WATCH

FDIC to Propose Liquidation Rules

The regulator will reportedly propose rules for seizing and dismantling firms on the verge of collapse.

States to Receive $1.5B for Small Biz

Treasury announced a $1.5 billion lending initiative to promote small businesses at the state level.

Regulators Try to End Currency War

World finance leaders will try to soothe currency tensions which could prolong the slowdown.

CFTC: CFTC Charges Ohioans Kevin and Keelan Harris, Complete Developments LLC, Investment International Inc. and Three Ontario, Canada-based Defendants with Operating a Multi-Million Dollar Foreign Currency Ponzi Scheme. Oct. 8th., 2010

CFTC Charges Ohioans Kevin and Keelan Harris, Complete Developments LLC, Investment International Inc. and Three Ontario, Canada-based Defendants with Operating a Multi-Million Dollar Foreign Currency Ponzi Scheme
Thu, 07 Oct 2010 15:26:00 -0500
The CFTC filed a lawsuit against brothers Kevin and Keelan Harris and their companies, Complete Developments LLC and Investment International Inc., all of Warren, Ohio, and Karen Starr of Barrie, Ontario, Patrick Cole and Global Strategic Marketing Inc., both of Mississauga, Ontario.

RTTNews: daily Market Briefing .-Stocks May See Lackluster Open As Traders Digest Jobs Data - U.S. Commentary . Oct 8th., 2010

Morning Market Briefing Fri Oct 8 09:02 2010


Oct 8, 2010 Stocks May See Lackluster Open As Traders Digest Jobs Data - U.S. Commentary Stocks may show a lack of direction in early trading on Friday as traders digest a report showing a continued decrease in U.S. employment in September. The major index futures are currently mixed, with the Dow futures down by 7 points. Full Article

Economic News

Oct 8, 2010 German Exports Decline For Second Month German exports fell for a second consecutive month in August raising concerns over a strengthening euro and added to expectations that economic growth moderated in the third quarter. Full Article
Oct 8, 2010 Moody's Likely To Upgrade China's Sovereign Ratings Moody's Investors Service on Friday placed the Chinese government's bond ratings on review for possible upgrade citing economic resilience and strong fiscal position. The review will be completed within three months. Full Article
Oct 8, 2010 U.K. Producer Prices Rise In September British industries remain burdened by rising prices as the economy faces renewed headwinds. Output price inflation eased slightly in September, but import price inflation accelerated. Full Article
Oct 8, 2010 Bank Of Japan Minutes Show Yen ConcernMeeting notes of the Bank of Japan's September policy meeting showed bank members' growing concerns over yen's rise against the U.S. dollar. Full Article
Oct 8, 2010 U.S. Employment Fell By 95,000 Jobs September With another significant decrease in government employment offsetting continued job growth in the private sector, the Labor Department released a report on Friday showing that total employment saw a notable decrease in the month of September. Full Article

Earnings News

Oct 8, 2010 Alcoa Q3 profit up 21%, beats StreetThursday, Alcoa, Inc. (AA) reported a 21% drop in its third-quarter profit, hurt by lower prices, a weaker dollar and by one-time charges. However, adjusted earnings per share came in above the Street view, as did sales, which grew 15% year-over-year. Looking ahead, the company said it now expects global aluminum consumption to rise 13% in 2010 on stronger demand. Full Article
Oct 8, 2010 Micron Technology returns to profit in Q4; yet misses StreetThursday, Micron Technology Inc. (MU) posted a fourth-quarter profit, compared to loss last year, reflecting a 92% surge in quarterly sales. The year-ago results were also hurt by hefty charges related to restructuring in its memory chip operations. However, both earnings per share and revenue came in below the Street view. Full Article

Broker Ratings Changes

Oct 8, 2010 FBR Capital Markets Starts VMware Inc. (VMW) At Market Perform With $82 Price Target

Todays WS Events

Oct 8, 2010 CVS Caremark 2010 Analyst Day At 8:00 AM ET CVS Caremark Corp. (CVS) will host its 2010 Analyst Day in New York City. The event is scheduled to begin at 8:00 AM ET, October 8, 2010. To access the live webcast, log on to
Oct 8, 2010 AT&T To Present At The CTIA Enterprise Conference; Webcast At 1:00 PM ET AT&T, Inc. (T) AT&T Business Solutions' President and CEO, John Stankey, will present at the CTIA Enterprise & Applications Conference in San Francisco on October 8, 2010. The event is scheduled to begin at 1:00 PM ET. To access the live webcast, log on at

RTTNews: Daily Market Analysis: Weak Jobs Report May Weigh On Markets

Daily Market Analysis Fri Oct 8 09:01 2010

Oct 8, 2010 Weak Jobs Report May Weigh On Markets - RTTNews Daily Market Analysis The major U.S. index futures are pointing to a lower opening on Friday, with sentiment likely to be impacted by an employment report that showed a steep decline in payrolls. The private sector added less jobs than had been anticipated, while the unemployment rate remained unchanged. The weak numbers should lead to some selling from the overbought levels the markets are currently in. Full Article

NYT: Breaking News Alert: U.S. Economy Lost 95,000 Jobs in September; Jobless Rate Steady at 9.6%

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Fri, October 08, 2010 -- 8:38 AM ET

U.S. Economy Lost 95,000 Jobs in September; Jobless Rate Steady at 9.6%

The United States economy shed 95,000 nonfarm jobs in
September, the Labor Department reported Friday, with gains
in private-sector employment outweighed by cutbacks in
government payrolls. The steep drop was far worse than
economists had been predicting.

While private companies added 64,000 jobs, total government
employment fell by 159,000. The unemployment rate, which
measures the percentage of workers actively looking for but
unable to find jobs, stayed at 9.6 percent.

The recovery that officially began in June 2009 has slowed
considerably in recent months, raising concerns about the
long slog the country will have to endure before the economy
finally starts to feel healthy again.

Read More:


  Stock futures lower ahead of jobs data as dollar firms
Employment seen flat in September
Bullard says Fed might hold off on easing in November
UAE says BlackBerry dispute resolved before deadline
FDIC to propose new rules on liquidations: report
Japan stands firm on FX intervention ahead of G7 meet
ISE plans to launch second U.S. options exchange: report
States to receive $1.5 billion for small businesses
Tensions rise in Sanofi-Genzyme bid war
Alcoa Q3 profit beats view, stock up on outlook

Gold Mineweb News: US data eyed as gold steadies. Oct 8th., 2010

Mineweb logo

GOLD     $1,330.50/oz

SILVER  $22.37/oz

TOP STORIES | Friday , 08 Oct 2010                                                     

US data eyed as gold steadies

Gold consolidated in European trade on Friday, steadying after the yesterday's volatile trading session    Friday , 08 Oct 2010

AngloGold eliminates gold hedgebook, confident in gold's future path

World's No. 3 gold miner has bought out its outstanding gold hedgebook some three months ahead of schedule, confirming management's great confidence in gold's future.    Thursday , 07 Oct 2010

Junior gold stocks vs the majors - Risk vs reward.

At times of a rapidly rising gold price juniors tend to outperform, but at what risk to a downturn.    Friday , 08 Oct 2010

Vancouver junior Bear Creek may be a top primary silver miner by 2014

With two advanced silver deposits, including a potential world-class mine, and 320 million reserve ounces, Bear Creek may be on the fast track as a future major silver miner.    Friday , 08 Oct 2010

Open-pit mining ban in Philippine province threatens Xstrata copper-gold project

The ban in the South Cotabato province took effect on October 3, and could endanger the $5.2bn Tampakan project which is, considered to be biggest undeveloped copper-gold prospect in Southeast Asia.    Friday , 08 Oct 2010

Petropavlovsk halves size of Hong Kong IPO

According to a term sheet the gold miner is hoping to raise $249m on the listing its non-precious metals unit    Friday , 08 Oct 2010

Zijin Mining fined $1.4m for July gold mine spill

The company was fined for leaking acidic copper solution into the Ting River in Fujian province    Friday , 08 Oct 2010

Russian gold miner Petropavlovsk holds production target despite eqpt. delivery probs

London-headquartered Russian gold miner, Petropavlovsk aims to hit restated production target despite equipment delay but stock takes a knock.    Thursday , 07 Oct 2010 

COMPANY RELEASES                                                     

Gold Fields closes debut US$1bn bond

Bear Creek announces robust Santa Ana silver project Feasibility Study

Village Main Reef to acquire 74% of Consolidated Murchison gold/antimony mine

IMZ announces good gold intercepts from Goldfield project, Nevada

Integra capitalises on record gold price with official opening of Randalls mine

Harmony Gold's production guidance for Q3

World Gold Council explores use of gold in electronics

Gold One receives credit approval for US$65 million loan facility

Timmins Gold reports support for Capital Gold merger increases

AngloGoldcompletes elimination of hedge book, gains full exposure to gold


WSJ: India News Update .- Reliance Industries Picks Up the Pace. Oct. 8th., 2010

October 8, 2010 -- 5:00 p.m.

Liu Xiaobo Wins Nobel Peace Prize
Imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize, in a move certain to infuriate China's government.

Imagining America's 'Commonwealth' Games
India Real Time wondered, just for fun, what sports and which countries might appear in a U.S. equivalent of the Commonwealth Games.

Sports Presenter Mayanti Langer on the Games
Sports anchor Mayanti Langer says she has attracted a new group of fans thanks to her Commonwealth Games coverage for Doordarshan.

CWG Day 5: India's Medals Tally
India began its fifth day at the Commonwealth Games by winning the first gold medal in archery competition.

Netball: It's Not like Basketball, OK?
Netball players and officials would like to make one thing clear. This is a very different sport - and a better one - than basketball.
The Rising Threat of Cyber Crime
Companies are facing an increasing barrage of online attacks, but few have adequate defenses in place

India Hunts for Spectators, Microbes
Having won plaudits from foreign officials for getting the Commonwealth Games off to a good start, Indian authorities face new challenges, including a number of athletes with stomach bugs and a lack of capable drivers.

U.S. Contractors Employed Taliban
A Senate panel has found evidence that the mostly Afghan force of private security guards the U.S. military depends on to protect supply convoys and bases in Afghanistan is rife with criminals, drug users and insurgents.

Verizon iPhone May Not Be Built for Speed
The real question about a Verizon iPhone is no longer whether it will be available sometime soon. It's whether it will be an iPhone 4G.

India Car Sales Hit Record
Car makers in India recorded their highest-ever monthly sales in September, continuing several months of strong growth as Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford and others benefited from the introduction of new models, easier availability of loans and upcoming festivals.
  India Real Time
Mirza Finals-Bound, But a Tennis Setback for India
This is the first time tennis has been part of the Commonwealth Games and India had high hopes to win several gold medals. So far, things are going according to plan ? almost.

Reliance Industries Picks Up the Pace
It's not often that Reliance Industries, India's largest company by market capitalization, has lagged behind the benchmark Sensex and yet over the past three months, the stock is down about 0.8% and has fallen 5.1% over the past six months.

Who’s the Indian in The Social Network?
There is an Indian character in the movie 'The Social Network' that plays an integral role in the narrative: Divya Narendra, a Harvard student who tussled with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg. But an Indian doesn?t play Mr. Narendra in the movie.

Sports Presenter Mayanti Langer on the Games
Sports anchor Mayanti Langer says she has attracted a new group of fans thanks to her Commonwealth Games coverage for Doordarshan.

CWG Day 5: India’s Medals Tally
India began its fifth day at the Commonwealth Games by winning the first gold medal in archery competition.