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Apr 9, 2009

Is the British Pound Making a Reversal?

We haven’t looked at the British Pound (GBP) lately, as it has been in its major swing to the downside. The question is, is the British pound ready for a comeback?

In our new video, I delve into the depths of the British Pound, and take you step-by-step into my thought process and why we’re looking at this market right now.
Whether you’re a newbie or experienced trader, I believe you will benefit from this video. In the video we give you specific levels that I’m watching, and target levels that we expect the British Pound could achieve if it breaks over one key psychological level.

As always this video is with our compliments and there is no need to register to watch.
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Fernando Guzmán Cavero

The Fibonacci tool fully explained in this video

You may have heard about Fibonacci, the man who discovered a set of numbers who that have a major affect on the market. So who is this Fibonacci fellow, and why are his findings so important in the market place?

The mathematical findings by this thirteenth century Italian man has yielded a useful technical analysis tool which is used in technical analysis and by scientists in a large array of fields. Born Leonardo of Piza, he is better known in the trading community as Fibonacci. Fibonacci’s best known work is Liber Abaci which is generally credited as having introduced the Arabic number system which we use today.
Fibonacci introduced a number sequence in Liber Abaci which is said to be a reflection of human nature. The series is as follows: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 and on to infinity. The series is derived by adding each number to the previous. For example, 1+1=2 , 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8, 8+5=13, and so on.

I use the Fibonacci series mainly for retracements (see today’s video of Adam)) and to show me where support and resistance might come into the market. I also use this tool to enter or add onto a position.In my new video, I show you these exact retracements and how they affected the market at that time.

To see Adam Hewison video, click HERE

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Fernando Guzmán Cavero

Double Tops and Pivot Points Explained

This week, I want to share with you a chart pattern that the pro’s use everyday to great effect. The chart pattern we will be looking at, is one of my favorites as it has a high reliability factor.
The chart pattern in this short video is well known inside the professional trading community. However, outside of the pro circle it seems to be shrouded in mystery.

In this new 3 minute video, I peel away the layers of mystery and show you step-by-step how you can personally benefit from this chart pattern that occurs in all time frames.
What’s amazing to me about this chart pattern, is the fact that after over 3 decades of real world trading, it continues to repeat itself

To view the video of Adam Hewison , click HERE