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Do You Understand How Divergences Work in the Market?

This is a very important market action to observe." . Divergences originate when the highs and lows that the market makes, differs from the  trend the MACD shows us. This is a very educational video in which Adam gives us his knowledge and experience on how to interpret divergences.  Fernando Guzmán Cavero FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL Markets By Adam Hewison  In my new short video, I share with you some divergences that are taking place in the S&P 500 right now. I’m also going to show you divergences that didn’t work out, what you should look for, and how you should act when a divergence does not work. As always, our videos are available to view without charge and without registration. If you enjoy these videos, share them with your friends. I am sure they will find them different and at the same time educational. All the best, Adam Hewison President of Co-creator of

Gata Dispatches

Target of Fed's biggest manipulation is the public Submitted by cpowell on 07:12PM ET Tuesday, September 29, 2009. Section: Daily Dispatches 10:08p ET Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Jim Sinclair remarks sardonically tonight that before the Federal Reserve is through threatening the public against the audit legislation proposed by U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, the Fed will be warning that an audit will cause not just higher interest rates but also infertility and the bends. Meanwhile, as suggested by the Associated Press story appended here, the Fed is talking out of both sides of its mouth, keeping interest rates at zero on one day and the next day warning about a quick and sharp rise in rates. This kind of thing is part of the biggest Fed manipulation of all -- the manipulation of the public. CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc. * * * Officials: Fed Will Have to Boost Rates Quickly By Jeannine Aversa Associated Pre

Memory help on Adam Hewison acute and accurate analysis of Gold

This article is a memory aid on the acute and accurate analysis on gold since August 7,2009 by Adam Hewison. You can view these videos in ascending order (from the older to the newer), Here: 1.-August 7,2009:    Has gold bull finally arrived ? 2.-September 3,2009: Gold :Is this the move we have been waiting for? 3.-September 27,2009:  Gold : It's all falling into place Fernando Guzmán Cavero FGC  BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS


MAWSON RESOURCES LTD. TSX - MAW Frankfurt - MRY (WKN# A0B 8YJ) Pinksheets - MWSNF FINNISH AUTHORITIES GRANT MAWSON RESOURCES ONE OF THE NATION'S LARGEST KNOWN URANIUM DEPOSITS THE HISTORIC NUOTTIJÄRVI RESOURCE “CONTAINING 2.9 MILLION POUNDS OF U3O8” Whereas the Data is historical in nature and was compiled prior to the implementation of NI 43-101 reporting standards, the Company will immediately complete a NI43-101 compliant resource report and commence metallurgical test work. The Historical Resource was based on 43 diamond drill holes for 6,679 metres, drilled on a 50-metre-by-50-metre drill pattern. The mineralized body is approximately 40 metres thick, extends from surface to a vertical depth of 80 metres, trends over a strike length of more than 400 metres, and remains open along strike and at depth; Better drill intersections at Nuottijärvi included: • PLT- NU-017: 40.7m for 0.08% U3O8 from 59.9m; • PLT- NU-011: 33.4m for 0.06% U3O8 from 17.8m,     in

Stockhouse Gold and Silver Supplement

Stockhouse Gold and Silver Supplement Gold rally has legs: Mining industry leaders agree Posted: 28 Sep 2009 03:25 PM PDT We'll see $5,000 an ounce during this cycle, says one CEO Record high gold prices are here to stay, according to several of the world's most prominent gold mining industry executives. This was their emphatic proclamation at the Denver Gold Group's prestigious annual conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Denver . And as if on cue, gold's performance gave plenty of credence to their bullish remarks. Having easily breached the psychologically all-important $1,000 an ounce mark the week prior to the conference, gold's spot price continued to gather momentum. This, of course, delighted attendees at the world's most important annual congregation of gold mining and investment industry movers and shakers. Among the power players who spoke enthusiastically about gold's future was Aaron Regent. He is the CEO of the Twenty five people to blame for the financial crisis

Here is the list of the 25 people to blame for the financial crisis , according to Every person responsible for the present crisis comes with his story.  You can see and read about  them Here:,29569,1877351,00.html


Fed chairman's 1975 memo explains need for gold price manipulation Submitted by cpowell on 07:16AM ET Monday, September 28, 2009. Section: Daily Dispatches 10:11a ET Monday, September 28, 2009 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: The Zero Hedge Internet site has unearthed another U.S. government memorandum from the not-so-distant past expressing the intent of the government to rig the gold price in a nominally free market and detailing the need for and methods of doing so. It's a memo written in 1975 by the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Arthur Burns. It's headlined "Exclusive Smoking Gun: The Fed on Gold Manipulation," and you can read about it here: CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc. * * * Join GATA here: Toronto Resource Investment Conference Saturday-Sunday, September 26-27, 2009 Intercontinental Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada http://ww

Straight Lines Lead Straight to Profits in Crude Oil: By Adam Hewison

 There is not much to add to this video, where Adam is straight forward in  his analysis of crude oil. and as always very didactic.         Do not miss it, you will learn a lot out of it Fernando Guzmán Cavero FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS In this new short video I am going to share with you one of the simplest and most powerful technical tools of all time. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do this and you don’t have to have a PhD in mathematics either. If you’re not already using this tool, I highly recommend that you watch this video. As always, our videos are available to view without charge and without registration. All we ask is that you give us your feedback on our blog. If you enjoy this video, share it with your friends. I am sure they will find it different and at the same time educational. All the best, Adam Hewison President of Co-creator of

From the Desk of NIck Nicolaas

 For technical problems I did not publish Nick Nicolaas e-mail. he sends us every Friday on Adam Hamilton Weekly Zeal on the Mining Interactive Website.  Below find Nick e-mail transcript. Thanks for your understanding. All the Best,  Fernando Guzmán Cavero FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS Dear Friends: Adam Hamilton has posted his weekly Zeal Intelligence Newsletter on the Mining Interactive Website. Click here: Have a great weekend and - - - Stay Tuned!! Regards, Nick L. Nicolaas Mining Interactive “Ahead of the Pack” Nick L. Nicolaas President & CEO Mining Interactive Corp. Direct 24/7: +1 (604) 657-4058 Main Office: +1 (604) 569-0800 Fax: +1 (604) 569-0758 Skype: nicknicolaas Vancouver Stock Exchange Building (1929) Suite 818 - 475 Howe Street Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 2B3

New Video:The Dollar Makes a Major Low in Q4 of 2011 : By Adam Hewison

In this video, Adam gives us, in his never- ceasing activity analyzing the markets, a forecast when the dollar will hit a major low. This in relation with his previous videos on gold,I am sure he is on the right direction. Do not miss this video as well as the previous on gold.Just, stay tuned  Fernando Guzmán Cavero FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS  Below is the transcript of his e-mail: The dollar will hit a major low in Q4 of 2011. Watch this short video and see how I came up with this bold forecast. The move is already underway and the lows are in place, however, it is not too late to get into this market and take advantage of what we believe will be a major move to the upside for the euro. There is no need to register to watch this video and you can watch it with our compliments. If you enjoy the video, which I am sure you will find eye-opening, please feel free to comment on the blog about your particular feelings regarding the US dollar.

Gold, It’s All Falling Into Place

 Adam Hewison, with the remarkable insight to analyze the market send us a video in which he predicted, using the trade triangle technology, (T.T.T.) what could be the price level  we should be  watching for, on  September 22,2009  He was so accurate, that it is worth to remember his analysis,when the price was above 1000. Review his brilliant  analysis, here: . I was  about to publish this reminder, when I received this last  e-mail from Adam: VIEW IT ASAP                                                                                           Fernando Guzmán Cavero                                FGC  BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS You may have watched my earlier video on the gold cycles and how important they are in this particular market, at this particular time. Today’s action is indicative of the cycle that we were talking about in the video as it’s pushing gold prices down into a cyclic time windo
Image Dear Reader, This week we have a special report on the mobile revolution in emerging markets. Mobile phones have transformed the lives of the world's poor. Mobile money could have just as big an impact. In Britain we focus on a gloomier topic. Sharp spending cuts are coming. We recommend where the axe should fall. Here are some other pieces from this week's issue you might also be interested in. You can click straight through to each one and read it online at using the links below. John Micklethwait Editor in Chief Subscribe now THIS WEEK'S HIGHLIGHTS: Obama's foreign policy There's a lot of it, but it isn't all going well Asian media A change of government in Japan threatens the cosy ties between press and politicians Bull run Investors are betting on a vibrant recovery The road to Copenhagen How to avoid a train wreck America's least-successful investor The search is on

Can you get rich slowly in forex?

That is a great question?. In  the video you are about to watch, Adam Hewison, using the Trade Triangle Technology(T.T.T), explains very clearly the signals T.T.T. gives , and  how to deal with them. Get your own conclusions, but first,watch this video. Your opinion is always valuable and welcome. You can't miss this video, it is for your understanding of  what T.T.T can do for you and your forex trading deals As always it is free, and you can view it with our compliments Fernando Guzmán Cavero FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS

Gata Dispatches

Fed admits hiding gold swap arrangements Submitted by cpowell on 07:55PM ET Tuesday, September 22, 2009. Section: Daily Dispatches 11p Tuesday, September 22, 2009 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: The Federal Reserve System has disclosed to GATA that it has gold swap arrangements with foreign banks that it does not want the public to know about. The disclosure contradicts denials provided by the Fed to GATA in 2001 and suggests that the Fed is indeed very much involved in the surreptitious international central bank manipulation of the gold price particularly and the currency markets generally. The Fed's disclosure came this week in a letter to GATA's Washington-area lawyer, William J. Olson of Vienna, Virginia ( ), denying GATA's administrative appeal of a freedom-of-information request to the Fed for information about gold swaps, transactions in which monetary gold is temporarily exchanged between central banks or between central banks

Stockhouse Gold and Silver Supplement

Stockhouse Gold and Silver Supplement Stick to these gold stocks for safety and profits Posted: 23 Sep 2009 08:53 AM PDT Learn how to turn this bull market into an absolute fortune The precious metals bull market is in full swing. The gains in precious metals have been slow and solid. There are bouts of euphoric urgency and small corrections all along an upward trend. Those are the signs of a true bull market. But I'm not here to regale you with the virtues of owning gold and silver and why you must have some gold and silver stocks in your portfolio. We've been over it before. Today you'll learn how to turn this bull market into an absolute fortune. You see, there will be a very great divide between the winners and the big winners. When it comes to true wealth, you've got to find the big winners. And there's no better place to do it than in a genuine bull market. Because when the bubble does come, you'll be in place for quadruple-digit ga

The Reason Why Gold Hasn’t Skyrocketed: By Adam Hewison

This is an extraordinary analysis made by Adam Hewison  about the reasons why Gold has not skyrocket. In this analysis Adam shows some key factors , averaging days movement, and  works out dates and price levels to watch in the future. VIEW IT ASAP IT IS REAL IMPORTANT FERNANDO GUZMÁN CAVERO FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS With the printing presses in full printing mode, many people are questioning why gold prices haven’t gone higher - much higher. In my new video, I explain some of the subtle market cycles that are at play right now in this market. These short-term cycles have been the dominant force in gold all year and appear to be still in control of price action. I believe the longer-term upward trend in gold is very much intact; short-term we could see more of a trading range that has a downward bias. I think when you watch this video you will get a much better understanding about the rhythm of this market.


Notice to Members I-09-17 September 22, 2009 Effective Date of NFA Requirements Prohibiting Loans by Commodity Pools to CPOs and Related Entities NFA has received notice that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC") has approved new NFA Compliance Rule 2-45. This Rule and its accompanying Interpretive Notice, which both became effective September 11, 2009, prohibit commodity pools from making direct or indirect loans or advances of pool assets to the CPO or any other affiliated person or entity. CPOs that currently have existing loan or advance arrangements between their pools and the CPO, the CPO's principals, or related entities must notify NFA of these arrangements by October 22, 2009 . The written notification to NFA should describe the reason for the loan or advance; indicate the interest the CPO is paying, if any; provide evidence that the loan or advance is secured by marketable, liquid assets; explain arrangements the CPO has made to pay back the l

Two Major Technical Forces Are About to Collide in the S&P 500 (new video)

The S&P 500 has seen remarkable recovery from the lows that were seen earlier this year. However, all of that may come to an end as we fast approach a strategic level for this market. There are two major technical indicators that are colliding at a crucial point and time. Unless you’re aware of these indicators, it could be very expensive. In today’s short video, I explain both the technical indicators we are discussing and also the important time frame that we are just about to enter. I think you will find today’s video not only interesting, but also educational. There is no need to register for this video and of course you can watch it with my compliments. I highly recommend watching this video today, otherwise you risk missing out on what could be the move of the year. Enjoy the video. All the best, Adam Hewison President,


<a target="_blank" href=""> <img onload="View.inlineImageLoaded(this,undefined,false)" src="" alt="" border="0" height="60" width="468"> </a> FORBES.COM COMMENTARY NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 22, 2009 Play It Cool, Mr. President Joel Kotkin Advice for Obama as he prepares for the G-20 summit. A 'Framework' For More Government Brian S. Wesbury and Robert Stein Saving the world by increasing bureaucracy. An Ad Man's Lament Michael Maiello James P. Othmer's ''Adland.'' The Congressional Seizure Of Private He

Buy and Hold…is it back? By Adam Hewison

Hi, this is Adam Hewison and I have just returned from vacation in Maine. This is my first day at the office and my first video from the digital den. While I was away, I got to thinking about one of the oldest myths about trading: the buy and hold myth. While this strategy has worked in certain markets at certain times, I do not believe we are in a time frame where this strategy is going to meet with a lot of success. The world around us is changing rapidly and therefore it is important to have strategies that can change with this new regime. In today’s video I’m going to show how the buy and hold strategy is flawed when you compare it to our “Trade Triangle” technology. I think you will be surprised at the results and how well you can do using this simple approach to markets. There is no need to register for this video and of course you can watch it with my compliments. I highly recommend watching this video to

Gata Dispatches

China reported to consider buying IMF gold Submitted by cpowell on 05:32AM ET Monday, September 21, 2009. Section: Daily Dispatches By Eadie Chen and Tom Miles Reuters Monday, September 21, 2009 BEIJING -- China is considering buying gold being offered for sale by the International Monetary Fund, Market News International said on Monday, citing two unnamed government sources, but the report could not immediately be confirmed. "China will consider buying if the price is right and the return is relatively high," MNI quoted one of the government sources as saying. Gold, which had dipped just below $1,000 an ounce, rebounded to $1,003.45 after the report. That would put the market value of the 403.3 tonnes on offer from the IMF at close to $13 billion. "There was a small reaction to the news that China may discuss its gold plans at the G20, it recovered a little, but overall the market isn't ov

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Finotec Trading UK Ltd Regulated&Authorized by the FSA ; Brief & Strategies

                    FINOTEC BRIEF & STRATEGIES Markets were trading lower earlier today as the week’s trading kicked off on investor fears that the rally was over-optimistic. Since March 2009 markets across the globe went into a strong upward movement that traders feared is not reflecting the economic situation and company earnings. The possibility that an exit strategy should be soon implemented by the FED and the Obama administration has put further pressure on the market. The housing sector has given some recovery signals lately which might fade once the bailouts and benefits unfolds. The first house purchase tax benefit given by the government is due to end this November. The FED has ballooned its balance of assets to record highs on its bailed out spree, purchase of mortgage backed securities and housing debt. The exit strategy may give some support to the dollar as it could lead to a cut in the US gigantic external debt. The G20 are meeting this week and should they co

News Financial and Forex Info

News Financial And  Forex  Info  sends us its Brief Evaluation on the markets.: The week that passed had the markets volatiles with an important soared of the price of gold betyond US$ 1000 levels which most analysts called the " Psychological - Price"  in this market. But during an evaluation in this  market, we found that Adam Hewison,made,on third  of  September, an outstanding and remarkable analysis , using  The Trade Triangle Technology and other technical tools to determine the trend that best fits in this market to forecast its probable future price. The evaluation was posted by different websites and blogs.: You can Find this information here: Another important headline on all the financial press was the  predictable lost of the US$ value against most major currencies. For 10 free trading lessons you can sign up , here:


Silver market at dangerous level, Ted Butler tells King World News Submitted by cpowell on 09:07PM ET Friday, September 18, 2009. Section: Daily Dispatches 12:05a ET Saturday, September 19, 2009 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver): In his weekly interview with Eric King of King World News, taped Friday, silver market analyst Ted Butler reports that the commercial short and speculative long positions in gold and silver have again reached record extremes. Butler also speculates that the silver exchange-traded fund is being shorted by commodity exchange shorts, creating an explosively dangerous as well as fraudulent situation in the silver market. You can listen to the interview with Butler at the King World News Internet site here: Or try this abbreviated link: CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc. * * * Join GATA here: The Silv