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Jan 20, 2010

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Intelligent Investing with Steve Forbes


Intelligent Investing Panel
Goldman The Invincible
It's gotten a reputation for being the best, but the best of a beleaguered bunch doesn't mean much.
With Alexandra Zendrian
Intelligent Investing
The 2010 Sonic Blast
This year's pent up enterprise IT spending will make its presence felt by way of a sonic blast.
With Rick Whittington

Video: Intelligent Investing With Steve Forbes

Intelligent Investing With Steve Forbes
Options In A Flash
ISE CEO Gary Katz explains why flash orders and short sale exemptions for options market makers are beneficial.

Money Morning : : January 20 ,2010

January 20, 2010
How to Profit in Any Kind of Market

By Keith Fitz-Gerald, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

When it comes to the global financial crisis, many so-called "experts" think the worst is behind us. But I don't buy it.

And I'm not alone.

Just look at what some other big-name investors - each also known for their independent thinking - are saying or doing right now:

  • Bond king Bill Gross is nervous and raising cash.

  • Author, commentator and global-markets guru Jim Rogers has repeatedly said that he's not investing in stocks anywhere in the world right now.

  • Hedge-fund heavyweight John Paulson is moving aggressively into gold.

  • And investing icon Warren Buffett - never one known for tipping his hand - is candidly stating that the U.S. financial-crisis cleanup is far from complete. The fact that he's reportedly buying more shares of Korean steel dynamo Posco (NYSE ADR: PKX) would punctuate this point.
Indeed, entire nations - I'm thinking specifically of China, India, Brazil, Chile and one or two others - are adopting similar stances. And they're doing so for the same risk-fearing reasons. They want to grow their money but they don't want to place it at risk any more than we do.

This kind of uncertainty can be paralyzing, making it tough to decide where - or even if - we should deploy our investments.

Fortunately, we've been here before. And what we learned will allow us to profit no matter what the financial future holds for the U.S. marketplace.

To learn the four secrets to investing success, please read on...

Fitz-Gerald on...
- Will China Supersede Saudi Arabia as the Key to U.S. Oil Prices?

- The Five Things You Need to Know About China

Govt-Approved Savings Account Could Pay 100% "Interest" this Year

Euro Pacific Capital President Peter G. Schiff has identified a savings account that could yield 100% interest between now and the end of the year. It's much safer than a regular account, and fully insured by Lloyd's of London.

Since every dollar of your savings is fully backed by gold bullion held in specialized vaults outside of Zurich, you could easily double your money as gold prices rise. And that means it's a great way to protect your money from inflation, a falling dollar, geopolitical instability and even government stupidity!

Go here for Schiff's complete report.

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Will Greece Default on its Debt, and Take the Eurozone Down with It?

By Don Miller, Associate Editor, Money Morning

As the European Commission holds its regular monthly meeting in Brussels this week, ministers find themselves debating what to do about the Greek debt crisis -- the biggest credibility test the Eurozone has faced since the single currency was created.

The question is whether the 16 countries that share the European Union's (EU) currency can force a rogue member with a weak economy to take drastic measures to cut its budget deficit without calling in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or sparking social unrest.

Still in the depths of recession, Greece is plagued by a spending deficit that rose to 12.7% of gross domestic product (GDP) last year, far in excess of the 3% ceiling permitted to countries in the union. It's also saddled with debt amounting to 113% of GDP, which prompted Moody's Corp. (NYSE: MCO) to downgrade its debt to A2 from A1 on December 22.

Read full article...

Markman on the Markets: Cytori Therapeutics Up 40% and Headed Higher

By Jon D. Markman, Contributing Writer, Money Morning

On Dec. 21, 2009, we introduced Cytori Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: CYTX) to Money Morning readers as a "special situation" stock worthy of consideration. The stock has surged more than 40% since then.

A big reason for that move was that the company received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to start marketing a product called PureGraft that prepares a patient's fat tissue for reinjection into the body for cosmetic procedures. Technically, this was what the industry calls a 510(k) clearance, which is the equivalent, for medical devices, of clearing Phase III trials for a drug.

So, what exactly is PureGraft and why is it so important? For those questions, I turned to one of my sources on the company, an investor and analyst who asked not to be identified.

Continue... Bank of America Posts Loss for Year and Quarter

The New York Times E-mail This 

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BUSINESS   | January 21, 2010
Bank of America Posts Loss for Year and Quarter
The bank said a $4 billion repayment to the Treasury of money from the government's bailout fund weighed on its results.

FORA TV : The World is Thinking

Minininginteractive: Resource Investment Oppotunities




  • Near-surface diamond drilling program underway
  • 48 holes planned over a strike length of 5.7 km on a grid pattern of 400m by 100m
  • previously calculated inferred NI 43-101 compliant resource of 13.8Mt at 0.03% U3O8 (8.8 Mlbs U3O8)

States Michael Hudson, Mawson President & CEO:
“We are pleased to have commenced drill testing extensions of at Duobblon, which remains as Sweden's largest hard rock uranium resource. The Company plans to create shareholder value in 2010 by further exploration of its diverse uranium exploration portfolio in Scandinavia and potential new acquisitions.”

Dear Friends:

With special permission from Mr. James Dines, I am happy to report that in his “2010 Annual Forecast” issue dated 13 January, 2010 he has upgraded Mawson Resources from a ‘Hold' to a ‘Buy'.
Mr. Dines has been following the progress of Mawson for several years now and he has kept himself apprised of the Company's progress.
His Annual Forecast Issue alone is well worth the subscription price to “The Dines Letter” (TDL) and you can subscribe for it here: (Scroll to the bottom of his website to subscribe).
Importantly, he states on his website that “Uranium mining stocks are just beginning to spike”.
As an aside, he also forecasts a “screaming Rare Earth Metals stock boom ahead” as well as “a coming currency collapse which will catapult Gold to never-before-seen-heights”.
Mr. Dines' forecasting skills are indeed legendary and I as an investor certainly heed his advice and actually - - - I have more than tripled my money on his advice.
Belgium, Sweden, Finland, and France they have all gone nuclear with uranium fuelled power plants. It seems everyone is building them including the USA and with China planning to boost its nuclear power capacity by some 500% - - - you need uranium to fuel them all.
No wonder Mr Dines says “Uranium mining stocks are just beginning to spike”
He is keeping his eye firmly on the ball as is Mawson with its significant uranium resources in nuclear reliant Europe. Mawson Resources is steadily developing its projects towards sustainable production of uranium in the shortest possible time frame in order to supply the many pounds of uranium required to fuel these ‘uranium power plants'.
Stay Closely Tuned!!!


Nick L. Nicolaas
Mining Interactive "Ahead of the Pack"


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Stay tuned for the most recent updates on Mawson Resources and other leading mining companies through the MiningInteractive Video Interviews.
Nick L. Nicolaas
(604) 657-4058


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TOP STORIES > Wednesday , 20 Jan 2010                                                     

Canada's uranium kingdom may yield to potash and gold

Wednesday , 20 Jan 2010
Despite the resurgence of nuclear energy on the global stage, uranium may eventually no longer be king in the burgeoning mining industry of Saskatchewan.

If 10-year real interest rate goes negative gold could really spike

Tuesday , 19 Jan 2010
Pinetree Capital Resource Analyst Craig Stanley sheds some light on how real interest rates are driving gold's rise, and is bullish on base metals explorers.

World's 100 most demanded resources stocks

Tuesday , 19 Jan 2010
Producers of copper, iron ore, oil and steel are in; gold and uranium are yesterday's stories (for now).

Exeter to spin off high grade Cerro Moro gold project into new company

Tuesday , 19 Jan 2010
Exeter Resource, which has found two significant major gold deposits in South America, is to split the company in two to enable two different management teams to concentrate on two very different projects

Commodity funds expected to grow by up to $100 billion in 2010

Tuesday , 19 Jan 2010
After having their fingers scorched in the financial crisis, many money managers are turning to commodity funds, a trend which could see their value rise by as much as a third

Shares up as Lihir Gold starts trawling for new CEO

Tuesday , 19 Jan 2010
The decision of Australia's second largest domestically-owned gold producer Lihir Gold to not give a contract renewal to chief executive Arthur Hood saw the share price yesterday lift a few cents and a further one cent Tuesday.

Jaguar Mining shares fall after announcement that Q4 gold output was below expectations

Wednesday , 20 Jan 2010
The group said one of the main reasons was the lower-than-anticipated grades at its Turmalina mine in Brazil

BHP reports record iron ore shipments, helped by Chinese demand

Wednesday , 20 Jan 2010
In an upbeat outlook, BHP highlighted hefty price recoveries across key commodities, from iron ore and copper to aluminium and nickel, in the December quarter

Custeel says Chinese daily steel output up 1.6% so far in 2010

Wednesday , 20 Jan 2010
The consultancy said daily output over the 10 day period hit 1.672 million tonnes

Yesterday's Top Story: Officials believe one of the largest gold resources in the world lies within BC

Tuesday , 19 Jan 2010
British Columbia is Canada's largest copper producer, only moly miner, and largest coal exporter. The province may also be host to one of the world's largest gold resources.


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