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Dec 16, 2009

An Alternative to High-Price Trading Courses...

It's rare that I come to you like this, but I've had a revelation after a
recent email I received. You and I both know there are plenty of good
trading courses out there, but in these economic times, they're a bit
pricey. So why are we paying thousands for our education when we
don't have to?

Well, here's the answer to my revelation that should satisfy all.

It's called INO TV and I have an "on the house" preview just for my

INO TV gives you access to educational seminars streaming live just
for traders. This on the house preview includes John Murphy,
Jack Schwager, and Ron Ianieri!

I recommend you tune in to watch these 4 seminars today. Remember,
they're on me!

Enjoy, while I keep looking around for more good values for you, the

All my best,

Fernando Guzmán Cavero