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Sep 24, 2009
Dear Reader,

This week we have a special report on the mobile revolution in emerging markets. Mobile phones have transformed the lives of the world's poor. Mobile money could have just as big an impact. In Britain we focus on a gloomier topic. Sharp spending cuts are coming. We recommend where the axe should fall.

Here are some other pieces from this week's issue you might also be interested in. You can click straight through to each one and read it online at using the links below.
John Micklethwait
John Micklethwait
Editor in Chief

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Obama's foreign policy
There's a lot of it, but it isn't all going well

Asian media
A change of government in Japan threatens the cosy ties between press and politicians

Bull run
Investors are betting on a vibrant recovery

The road to Copenhagen
How to avoid a train wreck

America's least-successful investor
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