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May 28, 2009 Alerts: "Final Glance:Finance Companies"

Shares of some top finance companies were mixed at the close of trading: To read full story click:

Helpful Analysis for Stocks, Futures, and Forex pairs

Fernando Guzmán Cavero:

With all the movements in the market recently, traders and investors are focusing more and more on protecting capital. I’ve found that by properly knowing the trend of the symbols in my portfolio and keeping on top of those moves, I’m able to protect capital and pull profits out of the market when I can.
But staying on top of the changes and momentum shifts often becomes overwhelming, especially if you’re watching a large number of symbols and open positions, like me. One free tool that I utilize to help me keep on top of my portfolio is called Trend Analysis, from the team that runs MarketClub. Trend Analysis is a daily email analysis tool that gives me insight into exactly what my portfolio is doing.

The link above takes you to get your first symbol analyzed and from there you can easily add more symbols to get a daily update, which I find very helpful.
Again thanks go to the MarketClub team for making Trend Analysis available for no cost to us. Learn more about MarketClub here:


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The news strengthen the dollar...Is that true?...Manipulation

It could be true , otherwise how do you explain the following reflection send us:

After knowing the statistics of increase in the price housing , the dollar strengthens against major currency, the point is until when good and bad news of some interest groups will keep and or wil try to manipulate the Forex Market in benefit of some insiders well informed. I rather be skeptical of what the media try to sell us. Maybe tomorrow another US bank goes bankruptcy or maybe Central banks start selling most of their reserves in USD? What do you think it would happen with the price of the dollar relative to the major currencies. What economy is worst the Japanese with the decrease of its retail sales... ? The USA with the increase of housing sales....? the figures every day change to strenghten one and or other of major currencies...? Be careful in your foreign deals.