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Nov 22, 2009

Thanks to "The Economist" and their Audience

This afternoon, I was surprised, pleased and  grateful, about the publication made on  a full page, the 12/11/2009 by "THE ECONOMIST", on comments I wrote in different articles and in different dates in their site. The published was made in the terms written, as follows:

  1. FGC BOLSA | The Economist

    12 Nov 2009 ... FGC BOLSA's comments. <>. <>. <>. <>. <>. Back to top ^^. Advertisement. Most active. Commented. Recommended. Over the past 24 hours ... - Cached

  2. FGC BOLSA | The Economist

    21 Nov 2009 ... FGC BOLSA's comments. Money, votes and politics. Oct 8th 2009 1:28 GMT. Literally the IMF has the following objective: ... - Cached Shown in the screenshot below

You can read full comments in the next link:

Thanks  once again for your kindness

Fernando Guzmán Cavero 


Choice of money leads humanity to liberty or totalitarianism

9:51p ET Saturday, November 21, 2009
Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:
One of GATA's earliest supporters, Robert K. Landis, partner of Reginald H. Howe in Golden Sextant Advisors, gave the keynote speech at last week's gold conference in Zurich. Landis addressed the most basic but seldom acknowledged financial question, the question of what money is or should be, and how the choice inevitably leads humanity toward liberty or totalitarianism. Landis' address was titled "Viva la Restoration" and you can find it at the top of the "Recent Commentaries" section of the Golden Sextant home page here:
CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

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