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Sep 10, 2010

MINING IN EUROPE : A Publication of EUROPEAN GOLD CENTRE. Sep. 10th., 2010

a    p u b l i c a t i o n   o f
E U R O P E A N  G O L D  C E N T R E

Dear reader,
I have used the summer period to evaluate the format of my GOLDVIEW, MINING IN AFRICA and MINING IN EUROPE reports. What was kind of bothering me was the time lag between the start of writing and the completion of the issues, it was too long for my liking. So I was trying to find a way to shorten the period between my writing and your reading.
Hereby attached you will find the first issue of my MINING IN EUROPE EDITORIAL, which i just finished writing. Later in the month, you will receive more information (see page 4). I hope you will learn to appreciate this new format and feel free to give me your comments; your input is always welcome. Enjoy your reading!
Furthermore, now finally, my new website will be re-launched in the very near future.

Best regards,
Henk J. Krasenberg

Mining Interactive : Zeal Intelligence Weekly -"Big Autumn Gold Rally" by Adam Hamilton. Sep.10th., 2010

Dear Friends:
Adam Hamilton has posted his weekly Zeal Intelligence Newsletter on the Mining Interactive Website. Click here:
Have a great weekend and - - - Stay Tuned!!

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MarketWatch : Weekly Roundup - Top Ten Stories Of The Week. Sep. 10th., 2010

Weekly Roundup
SEPTEMBER 10, 2010

MarketWatch's top 10 stories of the week

By MarketWatch

U.S. stocks rose Friday, putting the market into positive territory for the second-straight week. Energy companies such as Chevron Corp. (CVX), Halliburton Co. (HAL)SLB) and Schlumberger Ltd. (led the climb, boosted by increased expectations for global oil demand.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) advanced 47.53 points, or 0.46%, to 10,462.77, its highest close since Aug. 10. For the week, the measure eked out a gain of 0.14%, its second-straight week in the black. The increase helped the Dow erase its declines for the year. It is now up 0.33% for 2010.

Also, please be sure to watch our Week Ahead videos for Asia, Europe and the U.S.

 Asia's Week Ahead: China faces crucial data week

 Europe's Week Ahead: Nokia, capital requirements for banks

 U.S. Week Ahead: Tech earnings, jobs, retail

-- Greg Morcroft , assistant managing editor

Behind the tech drama, signs of a consolidating industry

It's been a tense period for the technology sector, what with the bruising bidding war over 3Par Inc. (PAR) and the mounting tensions between Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ) and Oracle Corp. (ORCL). But behind the drama, analysts and executives point to what they say is the crux of the matter: A fast-consolidating industry, highlighted by the battle for piece of the changing data-center market. It's a shift that led to the bruising war over 3Par, which H-P will acquire for $2.35 billion, and which has also sparked heightened speculation about another wave of new mergers. Read more about Hewlett-Packard and Oracle on MarketWatch .

New man at Nokia

Nokia Corp. (NOK), the world's largest maker of cell phones, reached outside the company to find its new chief executive officer. The move breaks a longstanding tradition of picking a Finn for its leader. The choice of an executive from Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), whose record in the mobile-phone sector is mixed, turned some heads. Read more about Microsoft exec becoming Nokia's new CEO .

BP says, 'Who me?'

U.K.-based energy giant BP PLC (BP) tried to spread the blame for the worst oil spill in U.S. history, saying in a report that decisions and errors by multiple companies led to the accident that killed 11 people and caused an environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Read about BP's version of spill

Deutsche Bank raising capital

Deutsche Bank (DB), one of Europe's largest banks, has long been expected to raise cash from shareholders to pay for an acquisition of Deutsche Postbank, but the potential size of the cash call is spooking investors. Shares of the company fell sharply Friday after reports said the bank may need to raise more than $11 billion to pull off the deal. See full story on Deutsche Bank plan on MarketWatch .

Four dead in explosion near San Francisco airport

The official death toll from the natural-gas-line explosion in a San Francisco suburb stood at four Friday, with 38 homes destroyed, as authorities moved to aid victims and determine the cause of the accident. Read about San Bruno blast.

Vodafone sells China Mobile stake for $6.6 billion

U.K. mobile-telecom giant Vodafone Group (VOD) said it offloaded its entire 3.2% stake in China Mobile, generating 4.3 billion pounds ($6.6 billion) before taxes and costs. The U.K. group said it will return 70% of the proceeds after tax and transaction costs to holders through a stock buyback. The rest will be used to reduce the company's net debt. Read about Vodafone's sale of China Mobile stake.

Obama names economic panel chief

President Barack Obama promoted Austan Goolsbee to chair the White House Council of Economic Advisers, filling a key vacancy. Read about Obama's new economic adviser.

Commentary: The double dip is here

The Federal Reserve's Beige Book pretty much confirmed it, in case anyone was still unsure: The long-feared double dip is here. Miserable and frustrating yes. But another recession? No. Read Dave Callaway's column on double-dip recession

What not to say when pulled over by a cop

Respect authority. If you don't, you increase the odds of a pricey ticket. That's the best advice for people pulled over for a traffic stop. Handle the situation with an aggressive or arrogant attitude, and you can expect to squeeze an expensive court date into your busy schedule. Read about traffic-stop etiquette.

Squeaking to victory

Australia's Labor Party managed to cobble together enough independent lawmakers to earn the right to form a government. But after pulling in a disparate group of election winners, some doubted whether Prime Minister Julia Gillard could keep the minority government in office for a full term. Read results of Australia's election.

MarketWatch : Special Financial Services: Weekend Investor: How to invest in three hot emerging-market sectors . Sep. 10th., 2010

Weekend Investor: How to invest in three hot emerging-market sectors
By Jonathan Burton MarketWatch

President Barack Obama this week proposed spending $50 billion to improve the nation's roads, railways, airports and other infrastructure needs. But to really play this promising theme, investors should look to emerging markets. 

CNBC EVENING BRIEF : Growth to Halt in Second Half, Reduce Payroll Tax: Roubini. Sep 10th., 2010



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NYT : Afternoon Businesss News: Back-to-School Shoppers Focus on the Necessities. Sep. 10th., 2010


Back-to-School Shoppers Focus on the Necessities

An August survey said 73 percent of Americans with school-aged children had back-to-school budgets that were the same as or smaller than last year's.
News Analysis

New Banking Rules Would Ease Shocks

If all goes well, the world will be a slightly safer place after top central bankers and bank regulators agree on new rules to prevent financial crises in Basel on Sunday.

Financial Adviser to Stars Pleads Guilty to Fraud

The adviser, Kenneth I. Starr, admitting that he cheated wealthy and elderly clients out of tens of millions of dollars.

G.M. Says Its Chief Will Receive $9 Million a Year

The annual package includes $1.7 million in cash, $5.3 million in stock, which is paid over three years, and $2 million in restricted stock under an incentive plan.

Nokia Turns to Microsoft for New Chief

Nokia said it had appointed Stephen Elop, a Canadian who has run Microsoft's largest division, to replace Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, a 30-year Nokia veteran.

RTTNews : Evening Market Wrap: Stocks End At Monthly Highs After Encouraging Wholesale Inventory Data - U.S. Commentary . Sep. 10., 2010

Evening Market Wrap Fri Sep 10 17:01 2010  


Sep 10, 2010 Stocks End At Monthly Highs After Encouraging Wholesale Inventory Data - U.S. Commentary Stocks moved up by moderate margins to close out the week on Friday, with some better than expected wholesale inventories data driving buying interest. Full Article

Economic News

Sep 10, 2010 Wholesale Inventories Rise Sharply In July US wholesale inventories rose the most in two years in July, a sign that merchants expect consumer demand to pick up. Inventories rose 1.3% to $405.0 billion in July from the previous months upwardly revised levels, according to a report from the Commerce Department released Friday. Economists were expecting an increase of only 0.4%. Full Article

Earnings News

Sep 10, 2010 Lululemon Athletica Lifts Full-year View After Strong Q2 Results - Update Canadian yoga-inspired athletic apparel company Lululemon Athletica, Inc. (LULU, LLL.TO) reported Friday a strong growth in profit for the second quarter, above market projections, driven by a sharp increase in revenues. Further, the company issued a third quarter guidance and lifted its fiscal 2010 earnings and revenue outlook. Full Article


Sep 10, 2010 BCE To Buy Remaining 85% Stake In CTV For US$1.26 Bln - Update Canada-based communications services provider BCE Inc. (BCE, BCE.TO) said Friday that it will acquire the remaining 85% of Canadian broadcaster CTV that it does not already own for C$1.3 billion (about US$1.26 billion) in equity value from Woodbridge Company Ltd. - the Toronto-based holding company of the Thomson family - Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, and Torstar Corp. Full Article

FINANCIAL & FOREX INFO : Technology Alert - From The Wall Street Journal. Sep. 10th., 2010

Technology Alert
from The Wall Street Journal, the closely-held company that registers Internet domain names, has put itself up for sale in an auction that could fetch more than $1 billion, people familiar with the matter said.

Qatalyst Partners has been hired to shop The Go Daddy Group. Private-equity firms are expected to bid for the company, which currently has more than 43 million domains under management.

The Washington Post : Aftyernoon Edition : Most viewed Articles. Sep 10th., 2010

Most Viewed Articles on

1) Obama to award living soldier the Medal of Honor

Sgt. Salvatore Giunta will be the first living person awarded the Medal of Honor since Vietnam.

2) Nine years after 9/11, it's time to stop helping bin Laden

The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, succeeded far beyond anything Osama bin Laden could possibly have envisioned. This is not just because they resulted in nearly 3,000 deaths, nor only because they struck at the heart of American financial and military power. Those outcomes were only the bait it wou...

3) Your move, Mr. Abbas

The Palestinian president knows very well how to undermine peace talks.

4) Obama to name Goolsbee to head economic council

President Obama on Friday named economist Austan Goolsbee to head the Council of Economic Advisers and urged quick passage by the Senate of his package of small-business incentives.

5) Florida pastor says he's reconsidering plan to burn Korans

President Obama on Friday described religious tolerance as "that thing that is best in us," renewing his call for improved relations with the Muslim world a day after the pastor of a small Florida church suspended plans to burn copies of the Koran on the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

6) An instinct for evidence

Four dozen Prince George's County police cadets had searched a wooded area in Glenn Dale for the BlackBerry of a woman who had been killed in her Upper Marlboro home. They found nothing.

7) Judge: 'Don't ask, don't tell' is unconstitutional

A federal judge in California said Thursday that the U.S. military's ban on openly gay service members violates the Constitution, the most recent in a string of court rulings overturning restrictions on the rights of the country's gay men and lesbians.

8) Pentagon aims to buy up book

The Defense Department is attempting to buy the entire first printing - 10,000 copies - of a memoir by a controversial former Defense Intelligence Agency officer so that the book can be destroyed, according to military and other sources.

9) Racked by drug violence, Mexico wary of Calif. vote on legalizing marijuana

TIJUANA, MEXICO - To embattled authorities here, where heavily armed soldiers patrol the streets and more than 500 people have been killed this year, marijuana is a poisonous weed that enriches death-dealing cartel bosses who earn huge profits smuggling the product north.

10) Is bypassing college smarter than paying for a degree?

Across the region and around the country, parents are kissing their college-bound kids -- and potentially up to $200,000 in tuition, room and board -- goodbye.

MarketWatch: Personal Finance Stories : She's a female cop, but don't call her sweetheart. Sep. 10th., 2010


Personal Finance Daily
SEPTEMBER 10, 2010

Friday's Personal Finance stories

By MarketWatch

Don't miss these top stories:
Who hasn't been there? You're driving and you're distracted or running late, or both, so you don't stop fully at the stop sign, or you figure you'll save time by making that illegal left turn. Or maybe you live in a state where talking on the phone while driving is illegal -- and you decide to make that call anyway. Then you see the lights, hear the siren and soon enough a police officer is walking up to your car.

The question is: What do you do then?

Certainly, cops can tell you what they don't want you to do. Read Jennifer Waters' column today for police officers' advice on what to do -- and not do -- during a traffic stop. If you heed the tips they offer, you may avoid a pricey ticket next time it happens to you.

Here's one example from our story today: A female cop may not appreciate being called "sweetheart" or "honey."

-- Andrea Coombes , Personal Finance editor

What not to say when pulled over by a cop

With a few exceptions, police officers aren't mandated to write tickets for traffic violations. Most would rather send you on your way with a friendly warning -- that can save you time and money. But handle the situation with an aggressive or arrogant attitude and you can expect to squeeze an expensive court date into your busy schedule.
Read about what not to say when pulled over by a cop.


Condo buildings move to limit rentals

More condo associations are making moves to cap the number of rental units allowed in a building. But if they change their association's rules, they risk running afoul of state laws, says Lew Sichelman in this week's Realty Q&A.
Read about condo buildings move to limit rentals.


Death toll rises in gas-line explosion near S.F. airport

The death toll from the natural-gas-line explosion in a Bay Area suburb reportedly rose to four people Friday morning, with 38 homes destroyed as authorities got a first look in the sunlight at the devastation.
Read about gas-line explosion near S.F. airport.


A hedge fund lurking in your 401(k)

Be warned, retirement savers: Your target-date mutual fund might be acting more like a hedge fund.
Read story about a hedge fund lurking in your 401(k).


The long road to deflation for stocks

One interesting clue that Japan's "Lost Decade" offers for U.S. investors wondering what awaits them: The road to deflation is a long one.
Read about the long road to deflation for stocks.

Investment lessons of the 9/11 attacks

This weekend marks the ninth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
See story on investment lessons of the 9/11 attacks.

Companies pile on debt, but for what?

U.S. companies are piling on debt at levels not seen since the early months of 2008, but the capital-raising raises a question: what will companies do with their cash?
See story on companies pile on debt, but for what?


Kids face temptation when buying online

Going through my credit-card statement online earlier this month, I noticed an item that seemed odd. It was a small expense, just $4.95, but it meant big trouble for someone in my family.
Read about kids face temptation when buying online.


FAA proposes new ways to tackle commercial pilot fatigue

The U.S. Department of Transportation proposed new rules on Friday that are meant to reduce the chance of fatigue among commercial airline pilots, a significant factor in almost all plane crashes.
Read about FAA proposes new ways to tackle commercial pilot fatigue.


Obama names longtime adviser as economic panel chief

President Barack Obama on Friday promoted Austan Goolsbee to the role of chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, filling a key vacancy on his economic team.
See story on Obama names longtime adviser as economic panel chief.

The bank story no one is talking about

This is a big story that deserves a lot more attention from the financial press: J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. announced that it is shutting down its proprietary trading operations. Goldman Sachs Group and the rest of Wall Street have or are in the process of following suit.
Read about the bank story no one is talking about.

MarketWatch Special Financial Services : CVB says largest borrower can't make payments / Obama names Goolsbee as economic panel chief. Sep. 10th., 2010


CVB says largest borrower can't make payments

By Alistair Barr MarketWatch

Problem could add $48 million to the company's bad loans. 

Obama names Goolsbee as economic panel chief

By Ronald D. Orol MarketWatch

President Barack Obama on Friday promoted Austan Goolsbee to the role of chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, filling a key vacancy on his economic team. 

Stocks Tick Higer at Kickoff, Fox Business Breaking News.

06-30-10 Traders 01 276
Stocks Tick Higher at KickoffThe bulls looked to continue the markets’ steady September ascent despite a lack of new economic or corporate developments.

China's Trade Surplus Falls to $20B

China's imports saw an unexpectedly large increase in August, causing the country's trade surplus to narrow to $20 billion from $28.7 billion in July.

Canada Adds 35,800 Jobs in August

Canada's economy added more jobs than expected as the unemployment rate rose to 8.1%.

Nokia CEO Replaced by Microsoft Exec

The world's largest mobile phone maker appointed Microsoft's Stephen Elop to replace its current CEO.

BP Delaying 3Q Results to Nov. 2

The oil giant said it would delay its third-quarter earnings results by one week.

RTTNews: Daily Stock To Watch

Daily Stocks to Watch Fri Sep 10 09:07 2010 

Stocks To Watch

Sep 10, 2010 Aceto Q4 profit quadruples, sales touch quarterly record – Stocks To Watch Chemical distributor Aceto Corp. (ACET) said its quarterly profit quadruped on record sales. The company also realigned its top deck. Net income for the fourth quarter surged 303.2% to $4.2 million, or $0.17 per share, from year-ago $1.1 million or $0.04 per share. Net sales hit a quarterly record of $105.8 million, up 41.4% from $74.8 million reported last year. Full Article
Sep 10, 2010 Introducing RTT Growth & Value StocksThe Growth & Value Stocks service is designed with a disciplined approach of extensive fundamental analysis to cater swing traders and investors. The service identifies growth stocks that are generally overlooked and value stocks that are usually undervalued by the market. The growth and value stocks we select have significantly outperformed the broader market indices. Full Article

RTTNews: Morning Market Briefing: China Trade Surplus Falls As Imports Rise . Sep. 10th., 2010.

Morning Market Briefing Fri Sep 10 09:06 2010 


Economic News

Sep 10, 2010 China Trade Surplus Falls As Imports Rise China's trade surplus narrowed in August as imports picked up at a faster pace and exports slowed although not drastically, official figures showed on Friday. The data is likely to keep up pressure on Beijing to ease currency controls. Full Article
Sep 10, 2010 BoJ Minutes: To Continue Extremely Easy Monetary ConditionsMembers of the Bank of Japan will indefinitely maintain the current extremely accommodative monetary conditions, minutes from the bank's monetary policy meeting on August 9-10 revealed on Friday. Full Article
Sep 10, 2010 Japan Q2 GDP Growth Revised Up To 0.4%Japan's gross domestic product was up a revised 0.4 percent in the second quarter of 2010 compared to the previous three months, the Cabinet Office said on Friday - topping last month's preliminary reading for a 0.1 percent increase. Full Article
Sep 10, 2010 U.K. Factory Price Inflation Eases The average price of goods leaving U.K. factories rose at a slower annual pace last month, figures showed on Friday. The data also showed that factory input costs rose at a more moderate pace, easing the squeeze on manufacturers. Full Article

Earnings News

Sep 10, 2010 Lululemon Athletica Q2 profit surges; guides Q3, FY11Friday, Lululemon Athletica Inc. (LULU) reported a sharp rise in its second-quarter profit, as revenue grew 55.8% from the past year. Both earnings and revenue came in above the Street view. Comparable-store sales increased 31% on a constant-dollar basis. The company also noted that gross margins expanded 660 basis points year-over-year to 52.8% and operating margins improved 780 basis points to 22.5%. Looking ahead, Lululemon expects third quarter revenue, and full-year earnings and revenue to surpass the current estimate of analysts. Full Article
Sep 10, 2010 Lululemon Athletica Lifts Full-year View After Strong Q2 Results - Update Canadian yoga-inspired athletic apparel company Lululemon Athletica, Inc. (LULU, LLL.TO) reported Friday a strong growth in profit for the second quarter, above market projections, driven by a sharp increase in revenues. Further, the company issued a third quarter guidance and lifted its fiscal 2010 earnings and revenue outlook. Full Article
Sep 10, 2010 National Semiconductor Q1 profit nearly trebles, beats estimate; guides Q2 topline below StreetThursday, National Semiconductor Corp. (NSM) posted almost a three-fold jump in its first-quarter profit, reflecting better margins and a 31% growth in sales. Earnings per share came in above the Street view, but revenue fell short of estimates. Gross margin widened 9.8 percentage points to 70.9%. Looking ahead, National Semiconductor guided second-quarter sales to come in below the current estimate of analysts. Full Article
Sep 10, 2010 Texas Instruments narrows Q3 guidanceThursday, Texas Instruments Inc. (TXN) narrowed its earnings and revenue outlook for the third quarter, while maintaining the midpoint of the outlook ranges. Both earnings per share and revenue guidance ranges are in line with the current estimates of analysts. Full Article

Corporate News

Sep 10, 2010 Nokia ropes in Microsoft executive Stephen Elop as new CEO, PresidentThursday, Nokia Corp. (NOK) said it is appointing Canadian-born Stephen Elop, who currently heads Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) business division, as its new chief executive. The company revealed that its acting CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo will resign as president and CEO on September 20 and will step down from the Nokia board with immediate effect. Full Article

Broker Ratings Changes

Sep 10, 2010 FBR Capital Markets Starts Dime Community Bancshares (DCOM) At Market Perform With $14 Price Target
Sep 10, 2010 FBR Capital Markets Starts Flushing Financial Corp. (FFIC) At Outperform With $14 Price Target

Todays WS Events

Sep 10, 2010 Cisco Systems To Present At UBS Best Of Americas Conference; Webcast At 3:30 AM ET Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO) will present at the UBS Best of Americas Conference. The event is scheduled to begin at 3:30 AM ET, September 10, 2010. To access the live webcast, log on to
Sep 10, 2010 PepsiCo To Present At UBS Best Of Americas Conference; Webcast At 6:30 AM ET PepsiCo, Inc. (PEP) will present at UBS Best of Americas Conference in London. The event is scheduled to begin at 6:30 AM ET, September 10, 2010. To access the live audio webcast, log on at
Sep 10, 2010 Nokia Press Conference At 8:00 AM ET On Appointment Of Stephen Elop As President & CEO Nokia Corporation (NOK) will host press conference at its head office in Espoo, Finland to address Appointment of Stephen Elop as President & CEO, effective 21st Sep, 2010. The event is scheduled to begin at 8:00 AM ET on September 10, 2010. To access the live webcast, log on at

FINANCIAL & FOREX INFO : Reuters - Before The Bell : Stock futures track oil up in low volume, semis eyed . Sep. 10th., 2010


MarketWatch : Special Financial Services: U.S. stock futures edge up; Obama remarks awaited / London stocks weak, weighed by oil sector. Sep 10th., 2010

Indications: U.S. stock futures edge up; Obama remarks awaited  
By Polya Lesova MarketWatch

U.S. stock futures post marginal gains on Friday, as concern about Deutsche Bank weighs on sentiment in Europe, while investors await U.S. President Barack Obama’s news conference for any comments on the economy. 
London Markets: London stocks weak, weighed by oil sector
By Barbara Kollmeyer MarketWatch

The FTSE 100 index was weaker Friday, with oil stocks such as Tullow Oil and Cairn Energy tipping to the downside and some bank shares higher on broker action, while JD Wetherspoon fell on the heels of results. 

FINANCIAL AND FOREX INFO : Reuters - Morning Digest. U.S. judge rules ban on gays in military unconstitutional. SEp 10th., 2010



U.S. judge rules ban on gays in military unconstitutional
One shot dead in Koran protest in Afghan north
Stock index futures up
Host company pulls plug on Florida pastor's website
China aims for next moon orbit shot this year
Saints get back down to business with opening win
Biel, Mendes and Weisz go behind the camera for Glamour
Curry sausage maze to teach wurst risks

WSJ : China News | China Real Time Report.:Aquino Retorts Hong Kong's Response to Manila Hostage Crisis. Sep.10th., 2010

India and China, Tech Frenemies

from the Wall Street Journal Online.

September 10, 2010


Aquino Retorts Hong Kong's Response to Manila Hostage Crisis

Benigno Aquino III continued Thursday to stir up controversy over the Aug. 23 bus hostage crisis in Manila by criticizing a letter he received from Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang.

* * *

India and China, Tech Frenemies

The rivalry between China and India in the information technology sector has grown more intense this year, but Gartner analyst Partha Iyengar said they're missing the forest for the trees.

* * *

New Warning From Tokyo on China's Military

As Sino-Japanese tensions ratchet up over a fishing boat incident, Japan's Defense Ministry issued its annual "White Paper," underscoring Tokyo's growing suspicions of Beijing.

* * *

The King of Stamps in China

A sheet of "Red Monkeys" and a small $1 stamp are expected to cause a stir at auction in Hong Kong.

* * *

Rubber Hits the Rumor Mill

China's rumor mill works like some of the country's heavy-industry counterparts: It's fast, prolific but occasionally of questionable quality.

Latest WSJ Stories from China

China's Yen Buying Riles Japan

Japanese Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda called for talks with China over its recent yen buying spree, which has helped drive the Japanese currency higher. - - Heard on the Street: The Problem With China's Stash of Cash Japanese Firms Feel Weight of Yen

* * *

Blind Activist Lawyer Is Freed in China

A blind, self-taught activist lawyer who documented forced abortions and other abuses was released from a Chinese prison, a relative said.

* * *

4 Dead in Retirement Home Attack

An unknown assailant attacked people at a Chinese retirement home, killing four and wounding two others.

* * *

ANA to Launch Low-Cost Carrier

Taking advantage of the growing travel boom between China and Japan and the financial woes of the airline's arch rival, All Nippon Airways said it is set to launch a low-cost carrier by the second half of next year. - Real Time: Has ANA Found Key to Success?

* * *

Nissan to Create China-Only Brand

Nissan will create a China-only brand as part of the Japanese auto maker's effort to increase its share of China's less affluent but growing market in the nation's interior.

* * *

U.S. Steelworkers to File China Trade Complaint

The U.S. Steelworkers union plans to file a petition demanding a government investigation into China's policies to support its fast-growing green-technology sector.



Throughout Asia, many farmers are replacing their water buffalo with more efficient modern tractors. WSJ's Patrick Barta reports on efforts in Thailand to keep the iconic beasts of burden on the job.