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Sep 23, 2010

MarketWatch : Currencies. The Frustration of the Euro Bull



The Frustrations of the Euro Bull Hopes of a euro rally towards $1.40 have been dashed now that euro-zone growth is slowing sharply and the cost of insuring sovereign debt has risen steeply. video content
Euro tops $1.34 for the first time since April NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- The dollar fell about 1% against the euro for a second day, pushing the shared currency to the highest since April, as investors around the globe interpreted Tuesday's statement from the U.S. Federal Reserve as increasing the likelihood that it will soon embark on some kind of asset-buying program, which would weaken the greenback. The euro rose to $1.3415 recently, from $1.3242 in late North American trading on Tuesday. It hasn't topped $1.34 intraday since April.
FOREX Trading Lures Individual Investors U.S. individual investors are increasingly drawn to foreign exchange trading, long the domain of professional traders. MarketWatch's Deborah Levine reports. video content

CFTC PRESS RELEASE:Federal Court Freezes Assets of Mark Alan Vanderploeg and His Companies. Sept. 23rd., 2010

Federal Court Freezes Assets of Mark Alan Vanderploeg and His Companies, Midwest Land & Livestock, Inc., SKV Farms Inc. and DCV Farms, Inc.
Thu, 23 Sep 2010 14:51:00 -0500
The CFTC obtained an emergency federal court order freezing assets held by defendants Mark Alan Vanderploeg of Glendale, Ariz. and his companies, Midwest Land & Livestock, Inc. also of Glendale, SKV Farms Inc. of Omaha, Neb. and DCV Farms, Inc. of Minneapolis, Minn.

CNBC EVENING BRIEF: Vote on Bush Tax Cuts Is Now Unlikely Before Nov. Elections. Sept. 23rd., 2010


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MarketWatch: Personal Finance Daily .- Currency trading isnt for the fainthearted. Sept. 23rd., 2010

Personal Finance Daily
SEPTEMBER 23, 2010

Thursday's Personal Finance stories

Don't miss these top stories:

By MarketWatch

If you're leery of what the future holds for the stock market, and of ultra-low bond yields, where do you put your money now? An increasing number of brave investors are turning to currency trading.

The average daily volume of retail traders in the global currency markets hit $125 billion this year, up from $10 billion just nine years ago, according to a source quoted by MarketWatch's Deborah Levine in her story today on the growing popularity of currency trading among U.S. investors.

But is it for you? Deborah writes that, after losing $100,000 in a month of trading, she learned that currency trading requires active and careful monitoring. There's no set-it-and-forget-it in the 24-hours-a-day currency market, especially as the area is dominated by active traders focused on the short term. Read our package of stories today to find out more.

Lucky for Deb she was using fake money in a trial account.

Andrea Coombes , Personal Finance editor


How I lost $100,000 trading currencies

When I learned I'd be writing about the growth in retail currency trading, I figured it made sense to try it myself. Luckily, it was only play money.
Read more on how I lost $100,000 trading currencies

Currency trading gains retail-investor following

Andrew Weissman started trading currencies last spring after he graduated from college with a finance degree and found it hard to land a traditional job.
Read more on currency trading gains retail-investor following.

Five emerging foreign currency pairs to trade

While the major currency pairs dominate foreign-exchange trading, other units are gaining in popularity as investors look for ways to play off growth in China and other emerging markets.
Read more on five emerging foreign currency pairs to trade.

Recession or not, how to invest now

Modest recovery, prolonged recession, double-dip recession or "L" — there's money to be made no matter the label.
Read more on recession or not, how to invest now.

The best technology stock on the board

Every era has its bombproof stocks — the ones that go up when everything else goes down, jump when everything else is flat, and fly when everything else is inching along. The ones that make you say, "I knew that one was going to go, but it was too hot to touch" about 10 times. A month.
Read more on the best technology stock on the board.

How to invest when the market is against you

Like the hapless souls who boldly race bulls through the streets of Pamplona, Spain, unsuspecting people charge down Wall Street without fully appreciating its unpredictable and dangerous terrain. Although eager to participate, many end up getting gored by the herd.
Read more on how to invest when the market is against you.

Commentary: A September bear looks to October

Earnings warnings in the tech and banking industries. A two-day crack in the dollar. Gold nearing $1,300 an ounce. And the Obama administration imploding faster than the Chicago Cubs in April.
Read more on a September bear looks to October.


Money woes change parents' plans

The economic downturn is causing some parents to think twice before having more children.
Read more on money woes change parents' plans.


Commentary: Should Zuck be on the Forbes richest list?

Forbes has come out with a new Forbes 400 list of the richest people in America, and it is trumpeting that the personal wealth of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, soared 245%, putting him above Apple Inc. chief Steve Jobs on their list.
Read more on should Zuckerberg be on the Forbes richest list?

10 worst celebrity business owners

Maybe it's the inflated ego or the itch to do something with those millions of dollars just laying around, but some celebrities have a knack for making some pretty bad business decisions. Somehow, they convince themselves that they can branch out beyond their talents -- only to discover that their business savvy isn't anywhere near their acting or athletic abilities.
Read about 10 worst celebrity business owners, on


Rates on fixed-rate mortgages hold: Freddie Mac

Average interest rates on fixed-rate mortgages didn't budge this week compared with last week, after the Federal Reserve suggested a continuing economic climate marked by slow growth and low inflation, Freddie Mac's chief economist said Thursday.
Read more on rates on fixed-rate mortgages hold: Freddie Mac.

U.S. existing-home sales rebound 7.6%

Resales of U.S. single-family homes and condos rebounded modestly in August after hitting a record low in the prior month, the National Association of Realtors reported Thursday.
Read more on U.S. existing-home sales rebound 7.6%.


Jobless claims rise 12,000 to 465,000

The number of people who filed new claims for unemployment benefits jumped 12,000 to 465,000 in the latest week, underscoring the lack of hiring in a weak U.S. labor market.
Read more on jobless claims rise 12,000 to 465,000.


Commentary: Western U.S. at risk of double-dip recession

Most regions of the United States are showing signs of economic life, but the West could drop back into recession because the housing market is still comatose, according to research released Thursday by the Dismal Scientist of Moody's Analytics.
Read more on Western U.S. at risk of double-dip recession.

Goldline, lawmaker do battle over gold coins

Rep. Anthony Weiner clashed with a senior official from Goldline International Inc. in a politically charged hearing Thursday where the New York Democrat charged that the Santa Monica, Calif.-based precious metal dealer ‘grossly overcharges' for their gold coins.
Read more on Goldline, lawmaker do battle over gold coins.

Federal Reserve may get help from weak dollar

The Federal Reserve follows a strict "don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to the U.S. dollar.
Read more on Federal Reserve may get help from weak dollar.

Did politics influence the SEC's Goldman case?

Timing is everything, except when it's not. Late Tuesday, a member of the Securities and Exchange Commission's internal watchdog questioned the timing of the commission's fraud lawsuit against Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
Read more on did politics influence the SEC's Goldman case?

Small bank CEOs may shun $30 billion fund

A $30 billion program backed by the Obama administration to encourage community banks to lend to small businesses is missing one thing -- demand from banks.
Read more on small bank CEOs may shun $30 billion fund.

Obama presses China's Wen on yuan rate

The United States is expecting China to move more rapidly to allow the value of China's currency to rise, President Barack Obama told Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in New York on Thursday.
Read more on Obama presses China's Wen on yuan rate.

Tax, spending cuts at heart of GOP pledge

House Republicans, in an election-year appeal to voters, pledged Thursday to cut taxes and jettison President Barack Obama's health-care and stimulus plans under a new agenda unveiled about six weeks before high-stakes midterm elections.
Read more on tax, spending cuts at heart of GOP pledge.

August leading economic index rises 0.3%

The U.S. economy is vulnerable to sliding back into a recession, the Conference Board said on Thursday as it reported that its index of leading economic indicators rose 0.3% in August.
Read more on August leading economic index rises 0.3%.

FCC crafts rules for use of ‘white spaces'

Federal regulators on Thursday approved rules for the use of unlicensed airwaves known as "white spaces" that could make new Internet service such as "super Wi-Fi" more readily available to consumers and businesses.
Read more on FCC crafts rules for use of ‘white spaces'.

Mining In Africa : European Gold Centre: The Race For Resources. Sept.23rd., 2010

a publication of

E U R O P E A N   G O L D   C E N T R E

Dear reader,

As you may have seen from the recent GOLDVIEW and MINING IN EUROPE issues, I have decided to change the format of the reports in an effort to make them even more actual than before. Here you have the September issue of the MINING IN AFRICA EDITORIAL, which is largely focusing on West Africa as a result of two of the world's major gold mining companies entering the scene of Africa and in particular West Africa as one of the world's fastest-growing and most prospective gold regions. You may see this as Part I on of an overview which will be continued next month when the focus will be on Eastern and North Africa.

Next week, you may expect another UPDATE REPORT on NEW DAWN MINING CORP, one of The Centre's SUPPORTING COMPANIES, which has expanded its scope into gold mining in ZIMBABWE through its recently completed acquisition.

Enjoy your reading!
Henk J. Krasenberg

RTTNews : Evening Market Wrap.- Stocks See Moderate Losses As Jobs Remain Chief Concern. Sept. 23rd., 2010

Evening Market Wrap Thu Sep 23 17:01 2010  


Sep 23, 2010 Stocks See Moderate Losses As Jobs Remain Chief Concern - U.S. Commentary Stocks ended moderately lower on Thursday, as an unexpected pickup in jobless claims overshadowed better than expected readings on existing home sales and leading economic indicators. In addition, private sector growth in Europe showed a troubling slowdown, further driving a late-day pullback. Full Article

Economic News

Sep 23, 2010 Weekly Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Show Modest Increase Following some recent positive signs on the employment front, first-time claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly showed a modest increase in the week ended September 18th, according to a report released by the Labor Department on Thursday. The report showed that initial jobless claims edged up to 465,000 from the previous week's revised figured of 453,000. Economists had expected jobless claims to come in unchanged compared to the 450,000 originally reported for the previous week. Full Article
Sep 23, 2010 August Existing Home Sales Rebound In Line With Expectations After reporting a steep drop in existing home sales in the month of July, the National Association of Realtors released a report on Thursday showing that existing home sales in the month of August rebounded roughly in line with economist estimates. NAR said existing home sales rose by 7.6 percent to an annual rate of 4.13 million in August from an upwardly revised 3.84 million in July. Existing home sales had been expected to increase to 4.10 million. Full Article
Sep 23, 2010 Leading Indicators Index Shows Moderate Increase In August Thursday morning, the Conference Board released its report on leading economic indicators in the month of August, showing that its leading indicators index for the month increased by more than economists had been anticipating. The report showed that the leading indicators index increased by 0.3 percent in August following a 0.1 percent increase in July. Economists had been expecting the leading index to show a more modest increase of about 0.1 percent. Full Article

Forex Commentary

Sep 23, 2010 Dollar Back Near 15-year Lows Versus Yen The dollar touched its lowest level in a week versus the yen on Thursday, edging back toward a recent 15-year low despite speculation a second Japanese intervention is forthcoming. Officials in Tokyo stepped into the currency markets to tame the surging yen earlier this month, but that effort appears not to have had a lasting impact. Full Article

Political News

Sep 23, 2010 Republicans Once Again Block Campaign Finance Reform BillSenate Democrats once again failed to move forward on a controversial campaign finance reform bill on Thursday, with Republicans blocking the bill from coming to the floor amid concerns that it shows favoritism to unions over corporations. While the Senate voted 59 to 39 in favor of the motion to proceed, it fell short of the 60 votes needed. Full Article
Sep 23, 2010 Obama Calls For Global Support For Mideast PeacePresident Barack Obama Thursday called on the world to more broadly support efforts to bring peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, Obama said that the process of forging a comprehensive peace has been a winding road, but he said that the series of direct talks brokered by his administration was an important step forward. Full Article

NYT: Afternoon Business News


Irish Economy Shrank in Second Quarter

The surprising setback comes as a banking crisis is threatening Ireland's financial credibility.

China Blocks Vital Exports to Japan

Escalating a dispute over Japan's detention of a Chinese fishing trawler captain, China halted exports of some crucial rare earth elements.

Avis Raises Its Dollar Thrifty Bid to $1.5 Billion

Avis raised its offer for Dollar Thrifty a third time, to about $1.52 billion, 11 days after Hertz Global Holdings raised its own takeover offer for Dollar.

U.S. Home Sales in August Matched Modest Forecasts

The National Association of Realtors said that August sales were down 19 percent from August 2009 but up 7.6 percent from July.

Bank Shares Lead Wall Street Lower

First-time claims for unemployment benefits rose last week, a further indication the economy remains weak.

F & F I N : Reuters Daily Investor Update .- Markets end down with S&P under key level . Sept. 23rd., 2010

Markets end down with S&P under key level
Obama asks Wen for more action on yuan
Luminaries say recession not over
Volcker: Fed must not sow seeds of inflation
Congress sends small business bill to Obama
Blockbuster seeks turnaround in bankruptcy
Credit Suisse commods team leaves to form own fund
Data hints economic soft patch may be easing
HSBC chief Geoghegan to step down this year: report
McDonald's raises quarterly dividend 11 percent

The Washington Post : Today's most read articles. Sept. 23rd., 2010

Most Viewed Articles on

1) House Republicans make a conservative 'Pledge to America'

House Republicans on Thursday announced an expansive agenda called "A Pledge to America" that proposes to shrink the size of government and reform Congress, offering a conservative plan of action they will pursue if they win a majority in the midterm elections.

2) Two of Obama's closest advisers among those likely to leave in White House shuffle

In his nearly two years in office, President Obama has relied on a very small clique of advisers that serves as his most trusted sounding board on politics and policy.

3) Generals criticized surge, Woodward writes

A new book by Bob Woodward on the Obama administration's Afghan war deliberations presents three generals in the White House and State Department as the military's toughest, most persistent and most skeptical critics.

4) Phoenix apologizes for hoaxing Letterman

NEW YORK -- Actor Joaquin Phoenix returned to David Letterman's "Late Show" on Wednesday to apologize for his wacky appearance last year that turned out to be an elaborate piece of performance art.

5) Swing time in Bucks County?

Pennsylvania's 8th district is a battleground that should tilt right in a year like this.

6) Tempest in a very small teapot

There is a lot of discontent in America, but it is better represented by moderate than by Tea Party ideologues.

7) GM must sell for $134 a share for U.S. to recover investment

In order for the United States to recoup all of its $50 billion investment in General Motors, it must sell its ownership stake at $134 a share, according to the special inspector general of the government's bailout programs.

8) Senate Democrats may abandon plans for showdown on tax cuts

Senate Democrats are considering abandoning plans for a preelection showdown with Republicans over expiring tax breaks for the wealthy, saying a lack of consensus within the party and a desire to focus on job creation may delay a vote until after the November elections.

9) The real un-Americans

As Tea Partyers contend, there are un-Americans in high places.

10) Amid mountain of paperwork, shortcuts and forgeries mar foreclosure process

The nation's overburdened foreclosure system is riddled with faked documents, forged signatures and lenders who take shortcuts reviewing borrower's files, according to court documents and interviews with attorneys, housing advocates and company officials.


from The Wall Street Journal Online

September 23, 2010 -- 4:30 p.m. EDT



The populist movement is more a critique of the GOP than a wing of it.

* * *

Walter Mondale himself sees a parallel.

* * *

Lots of people are wondering whether a touch-based tablet computer can replace their laptops on the road. Walt Mossberg decided to find out. - Mossberg: Tablet a Pleasant Tool for Travel - Publishers Bank on Tablets

* * *

College graduates not only earn more, but they are far more likely to keep their jobs when times get tough.

* * *

Obama to Senate: Stick that in your advice and consent clause.


Walter Mondale himself sees a parallel.

* * *

Eyeing a potential Congressional victory in November, House Republicans are planning to chip away at the White House's legislative agenda by depriving programs of cash. - Rhetoric Heats Up in Alaska Race - New Name in GOP 2012 Mix - News Hub: GOP Aims to Erode Obama's Agenda - More: Campaign 2010 | Washington Wire

* * *

"Denim really does shape to people's bodies, and when you wash a jean you lose some of that shape," says Carl Chiara, director of brand concepts and special projects for Levi Strauss Co.

* * *

Men can register for women's race, as footnotes on the event websites note. But these races tolerate rather than welcome male participants.

* * *

The populist movement is more a critique of the GOP than a wing of it.

F & F I N : The House of Representatives approved a $30 billion small business lending bill, which now heads to President Obama to sign into law


276 bailout capitol money washington
House Approves $30B BillThe U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would aid small businesses and sent it to President Obama for final signing.

Economists: Tax Hikes Anti-Stimulus

Taxed to Death No less than 313 economists signed a letter to Congress saying letting tax cuts expire would harm growth prospects.

As Layoffs Begin, BofA Throws a Party

Bank of America's capital markets arm, which will see the brunt of the bank's layoffs, is scheduled to throw a lavish party tonight at a bar in New York.

Stocks Favor Red Ahead of Close

Stocks trended lower as Wall Street struggles with bleak data and the S&P 500 flirts with key levels.

NYT : Breaking News Alert : F.D.A. and European Regulators Severely Restrict Avandia, Citing Heart Risks. September 23rd., 2010

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Thu, September 23, 2010

F.D.A. and European Regulators Severely Restrict Avandia, Citing Heart Risks

In a highly unusual coordinated announcement, drug regulators
in Europe and the United States said Thursday that Avandia,
the diabetes medicine made by GlaxoSmithKline, will no longer
be widely available.

The drug's sales will be halted entirely in Europe, and
patients in the United States will be allowed to receive it
only if they have tried every other diabetes medicine and
have been made aware of the drug's substantial risks to the

The steps all but ensure that sales of Avandia -- $1.19
billion last year, and $3.2 billion as recently as 2006 --
will plunge to almost nothing as other regulators follow

Read More:

MarketWatch Special Financial Services: Emerging Markets Report: Petrobras nears pricing of largest share-sale ever. Sept. 23rd., 2010

Emerging Markets Report: Petrobras nears pricing of largest share-sale ever
By Carla Mozee MarketWatch

Petrobras nears pricing a sale of up to $78 billion in shares in what’s poised to be the largest share sale on record. 

By Shawn Langlois MarketWatch

Shares of the jewelry retailer miss out on broader market bounce amid some negative analyst commentary and a top shareholder’s move to cut its stake. 

MarketWatch : Special Financial Services.- MarketWatch First Take: Did politics influence the SEC’s Goldman case?. Sept 23rd., 2010

MarketWatch First Take: Did politics influence the SEC’s Goldman case?
By MarketWatch

The bottom line is the SEC’s Goldman case is its merit: In the lawsuit over Abacus, the SEC may have backed down, but the sunlight it shined on transactions was needed, and Goldman deservedly took some heat.  

RTTNews Daily Market Analysis .- Unresolved Uncertainty May Place Traders On Edge. Sept. 23rd. 2010.

Daily Market Analysis Thu Sep 23 09:16 2010 

Sep 23, 2010 Unresolved Uncertainty May Place Traders On Edge - RTTNews Daily Market Analysis The major U.S. index futures are pointing to a lower opening on Thursday, with sentiment continuing to be guarded amid the uncertainty. An unexpected increase in weekly jobless claims reported today may also add to the woes. Although sentiment is bordering on the negative, the housing report to be released shortly after the markets open may be the decisive factor determining the market direction of today's session. Full Article

RTTNews: Daily Stocks to Watch.- WidePoint unit bags 5-yr, $84 mln contract from Transportation Security Administration . Sept 23rd., 2010

Daily Stocks to Watch Thu Sep 23 09:03 2010 

Stocks To Watch

Sep 23, 2010 WidePoint unit bags 5-yr, $84 mln contract from Transportation Security Administration – Stocks To WatchCybersecurirty solutions provider WidePoint Corp. (WYY) said its wholly owned subsidiary, iSYS LLC, has been awarded a five-year contract to provide wireless management services to the Transportation Full Article
Sep 23, 2010 Introducing RTT Growth & Value StocksThe Growth & Value Stocks service is designed with a disciplined approach of extensive fundamental analysis to cater swing traders and investors. The service identifies growth stocks that are generally overlooked and value stocks that are usually undervalued by the market. The growth and value stocks we select have significantly outperformed the broader market indices. Full Article

RTTNews : Morning Market Briefing .- Stocks Headed For Sharp Losses Following Disappointment On Jobs Front - U.S. Commentary .Sept. 23rd., 2010

Morning Market Briefing Thu Sep 23 09:01 2010 


Sep 23, 2010 Stocks Headed For Sharp Losses Following Disappointment On Jobs Front - U.S. Commentary Stock are likely to come under pressure at the start of trading Thursday, as jobless claims unexpectedly ticked back up in a continued sign of weakness in the labor market. The major index futures are all firmly in negative territory, with the Dow futures down by 84 points. Full Article

Economic News

Sep 23, 2010 Weekly Jobless Claims Edge Up To 465,000 Following some recent positive signs of the employment front, first-time claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly showed a modest increase in the week ended September 18th, according to a report released by the Labor Department on Thursday. Full Article
Sep 23, 2010 New Zealand Q2 GDP Growth Less Than ForecastNew Zealand's gross domestic product gained just 0.2 percent in the second quarter of 2010 compared to the previous three months, Statistics New Zealand said on Thursday. Full Article
Sep 23, 2010 French Business Confidence Grows French manufacturing confidence improved slightly in September, a key monthly survey showed, with industry leaders turning positive about future growth. Meanwhile, a separate report showed that France's private sector growth remained strong in September, despite slowing to a six-month low. Full Article
Sep 23, 2010 Singapore Inflation Accelerates In August Singapore consumer price inflation accelerated in August on higher transportation, housing and food costs. Full Article
Sep 23, 2010 Eurozone Private Sector Growth Loses Momentum Eurozone private sector activity growth slowed more than expected in September, suggesting a slowdown in economic growth in the third quarter. Full Article

Earnings News

Sep 23, 2010 Red Hat Q2 down 18%, yet beats StreetWednesday, Red Hat Inc. (RHT) reported an 18% drop in second-quarter profit, reflecting the absence of a tax benefit that benefited year-ago results. However, both adjusted earnings and revenue, which grew 20%, came in above the Street view. Subscription revenue climbed 19%, while training and services revenue surged 23% year-over-year. Full Article
Sep 23, 2010 Rite Aid Q2 loss widens; cuts FY11 revenue viewThursday, Rite Aid Corp. (RAD) posted a wider loss in the second quarter, as revenue declined from last year, and as the firm refinanced some of its debts. Same-store sales came down 1.5% year-over-year. Looking ahead to the full year, the company expects a wider than earlier projected loss for fiscal 2011, and also lowered its outlook for sales. Full Article
Sep 23, 2010 Bed Bath & Beyond Q2 profit up 34%, beats Street; raises FY10 EPS viewWednesday, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY) reported a 34% rise in its second-quarter profit,reflecting a 11.6% growth in sales and improved margins. Both earnings and revenue came in well above the Street view. Looking ahead, the firm guided third-quarter earnings in-line with the current estimate of analysts and boosted its fiscal 2010 earnings outlook. Full Article

Todays WS Events

Sep 23, 2010 Moody's To Present At Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference; Webcast At 9:40 AM ET Moody's Corporation (MCO) will present at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia XIX Conference on September 23, 2010 in New York City. The event is scheduled to begin at 9:40 AM ET. To access the live webcast, log on at
Sep 23, 2010 Oracle Financial Analyst Meeting At 2:45 PM ET Oracle (ORCL) will hold its Financial Analyst Meeting at Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco. The event is scheduled to begin at 2:45 PM ET, September 23, 2010. To listen to the live webcast, log on to
Sep 23, 2010 NIKE Q1 11 Earnings Conference Call At 5:00 PM ET NIKE, Inc. (NKE) will host a conference call at 5:00 PM ET, to discuss Q1 11 earnings results, on September 23, 2010. To access the live webcast, log on at

F & FIN : FOX BUSINESS BREAKING NEWS : Labor Department reports jobless claims increase 12,000 to 465,000. Sept. 23rd., 2010

Traders 052510 276
Futures Indicate Red OpenFutures were down moderately as economic data out of Europe weighed on stocks on both sides of the Atlantic.


Volcker on Tax Hikes

Taxed to Death Presidential economic advisor Paul Volcker told FBN some taxes will rise.

Euro Zone Growth Slows

Growth rates in the euro zone's services and manufacturing sectors slowed this month.

Blockbuster to Slash Debt by $900M

The video rental chain  filed for bankruptcy as part of a pre-arranged deal with bondholders.

McDonald's Raises Quarterly Dividend

The hamburger chain boosted its quarterly dividend by 11%, continuing a series of increased payouts

GM Plans Low IPO Price

GM will allocate most of its shares U.S. investors and plans to set a low price to attract retail investors.

F & F I N : Reuters - Before The Bell .- Stock futures down on concerns about Europe. Sept. 23rd., 2010



Stock futures down on concerns about Europe
Blockbuster to slash debt by $900 million via bankruptcy
McDonald's raises quarterly dividend
Consumer czar Warren: banks receptive to change
Chinese PM pushes back as U.S. currency bill looms
Gold holds near record high on currency fears
Facebook working on creating two smartphone devices: report
Petrobras share sale easily oversubscribed: sources
Potash Corp sues BHP as takeover struggle escalates
Adecco still sees robust demand for temporary staff

F & F I N : Reuters Morning Digest:: Obama to urge support for Middle East peace at U.N.. Sept. 23rd., 2010


 Obama to urge support for Middle East peace at U.N.
French strikes challenge Sarkozy on pension reform
Stock index futures retreat; eyes on data
Facebook working on creating two smartphone devices: report
Old, pressed flowers give climate clues: study
Broncos' McKinley had talked of suicide, report says
Mel Gibson's ex-lover launches PR battle
Robbers nabbed trying to drill into bank from above