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Jun 12, 2010

John Embry: 17 reasons to own gold

8:40p ET Friday, June 11, 2010
Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:
Sprott Asset Management in Toronto has put together an attractive two-page brochure with text written by Chief Investment Strategist John Embry outlining 17 reasons to own gold. It's in PDF form at the Sprott Internet site here:
CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

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NYT : Top Stories / Business. June 12th., 2010


Karzai Is Said to Doubt West Can Defeat Taliban
The Afghan president has been pressing to strike his own deal with the Taliban and Pakistan because he has lost confidence that the United States and NATO will win, officials said.

Obama Takes a Hard Line Against Leaks to Press
In 17 months in office, President Obama has already outdone every previous president in pursuing leak prosecutions.

New York Plan Makes Fund Both Borrower and Lender
Critics denounced a plan to borrow nearly $6 billion from a pension fund to make payments to the same fund as a shell game and an effort to avoid making difficult decisions. Homepage


Will Last Century’s Styles Open Today’s Wallets?
Clothing brands and other businesses are betting that hard-pressed consumers will prefer the comfort of goods or styles popular long ago, when times weren’t so tough.

Craft Shop Family Buys Up Ancient Bibles for Museum
The evangelical Christian family that owns the Hobby Lobby chain is spending millions to amass a treasure trove of rare ancient Bibles and other religious artifacts.

Some Credit Unions Try Something New, Promoting Themselves
Now might seem a perfect moment for credit unions to shout from the rooftops about what makes them different from for-profit banks, and a few are.

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The Washington Post : Today's Highlights. June 12th., 2010


Tea party loses some steam after primaries
The polls hadn't even closed Tuesday when "tea party" activists in Nevada started sniping at one another over whether Sharron Angle, the soon-to-be Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, was the best candidate to bring down Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid.
(By Amy Gardner, The Washington Post)

In Kagan's papers, a flair for the political
Documents from tenure as White House aide show an active participant in strategy
(By Alec MacGillis, The Washington Post)

Flash floods kill at least 16 at Ark. campground

Fueling a new birth control debate
Approved elsewhere, pill to be considered by FDA

(By Rob Stein, The Washington Post)

Americans want to make history again
U.S. team looks to duplicate World Cup result against England from 60 years ago
(By Steven Goff, The Washington Post)

More Today's Highlights

A little help from her new friends
WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Nikki Haley, the would-be Republican governor of South Carolina, has met many well-known people lately who want to be her friend. One of them is Sarah Palin, who enthusiastically endorsed her. Another is Mitt Romney, who is coming down here next week to try to persuade voters...
(By Philip Rucker, The Washington Post)

Hearings on intelligence chief may focus on powers of office
Obama, panel members appear to differ on how position is perceived
(By Walter Pincus, The Washington Post)

Dismayed S.C. Democrats ask Greene: Show us the money
How unemployed veteran paid $10,400 filing fee is a mystery
(By Manuel Roig-Franzia, The Washington Post)

Tea party loses some steam after primaries
Lack of organization prompts activist leaders to ponder their future
(By Amy Gardner, The Washington Post)

Leaked report: Health plans not inviolable
(By Associated Press, The Washington Post)

More Politics

Drilling rig inspections scrutinized
In May 2007, an auditor named David McKay arrived by helicopter on the oil rig Deepwater Horizon. His mission was to assess the rig's compliance with an international safety and environmental protection code.
(By David S. Hilzenrath, The Washington Post)

Fueling a new birth control debate
Approved elsewhere, pill to be considered by FDA

(By Rob Stein, The Washington Post)

More burials will be checked
Vets, relatives appalled by grave-marking errors

(By Christian Davenport, The Washington Post)

At least 16 killed in Ark. flood
Dozens injured; more than 40 missing

(By Associated Press, The Washington Post)

Leaked report: Health plans not inviolable
(By Associated Press, The Washington Post)

More Nation

Pope asks forgiveness for 'sins of priests'
VATICAN CITY -- Pope Benedict XVI begged forgiveness Friday from abuse victims for the sins of priests and promised to "do everything possible" to ensure that Roman Catholic clerics never rape or molest children again.
(By Associated Press, The Washington Post)

In recycling India's e-waste, hope and hazards
JOBS FOR THE POOR Health, environmental risks are concerns
(By Rama Lakshmi, The Washington Post)

Nation Digest
(The Washington Post)

Despite crises, Obama yet to speak from Oval Office
(The Washington Post)

One man's tireless effort to shine a light on Colombia's dark side
After 30 years of investigating human rights abuses, priest now faces sharp criticism from pro-government adversaries
(By Juan Forero, The Washington Post)

More World

Md. officer acquitted of perjury
A Montgomery County police officer was acquitted of perjury Friday by 12 jurors who spent two days debating whether she intentionally gave false testimony in a drunk-driving case.
(By Dan Morse, The Washington Post)

Flags fly high as World Cup kicks off
(By Jorge Castillo and Aaron Leitko, The Washington Post)

Md. sets tolls for 1st part of ICC
25-cent-a-mile top rate between Gaithersburg and Georgia Avenue
(By Miranda S. Spivack, The Washington Post)

In memory, go-go beat goes on
Eulogy, quintessentially D.C. music uplift crowd at Little Benny's funeral
(By Phillip Lucas, The Washington Post)

June 11
(The Washington Post)

More Metro

Nissan makes the Leaf rustle
It was quiet. Maybe too quiet. With advocates for pedestrians and the blind warning that hybrid and electric cars could catch strollers unaware, the designers of the Nissan Leaf have added sound effects to the otherwise nearly silent vehicle.
(By Peter Whoriskey, The Washington Post)

As tech goes mobile, so do hackers
Wireless technology's vulnerability revealed

(By Ariana Eunjung Cha, The Washington Post)

Consumers sense an upturn but keep wallets locked down
(By Ylan Q. Mui, The Washington Post)

Aftermath of spill spawns own profits
Contractors needed to tackle jobs from containment to cooking
(By Jia Lynn Yang, The Washington Post)

Economists: 3-year backlog of foreclosures in courts
Homeowners in relief programs challenge lenders, repossession
(By Renae Merle, The Washington Post)

More Business

As tech goes mobile, so do hackers
Mobile devices are slick, powerful and convenient, but the news this week that AT&T suffered a data breach on thousands of iPads highlighted another quality: They're vulnerable.
(By Ariana Eunjung Cha, The Washington Post)

In recycling India's e-waste, hope and hazards
JOBS FOR THE POOR Health, environmental risks are concerns
(By Rama Lakshmi, The Washington Post)

(The Washington Post)

More Technology

Rockies' Ubaldo Jimenez weathers storm for 12th win
DENVER -- Ubaldo Jimenez pitched through rain and problems with his command to become baseball's first 12-game winner as the Colorado Rockies beat the Toronto Blue Jays 5-3 on Friday night in an interleague game twice stalled by bad weather before being called after six innings.

Harding's 25 points propel Mystics on the road
(By Associated Press, The Washington Post)

Orioles can't solve Dickey, lose to Mets
(Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post)

Kearns hits two homers as Indians top Nationals
Ex-Washington outfielder also drives in four runs in Cleveland's 7-2 victory
(By Adam Kilgore, The Washington Post)

France opens with 'almost a beautiful 0-0' draw
Uruguay's Lodeiro ejected in 81st minute, will miss next game vs. South Africa
(By Associated Press, The Washington Post)

More Sports

Where they line up to celebrate staying in line
The tie-dyed, butterfly-winged Mount Rainier Elementary School students carrying banners such as "Peace Forever!" and "Share, Care, Love, Be Nice" may have already flooded the parade spectators with serenity. But the 10-foot-long white dove puppet just helped punctuate the point.
(By Lonnae O'Neal Parker, The Washington Post)

First lady to graduates: You control your destiny
(By Robin Givhan, The Washington Post)

Need a lift? Cabbie's tale is well worth hailing
(By Patrick Anderson, The Washington Post)

A Source overflowing with theatricality
(By Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post)

In halls of high school, freaks and geeks can rise or stumble
(By Hank Stuever, The Washington Post)

More Style

Iran's chance for change
A YEAR ago on Saturday, a movement was born that offers the best chance of ending the threat posed by Iran's support for terrorism and pursuit of nuclear weapons. Millions of Iranians turned out to vote against the extremist government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a presidential election -- and were...
(The Washington Post)

Tolerance and hate speech
Mr. Cuccinelli stands up for the First Amendment.
(The Washington Post)

Sobering stakes
The District needs to deal quickly with its faulty DWI cases.
(The Washington Post)

BBC : BP to discuss dividends on Monday.- June 12th., 2010