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Mar 3, 2010

FORA TV : Two views,Stiglits and Matthews

NFA : NFA revokes registration of several associated persons of former Boca Raton futures firm

For Immediate Release For More Information Contact:
Larry Dyekman (312) 781-1372,
Karen Wuertz (312) 781-1335,

NFA revokes registration of several associated persons of former Boca Raton futures firm
March 3, Chicago - National Futures Association (NFA) has revoked the registrations of Jeremy J. Grena, Nabil P. Niman, Nicholas P. Payne, William M. Rill and Alexander M. Silverman, former associated persons (AP) of Pioneer Commodities LLC (Pioneer) and Windsor Wealth Management LLC, firms based in Boca Raton, Florida.
A designated Subcommittee of NFA's Membership Committee issued the Final Orders revoking registration because the APs had misrepresented that English was not their primary language in order to receive additional time to complete the Series 3 examination, a proficiency exam all individuals registering to become an AP must pass.
The Subcommittee declined to revoke the registrations of Teresia A. Bactawar and Lusay A. Wooten. The Subcommittee found that Wooten and Bactawar truthfully represented that English was not their primary language.
The Final Orders reinforce NFA's continuing efforts to prevent proficiency exam abuses. Pioneer, a former introducing broker Member of NFA, was permanently barred from NFA membership in August 2009 for its misrepresentations and failure to supervise its Series 3 training. See previous press release.
The Final Orders become effective April 1, 2010. Grena, Nilman, Payne, Rill and Silverman may file a Notice of Appeal with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).
The complete text of the Final Orders can be viewed through the links below:
Teresia A. Bactawar
Jeremy J. Grena
Nabil P. Niman
Nicholas P. Payne
William M. Rill
Alexander M. Silverman
Lusay A. Wooten

NFA is the premier independent provider of innovative and efficient regulatory programs that safeguard the integrity of the futures markets.

CNBC Evening Brief


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Tom Brokaw Reports: Boomers!
CNBC 360 The Epic Story of A Generation
Tom Brokaw defined the "Greatest Generation" and now he tells the story of their children - the largest, most influential generation ever. Through the eyes of boomers themselves, he chronicles an age that took us from hula hoops to healthcare. This landmark documentary documentary examines the challenges ahead for a generation 78 million strong that continues to shape our world.

» Premieres Tomorrow at 9p ET/PT

ZDNet:Apple HTC lawsuit: If I can't get my Nexus One.., March 3rd, 2010

Christopher Dawson: Last week we heard that the Google Nexus One is most likely coming to Verizon in March based on the FCC’s approval of a CDMA version of the phone. It might even be offered cheaply at Walmart! What could be better, right? Given that I live in the sticks and only have reasonable reception [...]

Tue Mar 02 20:12:06 PST 2010

Tue Mar 02 20:12:06 PST 2010

Christopher Dawson: Users of the latest beta of Google Chrome (you can download it by following the beta link at or choosing About Google Chrome, Check for Updates from the tools menu) can now have web pages written in 52 other languages translated automatically, without the use of plugins or extensions. For now, this only [...]

Tue Mar 02 10:56:53 PST 2010

Market Watch Personal Finance Daily, March 3rd,2010

Personal Finance Daily
MARCH 03, 2010

Wednesday's Personal Finance stories

By MarketWatch

Don't miss these top stories:

Pretty soon, your wristwatch will monitor your vital signs, sending the data to your smart phone, which will then either alert you to health problems or call your doctor directly. And this will all happen while you're sitting on your couch, using your TV to adjust your home's thermostat, turn off the sprinklers outside, talk with family members across the country, and, oh yeah, watch "Avatar" in 3D.

Cool, right? If you check out our video on the latest home-tech trends and then read our story on wireless medical devices, that's one scenario that might jump to mind, among many others.

It all sounds great. Only, I wonder if the positive health effects of wireless medical devices will be offset by the negative effects that ensue when we no longer get up even to turn off the heater and water the plants. And don't forget the stress of not being able to figure out the remote control...

-- Andrea Coombes , Personal Finance editor

Going wireless with your health care

Each night before lying down to sleep in the cab of his semi, David Jesse straps a blood pressure cuff on his arm. The reading goes straight to his HealthPAL, a cell-phone-sized transmitter.
See Health Care.

The latest tech trends for your home

Soon you'll be able to watch 3D movies on your television, then use the same TV to communicate with friends via Skype and to adjust your home's thermostat. MarketWatch's Amy Hoak reports on the top home-tech trends on the horizon.
 Watch Video Report.


Five reasons tax shelters are more important than ever

When times are tough, it's too easy to put tax management issues on the back burner. Sheltering your investment profits from taxes may seem like a remote concern when your accounts are a sea of red ink. And you may feel you have more pressing demands on your cash flow. But tax shelters-especially retirement plans such as 401(k)s and Individual Retirement Accounts -- aren't merely as important as they used to be.
See Brett Arends.

Filing your taxes on your own

MarketWatch Personal Finance Editor Andrea Coombes shares tips for self-help tax filers, including saving money while avoiding mistakes.
 Watch Personal Finance Minute.


Starbucks caught in gun crossfire

Starbucks Corp. reluctantly put itself in the center of the national gun debate in saying Wednesday that it will allow customers to openly carry firearms into its stores, as long as they are in compliance with local laws.
See story about Starbucks and guns.

Starbucks patrons weigh in on gun issue

Should people be allowed to carry guns into places like Starbucks? The company says it'll abide by local laws, but customers in San Francisco tell Rex Crum they really don't relish handguns with their lattes.
 Watch Video Report.


Hulu loses Stewart, Colbert shows

The tug of war between Hulu and Viacom's Comedy Central over whether shows like "The Colbert Report" can be streamed online comes down to ad dollars, Shira Ovide reports on Digits.
 Watch Digits.


Health-care costs are the third certainty in life

Time to kick the long-term-care insurance tires? It's one thing to know how the much the average 65-year-old couple free from chronic disease can expect to spend on health care in retirement. Those costs - not including nursing-home costs - average $197,000, but can exceed $311,000, according to a just-published report from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.
See Robert Powell's Retirement Blog.

Obama urges Congress to finish job on health care

Congress should "finish its work" on health-care reform, President Barack Obama will say in a speech at the White House on Wednesday afternoon, according to excerpts of his remarks.
See Capitol Report.

Obama's new health-care proposal

President Obama outlines his three-part proposal for health care reform in an address at the White House. Courtesy Fox News.
 Watch Video Report.

Sebelius, health-insurance company execs to meet Thursday

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius plans to meet Thursday with health-insurance chief executives she recently invited to discuss premium rates.
See Health Care.


Advisers team up with career counselors

Jobs are increasingly on the minds of financial advisory clients, says Shelly Banjo in a 60-second seminar on how financial advisers can team up with career counselors to help their clients.
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Private sector sheds 20,000 jobs: ADP

Private-sector firms in the U.S. eliminated 20,000 jobs in February, the 25th decline in a row, according to the ADP employment report released Wednesday.
See Economic Report.

Planned layoffs drop to lowest level since 2006

Major U.S. companies announced in February that they would cut 42,090 jobs, the fewest number of planned layoffs since 2006, according to an informal tally released Wednesday by outplacement firm Challenger Gray & Christmas.
See Economic Report.

Job data will likely improve

Friday's payrolls report figures to be skewed by weather, but jobs trends show pace of losses slowing,'s Bob O'Brien reports.
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U.S. economy improved despite snow

The U.S. economy continued to improve modestly in February despite severe winter weather in many regions, according to the latest Beige Book survey of economic conditions released Wednesday by the Federal Reserve.
See The Fed.

Services sector shows best growth in two years

The services sectors of the U.S. economy grew at the fastest pace in more than two years in February, according to a survey of companies released Wednesday by the Institute for Supply Management.
See Economic Report.

Rangel steps away from post

Amid a swirl of ethics investigations, Rep. Charles Rangel has said he is stepping aside from his post as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. Washington Bureau Chief John Bussey comments on the political climate surrounding Rep. Rangel and what the move means for the Obama administration.
 Watch Video Report.

Commentary: Get ready for a wacky election year

How wacky will this election year get? It's looking like Scott Brown's upset victory in the Massachusetts Senate race in January was just the beginning of a roller-coaster ride.
See Darrell Delamaide's Political Capital.


Nissan recalling almost 540,000 vehicles

Nissan Motor Co.'s North American unit said late Tuesday it is recalling 539,864 vehicles due to brake-pin and fuel-gauge problems, most of them in the U.S.
See Cars.


Some fund firms shredded investor wealth in decade

To learn that your mutual-fund firm's lineup posted negative returns over a decade is one thing; to realize that almost $60 billion of investors' wealth was wiped out is another matter entirely.
See FundWatch.

Commentary: New uptick rule for stocks lets investors down

Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted a new rule "designed to preserve investor confidence and promote market efficiency." Sadly, the rule does neither. Mostly it serves to make politicians and regulators feel like they are doing something.
See Chuck Jaffe.

The next step in ETF evolution

More actively managed exchange-traded funds and conversions of traditional mutual funds to ETFs are on the way, says William Thomas, chief executive of Grail Advisors.
 Watch Video Report.

Commentary: Index funds take bigger share of mutual-fund pie

Index funds over the last decade have markedly increased their share of the mutual-fund market. But don't conclude that, because so many investors have given up on trying to beat the market, it has become any easier to do so.
See Mark Hulbert.

Commentary: An old investment strategy learns some new tricks

"Dogs of the Dow" investors may be barking up the wrong tree.
See John Prestbo's Indexed Investor.

DAI: Dow, Nasdaq end down on banks, Pfizer


Good evening Fernando,
WED 03 Mar 2010 
Dow, Nasdaq end down on banks, Pfizer
Fed seeks limit on credit card penalty fees
Geithner: Regulatory overhaul must guard consumers
Safeway says 2010 profit could miss expectations
Obama reasserts Volcker rule
Data points to U.S. job market nearing rebound
Fed says economy stronger in February despite snow
GM Vice Chairman Lutz to retire on May 1
Islamic finance must harmonize practices to grow
MillerCoors CEO sees costs easing as year progresses

Dow, Nasdaq end down on banks, Pfizer
March 03, 2010 04:16 PM ET
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wall Street ended little changed on Wednesday as worries about bank regulation and a setback for drug company Pfizer offset signs of improvement in the labor market and services sector.

Full Article
Fed seeks limit on credit card penalty fees
March 03, 2010 04:09 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Reserve on Wednesday proposed another new rule to strengthen consumer protections against abusive practices by credit card issuers, including limiting penalty fees and requiring them to reconsider past interest rate hikes.

Full Article
Geithner: Regulatory overhaul must guard consumers
March 03, 2010 03:51 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told representatives from consumer groups on Wednesday that he won't accept a financial regulatory bill that fails to provide strong market protection for consumers.

Full Article
Safeway says 2010 profit could miss expectations
March 03, 2010 03:43 PM ET
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Safeway Inc forecast 2010 profit that could fall short of Wall Street's view as the supermarket operator tries to jump-start its business after lowering prices to better compete with major rivals.

Full Article
Obama reasserts Volcker rule
March 03, 2010 03:57 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration reasserted its commitment to banning proprietary trading by banks in a message to the U.S. Congress on Wednesday, despite signs that lawmakers were unlikely to adopt such a rule.

Full Article
Data points to U.S. job market nearing rebound
March 03, 2010 04:38 PM ET
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Private jobs data and a Federal Reserve report showed glimmers of improvement in the U.S. labor market last month, considered key to propelling the economic recovery, while the U.S. services sector grew at its fastest pace since the recession began.

Full Article
Fed says economy stronger in February despite snow
March 03, 2010 02:19 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Economic activity strengthened modestly across most of the 12 Federal Reserve districts during February and likely would have done better if not for heavy snowstorms that battered many areas.

Full Article
GM Vice Chairman Lutz to retire on May 1
March 03, 2010 03:46 PM ET
DETROIT (Reuters) - GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, an executive credited with bringing an urgency to the automaker's efforts to revamp its vehicle line-up and shake off negative consumer perceptions, will retire on May 1, General Motors Co said on Wednesday.

Full Article
Islamic finance must harmonize practices to grow
March 03, 2010 03:53 PM ET
SWEIMEH, Jordan, March 3 (Reuter) - Islamic banking must speed standardization to grow while monetary authorities should enact laws that allow expansion into new Sharia-based products in domestic markets, industry experts said on Wednesday.

Full Article
MillerCoors CEO sees costs easing as year progresses
March 03, 2010 04:01 PM ET
NEW YORK (Reuters) - MillerCoors, the U.S. joint venture between Molson Coors Brewing Co and SABMiller PLC , expects costs for commodities such as fuel and aluminum to moderate as 2010 progresses.

Full Article