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Nov 2, 2009

From the desk of Nick Nicolaas

From the Desk of Nick Nicolaas (FDNN) #76
November 2, 2009
a publication of
E U R O P E A N   G O L D   C E N T R E
Dear Friends:
Once again, here's Henk:

Dear Reader:
Here is your October issue of GOLDVIEW with interesting and timely information at a time where the pessimists are getting hope of being right and the optimists are being tested for their perseverance. Read my EDITORIAL COMMENT and you know what I think. My views are confirmed by Sean Brodrick who wrote the FEATURED ARTICLE in which he gives "The Best 4 Reasons to Buy Silver and Gold". And he is not an opportunist, he is a long term believer.
And of course, the usual contribution of Sara Patterson with her very personal comments in her Poke The Bear Blog. As always, worthwhile and bringing a smile. Two HIGHLIGHTED COMPANIES, one being AURIZON MINES LTD., a solid Canadian gold producer that you don't hear much about but is quietly marching forward to being an interesting and well-managed gold company, the other being a relatively new gold producer from Australia, FOCUS MINERALS LTD., which is expected to increase its production and its profitability in the next two years.
Some CORPORATE NEWS and GOLD NUGGETS and a NEWS FLASH with the latest remarks on the gold market from Jeffrey Nichols, whom I introduced to you last month.
Enjoy this issue!

Henk J. Krasenberg.

Regards from London and as always - - Stay Tuned!!
Nick L. Nicolaas
Mining Interactive "Ahead of the Pack"
Skype: nicknicolaas

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Gold and economic freedom: GATA interview

1:52p ET Sunday, November 1, 2009
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GATA is featured today in the Western Standard, the conservative and libertarian-leaning Internet news magazine based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The notice comes in an essay written by Brad Parkes that describes the origin of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board as recounted by G. Edward Griffin's "The Creature from Jekyll Island" and concludes with an interview with your secretary/treasurer. Parkes' essay is headlined "Gold and Economic Freedom: GATA Interview," and you can find it at the Western Standard site here:
CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

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