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Nov 23, 2009

From the desk of Nick Nicolaas

 Thanks Nick , We appreciate the valuable informatión you always send us on time and from specialists in the mining sector of high qualification and experience as you  you do

Fernando Guzmán Cavero

From the Desk of Nick Nicolaas (FDNN) #77
November 23, 2009
a publication of
E U R O P E A N   G O L D   C E N T R E
Dear Friends:
Once again, here's Henk:

Dear Reader:
Attached you will find the November issue of GOLDVIEW that comes to you in a time that the gold markets are reaching new highs. Already at the moment of sending this to you, the price went up from the record high that I wrote about this weekend. And the higher the gold price gets, the more negative and/or pessimistic comments you will see. We have been waiting so long for these markets and there they come, the commentators who like to spoil the fun. Go to my EDITORIAL COMMENT to read more about that.
Of course, markets will go up and come down, that is the nature of the beast. But please keep your minds clear and follow the gold people who had the vision to see this coming. Bear in mind that the higher gold prices are not the result of a widespread speculation wave as some want us to believe; the higher gold prices have come for many sensible reasons.
Read what Frank Holmes, Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Global Investors, and one of the most valued gold speakers with a great following, says in the FEATURED ARTICLE "India-IMF Deal: Tipping Point for Gold" that puts the current gold market in a new perspective.
Read what Sara Patterson writes in her Poke The Bear Blog about inflation and its influence on human behaviour, even on that of the bankers that sold most of their gold in the past.
No SUPPORTING or HIGHLIGHTED COMPANIES this month but FOCUS ON GOLD in some areas that you don't hear about every day. And the ususal items NEWS SUPPORTING COMPANIES, MINING INVESTMENT EVENTS and GOLD NUGGETS. Oh yes, I almost forgot.... my announcement of a new publication: EMERGING EUROPE: here we come....
Henk J. Krasenberg.

Regards and as always - - Stay Tuned!!
Nick L. Nicolaas
Mining Interactive "Ahead of the Pack"
Skype: nicknicolaas FISHER VIVA THE V

Viva The V
10.15.2009, 23:20:00 EDT
Ken Fisher

If history repeats, the current V recovery is far from over. Expect another 20%-to-25% gain by January.

Buy Into Fossil Fuels
09.03.2009, 23:20:00 EDT
Ken Fisher

Energy-hungry consumers around the globe will be demanding fossil fuels. So be overweight in energy stocks--at least 12% of your equity.

The Bear Market is Over
08.06.2009, 23:20:00 EDT
Ken Fisher

Money market cash, in comparison with the value of all stocks, is twice what it was in 1982.

Quarter-Century Mark
07.03.2009, 13:10:00 EDT
Ken Fisher

To avoid overpaying, use multiple metrics—not just price-to-earnings but price-to-sales and price-to-book.

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Notice to Members I-09-20
November 23, 2009

Please Route To:
X Compliance/Legal
X Sr. Management

Request for Public Director Nominations for NFA's Board of Directors
NFA's Articles of Incorporation provide for seven Public Representative positions on NFA's Board of Directors ("the Board"). In defining "Public Representative," Article XVIII states that a Public Representative on NFA's Board is a public director as that term is defined in Section (b)(2) of Core Principle 15 in Appendix B to Part 38 of the CFTC's Regulations. Although Core Principle 15 specifically applies to contract markets, the same disqualifying circumstances regarding "material relationships" set forth therein apply to NFA's Public Directors. A printout of that section of the Regulations is attached for your information.
The terms of three current Public Representatives - Douglas E. Harris, Todd E. Petzel and Susan M. Phillips - are set to expire at the Board's 2010 regular annual meeting. Mr. Harris, Mr. Petzel and Ms. Phillips are eligible for re-election. Furthermore, Article VII has recently been amended to provide for the election of two additional Public Directors to the Board at its February 2010 meeting. NFA is asking its Members for nominations to fill these five vacancies on the Board. At the Board's regular annual meeting, scheduled for Thursday, February 18, 2010, the Board will select from among the nominees five Public Representatives to serve on the Board for two-year terms.
Because public representation on NFA's Board of Directors is an important matter, we ask that you give serious consideration to submitting a nomination to fill these vacancies. All nominations must be received at the address below or by fax on or before Wednesday, December 23, 2009.

Thomas W. Sexton
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
National Futures Association
300 South Riverside Plaza
Suite 1800
Chicago, IL 60606
Fax Number: 312-781-1672

2) Public Director
(i) To qualify as a public director of a contract market, an individual must first be found, by the board of directors, on the record, to have no material relationship with the contract market. A "material relationship" is one that reasonably could affect the independent judgment or decision making of the director.
(ii) In addition, a director shall be considered to have a "material relationship" with the contract market if any of the following circumstances exist:
(A) The director is an officer or employee of the contract market or an officer or employee of its affiliate. In this context, "affiliate" includes parents or subsidiaries of the contract market or entities that share a common parent with the contract market;
(B) The director is a member of the contract market, or an officer or director of a member. "Member" is defined according to Section 1a(24) of the Commodity Exchange Act and Commission Regulation 1.3(q);
(C) The director, or a firm with which the director is an officer, director, or partner, receives more than $100,000 in combined annual payments from the contract market, or any affiliate of the contract market (as defined in Subsection (2)(ii)(A)), for legal, accounting, or consulting services. Compensation for services as a director of the contract market or as a director of an affiliate of the contract market does not count toward the $100,000 payment limit, nor does deferred compensation for services prior to becoming a director, so long as such compensation is in no way contingent, conditioned, or revocable;
(D) Any of the relationships above apply to a member of the director's "immediate family," i.e., spouse, parents, children and siblings.
(iii) All of the disqualifying circumstances described in Subsection (2)(ii) shall be subject to a one-year look back.
(iv) A contract market's public directors may also serve as directors of the contract market's affiliate (as defined in Subsection (2)(ii)(A)) if they otherwise meet the definition of public director in this Section (2).
(v) A contract market shall disclose to the Commission which members of its board are public directors, and the basis for those determinations.

NFA NOTIFICATION : For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release
For More Information Contact:
Larry Dyekman (312) 781-1372,
Karen Wuertz (312) 781-1335,
NFA accepts offer from Tennessee firm Blue Sky Capital Management Corp. and its principal to permanently withdraw from NFA membership
November 23, Chicago - National Futures Association's (NFA) Business Conduct Committee has accepted a settlement offer from Blue Sky Capital Management Corp. (Blue Sky) and its principal, Gregory M. Schneider, to permanently withdraw from NFA membership. Blue Sky is a Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator located in Lebanon, Tennessee. The Decision, issued by the Committee, is based on a Complaint filed in August 2009 and a settlement offer submitted by Blue Sky and Schneider.
The Complaint charged that Blue Sky and Schneider provided false and misleading information to NFA regarding the number of and total assets in accounts managed by Blue Sky and the beginning date of customer trading. The Complaint also charged that Blue Sky and Schneider misrepresented that the firm had no customer complaints, distributed a disclosure document that contained misleading performance information and failed to submit the disclosure document to NFA for review and approval.
The complete text of the Complaint and Decision can be found on NFA's website.
NFA is the premier independent provider of innovative and efficient regulatory programs that safeguard the integrity of the futures markets.


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