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Jul 17, 2010

e Toro . WORLD FINANCE : Foreign Exchange Awards

eToro Snags a World Finance Award for Most Innovative Trading Platform 2010
The eToro platform, already a trader favorite, has now received a nod of appreciation from the financial trading industry as a winner of one of World Finance's prestigious annual awards.

eToro's ( innovative approach to financial trading has been making waves for quite some time now among traders worldwide. The platform's user friendly graphic interfaces and wide range of ground breaking community tools have captured the attentions of novices and experts alike, who now take part in eToro's vibrant and active social trading network. With its open and daring approach, eToro has now managed to not only become one of the most popular trading platforms online, but to also receive a seal of approval from an already established financial institution.
“Our vision is to become the first global market place for everyone to trade and invest their funds in a simple and transparent way”, said eToro CEO, Johnathan Assia. “eToro already transformed the way people trade today, and we thank our community of over a million traders for helping us win this award that recognizes eToro's achievements in the financial trading arena”
World Finance magazine launched its annual World Finance Awards in 2007 with the goal of identifying industry leaders that represent the benchmark of achievement and best practice in the financial and business world. To determine the winners, World Finance magazine used an independent panel of judges headed up by Editor Alexander Redcliffe. The Panel followed up on the countless nominations, suggestions and contributions of World Finance readers to explore and analyze new trends in order to unearth the best and the brightest pioneers in the FX marketplace.
“We couldn't be more thrilled and honored to win this particular award,” said Assia. “To know that our platform was nominated and then chosen out of the hundreds of nominations is a sign that we must be doing something right. It is especially rewarding to know that our push towards innovation, which has been one of eToro's core values from the start, hasn't gone unnoticed. The challenge now is to keep innovating so we can have a shot at next year's award as well!”
As for eToro's community, they will certainly be thrilled to know that their platform of choice is leading the way in cutting edge trading technologies, and intends to continue to do so for years to come.
Open a free trading account with eToro to explore the benefits of financial trading

MarketWtatch : Weekly Roundup - The Week's Top Videos .- July 17th., 2010

Weekly Roundup
JULY 17, 2010

The week's top videos

By MarketWatch

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 videos that appeared on MarketWatch for the week of July 12-16:

Social Security: what couples should consider

Deciding when to take your Social Security benefits is no easy matter -- and it gets even more complicated when a husband and wife, who will retire at different ages, have to make that decision together. In this Personal Finance Minute, Andrea Coombes takes a look at a few things to consider.
 Watch Video Report.

Consumer Reports: iPhone 4 not recommended

Consumer Reports says it can not recommend the iPhone 4 based on its lab tests of the device in which the magazine found a reception problem with the smartphone. Niraj Sheeth & Eric Savitz discuss. Plus, 4G Phone Shortages and Google's App Inventor.
 Watch Video Report.

Building a Bowery Lane bicycle

Bowery Lane Bicycles are built in Queens, N.Y., and sold to folks looking for a leisurely ride, and retails stores looking for displays. Zenovia Earle heads to the factory to see what goes into making these classy cruisers.
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GE goes green

Jeffrey Immelt, chief executive of General Electric, says clean-tech innovations will boost his company as he announces a new $200 million fund for new eco-friendly technologies.
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A look inside a hedge fund's black-box trading

A hedge fund started by four young math wizards is using a branch of artificial intelligence, called "computer learning," to make investment decisions. Rebellion Research's four, 20-something-year-old partners explain how their computer program "thinks" up their strategy.
 Watch Video Report.

BlackBerry 6 sneak peak

In an effort to gain share in the North American smartphone market, RIM is punching up its mobile line with new BlackBerrys. Now, a sneak peak of the BlackBerry 6 is available. Simon Constable reports.
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Activision banking on 'Warcraft' sequel

"Starcraft II" launches later this month, and Wall Street expects it to be a major earnings driver for Activision Blizzard. Blizzard Entertainment's Mike Morhaime talks about the game's prospects and how it might build on the blockbuster "World of Warcraft." Dan Gallagher reports.
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Where to put your money now

Despite a tough market, investors can make money, says Kurt Brouwer, financial adviser and editor of MarketWatch's Fundmastery blog. He tells Jonathan Burton that one of his current favorites is a mutual fund that buys mortgage-backed securities.
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Mossberg on Apple's iPhone 4 response

Under fire over the reception issues of its new iPhone 4, Apple is holding a press conference tomorrow to address the controversy. Walt Mossberg, Julia Angwin & Yukari Kane discuss what the company needs to say and do to fix the situation.
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BP says oil has stopped leaking

After a few delays, BP has started testing the new cap on the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico. Also, in Washington, the EPA is discussing the use of chemicals to break up the spilling oil.
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MarketWatch : Personal Finance Daily .- This Week's Top Pesrsonal Finance Stories. July 17th., 2010


Personal Finance Daily
JULY 17, 2010

This week's top Personal Finance stories

By MarketWatch

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 Personal Finance stories from MarketWatch for the week of July 12-July 16:

Market-timing strategies score big with tense investors

Volatile stock markets have left investor confidence in tatters. Now some say it's time to accept the turmoil and adopt more dynamic trading strategies.
See Weekend Investor.

Lazy Portfolios at 10: a winning decade

Yes, happy birthday! Something new with the Lazy Portfolios -- 10-year returns. As of last month, every fund in the eight Lazy Portfolios has a 10-year track record.
See Paul B. Farrell.

Short sales get lender scrutiny for a reason

Question: In your June 4 column, you mentioned that a lot of lenders are denying short sales due to the homeowner showing that he can make his loan payments. Can you explain this a little more?
See Realty Q&A.

What the new consumer financial bureau means for you

For many consumers the only thing clear about their credit card is that the terms are confusing, but that may change as credit cards and other consumer financial products undergo a makeover, following the Senate's vote Thursday to move forward with a far-reaching bank-reform bill.
See story on what the new consumer financial bureau means for you.

U.S. July consumer sentiment plummets

U.S. consumer sentiment plummeted in early July, hitting the lowest level since August, according to survey results released Friday by Reuters and the University of Michigan.
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Retirement may mean a lifestyle downgrade

If you're a baby boomer, the odds are high you'll exhaust your retirement savings after 10 or 20 years of retirement, according to the latest Retirement Readiness Rating report released this week by the Employee Benefit Research Institute.
See Robert Powell.

Consumers scale back their savings plans

Consumers are cutting back on their savings goals for the year, as some grapple with higher-than-expected bills and others just can't control their inner shopper, according to data released Tuesday.
See Diary of a Recession Baby.

Despite money fears, few hire a financial adviser

While more Americans are concerned about their finances now than two years ago, they're not flocking to financial planners for help, according to a survey by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, released Tuesday.
See story on fewer Americans hiring a financial adviser despite money fears.

CPR: Lifesaving training you hope you never have to use

If a colleague suddenly slumps over his keyboard and loses consciousness, would you know what to do until emergency medical services arrived?
See Kristen Gerencher's Health Matters blog.

Droid X adds to the challenge of choosing a smart phone

Deciding to buy a smart phone is the easy part. With dozens of models on the market -- add one more after Motorola's Droid X went on sale Thursday -- picking your perfect phone requires hours of research on countless details. But if you prioritize your favorite features, the decision-making process may be less painful.
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