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May 18, 2009

FGC BOLSA -FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS: Howard Miller's Report: From Global Bullion Trading Group:"Economic Armagedon"#links#links

FGC BOLSA -FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS: Howard Miller's Report: From Global Bullion Trading Group:"Economic Armagedon"#links#links

Fwd: New on NFA's Website

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New on NFA's Website

May 18, 2009
NFA added the following information to its Website in March and April 2009.

Compliance Investor Information Notices to Members Member Newsletter NFA Manual Comment Letters Petition for Rulemaking Regulatory Actions News Releases  Arbitration 
User's Guide to NFA's Electronic Disclosure Document System

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Investor Information
Investor Newsletter - April 2009

Forex Investor Alert

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Notices to Members
I-09-08: Proposed Amendments to NFA's Articles of Incorporation

I-09-09: Using NFA's Electronic Disclosure Document Filing System becomes mandatory for CPOs and CTAs

I-09-10: Effective Date of NFA Requirements Regarding Forex Orders

I-09-11: Request for Information

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Member Newsletter
News,Facts,Actions - Spring 2009

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NFA Manual
Amendments to Registration Rule 504. Procedures Governing Applicants and Registrants Disqualified from Registration Under Section 8a(2), 8a(3) OR 8a(4) of the Act

Amendments to Compliance Rule 2-36. Requirements for Forex Transactions

Amendments to Compliance Rule 2-39. Soliciting, Introducing, or Managing Forex Transactions or Accounts

Amendments to Financial Requirements Section 13. Forex Dealer Member Weekly Reports

Amendments to Interpretive Notice: Forex Transactions

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Comment Letters
RIN 3038-AC72; Acknowledgment Letters for Customer Funds and Secured Amount Funds, 74 Fed. Reg. 7838 (February 20, 2009)

Commodity Pool Operator Periodic Account Statements and Annual Financial Reports - RIN 3038-AC38

Public Comment on the Hedge Funds Oversight: Consultation Report

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Petition for Rulemaking
Withdrawal of February 9, 2006 Petitions for Rulemaking

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Regulatory Actions
Decisions in Disciplinary Cases
Princeton Trading Advisors, et al.

Institutional Advisory Services Group

1 FX Trader LLC and David C. Arena

American Atlantic Financial Corp., John Menoutis and Thaddeus Nathaniel

Universal Commodity Corp. et al.

JMJ Capital Group LLC, Joel Garcia and Rafael Carnicer

Last Atlantis Capital Management LLC and Irwin M. Berger

I Trade FX LLC and Isaac Martinez

Final Orders in Registration Cases
Dana J. Bonik

Dale Box

Member Responsibility Actions
GlobeFX Club, Inc.

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News Releases
West Palm Beach introducing broker Princeton Trading Advisors withdraws from NFA membership

NFA takes an emergency enforcement action against GlobeFX Club, Inc.

Florida futures firm JMJ Capital Group LLC withdraws from NFA membership

Futures firm Last Atlantis Capital Management LLC permanently withdraws from NFA membership

National Futures Association and AARP co-sponsor financial education program during Money Smart Week

NFA fines I Trade FX LLC $250,000 for failing to implement anti-money laundering program

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Arbitrator Update - March 2009

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Howard Miller's Report: From Global Bullion Trading Group:"Economic Armagedon"

Despite smart analysis about the collapse of the USA economy not far away from now. the bet insane that that crisis has past the worst continue...Manipulation...?

Howard Miller latest report about the markets behaviour:
Good afternoon everyone, The metals ended the day divided with Gold and Silver lower but Palladium and Platinum higher....Silver and Gold came under selling pressure at the expense of fresh risk appetite in the equities market....The Dow is presently up 165 points on an increased belief that the economic downturn has passed it's worst....This diverted capital from Silver and Gold; at least for today.....Silver ended the day 22 cent lower at $13.80.....Gold eased $8.00 to $920.00.....Palladium and platinum rose in hopes that a rebound in the economy will mean a rebound in car sales and the implied increase in demand for catalytic converters.....Palladium was up $4.00 to $232.00.......Platinum closed at $1130.00 up $18.00......The Euro recovered early session losses and is presently unchanged against the dollar at $1.3524....Remember the theory that if our economy improves the Fed will need to raise interest rates in order to prevent run away inflation....We believe that ship has already sailed when the government injected $trillions into our floundering economy...It's just a matter of time for the inflation begin surging.......Crude oil jumped on the economic hopes as well as news about a fire at a Sunoco refinery in Pennsylvania ...The refinery produces 175,000 barrels of petroleum products daily....Adding to the surge in Oil was an escalation of militant violence in oil rich Nigeria; the fourth largest OPEC oil producer.....Last on Oil $58.75 up $2.41 per barrel.....As for tomorrow the calendar resumes with a fresh look at housing with the April reading of Housing Starts and New Building Permits....I'll be back in the morning with those estimates....That's it....Have a good afternoon.....Howard

Howard Miller's Report: From Global Bullion Trading Group:"Economic Armagedon"

Subject: Gerald Celente Predicts Economic Armageddon by 2012 SEE LINK BELOW COPY AND PASTE TO YOUR BROWSER THIS IS A MUST SEE! HOWARD