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Feb 13, 2010

From the Desk of Nick Nicolaas: Adam Hamilton weekly Zeal Intelligence Newsletter on the Mining Interactive Website

I apologize for have not posted on time, Adam Hamilton Weekly Zeal Intelligence Newsletter from Mining Interactive website. Due to a reorganization of  blog, that you will appreciate it soon, was the cause of the delay, in  publishing  Adam's  Newsletter,sent to us by our friend Nick Nicolaas,
 every Friday  Afternoon EST

Fernando Guzmán Cavero


Dear Friends:
Adam Hamilton has posted his weekly Zeal Intelligence Newsletter on the Mining Interactive Website. Click here:
Have a great weekend and - - - Stay Tuned!!

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U.S.A. Department of transportation:DOT Proposes Approval of oneworld Antitrust Immunity Application


DOT Proposes Approval of oneworld Antitrust Immunity Application

            The U.S. Department of Transportation today proposed to grant antitrust immunity to American Airlines and four international partners to form a global alliance. 
Under the proposal, the airlines must agree to conditions to protect consumers and preserve competition. 
            If the decision is made final, American and its “oneworld” alliance partners British Airways, Iberia Airlines, Finnair and Royal Jordanian Airlines would be able to more closely coordinate international operations in transatlantic markets.
            In today’s show-cause order, the Department tentatively found that granting antitrust immunity to the oneworld alliance would provide travelers and shippers with a variety of benefits, including lower fares on more routes, increased services, better schedules and reduced travel and connection times.  The Department also said the proposed alliance would enhance competition around the world by creating competition with the existing Star Alliance and the SkyTeam alliance, which already have been granted immunity.
            However, the Department also noted that the alliance could harm competition on select routes between between the United States and London’s Heathrow Airport, oneworld’s primary hub, where the availability of landing and takeoff slots is limited.  As a condition of approval, the Department is proposing in its show-cause order that the applicants make four pairs of slots available to competitors for new U.S.-Heathrow service.  The Department also would require changes to the agreement to ensure capacity growth, and require the carriers to submit traffic data and implement the proposed alliance within 18 months of a final decision.
            Interested parties are invited to show cause why the proposed decision should not be made final.  Objections are due in 45 days, and answers to objections 15 days afterward.  Following the comment period, the Department will review all filings and then issue a final decision.
            Today’s proposed decision, comments and other documents in the case are available on the Internet at, docket DOT-OST-2008-0252.

MarketWatch: Weekly Round UP, February13, 2010

Weekly Roundup
FEBRUARY 13, 2010

The week's top videos

By MarketWatch

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 videos that appeared on MarketWatch for the week of Feb. 8-12:

Which Super Bowl add scored best?

Snickers' Super Bowl ad with Betty White is scoring big with viewers, Suzanne Vranica reports on the News Hub panel. Among the losers were the U.S. Census Bureau's ad, which confused some viewers.
 Watch Video Report.

Mystery object discovered in space

A mysterious X-shaped object has been spotted about 90 million miles away from earth, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Some scientists believe that this is the first image of an asteroid collision in space.
 Watch Video Report.

Let the home savings flow

Homeowners looking to go 'green' may think that means installing pricey solar panels or wind turbines. But new, efficient showers, faucets and toilets can save thousands of gallons of water a year -- and the cost savings add up. Amy Hoak reports.
 Watch Video Report.

Mike Tyson 'Dancing with the Stars' in Italy

Boxer Mike Tyson is showing off his footwork, but not in the ring. He made a guest appearance on the Italian version of "Dancing with the Stars."
 Watch Video Report.

Personal Finance Minute: Sharpen your résumé

Job hunters, take note: As U.S. companies gear up to hire employees, your résumé is your calling card. Follow Andrea Coombes as she walks you through the five most important tips to sharpening your résumé.
 Watch Video Report.

A Washington winter wonderland

Scenes from a snowy Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.
 Watch Video Report.

Time-lapse video of Washington snowfall

Watch time-lapse video showing how the snow accumulated in the Washington, D.C., area.
 Watch Video Report.

How to hide your computer tracks at work

Your boss can legally dictate what you can and can't do on the company computer. But there are ways to get around that.
 Watch Video Report.

Novartis 'squeezes' Alcon shareholders

Novartis is offering Alcon's minority shareholders a bitter pill to swallow in its bid to take over Alcon. David Weidner has more in the News Hub with Kelsey Hubbard.
 Watch Video Report.

Hire Warren Buffett as your stock picker

Columnist James Altucher explains how investors can piggy-back on the moves -- and payouts -- of super-investors like Warren Buffett, George Soros and John Paulson.
 Watch Video Report.


The New York Times

February 13, 2010

My Alerts

February 13, 2010 Compiled: 12:51 AM


The council approach, said Daniel K. Tarullo, could provide the benefits of an independent agency, namely greater speed and a broader approach.


Shares tried to come back after falling about 1 percent on reports the Chinese central bank ordered commercial banks to increase capital reserves.


Marc A. Spilker, the co-head of the company’s asset management division and a member of Goldman’s management committee, abruptly retired Friday.

Articles various From The Gurus Blog

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Gurus Blog
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Fernando Guzmán Cavero

Posted: February 12, 2010 09:25 AM PST
michelin resultados 2009
The French tire manufacturer, Michelin, Announced Friday that its 2009 net profit fell further than expected, due mainly to the decline in tire sales and high costs of internal restructuring which is leading to field the crisis.
Moreover, from its headquarters in Paris, are not safe mut orientation will take, financially speaking, the company in 2010.
If we get into flour and, as we read in all the international medias, net profit fell 71% to 104 million euros (from 357 million euros the previous year), well below the estimate of analysts estimated at 125 million euros.
As to his billing fell almost 10% from the 16,500 million euros, to 14,800 million euros. This fall, 9.8% exactly and, as the company said was largely due to falling by over 15% of the direct sale of tires.
Operating profit fell to 862 million in 2009 from 920 million euros in 2008, Reflecting the cost of some capacity idle production hours. Net debt at the time, fell to 3,050 million euros, improved leverage of the company was 55%, a record for the company.
Llos results were worse than expected because committed 412 million euros in restructuring costs during 2009, but its fixed costs benefited from this measure with a reduction of 7.1% or measured workers: they stopped a total of 109,200 employees in 2009.
As for other major revenue sources as sales of Michelin car and light truck tires fell, but the profit margin for this segment improved by making extra income from 4% to plan. This was due to strong pricing power of Michelin in the market, a rebound in sales volume and lower raw material costs.
They are very curious about poor performance, Caused a greater way by high restructuring costs and poor internal business case for your main selling: the tires. In my opinion, and after reading the figures quietly, we might say that by 2010 it should not take many trouble.
Internal restructuring will be completed by midyear, cutting costs as compared with those of 2009 for that reason that the idle work hours in their complex, they would be productive (which is in restructuring plan) and also the power of their corporate muscle should focus on improving those margins thanks to its strong pricing powerCould improve further.

Posted: February 12, 2010 07:18 AM PST
CDS dubai deuda
The cost of debt insurance Dubai are rising out of control Friday, especially credit for five years, figures above 600 points for the first time since the crisis of the past famous November 2009. Your CDS trading has reached peaks of 627 points basic medium today, a rise of 43 basis points from yesterday's close Thursday.
This seems a priori that it means nothing, makes cost more than $ 600,000 securing $ 10 million sovereign risk Dubai for a period of five years. The CDS of Dubai have been rising since late January and have risen over 130 basis points during the month of February.
World markets and were shocked last November when asked creditors Dubai a deferral of billions of dollars in debt that had circulated for several subsidiaries of the conglomerate state: Dubai World.
According to one of the most recognizable in the world on the CDS, Elisabeth Grui, emerging debt strategist at BNP Paribas said a moment ago about the Reuters news agency:
It's basically a continuation of the global situation but in Dubai. They are yet to develop a complete restructuring of its economic system, bringing many of its people is beginning to worry.
Clear that while Dubai is concerned, as well as other world economies. Furthermore, the postponement of several corporate bond issues This week was already affecting confidence in Dubai, considered as a few weeks also vulnerable in the fall of global confidence.

Posted: February 12, 2010 04:13 AM PST
euribor tipos interes zona euro bce españa
Today let's play a game very funny: The rise of the Euribor.
The current situation of continuing down the Euribor up limits very close to 1.2%, in my opinion, is about to break, collapse, terminate or as we like to describe it so enjoyable. The European Central Bank already gave us a renewed joy a few days ago the situation of interest rates to 1%Is ready and knows he can not retain that position for much longer.
Interest rates are currently playing bear market and expansionary liquidity to flow, to ensure that GDP is not entered and that financial institutions begin to recover the cash they had lost, well maybe the latter is what are doing them on their own accord when they should do is translate that level of liquidity to traders: each of us.
Now, as I said, let's play the reverse game. Think possibly within a few months the European Central Bank will make the decision, so that the large European economies are rising not falling in super inflation, increasing the interest rates in the Euro Zone (my personal bet is a blow to rise 2%). This will be good for those economies could be very bad for us, the Spanish foot.
Imagine the current situation, or worse of a few months if it begins to produce a rise in interest rates, which would cut even more liquidity, the giving of private credit and if above this, our game, started in place to Euribor rates as sympathetic as 3% or 3.5%.
A good safe family's ailing economy of our country would become even worse. If there are more than 2 families in our country with no income or fail to make ends meet, imagine what would happen if, in a worse economic situation, raise prices and produce an increase in mortgage repayment installments. Of course this game is becoming a shit, right?.
In my opinion, do not dismiss this game start later this year, I just hope that by then our politicians have put some batteries and trying to have at least put some order in our national economic chaos.

Posted: February 12, 2010 02:00 AM PST
Inmobiliaria Colonial reestructura su deuda
Yesterday it was announced that the Board of Directors Inmobiliaria Colonial has approved the plan to restructure the debt of the company. The most curious thing is that on the news the stock rose more than 9%. To me, a totally unjustified upward movement, which except for speculative or pure ignorance have no rational explanation.
Than Colonial not enter into composition, I think it is a point made clear at this point in the film, the banks are not interested in a bankruptcy of the company, which does not mean you are faced with a process of orderly liquidation where shareholders may not receive a penny.

Characteristics of the Debt Restructuring of Inmobiliaria Colonial

The Board of Directors approved a restructuring of the debt tranche of 4,900 million euros from 6,400 million of total net debt (I think it has yet to receive the compliance of all financial institutions so carefully, with the following characteristics and in three installments
1) Banks led by La Caixa and Popular capitalized through the issuance of new shares, loans € 1.700Mn (attention because it seems that the issue price shall not exceed the nominal, which is 0.12 euros)
2) Loans € 2.200Mn be linked to the rental activity and property, which is the jewel in the crown of the real estate group 53% of SFL.
3) € 980Mn debt will be linked to activity and residential land (a kind of company "bad")
In summary, purchase shares of Colonial above its nominal value (0.12 €)At the moment, is absurd.
Shareholders with shares of Colonial, will be diluted after the enlargements which azucarillos, if not totally disintegrated, and the best, if the company can survive, will devote the cash flow you can get in the next 20 years repay debt from banks. A totally disappointing outlook.
Already indicated a few months ago when one of the main creditors, and also one like Goldman Sachs, decide to sell their debt at a discount Colonial above 40%, We can expect little is left of the shareholders.

Posted: February 12, 2010 12:03 a.m. PT
new jersey emergencia fiscal
New Jersey is now one of the richest states of the United States. Having been in one of the world's largest university, Princeton, and the proximity to large urban centers like New York or Philadelphia, make it a financially stable and always been a great progression upward.
What we know is not the bad situation running the public purse of this state who think it is a situation far more serious than, presumably normal, in times of crisis.
The Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, Said Thursday the state of "fiscal emergency" is politically similar to the famous "state of siege" military. What this does is: let stay or freeze state spending as part of its plan to address a major gap in 2011 between states USA.
The current budget deficit, which ends June 30, is 2,200 billion, but the gap was enlarged in the next revision Budget (in January) to 11,000 million, a real craze, from a forecast, in the worst possible cases, from 8,000 million (in November).
Ultimately what it shows is a clear deficit and, therefore, Chris Christie has found that the best you can do to freeze public spending instead of raising taxes. We'll see how this situation continues, but to date delve into the idea: New Jersey, with the latter data from a deficit of 11,000 million (8,000 million), is the state with the largest per capita deficit of all USA.

Posted: February 11, 2010 11:04 PM PST
viñeta economia españoles crisis
We started the day with a vignette of the most curious, is it true that it seems that the Spanish eocnomía is / is better than every one of us can verify empirically every day?. The ironic tone of the cartoon shows clearly how most of us do not understand how it finished those who speak say that all is well and those who actually have to live never stop suffering.
The vignette reads as follows:
I do not understand how the economy might be a better Spanish and the Spanish did not improve nor hair.
Because you're not an economist, ignorant, you are ignorant.
Economists, "Economists are perhaps a superior race can understand" these things "?
Vignette | Mingote