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CNBC Latest Stories.: Evening Brief

LATEST STORIES Execs at Small-Cap Companies Snap Up Their Own Shares Execs at Small-Cap Firms Snap Up Their Own Shares Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Slashes Oil Stakes Rough Bond Landscape Sends More Investors Into ETFs Blackberry Maker RIM Warns of Bandwidth Crisis 

NYT : Afternoon Business Update

Business Afternoon Updates Simon Bids $10 Billion for General Growth Properties By MICHAEL J. DE LA MERCED Simon Property Group on Tuesday made an unsolicited $10 billion bid for General Growth Properties, a rival mall operator that is trying to emerge from  bankruptcy protection. U.S. Wants to Know When Toyota First Knew of Problems By NICK BUNKLEY If regulators determine that an automaker did not meet its statutory obligations,  the manufacturer could be liable for a maximum of $16.4 million in civil penalties. Tax Evasion Case Draws in Another Bank By LYNNLEY BROWNING A wealthy investor in Virginia pleaded guilty on Tuesday to criminal tax  evasion through an international bank, said by a person briefed on the  case to be HSBC. SQUARE FEET As Garment Industry Moves Out, Arts Groups Move In By ALISON GREGOR With so much of the garment industry moving ove

MarketWatchM Peraonal Finance Daily February 16,2010

Personal Finance Daily FEBRUARY 16, 2010 Tuesday's Personal Finance stories By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: Bank customers want good service Fund managers' trading may cost you The unexpected hits working parents hard What do you want from your bank? I'd like good customer service, close attention to account security, and low fees. Given all the negative things so easily said about banks in the aftermath of the financial crisis, it seems odd to say this but I must admit I often get exactly what I want from my bank. Of course, it's those times when they fail in some way that always stand out. For instance, a year or so ago, I received an email from my bank ostensibly notifying me about "account changes." Only, the message didn't contain any details. So I sent an email to the bank asking for the specifics about what was changing. When the response from the bank was unclear, I called for clarification. A month later

NFA : CFTC Commissioner Michael Dunn to be keynote speaker at NFA's CPO/CTA Regulatory Seminar

February 16, 2010 CFTC Commissioner Michael Dunn to be keynote speaker at NFA's CPO/CTA Regulatory Seminar CFTC Commissioner Michael Dunn will be the keynote speaker at NFA's CPO/CTA Regulatory Seminar on Tuesday, March 2 in Chicago. The day-long seminar will focus on several CPO/CTA issues, including new and pending legislation, recent additions to financial reporting requirements and common errors made in promotional material and disclosure documents. The seminar will also outline the NFA audit process and discuss common audit deficiencies. There's still time to register to attend the seminar. The cost is $100 for NFA Members and $150 for non-Members. The fee includes all workshop materials, continental breakfast, refreshment breaks and lunch. Click here for more information on the seminar.


My Alerts  February 16, 2010 Alert Name: FGC BOLSA - FGC FINA February 16, 2010 Compiled: 1:44 PM BUSINESS / MEDIA & ADVERTISING People and Accounts of Note BY THE NEW YORK TIMES (NYT) More Articles On This Topic »

Real Clear Politics : February 16, 2010

February 16, 2010 You can always find the latest political news at . Top 5 Stories on RealClearPolitics Dems Take Blow as Senator Bows Out - Hitt & Davis, Wall Street Journal WASHINGTON—Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, an influential Democrat who carved out a rare role at the political center, announced Monday that he won't se... Bayh Hits Sharp Partisanship in Washington - Taylor Rushing, The Hill Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh (D) on Monday blamed the sharp partisanship that divides Washington for his lack of desire to serve there, saying that Congress... Good Riddance to Evan Bayh - Steve Kornacki, Salon Evan Bayh learned early that liberalism and ambition don't always mix in a red state like Indiana.It was 30 years ago that Bayh, then a 24-year-old la... Possibility of a Republican Senate Grows - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics Evan Bayh's surprise announcement that he would not seek a third term has sent shockwaves through the pundit

Forbes . com : Intelligent Investing

Features Intelligent Investing Panel Housing Shortage Coming In 2011 If new houses aren't built soon in the U.S., there won't be enough next year. With Alexandra Zendrian Intelligent Investing Soar High With Boeing And Friends Boeing and its multitudinous supplier base are on an upswing thanks to both the military and the Dreamliner. With Rick Whittington Video: Intelligent Investing With Steve Forbes Intelligent Investing With Steve Forbes Wesbury Says Mark To Market Was The Problem First Trust Advisors chief economist Brian Wesbury lays out the case that mark to market was the culprit for the market downturn. Lou Dobbs: Too Big To Fail Is Nonsense > Cleaning Up Wall St. >

From Gurus Blog : 46 Euros as a new grant For Tomorrow

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt='' /></a> The article below is the translation from Spanish into English from the Gurus Blog   To read the original article in Spanish , visit Fernando Guzmán Cavero 426 euros as a new grant from tomorrow By Miki Gurus the February 16, 2010 Since tomorrow all unemployed who exhaust the provision and known as the former unemployment insurance, will enjoy the support of 426 euros. The new support of labor and social policy of our State. From today can now apply for assistance monthly, as tomorrow and as published in the Official Gazette, will come into force this special extension called subsidiria 'Program Tem

Gerald Celente : When greedy people are losing a lot of money expect a world scale war Posted: 15 Feb 2010 09:55 AM PST

Gerald Celente : When greedy people are losing a lot of money expect a world scale war Posted: 15 Feb 2010 09:55 AM PST Gerald Celente on CNN Radio 10 February 2010 This time they will close the banks not only Wall street  The budget deficit in the US is worse than most of that in the European countries ...the worst is yet to come , prepare for the worst and hope for the best , Gerald Celente does not give any financial advise but he cannot repeat it enough that he is a "True Gold Believer" ..when greedy people are losing a lot of money expect a world scale war says Gerald Gerald Celente is a respected media commentator on business and consumer trends in the US, and publisher of The Trends Journal. His presentation aims to help exporters understand the key global niche markets they should be designing new products and services for, and signal what the key business and consumer trends will be. The Trends Research Institute is on record as accurately forecasting many ma

Google Alert : Financial and Forex Info

Google Blogs Alert for: financial and forex info General Things About Forex Trade Market | Credit Card Debt Guide By Advisor Forex is the world of financial freedom.The international financial markets offer unique opportunities to extract huge profits. Showing the backbone of the. ... That is why if you are properly armed with the info in your sphere of interest you can be sure that you will in any case find the solution to any bad situation. So, please make sure to get back to this site on a regular basis or - the easiest way to take care of it - sign up to its RSS. Thus you will have a direct ... Credit Card Debt Guide - Forex Trading – 3 Things To Focus On With A Small Account ... By Mark Tan Everyone has to start somewhere, and most newbies to forex trading start with small accounts, and this brings with it its own set of challenges. There are three things a newbie should focus on to set themselves up for profitability, find out

Europe-China Connection Could Rattle Stocks

February 16, 2010 Europe-China Connection Could Rattle Stocks By Jon D. Markman, Contributing Writer, Money Morning I was watching the Asia Edge show on Bloomberg television Wednesday night when the lovely and smart Susan Li broke in breathlessly on her guest with news about China's consumer inflation numbers. Inflation was reported up just a touch in January, which was considered good news because if it was higher it would have made Chinese banking authorities more anxious to clamp down on interest rates and if it was lower it would have raised the awful specter of deflation. The Shanghai stock market ended a fraction higher, so it was a bit anticlimactic. But the key thing to know is that the Chinese market still appears to be in a downtrend and that bodes ill for the rest of the emerging markets. The 50-day moving average of iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index (NYSE: FXI) has turned emphatically negative, as has the slightly longer 100-day average. The index fund also

Forbes.Com : Daily Opinions , February 16, 2010

Daily Opinions Tuesday, February 16 th , 2010 Latest Stories Total Recall Richard A. Epstein Toyota's troubles highlight cracks in product liability law. More by Richard A. Epstein Al-Qaida's Dirty Little Secret Ilan Berman Bin Ladenism, it turns out, is bad for Muslims. More by Ilan Berman America's European Dream Joel Kotkin Pundits unwisely want the U.S. to emulate the Old Continent. More by Joel Kotkin What Does Evan Bayh's Retirement Mean? Rich Karlgaard February marks the last chance for ObamaCare's passage. More by Rich Karlgaard Seven Questions For Week No. 7 Rich Karlgaard February marks the last chance for ObamaCare's passage. More by Rich Karlgaard

USA Department of the Treasury: Deputy Secretary Neal S. Wolin Opening Remarks at the Dubai School of Government

Deputy Secretary Neal S. Wolin Opening Remarks at the Dubai School of Government February 16, 2010 TG-547 Deputy Secretary Neal S. Wolin Opening Remarks at the Dubai School of Government – As Prepared for Delivery DUBAI – Good afternoon. Thank you, Dean Yousef, for hosting me today.  Thank you, Lubna Qassim.  And thank you to all of you for being here.  It's a privilege to be here at the Dubai School of Government.  A number of years ago, I was a lecturer at the Kennedy School of Government, with which this institution is closely affiliated.  I can tell already from my short time here today that the Dubai School of Government has done a tremendous job of creating the same vibrant, public-interest oriented atmosphere that I found so enriching at the Kennedy School.  In his speech in Cairo last fall, President Obama said that "education and innovation will be the currency of the 21st century."  His Highness the late Sheikh Zayed, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa, and Hi


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