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Mar 21, 2010

BBC : Radio and TV/ Most Popular Stories from South Asia



From South Asia in the past week

Money Morning: Weekend Roundup, Mach 21th, 2010

March 21, 2010

And EXPOSE the biggest lie in American history...

The clock is ticking... But there's still a few minutes left for you to potentially double your money... while helping to expose the biggest lie in American history. This lie could affect up to $14.2 trillion in financial transactions this year alone. And our investigation has traced the source to two of the Washington's highest offices. (We have "smoking gun" evidence that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is personally involved!)
Market watchdog Peter Schiff is blowing the whistle on this lie - for free. Plus he's showing investors how to turn this situation into huge gains. For the full report, please go here now.

How Capital Waves Are Creating the Biggest Profit Opportunities in Today's Markets

By Shah Gilani, Contributing Editor, Money Morning
Back when oil was trading at a record high of $145 a barrel - and was generally expected to go higher - I concluded that the forces at play were speculative, not fundamental - driven by new institutional money looking to diversify away from too many concentrated equity bets. I argued these forces were temporary, and not entrenched, meaning that oil prices were actually headed for a fall.
The "forces" I was referring to are called "capital waves." Capital waves create some of the biggest trading opportunities in the markets today. Investors who are able to spot capital waves and identify their likely impact have a huge advantage over those who don't.
With oil, for instance, pundits were calling for new highs of $200, $250, $300 and even $500 a barrel. But behind the curtain, there was a major capital wave at play: I knew that oil was being pumped out of the ground like mad, and that shipping rates were exploding because oil was being stored in offshore, idled tankers. I knew that as little as $20 billion had been "re-allocated" out of the equity markets and into this new-asset-class investment for pension fund accounts.
As a speculative frenzy seemed to be enveloping the oil market, I called for oil prices to plummet - to more than a few looks of incredulity or outright guffaws.
When the secondary capital waves took hold, the speculative advance in oil prices first stalled - and then oil prices plunged as capital exited in another wave.
Don't feel bad if you missed this opportunity. That's the important thing to remember about capital waves - they're out there if you know where to look and how to interpret them. In fact, as good as this oil play was, I see even better opportunities ahead.
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This "bailout" is different. None of your tax dollars are at play... and individual investors could make a fortune.

Will Obama's "Soft Money" Fed Lead to Hard Times for the U.S. Economy?

By Martin Hutchinson, Contributing Editor, Money Morning

For a U.S. president, nominating Fed governors is a little like nominating Supreme Court justices: Since they serve a 14-year term, you have the chance to shape the U.S. Federal Reserve for a decade after your administration ends. What's more - even though Fed governors are subject to confirmation by the U.S. Senate - you're far less likely to have trouble getting them through than you do with the Supremes.

That's why U.S. President Barack Obama's current chance to nominate three out of the seven Fed governors is legitimate front-page news - and isn't merely the "inside monetary baseball" trivia that occupies much of the daily business section. Probably two of those three governors still will be serving in 2020, long after President Obama has published his memoirs.
The bottom line: One of President Obama's legacies will be a "soft money" Fed.

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NYT: Business and Editorials, March 21th, 2010


Does Icahn Still Make Them Tremble?
Carl C. Icahn likes to be called an activist investor, not a raider. But his latest hostile

bid for a company came just last week.

A Supersized Custody Battle Over Marvel Superheroes
Disney paid $4 billion for Marvel Entertainment and its superheroes, but the heirs of 

ack Kirby, who helped create many characters, are now fighting it over copyrights.

British Airways Strike Begins
British Airways canceled 1,100 flights on Saturday as some cabin crews started a 

three-day strike in protest over working conditions and pay.

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A Plan for Broadband
Congress should provide all the assistance the F.C.C. needs to make broadband

technology the nation’s primary means of communication.

Who Grades the Graders?
To create credible systems for evaluating teachers, the roles of principals and 

superintendents need to be redefined.

Helping Haitians to Work
The United States must simplify the application process for Haitians seeking

temporary protected status in order to work.

Moody’s and the Debt Threat
The credit rating agencies that threatened to downgrade the United States are 

the same ones that bestowed shining ratings on mortgage-backed securities.

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