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Jul 10, 2010

MarketWatch .- Weekly Roundup : The Week's Top Videos. July 10, 2010.


Weekly Roundup
JULY 10, 2010

The week's top videos

By MarketWatch

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 videos that appeared on MarketWatch for the week of July 5-9:

Timing your Social Security benefits

Many people start their Social Security benefits early, but given average life expectancy today, that's often not a good idea. In today's Personal Finance Minute, MarketWatch's Andrea Coombes looks at the timing of your payout.
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Smartphones need to learn some manners

From texting in meetings to taking a call at the dinner table, here is a list of etiquette tips fit for the smartphone generation.
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Your personal cell tower

Roger Cheng tells us about a textbook-size cell-phone gadget known as a femtocell that helps with unreliable cellular service. So why aren't major cellular carriers promoting the device?
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Are stocks finally cheap?

Paul Vigna discusses sentiment that says the market is cheap relative to fundamentals like earnings and feelings that the outlook is still too risky.
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Oil skimmers help clean up spill

The state of Mississippi has ordered eight French skimmers with pumps, turbines and sweeping arms to help in the Gulf of Mexico cleanup. And a "super skimmer" could be a savior.
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More oil wells in Gulf may be leaking

A new investigation suggests that thousands of abandoned oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico may be leaking. Courtesy Fox News. A new investigation suggests that thousands of abandoned oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico may be leaking.
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Joey Chestnut wins Nathan's hot dog eating contest

Thousands of fans came out to Coney Island to watch Joey Chestnut repeat his victory as hot dog eating champion at the Nathan's annual hot dog eating contest.
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An iThief in the app store

Customer complaints about fraudulent activity in Apple's iTunes store have spurred the company to put new security measures in the store, the world's biggest music retailer. But the issue, on the heels of iPad security holes and iPhone reception issues, underscores greater security concerns and scrutiny of how the company is handling its recent snafus. Ben Worthen joins Digits to discuss.
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Netflix's new distribution deal

Netflix nets a deal that gives the company some film streaming rights during what would traditionally be a pay TV window. Eric Savitz and Peter Kafka discuss whether the incremental deal could be tipping point for change in distribution models.
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Vonage results call investors

After some tough years, Vonage, the Internet telephony company, recently started taking steps that customers, and investors, appear to like. Rex Crum says there just might be a place for Vonage as an alternative to the traditional phone carriers.
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MarketWatch : Personal Finance Daily .´This week's Personal Finance Stories. July 10th., 2010


Personal Finance Daily
JULY 10, 2010

This week's top Personal Finance stories

By MarketWatch

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 Personal Finance stories from MarketWatch for the week of July 6-July 9:

Workers' salaries lost ground in past decade

Losing a job is a scary prospect for families during a recession, but there's a less-noticed problem that also hurts workers: stagnating wages.
See Diary of a Recession Baby.

Want a new car? It's a good time to trade in your old one

There's rarely been a better time than now to trade in your used car for a new one. New cars are loaded with deals and rebates while a dearth of used cars is driving up those prices.
See Jennifer Waters's Consumer Confidential.

Invest like a millionaire

The rich -- if the latest World Wealth Report is any indication -- are truly different than you and me. According to that report, the world's wealthiest investors, some 10 million strong, have allocated their assets in ways that often are out of reach for most investors.
See Robert Powell's Your Portfolio.

The Supreme Court case against Janus could prove costly for investors

Nearly eight years after the biggest scandal in mutual fund history, the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case forged from those troubles.
See Chuck Jaffe.

Selling a condo? Better hope it's on the 'approved' list

Question: I own an apartment in a condominium development that I am trying to sell. I have a potential buyer who wants to use an FHA loan because of its low down-payment requirements, but he says my project is not on FHA's "approved" list.
See Realty Q&A.

Get your passport now -- before fees jump higher

If you've been procrastinating about getting or renewing your passport, it's time to get going because fees are rising soon.
See get your passport now - before fees jump higher.

Caring for ailing parents from afar

In 1988, my father suffered a massive stroke. Ever since, my now nearly 80-year-old father has been fighting to maintain and enjoy a quality of life that might pass as normal and ordinary. The fight got harder about two years ago when he lost his right leg up to the knee because of diabetes. And it may get even harder still.
See Robert Powell on Retirement.

Five tips for hiring a home health aide

The signs can hit you quickly or sneak up on you gradually. But what do you do if Mom or Dad isn't safe living alone anymore?
See Vital Signs.

High-tech tools are a lifeline for ALS patients

David Jayne can't speak aloud or move his body except for one finger and a few muscles in his face, the result of advanced amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.
See story on high-tech tools are a lifeline for ALS patients.

Don't keep money secrets from financial advisers

Whether you are making financial plans on your own or with help, the best decisions will be made with full disclosure and all of your assets are factored in.
See Chuck Jaffe.