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Oct 6, 2009

Gold…Game On!

Adam Hewison has been so accurate and acute with gold lately; in advance of most analysts,that time, gave him the reason. I strongly recommend all my readers to watch his latest video about gold.

 This video is outstanding clear and didactic that your knowledge and interpretation of Technical Analysis will be increased. I do strongly recommend it.



By: Adam Hewison

In our previous gold video, we were right in terms of gold making a low around the first of October.

The gold market finally moved into new high ground and confirmed that a major up-move is now underway. In this new short video on gold, we scope out some upside target levels and also some time frames where we see gold heading.

At the end of my new video on gold I’m offering a special bonus to everyone who views the video. I believe the bonus will allow you to become a better trader and catch this move in gold.

As always our videos are free to view and do not require any registration. If you think this is an important video, I strongly suggest you share it with your friends and comment about it on our blog.

All the best,
Adam Hewison
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