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Jun 3, 2010

REal Clear Politics. June 3rd., 2010

Real Clear Politics Thursday

White House Faces More Questions Over Dealmaking - Philip Elliott, AP
Another Perfectly Legal Non-Scandal - Michael Tomasky, The Guardian
Europe Needs Protection From Itself - Mark Steyn, Macleans
Good Health Care for Less Money? Still Possible - Jonathan Cohn, TNR
Chicago Way Plunders Private Sector - Michael Barone, DC Examiner
Souter's Parting Shot at Scalia - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Dems Are on the Path to Doom -- I Want Off - Mickey Kaus, Huffington Post
Hatoyama Resigns -- Is Japan Falling Apart? - Gordan Chang, PJM

RCP Morning Edition

Singling Out Israel is Nothing New - David Warren, Ottawa Citizen
Saving Israel From Itself - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Obama Urges Expansion of Domestic Agenda - Kathy Kiely, USA Today
The Limits of a Welfare State - George Will, New Hampshire Union Leader
Captive to An Oil Spill - David Broder, Washington Post
Gulf Disaster Competed for Obama's Attention - Mike Memoli, RCP
The Spill and the Cult of the Presidency - Jonathan Chait, New Republic
WH Political Team Stumbles, Bumbles - Jonathan Allen & Carol Lee, Politico
Raise Your Hand if You Haven't Been Offered Job - Andrew Malcolm, LAT
Obama: GOP is the Backward Party - John Dickerson, Slate
I Want It All, Even Better If You Pay For It - Caroline Baum, Bloomberg
Economic Growth is Key to U.S. Security - Schramm, Litan & Stangler, RCP
An Assault, Cloaked in Peace - Michael Oren, New York Times
Time for US to Treat Israel Same as Iran - Stephen Kinzer, The Daily Beast
Erdogan and the Decline of the Turks - Robert Pollock, Wall Street Journal
U.S. Must Hold Turkey to Account - Rep. Anthony Weiner, NY Daily News
History Returns to Europe - Victor Davis Hanson, RealClearPolitics
RCP Blog: NV Sen: Angle Takes LeadCT Sen: Blumenthal +23


The Real Face of ObamaCare - National Review
Israel's Self Inflicted Wound - Los Angeles Times
Sarah Palin's New Neighbor is a Creep - Chicago Sun-Times
Where's Outrage Over Maher's Racist Joke? - Investor's Business Daily

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