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MarketWatch: Week top personal Finance Stories

The week's top Personal Finance stories By MarketWatch In case you missed them, here are the top 10 Personal Finance stories from MarketWatch for the week of Jan. 25-29: Economy forces changes in thinking about retirement homes If your idea of a dream retirement home is a luxury contemporary overlooking a championship golf course in the desert, you better be prepared for some mighty small block parties: When it comes to retirement living, golf courses are out. See full story.   Say goodbye to the McMansion Times have changed, and the square footage of new American homes is dropping. Supersized homes are out, and efficiency and versatility are in. MarketWatch's Amy Hoak reports on the latest building trends.   Watch Video Report.   Many taxpayers qualify for free help and e-file software, services How often do you see real passion when it comes to tax preparation? Meet Dr. Edward Kane, of Venice, Fla. Kane is one of over 34,000 AARP Tax-Aide volunteers. This re

Forbes. com : Financial News

The ABCs Of Risk-Free I Bonds Mel Lindauer How to buy, redeem and get the highest return from U.S.  Treasury  inflation protected bonds. Money For Life: Financial Firsts Edited by Neil Weinberg and Janet Novack Tips for new parents, first-time homebuyers,  new entrepreneurs  and more. For New Parents, Baby Means Big Changes  In Money Management David K. Randall Expecting parents should follow these financial tips. Ten Tips For First-Time Home Buyers Asher Hawkins What you need to know about shopping for foreclosures,  saving on homeowners insurance and more. Starting Your First Business Off Right David K. Randall Tips on how to make your first business grow.

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REUTERS: Deals Today

If you are having trouble viewing this email or would like to view it in your web browser, CLICK HERE JANUARY.2010 Struggling retailers are staying as far away from bankruptcy courts as possible this year after being traumatized by a slew of liquidations in 2008 and having a general feeling that the bankruptcy code is unfair to them. While the most recent holiday shopping season was better than 2008, some retailers whose holiday was only so-so, could benefit from being able to reduce their size or get out of onerous leases in bankruptcy. But retailers are increasingly viewing filing for bankruptcy as the beginning of the end, and are increasingly wary that they could turn out to be the next Circuit City. The Turnaround Management Association on Thursday reunited several of the major players in the Circuit City case, who said the bankruptcy code's new bias toward speed was one of the main reasons any attempt to save a portion of Circuit City faile

GATA DISPATCHES, Funds flee Greece as Germany warns of 'fatal' eurozone crisis

Funds flee Greece as Germany warns of 'fatal' eurozone crisis Submitted by cpowell on 02:18PM ET Thursday, January 28, 2010. Section: Daily Dispatches By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard The Telegraph, London Thursday, January 28, 2010 Germany has triggered a near-panic flight from southern European debt markets by warning that there will be no European Union bailouts, even though it fears the region's economic crisis has turned dangerous and could prove "fatal" for the entire eurozone. The yield on 10-year Greek bonds blasted upwards by over 40 basis points to 7.15 percent in a day of wild trading. Spreads over German Bunds reached almost 4 percentage points, by far the highest since Greece joined the euro, and close to levels that risk a self-feeding spiral. Contagion hit Portuguese, Spanish, Irish, and Italian bonds. George Papandreou, the Greek premier, said in Davos,

Mineweb News, January, 29,2010

TOP STORIES > Friday , 29 Jan 2010                                                      Kinross passes 50m-ozs milestone in total gold reserves Friday , 29 Jan 2010 Kinross reported a net gain of 5 million ounces in new gold reserves at year-end 2009, well offsetting the mining of 2.7 million ounces in 2009. Palladium ETF in the US soars - but don't be fooled Thursday , 28 Jan 2010 The US fund isn't the only one - and at least one of the others has been shrinking Time for gold majors to own up Thursday , 28 Jan 2010 Gold quarterlies: the Ides of January (or, crunch time) as reporting season cranks into gear. Despite lowest production in 20 years, PotashCorp records 3rd highest profit in history Friday , 29 Jan 2010 PotashCorp forecasts continued production curtailments this year during transition from historically low levels to higher demand in 2011. The miners the world forgot Thursday , 28 Jan 2010 Diamonds