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Aug 15, 2010

THE GATA DISPATCHES : Henry Smyth: The Recent History Of The Future Of Gold. August 15th., 2010

Henry Smyth: The recent history of the future of gold

2:05p ET Sunday, August 15, 2010
Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:
Demand for gold has been building markedly for five years, causing the rise of gold's price chart to steepen as the markets restore gold to its traditional role as money, Granville Cooper gold fund manager Henry Smyth writes in a report published last week. Gold buying pressure, Smyth remarks, "is global and now includes every investment player, from central banks to individuals. This buying pressure spans the paper gold markets as well as the physical markets, from the forward, futures, and derivatives markets in New York and London to the gold loops, chains, and bars sold in the bazaars of Dubai, Mumbai and Shanghai."
Smyth concludes: "Some have called for an official revaluation of gold by central banks to alleviate the strain in the global credit markets. I say gold's revaluation has been under way for 10 years through the collective decisions of millions of individuals across every time zone. This will produce profound changes in the geofinancial landscape in ways very few can imagine."
Smyth's report has a couple of interesting charts, is headlined "The Recent History of the Future of Gold," and can be found at the Granville Cooper Internet site here:
Smyth was interviewed about his report last week by's Alix Steel for Kitco News and you can watch it at the Granville Cooper Internet site here:
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WSJ |FINANCIAL AND FOREX INFO :Tecnology Alert : New Visa Law Irks U.S. Tech Firms. August 15th., 2010

 Technology Alert
from The Wall Street Journal

New U.S. legislation that sharply boosts visa fees to pay for tighter border security may play well in some parts of the country, but the applause is faint in Silicon Valley.

The measure, signed into law by President Barack Obama on Friday, is expected to raise operating costs for outsourcing firms that use large numbers of foreign-born employees to serve their U.S. customers. But the biggest impact, critics say, is to increase the perception that America is becoming more protectionist and hostile toward foreigners.

Forex Contracts Daily News Info | MarketWatch - Internet Deals: Google buys Jambool, virtual - economy. August

MarketWatch reports, that  Google buys Jambool, virtual-economy.  :

"Google has purchased Jambool Inc,. a provider of software that enables online games providers to manage virtual currency."

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Financial and Forex Info| MarketWatch - Industry Financial Services.- Homebuyers beware: Tougher Rules For FHA Loans. August 15th., 2010


Homebuyers beware: Tougher rules for FHA loans
By Jennifer Waters MarketWatch

Consumers looking for home loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration will face tougher hurdles and higher costs under new legislation and new rules that could take effect as soon as this month. 

By John Spence MarketWatch

Currency exchange-traded funds pegged to the dollar and euro have staged sharp reversals with investors rushing into the relative safety of the greenback on worries the global economic recovery is stalling. 

By Chuck Jaffe MarketWatch

Few things have investors more frustrated than the stock market and their mutual funds. But you should stick around and work with your investments in order to meet long-term savings goals. 

Financial News - Industry - Financial Services - MarketWatch : Data under microscope as Fed reveals doubts. august 15th., 2010

             Financial News

Economic Preview: Data under microscope as Fed reveals doubts

By Greg Robb MarketWatch

Every slim piece of economic data will be put under the microscope by financial markets this week in the wake of the Federal Reserve's new caution about the outlook.