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Oct 22, 2009


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Dear Reader,

This week we have a 14-page special report on the world's most important political relationship: China and America. From climate change to the economic recovery, there is a host of problems that demands the United States and its closest rival work in concert. Yet relations are dogged by fears of a new cold war, or even a hot one, breaking out between the sole superpower and the "new Prussia". Our cover leader argues that America should take a much more confident approach with a country that for all the talk of a G2 is a fraction of its size and which is riven with political tensions. In broad terms the danger is that a frightened United States will be too tough on China over the economy, especially trade; and not tough enough on human rights.

Here are some other pieces from this week's issue you might also be interested in. You can click straight through to each one and read it online at using the links below.
John Micklethwait
John Micklethwait
Editor in Chief

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