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An Alternative to Gold That You May Find Interesting

  THIS IS AN ALTERNATIVE TO GOLD INVESTMENT, THAT GIVES US ADAM HEWISON., IN HIS LATEST VIDEO,IT HAS THE SAME  PATTERN OF GOLD, BUT YOU  NEED LESS MONEY TO MAKE AN INVESTMENT. IT IS UNBELIEVABLE . YOU HAVE TO WATCH  ASAP Fernando Guzmán Cavero FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS  There is no doubt about it - gold is getting a lot of press and media attention lately. So the question is, is the move in gold over or is it just beginning? I don’t believe the move is over on the upside for gold, but in my new two-minute video I’m going to share with you an alternative to gold that should do just as well for many of the same reasons. This is a big liquid market and has great upside potential and is less volatile than gold. As always, our videos are free to view and do not require any registration. If you think this is an important video, I strongly suggest you share it with your friends and comment about it


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As dollar fades, gold's currency shine brightens Submitted by cpowell on 02:27PM ET Wednesday, October 7, 2009. Section: Daily Dispatches By Chikako Mogi Reuters Wednesday, October 7, 2009 TOKYO -- As the dollar's dominance fades with the emergence of a multipolar world, gold may stand to gain the most of all assets, thanks to an unlikely quality -- neutrality. While no major currency is likely to replace the dollar any time soon, the need for an alternative is clear, and growing. China among others is considering how to diversify its more than $2 trillion in foreign exchange reserves, and talk of using other currencies to trade oil or commodities continues to circulate. Supply constraints mean there is no chance of a full revival of the gold standard era, when currencies were pegged directly to gold, but investors say gold's duel role as both currency and asset make it an almost irresistib